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Welcome to How on Earth did you find Elftown?, sister wiki to the uber awesome, How on Earth did you pick that name? by [Jitter].
Share your story! Let others know how you stumbled upon Elftown!

You may also be interested in I use Elftown because, Elftown Memes and Geek Wiki.


How to add your story:

-Please post your story starting with your username, in alphabetical order.
-Stories that are vulgar or otherwise offensive, will be removed
-Please do not put your story in the comments. I won't have the time to add it for you!


<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [WonderTweek] I believe it was in the vague year of 03' maybe beginning of 04' that I was searching the web for a good art site, I was looking for inspiration, and also a decent site to post art. And of course you all know where this is going. I discovered Elfwood! I was very excited that there was a site that actually had some specifications on art quality. *Le gasp!* Anyways as I was browsing through the site I found a link to Elftown, which then, of course, I joined. I believe at that time I had a different Elftown account than I have now though (<<; creepy stalkers.) BUT that is my oh-so interesting story about ow I discovered this place. Hip huh?

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Aeolynn] I found this place from Elfwood a long long time ago when I had just turned 15 - wow! I'm 21 now, had some ups and downs but I would never abandon this place. Thanks to elftown and the great people within I would not be the person I am today :]

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Aki-chan] I originally found Elfwood first (in search of unicorn art)...which eventually lead me to find Elftown. I started coming here when I was 12, haha! And I got a load of my friends to join too. I'll admit I'm not as devoted as I used to be...but even now that I'm 18, I still enjoying coming here and checking out all the users and art! :]

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Alistaire] A group of friends of mine and I decided to act stupid one day by looking for random websites with a silly name such as Elftown. We typed it in the address bar and OMG there you have it. I decided to register and... yeah, I met some pretty cool people and now I practically live here.

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Alykis] I was a freshman in high school back in '03-'04 and we were doing research in my English class... Well instead of searching for the themes of Romeo and Juliet we got bored and decided to look for pictures of faeries and elves. Low and behold we found Elfwood first... Then that led to me signing up here at Elftown. I used to be an avid user (everyday for HOURS) but now I'm 19 (almost 20) and I have a husband so I hardly get on anymore. =/ <3 it though!

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Lakayana]
I read about Elfwood in an Internet encyclopedia I saw at a friends house and decided to try it out. From Elfwood I saw a link that directed me to Elftown Today I'm not regretting it at all. I love Elftown with all my heart. My appreciation goes to [Hedda] The Mayor, his a great guy and [Sunrose] the queen bee.

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Ambivalence] I was looking for an online community in which to meet people and learn from them. I've tried a few but invariably found the people to be hostile and rude: trolls in the fullest sense of the word. I found this place and gave it a try and so far, it seems to rise above the rest. I remain hopeful!

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [ariel♥] My old middle school Ben had asked me if i had an elftown page; i looked at him with a crooked face and asked what is elftown. he told me it was a fantacy site and told me i should join. So that day after school, i logged on the computer and joined.

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [arthemis_] I needed to do this project for high school many many years ago and I needed to find me pictures of elves and fairies. I googled it and I came across Elfwood. It took me about a year to get myself an account there. About two years ago I discovered Elftown through Elfwood. And finally made an account. Nowadays I'm only on Elftown instead of Elfwood! I was drawn in with all the contests going on here!

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Avatar15] I moved to where I live now from Florida in the U.S in my 8th year. A lot of my new friends had accounts here and they talked like it was MySpace or IM. "I'll send it to you on Elftown later" or something else along those lines. When I was 14, someone suggested I join when they saw the art I did. While I was at a friends (that also had an Elftown) she helped me create my account. My ride came to pick me up, I checked my email, and I was accepted. :D And thats how I got here. It wasn't until after I made my elftown that I joined other elftown related sites such as elfwood.

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Avoral] I don't remember the context of it, but [Skyy] showed me.

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Between the buried and me] A group of friends told me about this place as they knew i was a fantasy geek and i pretty much lived in my own wee world. Here i can put my own wee world into things and not feel like an arse so it all worked out great.

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Celtic Rain] I used to be a hardcore elfwood hang around. When I was in high school I used to spend all my free time looking at art on elfwood. And then I was there when elftown was first born but never joined because I wasn't quite sure what exactly it was :P After a year I joined it and met a lot of cool people who loved fantasy art as much as me.

