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2007-04-29 16:42:03
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Kiteeeens! And other stuffs too

(MS-Paint rocks :3)

Nightshift for the fuelstation worker cat
Awww he is cold! (He belongs to [evil beavle] and is called Dombo)

Happy kitten machinegunner squad ^^
(The one with the ammo chain belongs to [Teufelsweib] and is called... Pete :/)

Zorgo, the giant reptile having a lunch-break
Text downstairs: "Zorgo, pay attention to the serving too, okay?" - Thats Zoli, my boss :P

<img600*0: Dog.jpg>
About a year old photoshop drawing. Prisonguard cyborg dog sergeant

<img: Cat.jpg>
An american M-16 cat

Simply... KITTEEEEENS :3

Drew this in the prisonguard school. Awww poor alien! :,(

Frank, Prince of foxes drawn by my sister

<img600*0: loves Queen.JPG>
Awwww romance in my WIKI!!! Its the alien queen and Grimlock from Transformers G1 :3

[Teufelsweib] cat, [evil beavle] cat and [banu] cat spending their free time on a nice field. And the Pony Prince is guarding them :3

<img600*0: in danger.JPG>
Earth is about to be destroyed by Unicron! But the kittens and the Pony Prince wont allow this to happen :3

I... simply had to take this photo of Fisk :P

Everyday life at the Kitten-Pony border ^^
Its a fun job, since everybody may pass this border. Except for pedofile rapists...
Note that General Wheely is on an inspection
([evil beavle] kitten has a Thompson sub-machinegun, [Teufelsweib] kitten has an RPG-7 antitank grenade launcher, and the Pony Prince has a BAR. [Phlau] kitten is on vacation in Pony-land :3)

This kitten is called Fosh. A human has spilled liquid poopy on him.
The worst thing: You probably all know how kittens clean themselves...
The End

Zis is [Teufelsweib] cat, as she requested :3

Helix, kitten of the fuelstation
Somebody please grant her a home :,(
Nevermind... she is gone now :,,,(

Ponies love wordjokes. Kittens dont...

The amazing modelqueen kitten :3

Butt-cake and random kittens :3

Thundercracker from Transformers G1 in my WIKI! :O
Ah yes, Thundercracker. Cold killer or something more? With kittens on the drawing ^^

Well, its me as a transformer, according to [evil beavle]. And I can turn into a Wheely-like creature (if not Wheely himself :P)
You can also see [evil beavle] as a pirate kitten. Yarr!

[Teufelsweib] kitten and [evil beavle] kitten on vacation. They take a break on a forgotten soviet spy-satellite ^^

Its eastern time!!!! ^^
[evil beavle] and [Teufelsweib] helping out

The FairyPony! :O

/ [Frenk]

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2007-06-04 [evil beavle]: aha :P or, you will trigger them to keep playing and someday they will be outn0obed and then they will be better than you :P

2007-06-04 [Frenk]: You are totally wrong :P

2007-06-04 [evil beavle]: ow.. well, then rule number 2 counts now!

(#1: I'm always right
#2: if I'm wrong, see #1)

2007-06-05 [Frenk]: Ooooh I should have these rules too! :O
Then our powers could collide. Because... if none of us can be wrong, then... hmmm... what happens then?

2007-06-05 [evil beavle]: then we will always be right ^^

2007-06-06 [Frenk]: and what if we are on a different oppinion? :P

2007-06-06 [evil beavle]: then we both be right.. duh

but seriously.. I gotto talk to you

2007-06-06 [Frenk]: Both right...? :/

Serious talk? :S
Okay sure, but I will work with Ákos tomorrow. Building fireplace...

2007-06-07 [evil beavle]: keej.. I won't be here friday+saturday.. maybe sunday?

2007-06-07 [Frenk]: Maybe...
I'll work on sunday too though
Lets hope ><

2007-07-03 [evil beavle]: and I'm almost going to HOORN ^^ wieeeeeeee :P

2007-07-18 [Frenk]: And you are back.

...and gone again :P

2007-08-09 [evil beavle]: and back again :P xD

2007-08-16 [Frenk]: Wow, amazingness! :O
And I got your postcard ^^

2007-08-16 [evil beavle]: really??? ow that's awesome!!! I was afraid you wouldn't get it :P

2007-08-16 [Frenk]: But I have it ^^
I can also see the circle around you. ^^

2007-08-18 [evil beavle]: xD that's my group, the red ones :P

2007-08-23 [Frenk]: Communists! :O

2007-08-23 [evil beavle]: ... :(

p.s. I did the almost-cry-face earlier, so I thought, I can't do that now.. so.. I cried.. --'

2007-08-24 [Frenk]: Awww, dont cry! My people have been communists for around fifty years. It aint so bad ^^

2007-08-24 [evil beavle]: ... well, my peeps have been democrates for longer than fifty years ^^

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