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Here's a true story for all you girls and boys:

   Today is October 13, something hilarious and unmistakably linked to bad karma occured. At approximately 12:30am, the police were called about a domestic dispute about me and one of my friends.

   Me and my friend were arguing, and a man who happens to hate me calls the police to have me arrested. They take me outside to figure out my side of the story, and later talk to my friend. After they talk to my friend, I go into my room to get on the computer.

   Well, I hear my friend coming towards my room about 20 minutes later laughing, something I find quite quizzical at first. After my friend calms his laugh, to my disbelief, he tells me that the roommate that tried to get me arrested happens to have unpaid tickets and is currently being taken over to the police station. In order for him to be released tonight, he must pay a $500 fine... and since my friend can't drive at night, I (the one he tried to have arrested) has to pick him up.

   This is bad karma for him, a day he won't soon live up. It certainly becomes an embarrassing fact when you are ignorant to your own wrongdoings and call the police to have someone else arrested because you hate them. Karma, I love karma.

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