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Hello again Elftowners! It sure has been a while.


Hello again Elftowners! It sure has been a while.

[The Angel from Hell] encouraged me to stop by and see what’s happening on Elftown. Life’s crazy busy (also crazy good!) these days, so I’ll most likely just disappear again, but it’s nice to see the site’s still going and reflect on my Elftown days.

Looking back, Elftown was an oasis of friendship, creativity, possibility and gleeful mayhem during a dark, powerless and socially-isolated time in my life. Talking to, making art with, and collaborating on awesome wiki roleplays with my dear fellow Elftowners was a great source of joy that kept me going when I was close to giving up. To be free to open a bank, create a beach, wander around Elftown meeting people and take part in the glorious post-apocalyptic roleplay 'Decay' was a stark contrast to "real life" (largely controlled by my parents), and Elftown’s wiki pages were a great source of joy and entertainment for me. Oh, how my heart used to race when I saw which pages had been updated! But it wasn't just about the creative/fictional stuff - through conversations with my Elftown mates on here or instant messenger, I got to know some fascinating, quirky, intelligent and tremendously cool human beings from a smorgasbord of different countries. Seeing the diversity of culture - and especially subculture - represented on Elftown was inspiring.

If any of my Elftown friends want to add me on Facebook, my profile is here:
(Warning: I am a dreadfully inattentive penpal).

Where am I now? Well, I finished my Bachelor of Arts & Bachelor of Science from Monash University in 2009, and in 2013 [Nebsy] helped me get my current job - research assistant/personal assistant to a Professor in Forensic Psychology who researches investigative interviewing techniques to use with children and other vulnerable witnesses. You can find out more about us here:

In 2010 I started going to poetry readings around Melbourne, performing my poetry and revelling in the experience of being amidst so many like-minded, eccentric, creative types. [Nebsy] and I have done many feature readings at poetry gigs (separately and together), performed our poetry on TV & radio, and have been published in various zines, literary journals and anthologies. I'm currently working on getting a poetry book together, and one of my goals is to someday start an open mic poetry reading in my local area.

You can read 3 of my poems here:
You can listen to 3 of my poems here:
I play a sexy secret agent on My Melbourne Down's track Joan Broad:
And you can see [Nebsy] & I performing at a poetry gig in 2011 here:

Nowadays I live by myself in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, around the corner from [Nebsy] and her husband Dave, and close to work & transport. I love the freedom of being a "grown up" (does the novelty wear off eventually? Will vodka & hot dogs for dinner ever NOT feel like a massive victory?) and am generally a happy, content person, enjoying whatever adventures (and misadventures) come my way. ;)

Finally, a big hello and hugs to all my Elftown mates from back in the day... that's you [lacklustre], [pelv13], [törnen], [The Angel from Hell], [BadCat], [Xage], [Iske], [Rosario Dreams], [IndigoRose] [DEMONCOW], and the many others whose usernames have changed or I’ve forgotten. You guys are awesome! :)
/ [Lady Chaos]

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