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Two females sat in a dully lit room, across from one another at a crescent moon shaped table, they spoke softly. In a volume that was barely auditable. A deck of cards was handed to the woman who was on the outer side of the moon. Two pictures were in front of her, both of a man with important meaning. She drew two cares, placed one under the picture on the left and one under the other; both face down.

    The first woman, sat inside if the crescent, was slender; in face and in body. She had the look of an advisor or mentor of some sort. The second was much younger and more athletic looking. She sat on the outer edge where no light touched dared to touch her.

    "I have finally done it," the younger firmly stated with anguish within her voice. She had light, butter nut colored eyes. Long shoulder blade length hair, it was dark brown with orange tones in it. She had light Irish toned skin with freckles. She had shell pink lips. Though in this room, and light, you could never tell.

    "Done what, Dwi," the first much wiser woman asked. This woman had very long hair. It was nearly waist length. Her hair was crystalline white, perfectly straight and in tone with her porcelain face. She had emerald eyes, both symmetrical. They held knowledge; knowledge of the sort that was beyond her years of living, and perhaps evens her mother and her mother's mother years of living.

    "Decided to move on with my life."

    "Are you most cetin this is wise," apprehension could be heard in her well-tuned voice.

    "No, but it must be done Micha," Sort, malice and even what could be taken as a great deal of shame and pain flowed freely within her voice. Desperation was splattered on get face, painte3d there vibrantly, much like makeup of which is worn on those actors who sprawl their selves on Broadway stages.

    Micha stood up and walked slowly to the edge of the room. No light reached here. She stood there for a moment in complete silence. A single heart beat sound rang within her ears, after a moment soft music stated plating. Something of which could be made out as Asian music. "Are you ready to just throw away nearly six years of bond building," she questioned turning back around to walk back to where she was once seated.

    "No," a quick answer. Not a moment of time was wasted spent on thinking about what Dwi was going to say. It was an answer from the heart, not from the mind. "I'm not ready to throw it away, after six years I had thought there would be more." This was part mind and part heart. Much thought had been put into this," But I can't live on what ifs and pipe dreams anymore."

    Both Micha and Dwi were quiet for a while. Neither one made even the faintest of sound for what could have been the better part of ten minutes. Not even their breath could have been heard. Dwi then shifted in her chair so that her back touched the plush velvet of the chairs back.

    "Why the sudden change Dwi," curiosity ran deep within her mind. Sinking into her veins and vibrating in her heart. It was a simple question but imperative. Moments passed, many of them stacked together.

"Dwi, I love you," A memory called to her.

Dwi had been head over hears for Keyto for years and years. It was not long after they fist started talking that she had fallen for him. Not long after that they have become quite open with one another, which resulted in their eventual dating. A great many of trials had been overcome since that day; far too many trials for so few years.

    Dwi was quite, dead silent for a few moments. She lowered her head and placed her left hand over her heart then said," heartbreak." She looked at her ring while she had said this. Her voice was dull, nearly emotionless when she said this reply.

    "Can you not take it anymore of is it the face you have decided to refuse to."

    A sigh broke through the thick air. "Both, how many times must a heart break before it shatters?" Perhaps a trivial and too personal question she had thought remorsefully to herself. Though, she did not share this with anybody, and never had she asked a question like that before.

"Buildings burn people die but real love is forever." Another memory echo passed though her head. It was a line Keyto told her and she often said to him when things were rough.

"…Just leave it up to me to say goodbye. …A one way ticket was a pretty good sign," song lyrics. They passed through her head in a rush. Theory of a Deadman, Say goodbye, that damned song had been played nearly a hundred times in the last week; significant in many ways. Lately it was very significant and that is why it was listened to as of late.

     Micha was silent, thought and sorrow were held deeply within her eyes as she contemplated her answer. "It all depends dear. It seemed like she always used such trivial knowledgeable answers when Dwi had asked her for aid or advice. "Depends on why it brakes, who breaks it and the emotion of which is involved."

