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Kranis' Journal

The day started out like any other. I was engrossed in my studies. Suddenly there was a knock at my door. Very unusual. When I answered, a young woman stood present. She looked disheveled, and was being hounded by some hunters, or guards. I must make a note to speak to these men to find out exactly who she is and what they want of her. She said her name was Nessa Donneliath, I will have to remember that name. Who knows when the tables may turn and I may need to seek the aid of a stranger.

Being alone in this tower can get quite dull at times, so I decided to allow her to stay. She is armed so I was sure to keep her in my most guarded room, the one I have spellbound, that way I know she can't leave while I sleep and kill me. Of course, I told her all my rooms were spellbound. Can you believe the hassle of getting in and out of my rooms if I have to cast a spell and then use a lock EVERY time?

She seems young, but well versed. Her face bears the lines of one who has seen hardship in her short life. Certainly makes me wonder what's going on outside my doors. Perhaps I should make a visit to the nearest city and listen in on a few conversations. She what's going on in the world now.

I don't know how long she will stay for, a part of me wishes her to leave, but another part is enjoying the company of a woman, it has certainly been ages since I had a female voice in this tower.

I do fear, however, that she will cause me more trouble than she is worth, but I guess time will tell, time that I know I can spare.

The hunters seemed to have set up camp on my land, this I'm not too pleased with. I'll have to be rid of them soon. But I'll allow them to stay a little longer. Long enough to instill some fear into her. She deserves to be knocked off her high horse, if it doesn't kill her, it just may benefit us all.

Kranis Lafki

The day has been quite long. I decided to speak to the hunters after all. They informed me that I was housing a thief, this I already knew. But what she took was beyond me.

I sent them away after a word was muttered, something about us mages being lower than the worms in the dirt. The attack I used was merely to stun them and make them fear me, but it appeared to only anger them, although, they did comply and left my land.

I got weak shortly afterwards, miss Donneliath helped me to my feet. It was quite unexpected seeing as she could have easily slit my throat. She told me everything, and after making it to my study and resting up, I decided to help her. Really, what else could I do?

I found out she has a brother, and our journey is to help free his soul. I'll have to ask more about this at a later time, she doesn't seem to like being questioned too much. She is from a town far South, no parents, no husband, no children. Just her and her little brother. Somehow, this makes me sadder than I have been in a long time.

So now, we're here, by a campfire I have made. She is sleeping steadily. I suppose I should try to rest up as well if we are to start the day travelling some more.

Can you believe there are no mage schools anymore? This is far too dangerous. I'll have to find out more from townsfolk when we reach our first destination.

Kranis Lafki

I'll kill them all if I could. That blasted woman along with them. She's lucky I decided not to drink. I'm far from tired, though. Perhaps I will walk the town and ask about this stupid mage obsession. Stupid normals running their stupid lives. 

It has been a long day. Perhaps I am just moody from the journey. I don't know yet. All I know for certain is in a stupid way, I'm developing feelings for that petty street woman. I have been in my tower in solitude for far too long.
Kranis Lafki

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