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Kingom Hearts

Lost Memories

KH:LM Role Play
KH:LM Rules
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June 1, 2007: Sign Ups have started! Sign up for a character or make your own now! Let your friends know and we'll hopefully be able to get started soon! ^^ If you are making a original character please message [Fuu] first with the character description and a sample please for approval. ^^

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2007-05-17 [Kyuukitsuki]: YAAA for kingdom hearts

2007-06-03 [Dr. Nurse]: OMG! ANOTHER KINGDOM HEARTS WIKI! *squee*

2007-06-03 [Fuu]: O.O lol Demyx. It's not open yet but I can keep you guys posted. I'm gonna wait to open it till after my finals >< cuz they suck. But if you'd like you guys are welcome to sign up for charas. ^^

2007-06-03 [Dr. Nurse]: Oooo! Thank you!

FINALS ARE MADE TO POISON OUR MIIIINDSSS!!! *twitch* Oo; (mainly math)

2007-06-03 [Fuu]: lol. Yea... they evil. >< Thankfully the finals I have are small b/c they are for elective courses and not major academics. I had those the 1st half of the year (thank goodness)

2008-02-16 [Hikaru Hitachiin]: Hullo

2008-06-10 [elvin mage]: Yo, is this still running? if so drop me a message at my home, you know where to find me.

2008-08-11 [Hikaru Hitachiin]: I think it is!

2008-08-11 [Fuu]: Yes I certainly hope to have it running.

2008-08-11 [Hikaru Hitachiin]: YAY!!!!

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