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Cia_mar] Well I was on yahoo, and had my art on one of their profile sites, and someone who saw it told me to go and check out Elfwood...I did, and while I was wondering around the woods, I stumbled upon Elftown....decided I just had to live here, and moved all my stuff here!!!

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Cina] It all started in junior high, back in '04. I was at my good friend [Sana]'s house for a sleep over, and she hopped on her computer to check her Elftown. "What's that, Sana?" I asked her, curious little thing that I was. "Why, 'tis Elftown, of course! Home of all things fantasy, a haven for fantasy lovers in today's harsh social climate" is what she responded, or something quite similar, I am sure. I found this quite intriguing and decided to take it upon myself to join. By the time I joined my first RP, I was hooked. And I've never left!

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg>[Daisy le Fleur]-I haunted Elfwood for eons it seemed and finally was given the "ok" for an account of my own, then I noticed "elftown member" on a lot of my favorite artists pages. So I wandered over here, and made a humble little page..Spoke to almost no one at first..Had no idea how to use script to code my house LOL..I pestered [Malnu] and he helped me..extended a friendly word and helping hand to show me around.., then the rest is history. ;)

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Dark Side of the Moon] One day I clicked on the ET link at Elfwood at a friend's gallery. When I did a green page came up that said "User 0 doesn't exist". "Now what the heck does that mean?" I wondered. And each time I clicked on that bloody link it said the same thing. So, in my genius knowledge of the internet, I clicked on the link a few more times over the next several months until one day I found a "join this thing" page, or some other like that. And there it is folks. *hum*

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Delladreing] - I found Elftown by way of accident. My high school teacher directed me to Elfwood, he knew I loved to write sci-fi/fantasy pieces and he thought it would be a good idea for me to read a wider spectrum than was available in our school library. He also wanted to encourage me in to writing more. Well it worked because as soon as I joined Elfwood I started writing more. I never did get round to adding things to my gallery...I blame Elftown for that. I was typing Elfwood in to google from a school computer. And one of the results that came up was Elftown. I joined under a different name, used it to faff about, really didn't care about rules or regualtions (my bad) and just in general treated it like a place to store the cool things I found. And then my real life came to a scrunching halt and I was confined to my bed. So my only form of social contact was MSN and Elftown...the place where I had been pointedly ignoring rules and just making a tit of myself. I think my reaction when I logged back in was "OH SHI-" XD
So, I started over. I renamed myself Deladreing, Dela as I'm more commonly called now. The name is Elvish by the by. It stands for what my name means in Gaelic. Just to confuse you. I still wasn't all that active...not until I found my niche on here as the ranter and general mad woman who wrote Playgans.

Since then I've been chained to my wikis churning out material. I've been silent for a while but it's only so that when I do come back the explosion will not only rock your world but quite possibly also melt your fillings. And that is how I found ET. GOOGLE!

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg>[Demonicor] I was in my art class one day trying to figure out what I wanted to draw, so I decided I would try looking on the computer for inspiration. I stumbled onto the Elfwood galleries and wasted the rest of the period checking them out. Looking at the art later in my spare time after lunch, I noticed the Elftown banner and decided to join up.

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg>[Desi the Red Rose] Same as[wicked fae mage] Since [wicked fae mage] and [Ravendust] are my two bestest friends.

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg>[Diiwica] I randomly stumbeled upon Elftown. I think it was from Google, but it may have been off of yahoo. I was looking up what Elf towns many have looked like in other people's eyes and the link to here poped up. I looked around for a little bit, and decided that I liked what I saw so i decided to join.

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg>[Dragonous]- I found elftown some years ago when I was only 18 and I am now 23 I found it in a yahoo search on elfs and dragons. 

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Easterling] - My road to Elftown actually started when I was 16 and was on a practical job experience for school. I had the extreme luck to be welcome by a professional artist who took good care of me, let me try different art styles and she also went with me on visists to other artists. During the time I was writing quite a lot, because I had that idea that I think many other fantasy-readers have - that those characters made up in my head would get written down into the next bestselling fantasy novel. Her son saw me doing that and he suggested that I'd publish it on Elfwood, a website that, if I remember it correctly, one of his friends were involved in creating. I went there and became a stalker of it. I realized then that I'd never be able to write down my story in good English, and that it wasn't that unique or good either, but the site continued to be a source of inspiration for me. And it still is. One day I found a link to the community Elftown and joined it to see what it was. Then I used a different name, and never really got into it. A few years after that I remember the place, created another house with the name Easterling and immediately that time I made friends and since then I've been here. Elftown is, like Elfwood, a source of inspiration for me, even though I don't publish any artwork myself. It's also an opportunity for me to discuss everything about fantasy that I appreciate because almost none of my friends share that interest.

