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Kranis Lafkis' Tower Day 5


Eddie was still wide awake when Nessa returned to the land of the conscious, odd hours were a trait kept by most men in his business. The orc had a basket of bread and northern fruit, which was tiny but got the job done, setting on a small wooden table. No one had tried anything in the night and nothing had happened to any of the royals while they stayed in the confines of Eddie’s pawnshop. Eddie had a theory that Kranis and Nessa’s involvement may have put a wrench in things, Laric could have moved on already or he was merely waiting for another more opportune moment. Nessa agreed. Either way they had some time. Time was going to be needed since they were going through with Kranis’ plan, which she was having definite reservations about. She worked with people she didn’t like or trust all the time, this should be no different but Nessa couldn’t keep the nagging sensation in the back of her mind at bay. Usually it meant trouble. By the ship load. 

Nessa stretched and plopped down on the floor next to Eddie’s char, munching on honey bread with plum spread on top. The orc ruffled her hair, and with no one watching she let him. Light was finally beginning to reach their part of the city, a yellow reflection filtering through the cold glass of the pawn shop’s only window. The two used the time waiting for Kranis to drag himself out of bed to catch up, what sort of jobs they’ve pulled over the years while they hadn’t seen each other, new contacts and the such. They fell into the softly speaking camaraderie of two friends who were quite literally thick as thieves.


Kranis was always a light sleeper, no matter how tired he was. In unfamiliar surroundings, he slept like a rabbit in a fox's den. He stirred, groaned and finally managed to speak, "Shut the fiery pits of damnation up, Kaira, or I will toss you in there myself!" He shouts, "I'm trying to sleep, for the gods sake!" He pulls the blanket over his head and scurries down to the bottom of the bed, an old habit from when he was a child before snapping awake and shooting up in the bed, the blanket still over his head. "Mhh--wha?" He let's out an almost comical scream and falls off the bed, "I'm blind!"

After a few seconds of wrestling with the blanket, he managed to pull it off his head, his hair a disheveled mess. He rubs his head and clears his throat, looking around the area before remembering where he was. He looks over to the Orc and the woman, "Eh, mornin'!" He says with an embarrassed chuckle, rising to his feet and fixing up the bed before leaving the area to where they were with a yawn.


Nessa blinked, then gave the mage a cheeky grin holding up a piece of bread for him. Eddie merely rose his thick brows at the sight before grumbling his own version of a morning greeting.


Kranis sits down at the table and takes the bread silently, ripping it into pieces and eating, "So, anything happen while I was asleep?" He asks, rubbing his tired eyes.

Kranis Lafkis' Tower
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