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[ How Do You Read Yours ]


Yup, it's that question. How do you read yours? Everyone loves to read, and everyone loves to read in their own special way... [ What is your favourite way to read? ]

Cora Linn


"I love to read my books when I'm curled up in a quilt next to the fire, with a steaming cup of milky hot chocolate. Pillows surrounding me so that the walls and fire place don't dig in to me. Yeah, I do make a mess of the living room, but it sure is comfy!!"
"Reading in the bath is great too, especially with candles, depending on the genre of the book. Candles generally support the book, making it seem more real and atmospheric. I usually end up with the bottom of the book wet though!"


[hiya hails :)]

"I read with chocolate that I dip in hot chocolate, wrapped up in a quilt in bed with my spotlight shining on my libertines poster <3 Har Har ;)"



"Oooh.. On my comfatie bed surrounded my pillows, drinking hot chocolate - whilst getting some on the book - with my lamp shining a little bit of cozy light."
"Sometimes I like to read in the bath, filled with bubbles!"


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2006-08-09 [Corazie]: Maybe... Sometimes I prefer fruit and veg to sweets and stuff...

2006-08-09 [-Orion-]: Yeah me too, but they're mostly random urges depending on my mood and not lasting for as long as weeks. o___O

2006-08-09 [Corazie]: o.O

I found the book the librarian lent me... It's about 50 years old and I lost it o.O

2006-08-09 [-Orion-]: Yikes. :S

Hmmh... What will I read next..?

2006-08-09 [Corazie]: umm... Go on Book Fanatics... Read the tops ones?

I presonally reccommend Lucas by Kevin Brooks, The Black Magicians Trilogy by Trudi Canavan and anything by Elizabeth Chadwick... Actually, anything by Kevin Brooks...

2006-08-09 [-Orion-]: Uhm.. ok.. I'll check whether I can find them from the library.. The English books section isn't that wide. ^^;

2006-08-09 [Corazie]: BMT is australian, shouldn't have too much trouble :P YOu will with the Kevin Brooks though, and possibly with Chadwick...

2006-08-09 [-Orion-]: Uh, I wouldn't count on it. The library over here's not that big... I'm a Finn, ya know. ^^;

2006-08-09 [Corazie]: I know, I looked at yer page :P

I just buy books: libraries are really crap here...

2006-08-10 [Lady Neit]: yeah....

2006-08-10 [-Orion-]: Buying book is good. The only bad thing is that you need money for that....

... And I have none. ;____;

2006-08-10 [Lady Neit]: me too... gonna get some though XD

2006-08-10 [-Orion-]: Me too. My mom just heard from my little sister that I'll go to Turku tomorrow. XD It's a bigger city about 200-300 kilometres away. XD I'm bad at informing my parents at where to go.

2006-08-10 [Lady Neit]: ...O.o

2006-08-11 [Corazie]: Lmfao XD

2006-11-20 [Corazie]: La. La. La.

2006-11-21 [Lady Neit]: lalamoo (copyright tsome xD)

2006-11-21 [Corazie]: o.O

2006-11-21 [Lady Neit]: hehe

2006-11-27 [Gwenn*]: I read in underground... ^^

2006-11-27 [Lady Neit]: wow

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