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg>[End of Eternity] I first found out about Elftown through friends. I honestly have no idea how they found it. When they told me about it they simply made it sound like a social networking site, so it did not really interest me. However, one bored afternoon I went to look anyway. I discovered that it was full of people like me who enjoy fantasy, as well as drawing and writing about it. So I joined. I did leave, after about a year, as I felt I was spending too much time here - but I just could not stay away!

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg>[Chetleon] I was walking down the street and I ran into a girl, she looked at me and told me I was interesting, then told me I should join. And here I came.

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Eznug] Well it was in late 2002 when my classmate [LazyJenny] told me about this site. She had some contact with Hedda who created it and wanted me to join in as most other communities where banned at the school, so I decided to give it a try, and I am still here after more than 6 years.

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [FAE] I saw the link on Elfwood, and I clicked it. Then I joined. The end :P

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg>[Faggot_Frank] - [Belthazor] introduced me to Elftown.

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Famous Last Words] My bestest friend Ashley was on here all the time at school so I decided to join. Very glad I did.

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Fireblade K'Chona] I was thirteen and I had a friend over, and she told me about ET. I joined up, met some really awesome people, joined clubs and RPs, and have been here ever since. :D My friend has since quit, but it's been...good lord, six years now since I joined. That's about it.

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Flisky] - I was serfing the net during my homeroom with a friend who is an Elfwood artist like three?...four?...several years ago when she went onto this site. I was watching her and was like "What are you doing?" She looked at me and said "Updating my house." "Cool," I replied. "What is that site?" "Oh, just a place called Elftown. I like to talk to my fellow artists and writers." I went to the site and became a member because I'm a crazy writer. I've been on ever since.

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Frivalicious] - Actually me and [Eldanár Oronar] were messing around on internet during class May 2005 and she told me she had found something called Elftown. A forum like site for artists and writers. So I signed up and never left :P I'm quite positive Eldanar found Elftown because of Elfwood, she used a lot of time browsing art there.

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Gastogh] I was given the link by [Veltzeh]. After receiving it I joined soon enough, as you can tell by the difference between our account creation times. I vaguely recall having heard of ET while it was still under construction and trying to follow up on it, but after my initial curiosity was slaked by "I-can't-find-out-anything-about-this-thing", my joining was postponed until I got told we can sign up.

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [grayghost] I found Elftown By way of Elfwood. I was overseas with the military in Bosnia. While I was there My home life was shatered till it was not there anymore! In desperation to find a way to relieve the stress and depression I started to write poems mostly,and a few things that have potential for a story. I honestly do not know how I found Elfwood, it just happened. I was sceptical about puting my work there I figured the someone would look at my work and laugh it off as a big joke, no one did. So now I am here in Elftown and expect to be staying.

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg>[Grimmloch] I found it because I am on the crew at one of [Hedda]s other wonderful communities!

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Hedda] - All the social sites were crap, so I decided to build Elftown. It was easy to find as I had put it there myself.

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Hendercrazy] - After spending and enjoying a couple of years of being an ELFWOOD member... I'd noticed this new place being mentioned in the comments of a few galleries. Many weeks later Thomas A. posted the link to Elftown encouraging folks to check it out. So I did eventually. And loved it. A place for fellow Elfwooders to network and hang. Since then, I've made this place my official home for my art and prints, put together my Spazznik comic and look to continuing to make new friends with talented and fun fellow Elftowners. :)

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [iippo] Before Elftown/Elfwood I was pattering about in and someone in their forums gave me a link to Elfwood. I joined that, and then when the link to Elftown was posted, I joined. Then I went somewhere else for a while (there's a dark period of MSN chatrooms in my life... *shudder*) and I can't remember what brought me back to Elftown eventually... But I stayed. I remember that the addment of diaries in here was something that spurred me to stay at one point: I was about to sign out and went to Bolt because I wanted to write in an online diary, and I noticed that Elftown had diaries too, so I stayed. :D

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Jitter] Mine is boring. I found it through Elfwood (which I don't remember how I found), joined and has been hooked ever since :P

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [itoe] I blame [Falx].

