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Dedicate this candle to someone special, either passed away, or still with us. I want to see these candles all over this site! so please, take this candle and dedicate it to someone, or give it to another person because they are special to you and to the world. You can dedicate your candle to as many people as you want.

   ~ <3 the owners of dedicate your candle @ wiki

I dedicate my candle to: [person's name / username]

I dedicate my candle to: [person's name / username]

~I am [Rook.], and I dedicate my candle to: [Asator Stormbringer], [Astrid.], [Give Me Red], [Frost-:-Wing], [tia mia], and most importantly, to my godfather, Ray Kane. Thank you for always being there for me, and for opening your arms and home to me.

~I am [CrystalBlaze], and I deticate me candle to my grandmas who passed away, and to my cats who also passed way.

~I am [Ukia], and I dedicate my candle to my cats who have passed away: Amber, Misty,
Blizzard, Tiger, Midnight, Pouncer, Coco, Cuddles, Martin, Honey-Boo, Goldenboy, Grayboy, and Rosie; as well as Brown Wing, a dear dragon friend.

~I am [Asator Stormbringer], and I dedicate my candle to William Newman... May we please meet again.., I miss you... way to much

~I am [Rice] and I dedicate my candle to myself, Darz, [Deleto] and [firelady].

~I am [dawn bolly] and i dedicate this candle to my mum, she died in june 2007.. i miss her so mutch ther are no words for it..

~I am [.Toxic Valentine.] and i dedicate my candle to Casey Calvert, who died in my arms. He was the best guitarist i've even known, and had the biggest heart for fans considering he was a rockstar. Hawthorne Heights will never be the same without you baby. Also, my Dad.. he died of cancer in October07. I would especially like to dedicate my candle to my best friend, who i regard my sister... [Tates]

~I am [Sir Riddle] and I dedicate a candle to the best friend a person could wish for; [Asator Stormbringer]

~I am [Mom] and I dedicate a candle to [Sharky87]. Her father is dying of cancer and she need to be able to be strong and to know everyone is praying and thinking of her.

~I am [*Phoenix*] and I dedicate a candle: to Max Scott, a beloved camp director who passed away this winter; to my grandma who has stayed strong with lukemia; my mom who deals with everything, all the time; and to [Artsieladie] who has inspired me.

I am [Lady Arrianya] an i dedicate my candle to all my lost loved ones who are now in the afterlife, all those who have been here for me, an all those who hope in vain the one they love is worth it...even after that person lets them down over and over and drags them through hell and back.

~I am [Eyden13] and I dedicate my candel to [Zab] and [Alexi Ice] for welecoming me to elftown, and my dog bailey who died last year.

~ I am [Alexi Ice] and I must dedicate mine to [Haku Uchiha] and [William Christian Inuma] the two boys in my life who have captured my heart.

~ I am [Hobbit teen] and I dedicate my candle to my aunt...who died this last year of Uterine Cancer, I love you Aunt Carol *cries*

~ I am [black christmas] and I dedicate mine to my grandmother who left this planet recently.

~ I am [190039] and I dedicate my candle to to my papa AJ who passed away when I was seven, I also dedicate my candle to my first love and my best friend jay j. I will always remember the two of you for the impact that you had on my life. I love you. :'(

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2009-09-22 [dawn bolly]: haha :P

2009-11-28 [CrystalBlaze]: me tired me so sleep now

2009-11-28 [dawn bolly]: sleep well *geve a blanket*

2009-12-11 [Lady Arrianya]: *curls up in her corner*

2009-12-11 [Rook.]: *curls up around Anya*

2009-12-11 [Lady Arrianya]: *sighs heavily*

2009-12-11 [Rook.]: *huggles and holds close* what's wrong, dearest?

2009-12-11 [Lady Arrianya]: Alot....
too much to talk about on here

2009-12-11 [Rook.]: alright.

2010-01-03 [CrystalBlaze]: what ??? u creatures weird. ZZZZZZZ *falls asleep*

2010-01-03 [Lady Arrianya]: ok then.....

2010-01-03 [dawn bolly]: happy new year people !

2010-03-15 [Rook.]: I'm sorry to hear about your Aunt, [Hobbit teen]. :(

2010-03-16 [Hobbit teen]: its fine :) she's in a better place anyhow...she died this summer but i still miss her

2010-03-16 [Rook.]: *huggles* I know, I lost an aunt (adopted aun, but she was still family) When i was 8, so i know hows you feel.

2010-03-16 [dawn bolly]: and there are no problems with missing ur aunt  *hug*

2010-03-17 [Lady Arrianya]: Or an uncle for that matter. I lost my uncle, a vetran of Vietnam on...of all freaking days...vetrans day.
They think the cancer treatments he was going through and the stress the fornyae gangreen that he had in 08 had finally caught up to the point where his body just couldnt take it anymore. How I miss him!
I am sorry to hear Hobbit. Hope you can live on with happiness and awareness in her honor

2010-03-18 [Hobbit teen]: thank you rook, dawn bolly and Lady Arrianya;

I'll pray for her to hear tonight...and i'm so sorry to hear about your families as well *huggles*

2010-03-20 [Lady Arrianya]: *hug*

2010-03-22 [Hobbit teen]: *huggle back*

2010-07-31 [CrystalBlaze]: I Am back from camp

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