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Jessa's Minion's.

Come. Join. Be owned.

My Co-Owners

Meaning you have to obey them too.

[~Crimson Angel~]


[Japalm] (even though I don't own him in any way)

My Favorite Minion's

~[Moosey]~ My moose Hunter! **


~[Tates]~ The cute girl with the puppy slave. *

~[~Crimson Angel~]~ My Misty butt ** misty's minions

~[Dezmond]~ JEFFIE! **

~[Ace118]~ Jenny jen **

My Forced Minion's

~[dawn bolly]~ has been ensnared by my charms and looks and my love of fireworks of course.

~[Borellus4]~ The Canadian slave.

~[LunaWolfDragon]~ She doesn't even know she's here yet.

My Willing Minion's

~[Silver Moon]~ My prettier friender.

~[Caritas]~ Edward's wife... does that mean I'm his ruler too?

~[Aidan Aven]~ The Musical Vampire!

~[Blood Sucking Beauty]~ Mah Rachel.

~[Iruvielle]~ Owen's wifey ^.^

~[NukleaЯ EveЯgloW™]~ My stalker.

~[XxTsomexX]~ My willing volunteer to a life of servitude.

~[jaraden]~ My Guardian.

~[The Dizzy Raven]~ My first angel.

~[~*Crimson Rose*~]~ My anti-barbie :D

~[Chishio]~ cutie kitty ^^

~[xhideously-t.a.k]~ Tic tak. T.A.K.!

~[Ninja Smurf]~ The plotter.

~[Gypsy Mystik]~ My Gypsy girl :D

~[Hikaru Hitachiin]~ MY Amber ^.^

~[Swilley]~ My missing Minion. :P

~[haldirrox]~ My mommy friend :)

* Shows forced minions.
** Shows willing minions.

(Minion's please remember to fan the page, you don't want Mistress Jeshickah to come after you. :D)

My Master's

~[Jenny Crank]~ God. She takes care of me.

~[de Morte]~ My Master. *Bows* de morte's slaves!!!!

~[The Black Goat]~ My random master. nox's slaves

Put this up in your house:

This house is Protected by [†Sweets†]

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2011-02-28 [†Sweets†]: no... ours are different...

2011-03-01 [haldirrox]: lol

2011-03-01 [†Sweets†]: its not really funny. its really kinda bad...

2011-03-01 [Jenny Crank]: James has the same plague now..

2011-03-02 [†Sweets†]: so hes been telling me... is it the same as you or is it different?

2011-03-02 [Jenny Crank]: same symptoms as me, he's running about 1 1/2 days behind though,so he should be fine Thursday.

2011-03-02 [†Sweets†]: ick... he drinking lost of fluids?

2011-03-02 [Jenny Crank]: cant keep them down either, he's leaving for the hospital guess he's a full 2 days behind me.

2011-03-02 [†Sweets†]: well. hopefully me and boston dont get it and well all be healthy for the move.

2011-05-18 [jaraden]: well hopefully everyone's doin better, never known so many ill at the same time! weathers nice over here for once... bet your all jealous! ha! get well soon kids!

2011-05-18 [Jenny Crank]: Oh She's apparently in Oklahoma?

2011-05-19 [jaraden]: where the winds come blowing down the range? isn't that how it goes??? bloody showtunes! well be well all!

2011-05-28 [Jenny Crank]: I dont like Oklahomo very much..

2011-06-04 [†Sweets†]: why does everyone think i left for good? i told everyone id be back...

2011-06-04 [†Sweets†]: pretty sure im in angleton right now.

2011-06-05 [Jenny Crank]: I never knew anything about it really.

2011-06-05 [†Sweets†]: i went to oklahoma to the home of an old friend of mine for a job, but now im back.

2012-02-01 [†Sweets†]: and havent left the state since :D

2013-05-05 [Moosey]: *snort*

2013-05-05 [~Crimson Angel~]: What?

2013-05-11 [†Sweets†]: shes laughing cause im back in utah

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