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [justjoe] I came to Elftown by way of Elfwood. I was an avid viewer of Elfwood for a couple of years before I was able to get a scanner and become a member. When I heard about this site, I came right over and have loved it ever since.

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Kaimee] I joined elftown after coming across elfwood when I was too young to join. I waited and waited and waited (believing, like an idiot, that I couldn't join ET either - and being too retarded to fake my age) and when I finally joined the first thing I did was message [thomas] (*cough*) to say my knee hurt. And some other random blather. Wasn't I awful? I had to go and look this up just then. I said things like 'gud' and 'cuz' and 'rite bak plz' so you'll be utterly shocked to hear he actually replied politely!
Thankfully though the other messages I sent were about people's art, even if written in equally atrocious language, so at least my heart was in the right place!! -_-;;

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Kelaria] - Once upon a time, in a land far, far away... oh, wait, that's not how it goes! hehe! Well, in high school, my friend Sara and I were just your average (okay, maybe not so average... we were weirdos with silly crazy antics!) teenage girls. Sara showed me a website she had found known as the great and wonderful Elfwood! At first, I just browsed Elfwood and read stories and looked at the art! I liked it so much that I decided to study up on the rules and take the long test for membership! And whaddya know! I was accepted! I became an avid Elfwoodian and spent MANY hours on that lovely website! And then.... one day... the terrible and evil (though it would turn out not to be so evil in the end) MERGE came! Us poor Elfwoodians suffered daily with no updates! It was a time of great sorrow and torture! We wrote and sung songs about how we wished the merge would end and we acted even sillier than usual as we tried to pass the time, those agonizing hours, days, weeks, until the merge would be over! One sad merge-day, I found a link to something called Elftown. I was intrigued! I investigated and became a member! And then I was hooked... and, as they say, the rest is history! Elftown and I have been together since January 31st, 2004! And we're still going strong! *kiss kiss* I love you Elftown! ^_~

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Khronos Atmosphaera] I became a member of Elfwood before I joined Elftown, and while browsing on EW, I found this place. I was going to become a member, but decided against it at first, considering I was at school, and I didn't have a home computer. Then on Christmas day in 2003, I was over at my boy friends house(who is now my husband) and he had joined because I told him I'd found it, blah blah. So, he made me create an account. So, here I am. Simple really. ^-^

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Kiddalee] I'd seen the button on Elfwood for months (years?) before finally clicking on it and coming to Elftown. I joined to see what it was all about. The GUI was overwhelming and frustrating, but I stayed out of loyalty to Elfwood, and then I began to like talking here.

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Kyrinn] I was brought here by a coworker on a boring day while at work. :P I wasnt around all that much until I discovered the wonder that is text rpging. Book of Ajia (currently not viewable, sorry) and The Lost Kingdoms are my two main accomplishments as far as RPs go, and thanks to them and others Im in (secret, not telling!) my writing skills have really flourished. Now that Im crew I love helping out around Elftown, where ever I can.

I was 12 when i first stumbled apun elftown. I had gone up to roxten to spend a couple of months with my granmother. I was refed to it by my cuzin terri who also has an elftown. I remeber i stayed up till 5 o'clock that morning checking my mail for an acceptance letter. when i got the letter i was so please i wouldn't get off the computer the whole day, it drove my cuzin crazy.

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Levoton] - [Veltzeh] told me about this place as I had been whining to be a member of Elfwood (which had been discovered by our brother, I think) but was too young to join. So Elftown was a condolence prize where I could have a mini-gallery of one drawing up at a time. (There used to be this rule about not uploading drawings to your photo slot.)

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Linderel] - My memories of this are very vague, but the safest bet would be that I was browsing Elfwood one day, saw the link, and was intrigued enough to join. Within months I was already rather active, and what with the crew post and all the wonderful people I've met, don't see myself leaving any time soon.

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Linn Scarlett] - Ohhh I recall this one very clearly! It was during november or september 2002, close after the release of Lord of the Rings. I was managing my Elfwood account and for the 10.000th got uberly pissed off with the moderators for being *** pricks. I always scan my art, clip it, clean it and what not. And they always find a reason to reject it anyway. Oh yes, one pissed of Linn. I logged out and decided then and there never to set foot in it again. I saw the banner of Elftown, clicked it, joined it, met [Blood Raven] and discussed with him the likely hood of the moderators of Elfwood secretly being Glabrezu. And that is how.

