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Welcome to the character page

OWNER: [Reonowyn]
CO OWNER: [Elwyne]

 -No power playing only with permission
 -Please read before posting
 -Please post every two or three days
 -Please notify [Reonowyn] or [Elwyne]
if you will be gone longer than the olloted posting times

PLOT:Adarwyn is accused of her royal Mother's death, though it was her step-brother whom did so. She was exiled by her half-brother because of the vampire blood that resided in her. Now her brother has become a tyrant that makes the people of his country suffer. Several people have seen the atrocities that her brother has committed and are now searching for Adarwyn with the intention of getting her to take her rightful place on the throne.

If you want to join please add your character to the following page.
Innocent Character Page

The roleplay will be in the following pages:
(still working on this what sort of places should we add?)

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2014-04-23 [Elwyne]: hrmm... now for me to figure out which character I should bring in. I usually go with what is needed though, so let me see if I can dig up some more players before I add a character. Which means we'll need to put in a plot description.

2014-04-24 [Reonowyn]: Yup and I figured we could be a team! Lol! Please!

2014-04-24 [Reonowyn]: So far the char list that is needed is Adarwyns brother and his henchmen. Adarwyns mother. Any other ideas?

2014-04-24 [Reonowyn]: And yes Elwyne I have decided to make u co owner cuz I like u soon much lol!! Hope you don't mind!

2014-04-24 [Reonowyn]: Oh yea and the step father lol

2014-04-27 [Elwyne]: (giggles) fine with me. I don't mind helping out.

2014-04-27 [Elwyne]: didn't Adarwyn's mother die according to the description?

2014-04-27 [Reonowyn]: Yea but we can start before that happens...maybe??

2014-04-28 [Elwyne]: ah okay. I see. Let me think... usually I'd split the character pages and the play pages into different places. That way if you have bad guys over on this page and good guys on this page it won't be too confusing. Also what part do you think I should play. I can play the bad guy if you like. (although I think I'd want to add a good character too. I prefer playing good guys) 

2014-04-28 [Reonowyn]: Totally up to you! If you want to play two characters go for it lol but one is fine with me :)

2014-04-28 [Reonowyn]: And splitting the pages are fine with me girly!

2014-04-28 [Elwyne]: kk, I'll probably work on that in the next couple of days. I've got school tonight so I can't stay on right now.

2014-04-29 [Reonowyn]: Awesomeness! Thank you!

2014-05-01 [Elwyne]: How does that look so far?

2014-05-05 [Reonowyn]: Looking great the plot is where it should be now! *hugs* thank u!!!

2014-05-06 [Elwyne]: (hugs back) I'm glad you like.

2014-05-09 [Reonowyn]: I have a idea to start at her stepfathers funeral and go from there. Have him pass cause of a sickness.

2014-05-11 [Elwyne]: ok, well I'll probably put in the new links a bit later... um it was Mount Rahule and the castle at... what was the city name again?

2014-05-11 [Reonowyn]: Dimicir :)

2014-05-14 [Elwyne]: Ok the city of Dimicir and Mt. Rahule. I'll have to remember those for when I have more time to set them up.

2014-10-22 [Sheamus Finn]: It sounds like the characters might be planning to overthrow the current regime...Inn, Tavern, Waterfront places like those?

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