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Player – [raikou]
Name – Ko'itai Heirasinze (Ko for short)
Race – Planetarii
Sub-race – Hydran
Class – Shaman
Allegiance – House Hydrous
Appearance – Ko's body is considered to be that of an average build, and typical Hydran appearance, being his light blue flesh combined with the blue shaded hair, eyes and fins in the usual places. His multicolored hair, showing tints of light and dark blue as well as a few turquoise streaks, comes down to shoulder length level and usually styled half over the left side of his face while the rest is brushed back on the right side. Fitting with the shading of his hair, the pigments of his left and right eye differ, one being an azure whilst the other an ultramarine. His clothing choices consist of the following: A form fitting navy blue shirt, with a hood and where the sleeves fit against the skin to the elbows, and then proceed to widen to a look resembling a robes sleeves. Atop the shirt is a leather black vest with three straps holding it closed down the center. A pair of somewhat loose fitting Sapphire pants and a pair of onyx boots make up the covering for his lower half, with tailored adjustments to let his fins out.
Age – 20
Personality – Ko tends to be a much more kind and quiet type on average, and while he likes to do things for himself, he has no troubles with requesting help when needed. Despite his kindness though, as a shaman he prefers the more destructive route, prefering a role of fighting to healing in regards to his spell casting. In relation with others, he won't intentionally reveal to much about himself, yet at times tends to let things slip without realization. As well, contrary to his kind nature, if one openly attacks him physically or to a lesser extent verbally, his attitude can grow much colder and may attack relentlessly in response depending on the circumstances. While for the most part Ko would prefer to work as a group, if the groups ideals hindered his own and conflicted with him, he would not hesitate to move on to what he deemed as better company.
History – Ko's past from which he still knew his family was just a faded memory which he could barely remember. At a young age, he had gotten lost from wandering in a forest not to far from where he had lived at the time, over come by a child's curiousity. After becoming exhausted from running around aimlessly, the boy had passed out, only to awake to a strange new place. He had been picked up by a travelling mage; A Hydran female who had mistook the child for an abandoned orphan, after which they had returned to her home quite a ways away. At first, Ko was distressed about the sudden turn of events, before slowly beginning to wonder if his family had even bothered to look for him.

Eventually, Ko had decided of his own will, to stay with what he began to consider an adoptive mother. As he grew, the female would tell him stories of her travels withing the world as a shaman, and the adventure and fun she would have. The child's interest would always be peaked listening to the tales, secretly wishing to take part in his own adventures one day, and create his own tales to tell. It wasn't until a number of years later in which he had decided to take up the life of a shaman. Ko had never really witnessed what his adoptive mother could do, until a number of wild beasts had seem to go on a rampage not for from their secluded home. Out of the will to protect him, Ko witnessed what could be called the potential destructive force of a shaman's abilities, as the mage took it upon herself to deal with the beasts and keep Ko from harm.

For one who had seemed to care for nature previously, Ko's ideals changed somewhat as his interests in a more destructive magic had taken hold of his plans. From that point on he had decided his life's goal for the moment, and when he found he was old enough finally left for the adventure he sought so much and chose to follow in the footsteps of the only one he still would call family.


Level - 1

Experience/To next level - 0/350

Equipment -
Claw (4 Atk, 4 Def, 4 wgt)
Black Robes (2 mag, 5 wgt) (Bonus to level 1 black magic)
25x Parchment
350 GP

Stats -
HP - 10/10
MP - 10/10
Str - 3
Con - 5
Dex - 5
Int - 6
Mag - 6
Cha - 5

CC - 9/24

Skills - Handle Claw, Glyph Writing, Handle Staff, Magic Resistance (Hydran), Minor Cold Resistance (hydran),
sp - 0

Spells -
Level 1 Spells - Frost beam (hydran)

Special Skills -
Create Glyph - Every 5 levels, the Shaman can translate a spell he knows into glyph form and learn it as a glyph.

Status - Slave
Battles Fought - 0
Battles Won - 0
Battles Lost - 0

Kills - 0
Deaths - 0

Score - 1

Titles - Slave


Assassination quests: 0
Retrieval or monster killing quests: 0
Aid or rescue quests: 0
Persuade or investigate quests: 0

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