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Lite] - Commonly, I found it through Elfwood. I had been hooked to art sites (ex. DevArt) for a while, but never found any community site with people who use comprehensive English. Elftown was great because it brought together people with similar interests, such as the arts, roleplaying, and fantasy/sci-fi. And agreed to [Linn Scarlett], I no longer use Elfwood due to the fact that it takes about a month to upload one piece, and it is often rejected.

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Lothuriel] - One day, I got really bored and realized, "hey I have internet now". I had just gotten married and had not really ever surfed the net for more than ghost pics and silly stuff. I found Elfwood and started a gallery. Not long after, I saw a news broadcast about, well something that retardedly blamed Elftown for something that it didn't do, and thought "hey, I've heard of that place!" I went back to Elfwood and found the link in the sidebar. Joined. Didn't get it and left for a while. Came back, started a new house (was a newb and didn't realize I could have just changed my name) and never left. My original name was "Possa" a nickname given to me by my grandmother when I was a baby.

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Empee] - When I was 13 I got interested in Fantasy. I don't remember exactly, but I suppose I found Elfwood when I googled for fairies and dragons and from there I came to Elftown.

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Mortified Penguin] - I originally became a member under the name [Sir Soapy]. I joined, along with [Sagacious Turkey], at our school to harass our dear friends, [silvermoon dragon] and [dark starlight]. Since joining Elftown I've accomplished two worthwhile things... attained possession of Bob's Diner and most recently co-founded this wiki (again... you're welcome). My past usernames include: Sir Soapy, Nc-17, Viral Chaos, El Assesino de Pavos, Rated Nc-17, Useless, and finally Mortified Penguin.

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [nehirwen] - Early 2004 I searched fantasy related pictures on google, as inspiration for my drawings. Google send me to a picture on elfwood, and I stayed, browsed and loved that place. Soon I dared to fill in all the questions and joined elfwood myself. There I found the link to elftown as well. I didn't really understood how to use elftown though, so lazy as I was, I left it again after 2 days or something like that :o. A year later a friend in art said I should join elftown. I remembered I already joined it, so I returned, found a few people I knew and stayed. I became active, and in time I got to know elftown, and loved it. But as soon as I turned 18 I moved out, and had no computer or elftown for a year. When I had my own computer at last, I directly became active again, and after a few months even became a crewmember, which I totally enjoy. I don't think I'll leave this place easily again, I just love this place and it's people. :)

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Paul Doyle] - I joined Elftown on 12 June 2003. I'd gotten my first-ever PC in March 2003 (having deliberately waited until the pace of PC technology slowed down enough for a computer purchase to be worthwhile). A complete Internet newbie (I'd only used the Internet a few times previously, at the public library), I searched about, initially stumbling across AOL chat rooms (and instantly regretting it) but then discovering Elfwood, which I commented upon (and occasionally trolled upon!) until I finally joined Elfwood (originally for the writing only) in late spring 2003. Back then EW had that 92 million question test, but I breezed through it. As I waited for my first writing moderation ticket to be processed and approved, I signed onto ET, somewhat suspicious at first because I was half-expecting more of the same AOL chat room crap. Happily, this was not to be the case. Sadly, as my mother entered her final days (having suffered for 22 years from a terrible strain of multiple sclerosis) I found ET very comforting. I had lots of people asking me about my mother, and these same people (most of whom left ET years ago) encouraged me to start drawing again, for the first time since high school in 1991. Though the ET website was very chintzy and limited at the time, there were so many awesome people and artists here that I decided to permanently stay though there were plenty of times when I was tempted to leave ET permanently yet never did---mostly BECAUSE of these first few weeks on Elftown. I finished my very first picture (that infamous toned-down mating dragons picture---stuck two hours away from my mother's deathbed, I wanted to portray the opposite extreme without getting too raunchy) the day Mom died on 30 June 2003. At the time I could not be completely consoled by my dear wife, by my son (who was very young at the time) or anyone else, and a temptation to drink, drink, drink my sorrows away was instead replaced by a desire to create influenced and encouraged by Elftown! Thank you, Elftown. Though I have a full-fledged real-life, and obviously not everything on ET has been smooth for me these past five years, I owe ET and [Hedda] a mountain of gratitude for initially helping keep me off the bottle during an absolutely heart-rending stretch of my life . . . and then permanently firing up my artistic endeavors. This is why I have never left ET permanently, never will, and as a token of my appreciation I will donate again as soon as I can afford to, and if I ever make it as an independently wealthy writer I will direct quality people to this website.

