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Hey this is a wiki for all of those who LOVE Fairies to bits.
If you want to join then just put your name in the fairy members wiki,
and feel free to add info or art to the wikis!!!
dont forget to watch the page though, so you dont miss out on anything

Here is the link to put up any fairy artwork you have done but it can only be used by members, any none members can view them but dont screw anything up, you have been warned!

I love Fairies! artwork

fairy information

fairy members

or these are other fairy links if you want to have a look at these


fairy lovers



We Believe in Fae

banners for homes by [moira hawthorne]... I can/will make others...

Username (or number or email):


2006-10-16 [stephie k]: .........well...*sigh*...great team huh?

2006-10-16 [It Is Time To Let You Go!]: i am the third watcher fyi

2006-10-19 [stephie k]: i know, just that there is only three of us, maybe there are too many fairy wikis on here

2006-10-19 [moira hawthorne]: maybe there are just too many wikis!...
dont be upset.. most wikis.. not all but most are just a few (2 to 4) active poeple..

2006-10-20 [It Is Time To Let You Go!]: that sucks... but its true, im in a wiki that has like.... 200 some odd members, but only me and this other guy ever talk on it, and he is hardly ever on

2006-10-20 [stephie k]: hhhmmmm, well i guess this wiki has some form of communication on it...

2006-10-20 [It Is Time To Let You Go!]: yeah, somethings you have to be happy about

2006-10-20 [moira hawthorne]: how about an art challenge?... Ill post a photo and you have to change it into a faery!

2006-10-20 [It Is Time To Let You Go!]: ok

2006-10-21 [stephie k]: sounds good to me...

2006-10-21 [moira hawthorne]: ok here is a photo of jrock hyde
note do not put this photo on your ET house.. keep into wikis...

2006-10-21 [It Is Time To Let You Go!]: kk

2006-10-21 [moira hawthorne]: you like the photo? ... I thought it was interesting

2006-10-21 [It Is Time To Let You Go!]: i do

2006-10-24 [stephie k]: yes very interesting...

2006-10-24 [moira hawthorne]: cooooool

2006-10-24 [It Is Time To Let You Go!]: lol

2007-09-29 [stephie k]: hey, sorry i havnt been here for a while guys, got caught up with college work, i plan to be here more often now

2008-02-06 [moira hawthorne]: [stephie k] would you like to add your two infomation pages/wikis... fairy information into ECM Fairy/Fae Text ???

2010-05-16 [moira hawthorne]: [stephie k] why not change the wiki ownership to me if you dont want it anymore?

2010-05-17 [stephie k]: its all yours :)

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