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Making a Poll in Your House

1. Go to your house. Click on the "Member Polls" button: <img:>
This takes you to your poll page.
At the top of the page you have two fields, "New poll question" and "Newline separated list of answers".

2. Write your poll question in the box labeled "New poll question", for example:

What is your favourite shade of purple?

3. Write the answer choices in the "Newline separated list of answers" box. Put every answer on a new line, for example:

Dark green
Light green
Moss green
I don't know

4. Click on the "submit poll" button: <img:knapp/submitpoll.gif>
Now the poll has been created, but not yet activated.

5. Click on the "Activate this poll" button: <img:knapp/activatepoll.gif>

6. Enjoy! The poll is now active. Other Elftowners can find it by clicking on the Member Polls button in your house.

If you wish to advertise your poll, you can do it in the advertisement forum or write a note about it in your mood or description.

If you want people to find your poll easily you can link to it by writing <poll:(poll number)>, for example <poll:1664>. You can find the poll number on the poll page, right before the poll's title.


Making a Poll on a Wiki-Page

1. Press the "Edit this page" button: <img:knapp/editthispage.gif>
The wiki-page edit box will come up.

2. Now type one of the following (the tags in bold):
<wikipoll> - The wiki-poll is just like a poll in your house. However, you can set the wiki-poll so it can be edited by many people based on a private forum number.

<voting> - This poll is the same as a normal poll, except the members who vote have their names placed next to their selection.

<multivoting> - This poll is the same as a voting poll, but instead of restricting the member to only choosing one option, they are allowed to select many. Note that the percentages displayed will be out of the total votes possible per option, not the based upon the total number of overall votes.

<rate> - A simpler form of poll with only a number.

<srate> - A smaller version of the one above.

<arate> - A simpler form of anonymous poll with only a number.

<sarate> - A smaller version of the one above.

3. Click the "Submit changes to this page" button : <img:>
You will see a form similar to that of a house poll when the page reloads.

4. Follow steps 2 - 5 in the above section, about how to make a poll in your house. You can also set the accessibility options for the poll using the drop-down box and private forum number input box on the form.

5. Enjoy! Members will now be able to see the poll once they are given the link to your wiki-page!


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2007-07-07 [Mortified Penguin]: Is it possible to make a poll that can be voted in by non-members...?

2008-12-18 [W.L.]: Hi! I just added a wikipoll to my new wiki, but I'm not getting an "Activate This Poll" button, no matter how many times I hit "Submit Poll" What might I be doing wrong?
Thanks for help!

2010-02-19 [Teufelsweib]: am I the only one who is getting broken links for the lower two images?

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