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Paz] I can't quite remember actually xD Way back in the dark days of 04' I was barely even able to get online, however, I chanced it with my good friend [Fireheart2233] one day. She showed me her Elfwood account and told me to get one and I was more 'nahh... too lazy' so she told me that I should sign up here because it required less effort and I was like 'finnneee....' and joined. I was a bum, ner-do-well at first: breaking rules, breaking people, breaking things, causing overall panic, etc, etc... but I cleaned up my act and (despite my very busy real life) remained bound to this place.
Haha, almost five years ago. Man, times fly!

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [pelv13] - When I was at boarding school (junior year in high school) I was searching the internet for fantasy art. This is when i ran into [skylie]'s art on elfwood. I joined up to have an easier way to talk to her about her work and to sate my curiousity about the place. I stayed for the wonderfull company, and interesting contests. [skylie] is gone now (and no doubt doesn't recall me) but i owe her a great debt.

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [pianista] - I was looking for someone able to accomplish to an art request and I found causally this website! Anyway, my art request is still there :(

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Possesed.Chicken] Shortly after moving to where I do now, I met these guys and they gave me the link for Elftown and told me to make one, so we could talk online. They don't really use it anymore... but I do. (3 years now? )

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Priscilla Primkin] [Ilana] made me do it!

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> - [LynnAnneBrown]I found ElfTown in the way I least expected to. Ever since I have been on the net, at least ten years now, I have been looking for a place like this and was suprised to find it had been here a long time before I finally found it. I'd visited elf and fairy and fantasy sites over the years but none offered a community you could join online. So one day, After my daughter was extoling the virtues of facebook and the like I thought I check out the whole social networking thing, and found ElfTown Listed in a wikipedia article, came to visit, toured the public areas of Town and applied for membership. I've now been here a little over a month and already feel as though I've been here forever. It is a wonderful place to inspire creativity and to share my ideas, thoughts and feelings with others of an elfish or artistic bent. I look forward to making this my online home for a very long time.

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Raventhorn] One of my old friends was on it one day and I asked her about it. At first ET wasn't really a great thing, I didn't know how to use ET and thus making it extremely boring. Sooner or later I found the old chat and began talking there, meeting people from there who were on ET lead me to becoming an addict of elftow. Lol

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Rebulous] Up to about six weeks ago, I had shunned anything to do with social networking on the Internet. Didn't see much use in it. Then I had a life-altering event that sent me into a deep despair. To keep myself occupied, lest I jump off a bridge, I thought I'd look to the Internet. What the hell was I thinking? I went to Google and typed in "social networking websites". The first hit was a wikipedia page that listed dozens. I looked over the list - and found Elftown. I thought "wow, maybe this is for me". I joined up and was accepted. Saved my life. Well, maybe not literally, but I've certainly made new friends and re-awakened a passion for fantasy and art in me that had slumbered for years. The despair? It's still there, but at least it's subdued. And I'm having fun. Thank you Elftown.

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Rice] - I found elftown when I was 13 years old, I was in my high-school computer room lazing around on forums when I was supposed to be doing ICT work. Anyway, I came across Elfwood and instantly took a liking to it because of all the wonderful art. Then I noticed at the side bar a link to Elftown, clicked it and WOLAH, I found Elftown. I created an account that day and have been a loving adoring member ever since. <3

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Rook.] I heard abotu this back in 6th grade, made an account, and then forgot about it because I was homeschooled and didn't have a computer. Years passed, and Suddenly I moved tp PA and am Cyber Schooled (amazingness), and I remembered this place, and I live here now ^^ lol. The only time i honestly leave is on the weeekdns and holidays, where I am banned from the comp ^^ Its such an ama-effing-zing place :P it should definanatly try to rule the world :P

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Sakuya] It was about four years ago, I remember being at school and my friends [Eralam of Tython] he's just loves fantasy and science fiction, [Kyo-kun] he's an artist, and [One Song Glory] he's a writer, were talking about how cool Elftown was, and I asked what Elftown was, I'm a writer myself so I found it interesting and created my first account [Ryo003], and the rest is history.

