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International Byhålenytt Thursday 2009-07-16

Ryd in focus! Everything happens in Ryd!


<img200*0:stuff/z/1/vg72/DSC04755.JPG> <imgr200*0:stuff/z/1/vg72/DSC04766.JPG> <img200*0:stuff/z/1/vg72/DSC04767.JPG> <img200*0:stuff/z/1/vg72/DSC04768.JPG>

Mayhem in Ryd

Ryd, Linköping, Sweden was hit by mayhem. A bottle of slivovice, onions, gas masks and poker were involved.


Strange bike seen in Ryd

Communists and elves blamed!


Risingsbo cheaper than ever!

Risingsbo hit a new all time low in beer-prices. With a price of 16.90 SEK for 3 litres, you can now can pissed (with a lot of pissing) for 35 SEK! That is 0.71 USD/Liter or 0.51 Euro/Litre. It's 2.8% though, so you have to drink twice as much of it.

Risingsbo poetry

Risingsbo, Risingsbo
It's the cheapest beer for you
Risingsbo, Risingsbo
No longer cheaper if you buy two

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2009-07-17 [MrE]: Risingsbo FTW... still miss the old Fuldansk though :(

2009-07-17 [MrE]: ...and f-ing Pancho broke the strap on my helmet, but it's fixed now...

2009-07-17 [Hedda]: Risingsbo is much better than the Crap-Dane!

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