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(Definition: A precipice in front, wolves behind)

"Cracked? – follow me child, step clearly over the shards, and don’t mind the tapping, or that incessant dripping-drip-drip-drip. Breakfast is at 7am, anyone who doesn’t rise shall be hunted and put on report, constant communication, ear numbing indeed. Tell me sir or madam from where have your travels taken you, far I hope. All is lost, but quiet now Daddy is talking. Tomorrow is another day but for now let us simply chat and have some tea, scones and raspberry jam yes? Or perhaps something more sweet, like strawberry's and cream?
Why are you here? Either you are mad or you're, well, madder. Be your a patient or a worker everyone at Eden's Asylum is a few cards short, in fact we haven't a complete deck of cards between us. Follow the links below and they shall take you there, where ever there is, it could be anywhere in the world? Surprise, surprise, you best bring flat shoes.
There is no telling what path you might stumble upon." - The Baron.

Eden Notice Board!

A plain wooden framed notice board pinned to the wall as you enter the canteen, it consists of many notes issuing dates for examinations, lists of rules, and application forms for any extra activities one might want to do. Scribbled in the bottom left corner in red ink reads, beware the creatures of Midnight.

The Residents of Eden - Status: Accepting characters.

Tell me of your Friends? - Status: Relationship updates

Checkmate in Three - Status: OPEN.

Note:- All things are copyright to their respective owners, the story line and Eden are mine, the banner was made using a public stock image and all characters are the property of their beloved creators. :-)

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2011-02-01 [*Leric*]: Do they have to be crazy? o.O

2011-02-01 [Rice]: No, they can be ANYTHING!

2011-02-01 [*Leric*]: Oh sweet. Well, I'm kind of schemeing something.

2011-02-04 [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]: Ah,So Do I Just...Add myself.Or do I have to send some form of application to the curator of this Rp...Ah,And Ive noticed the characters profiles sort of have a...odd little format to them,like it sort of trickles down,the sentances start long and end in a sort of centered...small base,is that by design,and should i try to me mine like that?

2011-02-04 [*Leric*]: I think you have to run your character by the owner first. If you mean the layout of the character profiles, it's because the text is centered. I think they all have to be the same. You should join :)

2011-02-04 [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]: ah,Yeah,I just figured out the reason behind their layout after looking at all the profiles a zillion times,then i was like ah,DUH! it should have been apparent.I will Certainly join.If my character Is approved,if not..well ill make a new one! bwahahah...Should i message the Owner person or...what?

2011-02-04 [*Leric*]: Yessir. She generally likes what most people have to offer for characters. At least, I haven't been turned down yet. lool

2011-02-04 [*Leric*]: But, she's not online now. :/ Maybe she is sleeping?

2011-02-04 [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]: Aha,Well.Ill send Her A message and just,wait..then I Suppose!
maybe you could have a look at my guy and like...offer your criticisms and/or advice,since you probably know what she would accept better than I do?Er,If it wouldnt be -too- much trouble?

2011-02-10 [Araglas]: Are you still accepting characters?

2011-02-10 [Rice]: *points to the big bold letters that read 'accepting characters'* :-)

2011-02-11 [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]: *Pats Araglas on the head and gives him a cookie*

2011-02-11 [*Leric*]: I want a cookie ;w;

2011-02-11 [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]: *Gives [*Leric*] a cookie too*

2011-02-11 [*Leric*]: *dances*

2011-02-11 [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]: *Plays music and dances too so she doesnt look ridiculous dancing*

2011-02-13 [Araglas]: *is blind without glasses* COOKIE!!!! *noms on cookie*

2011-02-15 [Rice]: Are you going to join [Araglas]? We can always use more characters, the more the merrier.

2011-02-16 [Araglas]: I am, I'm having a time creating a character, I'm going through lists of mental disorders and I want to choose the right one. Or ones. ^_^

2011-02-16 [Rice]: Well have fun. If it helps here is a list of what we already have, might help you pick a unique one.

- Schizophrenia and Borderline. (Duchess)
- Delusional and possible schizoaffective.(Nea & Director)
- Abandoment Issues & Mummy Complex. (Sasha)
- Possibly Bipolar and extreme anti-social. (Kife)

We haven't got any with REAL depression, suicidal tendancies, and it might be fun to have someone with Bipolar. <3 But do what you like.

2011-02-17 [Araglas]: Actually thins gives me a few ideas...I was going to do Schizophrenia but since the Duchess has it...I'll have to look up Bi-polar disorder..I know a little about it but I want to make it real ^^

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