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [sequeena_rae] - You can blame my niece. She has an account on here (somewhere...) and she showed me it. I was hooked.

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Foxy Shazam] - When I was on one site or another, around, I'd say, six or seven years ago, give or take, some random sir or ma'am commented on some art of mine and suggested that I check out Elfwood, which then led me to discover Elftown, and I have been here ever since.

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Serwa] - Joined ElfTown in 2002, I used to have an(..well, still have an inactive..) ElfWood acount, and I remember several people asking me if I would have a profile at ElfTown too.. not havin this, someone was nice enough to link me here. Don't remember who though! But thanks ;)

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Skw3rlch4n] - My friend told me about it in 2005, when we were in middle school. I looked it up and found it to be an interesting community. So I joined! :D

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Skydancer] - As I recall, it was actually Michael Lolya that got me to come here. Kept telling me was just my sort of community. And from here I also looked at Elfwood, and well, been here ever since.

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Surimia] - I actually was googling a picture for a fairy-themed card for a friend's birthday...I discovered a pretty one, and by that discovered Elfwood. Since I didn't have any art or writing back then, I browsed it a bit and looked at the pretty pictures. Found the link to ET, and squealed with delight when I found you didn't need to have an email to join. (This was back in eigth grade, when dinosaurs roamed the earth and Suri had no email.) Been checking in almost every day now! ;3

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg>[Tableau Vivant] - A long, long time ago, when my first interests in fantasy came to life, I started using google to find drawings. And I found a real pretty one, so I clicked it, and got sent through to Elfwood. And via there I saw a button called 'Elftown'. So I just clicked, saw, joined, loved. =3

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Teufelsweib] - I got it from [Iuna] who got it from her sister [unavailable]. she was talking on the way to school about it often and said I should check it out, and one day at her place I indeed made an account. in the begin I never did anything with it, but after a while, when I got to understand how this place works, became more active :3

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Thunder Cid] I was on Neopets
and a friend mentioned it. So I thought what the hell, why not. It was 4 years ago and I haven't looked back sense :)

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [hannes] I came here from a Tolkien-inspired online community, Entmoot, where I befriended [Keii], who took me by the hand and led me here. I'm still grateful she did!

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Vampire Akis] I was in the school library when I say [kozni], who happened to be an acquaintance and classmate of mine, logging in on a site called 'elftown'. I memorized the name of it, and checked it out later, when I got home.

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Veltzeh] - As my member number suggests, I was a beta tester. Thomas gave the link to Elftown to a few Elfwood mods and so I joined.

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Venus 53] - Well my story's nothing interesting. Waay back in year 9 people were sitting in the library at school school during class (not working, obviously) and I don't know where it came from, but somehow Elftown was all the rage (meaning maybe 5 people were using it to chat over the computers, the most recent online MSN was probably blocked) so I signed up =) I think it then may have lain somewhat neglected until I went to boarding school and with the IT people blocking online MSNs almost as fast as we found them, needing some link to the outside world I came back here ^^ Until they blocked this too... But then it got changed to just (which wasn't blocked) and I lived happily ever after =D

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Viking] - It was the autumn of 2002 and there were many rumours, many credible, of a coming zombie apocalypse. And of course Halloween was right 'round the corner, providing an excellent cover for the zombies to rise. Because who would mess with someone that looks like a zombie in the days preceding Halloween?

That's right. No one would.

So not only was there a very real possibility of a zombie apocalypse, there was a real possibility that no one would notice until it was too late. And then the only recourse would be to find a shopping mall to hole out in for a while, and hope the zombies don't decide to go buy some new pants at The Gap like they did when they were alive.

In those days, The Zombie Survival Guide had not yet been published. The masses would have no way of comprehending what was going on or how to deal with it. I was one of the few who understood the danger to myself, and all of humanity. I decided to take it upon myself to begin the research that would help us avert the horrible terror of the legions of Undead.

And there was only one way to find such information in those dark days. It was, of course, the Internet. The Internet, in those days, was still acknowledged to be the invention of one Albert Gore. It was also not yet a series of tubes filled with various captioned felines. It was, however, a repository of vast knowledge. And only about 90% of that knowledge was thought to be crap. Quite impressive, I think.

