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International Byhålenytt

International Byhålenytt (IB) is the very extremely local newspaper for planet Earth and surrounding areas. It focuses on presenting news that is really close to people, debates that interest village idiots and deep reportages salted with a strong refreshing taste of journalistic incompetence.

Politically IB is against liberalism, socialism, religion, freedom of speech, humanism, racism, capitalism, environmentalism and pretty much everything else, except the worship of its own power as it's the most influential newspaper on Earth.

Legal disclaimer

IB reserves the right to write anything we want and readers should not complain, because journalists like us are gods. But please do the work for us, and we'll put our god-stamp on it!

If anyone writes comments to the articles, IB is not responsible just as we aren't responsible at all. We're protected by the right of free speech and can therefore say what we want and force everyone else to keep quiet.

Contact, submissions bla bla

You can contact our reporters directly with any kind of news. We don't hesitate to take any kind of news to the local people on our planet (and surroundings)! If it's boring or not appropriate news, we'll adjust them. Photos are extra welcome!

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