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Keystone Residents

Welcome. We are the residents of Keystone Villiage. Please, make yourselves one of us. We all have the same last name; Keystone. So please, change your name to be one of us.

Make your profile in the same manner you would make a house for all to see.
Make sure it has the basics:

And please, put it into a wiki, like this:

Blair Keystone - King Pin of the Criminal Underworld.

Samual Keystone - Revrend and Leader of 'The Church of Blood'.

Robin Keystone - Best friend to Blair / Leader of the Bodies

Fabu Le Keystone - 2nd in command to Bodies and Personal bodyguard to King Pin

Toni Keystone - A teenage girl looking for her place in the world.

Lola Keystone - Famous dancer and socialite.

Keystone Old Characters

We are the Keystone's

Username (or number or email):


2009-02-10 [Rook.]: Yes, you can join.

2009-02-10 [Frost-:-Wing]: Alright, thanks.

2009-02-10 [Rice]: Rook your chaacter should be like the most infamous assassin in Keystone.

2009-02-10 [Rook.]: alright. I'll add that.

2009-02-10 [Rice]: 8) Be awesome..i think that maybe Angela and Temperance should be friends who help each other.

2009-02-10 [Rook.]: *nodS*

2009-02-10 [Rice]: Temp's personal assassin. >)

2009-02-10 [Rook.]: hehehe. I'll do that.

2009-02-10 [Rice]: Angela is a force to be reconed with.

2009-02-10 [Rook.]: so is Temp

2009-02-10 [Frost-:-Wing]: haha

2009-02-10 [Rice]: *explode with laughter* >8D THE ULTIMATE TEAM

2009-02-10 [Rook.]: ohhh yes!!!!

2009-02-10 [Frost-:-Wing]: I'm making a mercenary :) *turns on thinking music*

2009-02-10 [Rook.]: okay

2009-02-10 [Frost-:-Wing]: Ooh, Temps personal mercenary. :D

2009-02-10 [Frost-:-Wing]: Oops, I put mine over Vic, sorry lol

2009-02-10 [Rook.]: :P talk to Temp abotu that...she might not like it :P

2009-02-10 [Frost-:-Wing]: I'll move it...

2011-06-28 [Unicornthryth]: WHAT SHOULD I BE?

2014-12-11 [Mortified Penguin]: I hear you guys have a pipeline in the works.

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