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Heavens Hell

Welcome to the war of the ages.Where there is no longer a neutral and the forces of good and evil have teamed together to stop the greatest plauge of the centuries.

The Powers of 3

In the day in age of the Modern world , ages of old and new collide.The forces that hold the earth in place are in ruin.Neutral, once the gaurdian of the powers now lays in infection.The purest of evils is the cause and effect. The powers of Good And Evil are intertwined to each other . Without one the other can not exist . They have joined forces to correct the impurity of the red.Here are the accounts of the greatest Battle of the Ages.

Now it Is time for you to decide the force you will choose to fight for.


The Power of 1
White Alliance

The Power of 2
Black Alliance

The Power of 3
Red Alliance

Ancient Power


Rouge Ships

Chapter 1

The Age

Chapter 2

Scorging of souls

Chapter 3 Begins

Capter 3: Soulforges

Battle grounds of Kar estan

Maps of Gracen

Other worlds of reach

Heavens Hell chat This is the chat page, please bring all nonsensical conversation here. Thanks.

Character Scorging:This is your character's entrance into the world.

Charcter Races:What you can and can't be.

Armory and Inventory: What you character can start with.

pre-made characters

Visit this site please.Azlyn's Fans
this sight needs visiting please .Black Is As Innocent As white

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2007-03-30 [ChibiTibs]: lol you are so full of yourself Gun.^-^ I missed you too*huggles*Hello Morg, how're you?

2007-03-30 [Earoluim]: lol, thanks I feel loved * pouts and sulks in a corner*

2007-04-05 [Morganath]: I got happily hydrated last weekend and goin tae do it again this weekend so me be good!

2007-04-08 [ChibiTibs]: Thats good.*pokes Gun*awww quit your sulking you know I was only joking.^-^

2007-05-24 [Strevin Lothingurt the Resolute]: So who here is a servant of the Eight fold Star of Chaos Undivided, and goes to Bare the Word of Chaos?

2007-05-24 [ChibiTibs]: Huh?

2007-05-29 [Earoluim]: There be no servants here but free individuals that follow me and others of their own accord. What business do you have here friend, speak at the hold of respect. * Bows head to the newcommer*

2008-11-23 [Strevin Lothingurt the Resolute]: Just here to quell the vile servants of chaos, and burn the heretics that follow them. *Bows slightly, letting his plate armor show freely through his tattered cloak.*

2008-11-24 [Earoluim]: There be no servants of that order here, that if there are, we have all payed for our sins and thus become a new reborn in world of such honor. * Smiles and bows my head once more * what honor and respect of title and name does one might possess?

2009-03-18 [ChibiTibs]: wow it's been ages since this place has been active...seems to have died no?

2009-03-18 [Earoluim]: no not really just waiting for something

2009-03-18 [ChibiTibs]: oh? and that is?

2009-03-18 [Earoluim]: I dont know yet

2009-03-18 [ChibiTibs]: oh I see...

2009-07-23 [eyes of frost]: -pokes ear's brain- Well, get to knowing!

2009-07-25 [Earoluim]: I am not the only Roleplayer here you know .

2009-11-27 [eyes of frost]: I know. Lulz.

2010-02-25 [Strevin Lothingurt the Resolute]: Isn't Heaven's know...Hell?

2010-04-08 [Earoluim]: no

2010-08-29 [Morganath]: hmmm...How has every one been in my long absence?

2010-08-29 [Earoluim]: lol, this stopped long ago.

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