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2010-09-29 06:08:10
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erm...i want to be addopted! i have no family!! *sad face*..i have no idea how to put up a pic check my page..[Flawless Imperfection]...pwease?

uhh can't figure out how to load my pix so uhh if ya know please tell me I'm stupid
Name's [Ryune],
umm adopt me or ummmerrr else! hahahahahhahaha
oh well long story shoy I'm a recent High school grad starting college in the fall I'm way into art skateboarding ,. So give a good guy a chance huh?
i'll adopt u :[pimpinpink]

i know how it feels to be unadopted so i adopt you [Revenge Wolf]

Ryan- [punk_rockersum1] wanted his pic up, and couldn't figure it out, so i, [Whisper Sweet Nothings] am putting it up for him... He says he's up for adoption.

I'll adopt choo! [Cult Leader]

I wanted to see if anyone wanted me..
aww your so cute!! *hugs*... [twinrova]

I'll adopt u u sound interesting [punk_rockersum1]

Im a poor neko soldier guy in need of a home,smores,hentai,and hardees.Im potty trained and i make an excellent guard neko-dude!My name is [Sedition]
RETALIATION...Stolen by [Glassphyxie.] Stolen BACK by [light.]

This is [Fear the Reaper] I'm up for Adoption!
<img:> Hey you've been adopted by a emo kid ^_^ - [.the plastic emo.]

[light.], Hehe look at her! Shes so erm.. loveable. She luffs dressing up as a kitty and listening to japanese music.. mostly Miyavi! she wishes to be adopted by a japanese person, male or female.. but its okay if they're not jap ^_^
[Sedition] bags you in the name of the ingsoc empire!

[//:All Dressed Up With No Place To Go://]
My Names Sammeh Or Miss Dolly. Im fun and really loving. Im faithful and I am sometimes too caring. I need someone who will love me since I have so much love. But I can be a very naughty girl ^^ heehee. So please adopt me =( Im sad and lonley xxxxxxxxx

Aawwwww. I WANT YOU o_o [Glassphyxie.]

[Papa Don't Preach]
I'm Laura, i can be good....sometimes but just want somebody to love me. A hug now and then will do. <3 my music and my mates...including her (?) above... lol. adopt me! please xoxoxoxo ^^; ADOPTED BY [DaisyPusher]
[RAWR shes mine mehahahah]
come on you know you want to come home in my pocket ehhee
AND I [Papa Don't Preach] has adopted him :P

So... Skittels is my name, I'm up for adoption. I can be sweet yet destructive, cute yet horrible at the same time. I'm usefull but useless at some times. I guess you just have to find out yourself. I can be many things and you can mold me into many personality's. Good luck!

[Papa Don't Preach] i'm being greedy and adopting two ppl!! XD i'll have you :P


I'm Becca.
Hi :D


Username (or number or email):


2007-02-02 [//:All Dressed Up With No Place To Go://]: yesh yesh ^^

2007-02-02 [Papa Don't Preach]: yeah!!!!!

2007-02-05 [//:All Dressed Up With No Place To Go://]: lol socvttie poo poo hates me =(

2007-02-05 [Papa Don't Preach]: sam he wont hate you!

2007-02-06 [//:All Dressed Up With No Place To Go://]: he does
i sent him a huge message on bebo explaining that i am only his mate but i do fancy him nd i think he should be with coleen nd he didnt reply =( and he isnt in admin either


2007-03-28 [skittels]: alrighty... so how does this work???

2007-03-29 [Papa Don't Preach]: you put your pic up and someone "adopts" you

2007-03-29 [skittels]: hmm k, lets see if I'm able to do so... ^^

2007-05-09 [punk_rockersum1]: XD yay it finally alive again

2008-02-17 [Papa Don't Preach]: +.+

2008-02-28 [punk_rockersum1]: just kidding maybe it isnt :(

2008-02-28 [Papa Don't Preach]: i dont think it is. lol

2008-03-11 [punk_rockersum1]: o poo. o wells it had a good run

2008-03-12 [Glassphyxie.]: *has a funeral for the wiki*

2008-03-18 [punk_rockersum1]: i love how myspace seems to have taken over everything

2008-03-19 [Glassphyxie.]: Fuckin' Tom.

2008-03-19 [Papa Don't Preach]: XD lmao... *is in all black* +.+

2008-03-22 [punk_rockersum1]: personally i cant see fucking tom being too much fun

2008-03-22 [Papa Don't Preach]: nah doubt it. lol

2008-03-24 [punk_rockersum1]: HAHAHAHA oo othe nerdy inuendoes that would be said XD

2008-03-24 [Papa Don't Preach]: :O

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