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2004-11-12 05:58:28
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<img:>  These are the clubs and organizations I'm a part of!  <img:>

Grief. I'm in too many of these things. X3

<img:stuff/28889_wiki_AJ%2527s%2520Load%2520Page_95WQFVVMZ13.jpg> Eaters of Children. Burgers anyone? >3

<img:> I made this banner for The Guild of Hylians!

<img:> The Black Sheep Brigade. Baaaa...O_O...

<img:> Huh? @_@... The Confused Club...

<img:> I steal souls. What can you do? Crazy Goths

<img:> WHOO! Kingdom Hearts Fans Unite

<img:> Bondage *whipcrack* >D

<img:> I'm one of the demon freaks. Oh yeah. >3 ::sizzle::

<img:> Sociopaths United... Mwahaha!! >3

<img:> Cheese loverz club! Feel the flava! XO

<img:> Childfree's the way to be. ;o

<img:> Oh seductive taco. GIR Lovers United!

<img:> lazy people united... -_-... Zzzzz....

<img:> Fantasy Critters United Everything but the magical kitchen sink.

<img:> Anime. Become addicted.

<img:> Astrology Cafe. Explains why you're the way you are. I'm a crab! ;3

<img:> Very small rocks. The Monty Python Club

<img:> Member of the Penguin Force Reporting! ::salute::

<img:> SuperCyberSecretCultOfFoamy. Bow to Foamy. He IS your lord and master!

<img:> I...draw nekkid. :3 Elftown Nude Artist Colony

     <img:> Weird?..Me? @_@ ... Weirdoes United!

     Doughnut Army Death to all muffins! Donuts! Roll out!
     Randomosity...@_o HEheHe.. Whah! :B
     Macalania Woods Final Fantasy. The game of champions.
     Trigun cult! LOVE AND PEACE! O_O
     Young Vampires
     Evanescence Fans

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2004-03-14 [Davorah]: did you get this idea from me *flutters her eyelashes* LOL! you need to put the new GLU! link on there....thats the old one...I had that too, then I was told by someone watching my page that I needed to update it...freaky aye?

2004-03-14 [Adnama]: Why yes I did! :3 You have spiffy ideas. I thought I had already gotten the new link a while back. :o.. Guess not. *trots off ot fix it*

2004-03-14 [Adnama]: :o I just put the new one up there and it looks just like the old one. Oh well. It'll do I suppose. It still goes to the wiki. :3

2004-03-14 [Davorah]: lol the only diff in both links is one is Gir Lovers United and the other is GIR Lovers United! Ooo! It does make a big diff too...LOL!

2004-03-15 [Davorah]: Devil's Night, gonna be kool, you should check it out!

2004-03-15 [Adnama]: Mmkay. :3 *click*

2004-03-15 [Davorah]: hehe! cute facey thingy

2004-03-15 [Adnama]: My little cat face! :3

2004-03-15 [Davorah]: mreowr!

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