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2009-03-01 20:22:27
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Knitting Chain

Knitting Chain 1 Bellydance top don't mind the model's pissed look I dragged her away from an online video game to pose for this so she was kinda like can we get t his over with
Knitting Chain 2 little footbag out of blackened stainless with glow in the dark airsoft bb's/pellets yeah it glows looks cool. and if it gets dirty just throw it in the dishwasher all better
Knitting Chain 3stretchy bracelets in chainmail these are fun and quick. Gold is Euro 4 and 1 and the black and pink is Euro 6 and 1
Knitting Chain 4 side view of the footbag above
Knitting Chain 5its the stretchy bracelet again Euro 6 and 1
Knitting Chain 6 3 Byzantine bracelets that were commissioned these 3 are stainless and copper, there is a 4th one that is shown later that is copper and stainless.
Knitting Chain 7 Starting at the top on down Byzantine, Elfweave, European (Euro) 6 and 1, Half Persian 4 and 1, and 12 and 2 Japanese weave (all rings in this weave are doubled)
Knitting Chain 8 here is the full set of the commission. the top 3 are 18 gauge, and the bottom one is 20 gauge (can you tell which one is for the lady)
Knitting Chain 9its a byz pinky ring 20 gauge.
Knitting Chain 10 Rosettes con something can't remember the name right now I haven't had my coffee yet.
Knitting Chain 11 Stainless Steel Euro 6 and 1 cuff which will soon be heading for Neferoth's house.
Knitting Chain 12 Japanese 12 and 2 bracelet each ring is doubled. Thought I was gonna go insane with this weave.
Knitting Chain 13 Kingsmail essentially Euro but all the rings are doubled.
Knitting Chain 14 Random rings these are 16 gauge from Bluebuddhaboutique she makes them very pretty.
Knitting Chain 15 Barrel weave in 20 gauge blurry pic laying on the pliers to show how little they are.
Knitting Chain 16 Juggling ball on steriods. I like the footbags and they are popular was told these make good ones but the pattern is to tiny to kick so we made one out of 12 gauge my son loves it.
Knitting Chain 17 I had an order that was made of copper and stainless but all the clasps I found were antiqued copper so got mad and made my own.
Knitting Chain 18 Juggling balls in their true size.
Knitting Chain 19 whirley gigs or whirley birds can't remember the name. Remember no coffee argh!
Knitting Chain 20 Half Persian 4 and 1 stainless steel 18 gauge.
Knitting Chain 21 More whirlybirds again.
Knitting Chain 22 Round maile being stitched up

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2009-03-02 [Neferoth, the lethargic stigmata]: That's freaking rad. Looks like you've been busy. XP

2010-01-27 [Company Awesome]: Keep up the good work.

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