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2009-07-08 16:30:28
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Bah! I was going to write a diary entry to accompany all of these pictures, but now that I'm thinking about it, isn't that creating more work for myself? So here's the hooplah for the whole day!

I left really early on Sunday morning, was up at 6am and on the road to San Deigo at 7am. It took me just under two hours to get there, there was really hardly ANY traffic at all! Which was sweet, I was able to cruise at 80mph with no issues, only slowing a couple times to the required speed limit of 65mph when I saw a cop, lol. The sun had started to show in LA, but I quickly learned that it was overcast everywhere else! No worries though, it was just a tad bit colder so I couldn't drive with the windows down as I am used to doing. So I got there right before 9am, which was nice. It was so nice to see my mom!!! Her hair looks great! And it was nice to see her fiance as well, Jess. So we immediately set out for the "tour day" and went straight to Little Italy! Hurray!

The streets were gorgeous! Purple trees EVERYWHERE! Joy!

Even the houses there were super cool! Everything was super authentic!

We went to this Italian Cafe that had homemade Gellato, YUM! I had Chocolate Mint, and it had real mint leaves in it! So cool! The cafe had an Italian/Venecian theme to it, very cool!
They even had an Atrium area for seating, very secluded feeling that was devine! This was the hallway to the Atrium, I just thought it was a great shot!
This was taken right next to where I was sitting in the Atrium. ^_^
Bath time for birdie!!!

Then we walked down to the docks, officially known as The Port of San Diego. They had a whole bunch of cool things to look at as we walked down the side of the dock. First up is Pele, Goddess of Fire.
Then there was a GIGANTIC kaladiscope!!! SO COOL!!
Mom's turn!
My turn!

Further down the dock, actually pretty close to the kaladiscope, was a submarine! Possibly Russian....

Then like right on the other side of the Submarine was.....A PIRATE SHIP! And not one, but TWO!!!! You can tell the difference between the two as one has sails opened up, the other does not.

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2009-06-22 [sweet.tx.tea]: PIRATE SHIIIIIP! XD

2009-06-22 [Cillamoon]: LOL

2009-06-30 [playslashwrite]: only in San Diego will you find pirate ships and submarines in the same harbor:p

2009-06-30 [Cillamoon]: LOL!!!!

2009-06-30 [playslashwrite]: too bad i won't get to see it for quite a while :(

2009-06-30 [Cillamoon]: And I haven't even finished uploading all the pictures yet either! Egads I need to do that so badly!!!

2009-06-30 [playslashwrite]: *whips you* upload, ye scurvy dog! :p

2009-06-30 [Cillamoon]: LOL Walk ze plank!!!!

2009-06-30 [playslashwrite]: you walk the plank!:p

2010-06-16 [smakeupfx]: The yellow or gold painted ship is the Surprise, formally known as the Rose :)

2010-06-16 [Cillamoon]: Sweet!!! ^_^ I'm thrilled you are familiar and able to fill me in on that. Thanks Tim! :)

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