So during my research, whilst studying the physiognomy of the various types of zombies and how to counter their particular abilities, I ran across some artists renderings of various zombies. Though some of these renderings were purely fanciful and prone to massive exaggeration, I thought the site itself was worthy of further exploration. And of course, that website was Elfwood.

One day I went to Elfwood and found that it was undergoing some sort of maintenance. I assumed it was to aid in the cataloging of the various zombie types, their habitats, their abilities, and their wonts. Anyway, the "down for maintenance" page included a link to an obscure website by the name of Elftown. To my great disappointment, the Elftown site did not seem to hold mass quantities of information about the undead.

However, five days later, on 27 October 2002 to be precise, I made my first post in Junk. The rest is legend - wait for it! - dary!

Oh, and that zombie apocalypse didn't happen after all. Thankfully, it was a false alarm. I didn't have nearly enough firearms to survive it at the time.

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg>[wicked fae mage] My story is simple...I was complaining about not being able to find any of my stories, poems or drawings while at school. [Ravendust] told me about elftown and walked me through all of the basic stuff like the sign up and how to upload my work to wiki pages and I fell in love with Elftown and have been here ever since....

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Yuriona] actuallyl my husband [Acerbus] was searching the internet in 2003 looking for cool elf art and happened to come across Elfwood. He told me about it since I had been drawing fantasy type stuff for a while and of course I signed up. I found out about Elftown from Elfwood and here I are. x)

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [*Phoenix*] In 2006, I found this through a link on Elfwood and just decided to join! ^_^

<img:stuff/mhouse_pixelsquarered.JPG.jpg> [Angelis Nightfall] In 2004-04-20 at 18:55:35 is when i joined Elftown, i can't remember how i came upon it & yet at the same time i know that ever since then i have been a major part of this place. I have gotten to know a lot of great people here & most if not all of the ones i know or will get to know are some of the most life changing yet amazing people on this earth! I would never change this part of my life for anything & i plan on being here til i breath my very last breath sharing all the amazing things this site has to offer, even helping the best i can to keep it great as well as making it work for the better of every person's interest!

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2008-12-20 [Kyrinn]: No problem at all. ^^

2008-12-20 [Eznug]: posting things late at night isnt the best thing to do sometimes :P

2008-12-20 [rinkydink]: Not a good excuse. Try again. I do better at night than during the day. Wait, that sounds slightly...normal for here.

2008-12-26 [Lothuriel]: Yay!! We are featured on Main Street (although everyone else has probably already noticed this by now, hehe)


Does a dance!!

2009-05-09 [Mortified Penguin]: I remember when I helped make this wiki... good times... *eats ramen*...

2009-05-09 [Lothuriel]: "Helped"???!! Dude, it was all you!! 

2009-05-10 [Mortified Penguin]: Well, yeah... but I don't think I deserve all the credit... just most of it.

2009-05-10 [Lothuriel]: ^___^

2009-10-03 [Hedda]: ET is in an internet networking book?!? Which one?

2009-10-10 [Mortified Penguin]: You should sue.

2009-10-11 [Hedda]: Like (was it Toyota?) who was threatening to sue some people who had put up an extremely popular video that was about their new model. Then when the video was taken away, the marketing department called them and asked how much they had to pay to get it up again...

2009-10-11 [Mortified Penguin]: And since that site isn't bringing much traffic to Elftown, sue them.

2009-10-11 [Lakayana]: it's a kind of internet encyclopedia though I can't really remember the name of the book,which contains list of a number of interesting sites. Though it talked about Elfwood and on getting to elfwood, I discovered Elftown and found it more intresting.

2011-01-05 [Foxy Shazam]: Not only did I add myself to the list, but I also put everything back in alphabetical order for you. :)

2011-01-09 [Hedda]: Nice! <img:stuff/dand-gif.gif>

2011-01-10 [Foxy Shazam]: I know, right? :p

2011-01-18 [Lothuriel]: Awesome! Thank you!

2011-01-21 [Foxy Shazam]: No problem ;o

2011-02-23 [Lothuriel]: I need to fix the banner for this wiki. It looks gross with all that white around the border. I will put that at number 5,000 on my To do list, haha.

2014-08-28 [Nuktae-tal]: so um do I put it in myself?

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