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International Byhålenytt Friday 2009-07-24

Energy special

Making electricity from fresh vs salt water

The physicist Doriano Brogioli from University of Milan-Bicocca has developed a technique to make energy from when salt water meets fresh water. The amount of energy when a river runs into the sea is as much as if it would have been falling 225 meters. That's quite a dam!

If for example the Amazon river would be used to 10%, then it would be 6% of the Earth's total energy consumption, or in other words, well enough for entire Brazil.

This is how it works:

Read more on:

Electric highways?

Harry Frank, professor in innovation technology and Anders Nordqvist, digging consult, have suggested that Sweden and then the rest of EU and the world starts to electrify the highways. In that way the transports could be made cheaper and cleaner.

Somehow they don't see any problems with dangerous lines hanging around in the way of high transports and climbing drunk students. IB however has competence in this area too and suggest that we install resonance transmitters that can charge the cars safely with high efficiency while lying in the road. Tesla showed that it would work just fine, and scientists have proven him right, but it seems like Maxwell's over-simplified formulas that says that you can't transmit energy this way is some sort of religious law among engineers.

A resonance transmitter is basically a capacitor with a long way between the two plates, or its magnetic equivalence. By changing the electric or magnetic field, energy will be transmitted to electric circuits in range that have a similar resonance frequency.

If engineers just would have paid some attention to the news, they could have had solved this a long time ago!
Read about Resonant induction on:

Feminists say that sexy and nude is bad

Some feminists are gathering money for their cause while boosting their own self-esteem by making a calendar. That is not a part of the war on men that Scottish Women's Aid apparently want and they said no thanks:
IB thinks this makes totally sense. Allowing men to see nude women to help preventing rape? Absurd. That would be like making peace by stop shooting at people. And it would give women the idea that they are individuals and not cannon fodder for the gender-war.

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