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Kiddalee's Stuff!

Yep, this is a list of all the things I have accomplished in this town and around Heddate.

I Have Created...
Stupid Pasted Things?
Great Bios?
Healing in Elftown
Why Good Grammar?
Wyvern's Writers United
Trochaic Poetry Contest
Jazz Mini-Encyclopedia
Astaire, Fred
Bowskill, Jimmy
Vintage Gamers
Oh Canada and <joinforum:628:canuck> (Oh Canada)

I Have Played A Huge Role In...

I Am A Part Of...
word (and have archived old games when the page got too big)
Judges For Hire
I hate long bios
Take Elftown Back
Keep Elftown Shallow Free
Music of the Century
Good Grammar
For the Love of Reading
Against Cybering

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