    Dwi let that set in her mind then she thought on it after its real effect had sunk in. The amount of emotion involved indeed, she thought to herself. A lot of emotion had been involved; way more that she was, at this time, willing to admit. "I've mended mine and fear one more brake from Keyto will end it all. If I want any relationship with him, I must in some way end my love relationship with him." It was a heartfelt reply; one from both heart and mind. It was clear she had thought of this answer. Sincerity ran deep in this answer. It was a true answer and it was completely true. Emotion ran deep within her voice, it could have brought even the most steadfast and unemotional of people to the brink of keen tears. Someone else could have been speaking the same exact think and never being to touch the emotion of which Dwi had achieved.

    Micha laughed in self amusement," you will fall again," a smile came to reach her lips. "it could be one last time it could be one million more times. You two, dear I say, are soul mates. From day one," she paused," you two were playing a game, "another pause. "A fame called love." she smiled you'll fine from breaking his heart this time that you'll be the one to meant it. Perhaps in days, weeks, months, or even years could pass before hand. However mark my words, that it will be you." She seemed far moiré cretin within these words that what was comfortable for Dwi to hear. Her response was so sincere, so positive.

   "Do you ever wish that those two days could be redone as now," Another memory. This one far more recent than the others.

"Yes." Dwi's answer.

"How often?"

"At least once a day." All that conversation a memory; a very fond memory.

    Dwi sat for a moment looking at one of the pictures. Solaris, sola as she often called him. She flipped the card under his picture over so that it faced up. She sighed, The Two of Cups.

    "What should I do?" The card had confirmed her question. It was what she knew was true.

    "Follow your heart," Micha god up walked around the table to be beside of Dwi. Once there she rested her hand on Dwi's should. A firm grasp one of support and compete endearment. The kind of endearment that only family shared.

   "I want to have a wedding in a cemetery." A memory of course, something that Keyto had said to her nearly two years ago.

"Anything you want," her simple response.

    Dwi got up and for the first time since she had entered the room her outfit could be seen. White. A dress that was long flowing and snug at the waist and breast. The sleeves bellowed out just below the elbows. Beadwork was done, by hand, around the V in the neck. The bottom of the dress and the bottom of the sleeves had the same beadwork done on it. "My heart says go where I've already started to walk, and to walk it proudly. It also says to not allow my past to retain me, but to allow it to aid me in my walk down this path."

    Dwi walked away from the table and turned into the light. There was no longer sorrow in her face but happiness and hope. She was wearing white eye shadow too. It suited her well. She slowly tuned to Micha and began to say something again, but stopped. She gave it a good thought and decided to say what was on her mind.

    "Thought I've hurt Keyto this way, I must not look back. I cannot and could not wait forever. I can't let me heart break, mend and then wait just for him to break it again." Dwi was upbeat but sad at the same time when she said it.

    "My child you have, apparently, put much worthwhile thought to this."

    "I have, and at one point even considered to revert to what I like to call plan "N" she said kind of ashamed like.

    A puzzled look came across the face of the wise woman, "plan "N" my dear what is that?"


    "Navicea, as in your horrible sister? If so you should really stop to think about what you are saying," Micha was worried even scared. Too much to worry was within her to just let it pass.

    "I have thought about it and wont, but as far as Keyto is concerned I am no longer around. Navicea is well able to talk to him. Anyway I've sent him a letter already, he will understand it," DWI stood up and hugged Micha good bye then left.

    Micha looked at the still face down card. The picture above it said Sekeyto, Keyto to DWI. Micha grabbed the card flipped it face up, The Two of Swords. This card meant Tension, indecision. Micha sighed, "I suppose she was correct.

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2009-03-26 [Infested_Zling]: good work but quite a few errors but a realy good start

2009-03-26 [Diiwica]: Actually its finished. But it would be nice if you would point out the errors

2009-06-15 [RinOdd]: Another wonderful work.

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