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Hawthorne's Elftown Art

here is a pointless vain collection
of my drawings painting and art...

a self promotional postcard
Im an fuzzy artsy-fartsy or a traditional paint-pusher
who likes to finger paint with my toes.

Both my Mother and Gran were artists.
Im a classically educated Illustrator,(Sheridan College, Ontario, Canada).
I also like working in many mediums and often mix things up
(sometimes with total disregard to manufactor's warnings).

Just learning computer stuff. I have a digicam.
I still need to get more of my work digicamed!!!
Plus Im painting and drawing new stuff!!!
So soon I be able to add more to my gallery.

doesnt mean you can steal anything that doesnt have it on
be safe - ask first!
This is my art logo...*MOONCAT ARTWORKS*
it is my signature so if you see it on any art it means it is my copyrighted art!
I am willing to sell you any of my art!!!
whether you want something made exspeacially for you...
or you see something on my home page or in my gallery you like...
prints made... or originals... but please dont just take something!!!

Ask or Ill send assassins out after you!!!

I am also looking for mature minded people
willing to be my photo reference model!!!
I pay in artwork for that!!! Or other kinds of barter...
Im also a nude life model, that means I pose for art!!!
willing model for artists here.


Yes I paint what I like.
If you dont like it... DONT LOOK!
Its in every art gallery the whole world over!
Get Over IT and Get a Life!
Nudity has nothing to do with maturity!
Only YOUR ATTITUDE to nudity has to do with your maturity!

more of what I been doing...


'Aodh's Masquerade'

my faery got himself some wings
entered in Halloween Art 09, Page 1


Aodh's Smirk

<img0*150:stuff/Aodh%20smirk%20RPR%20wip1.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/Aodh%20smirk%20RPR%20wip2.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/aj/49339/Aodh%20smirk%20RPR%20wip3.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/Aodh%20smirk%20RPR%20wip4.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/Aodh%20smirk%20RPR%20wip5.jpg>
reference used with permission by ~denizdolmen on DA thx u!
showin all the work in progress
1st the layer of the rough sketch lines on the top
they wont be there in the finished painting
first I sketched a basic face shape with features
than I started building up the colours
Im gonna continue detailing like I have completed the one eye
adding jewelry and stuff aswell
but some parts will remain soft and loose to appear painterly
I love playing with the different texture brushes



mh's cosplay challenge
got a new idea/inspiration by my muse
draw your OC cosplayin you
whatever you are currently wearing

'Aodh Hot and Sexy'
Aodh of SabbathNight for anyone not familiar with my naughty faery


Commander Raphael Black

"Why is the cat holding the axe Angel?"
(refer used: Kevin McKidd 'Lucius Vorenus' TV series 'Rome')
Featured Art
featured 5th September 2011
Nominator(s): [Nite_Owl]
In the words of the nominator: "A great composition in a very unique style. It's almost haunting with the jagged edges of the hatchwork and shadow in his features along with the smoothness of his eyes. He looks simultaneously afraid and surprised, looking just aside from the viewer as if there's something terrible sitting right behind you."
We hope you enjoy this week's feature!
-- Image Bosses [Kaimee], [Chimes], [Nioniel] and [Flisky]

thank you for a wonderful night [Madhalf Heatlump<img550*0:>
This is my friend Rob Cofell
its painted using his own photo as reference
art © moira hawthorne 2009
please respect this is a gift for a friend
if you would like to purchase a similar painting for yourself
I will be more than happy to oblige

"Infinite Son"

Dr Manhattan fan art... photo manip... original image © [Forbidden Rampage]

Older Art

Hey look its me doing a painting... bad posture! >.< * and the painting I was working on, 'Dino Dig'
<img0*300:stuff/me%20at%20art2.JPG> * <img0*300:stuff/dinodig%20crop.JPG>

This is 'the Moon Goddess Luna in her aspect of the Full Moon.' acrylic
entered in Goddess Art Contest


This is 'the Moon Goddess Luna in her aspect of the Waning Moon.' acrylic
entered in Goddess Art Contest


This is also 'the Waning Moon Goddess Luna in her aspect of the Waning Moon.'
its the drawing for the 1 above... Oil pencils
entered in Goddess Art Contest
and [Zauberin]'s Light and Shadow


'Blood Tears of Ullr'
MY GOD ULLR! ... HE IS SO SAD! ...he is crying tears of blood...

often artists are able to create their strongest most powerful
peices of art during some of the most horrid times in their lives...

<img200*0:> <img270*0:stuff/head%20only.jpg>

Im soooooooooo excited! I final painted HIM!!!
only took me 20 YRS! to get this painting out of my head!
see Aaawesome Ullr also entered him in God Art Contest
Yule Art for ULLR
comical or sexy or anything seasonal...
just no meantion of the dreaded Xmas!


Ullr the norse winter God, origin of Santa!
I wantta sit in his lap! =p
The full painting of this is in his temple! very yaoi! =p


'Come Sit!' MERRY YULE!
Ullr is Inviting You to Enjoy Some Yule Cheer!!!

My Luftalver Bad Boy! Beorhthram... known commonly as Ravan
he's a badbadboy... dont trust him... no matter how tempting the offer.

'Ravan's Pain!'
My Luftalver Bad Boy! Beorhthram is a fairly troubled lad...
his Dad, King Arnwald of B'Aruinn had him chained up
and thrown over the castle walls to stop an invading army.
They werent nice to him...
The painting is as he is breaking free... just a wee bit insanely anger and about to begin a 300 year rampage of vengence!
Im writing his story...
a twisted naughty drama.
entered in...

[Biokinetic]'s Ethereal Pain! entered! NEEDS PARTICIPATES!!!
This Is An Angst Art Contest That Contains:
Blood, Mutilation, Angst & Disturbing Images.

[Bye bye elftown]'s Villain art contest! entered!

having fun with Bromish Tales of White Rat
its a pun on the cover illustration of
Elric: Tales of the White Wolf
by Edward E. Kramer (Editor)
Gerald Brom (Illustrator)

my double tribute to Michael Moorcock (author)
& Michael Whelan (illustrator) of Elric of Melnibone.
entered in Chaos Sun's Art Contest Polar Opposites!


This is 'My Deamon Lover' a incubus/demon who has fallen in love with a mortal woman
and he is whispering in her ear... acrylic
This was from a dream and I wrote the poem from a 2nd dream!!!
and the 1st time Ive used my photoshop!!!
I entered this in the contests hunkorama and Self Protraiture Comp
go to SPC Section 3 and SPADNAA's nude art contests

<img0*300:> <img0*300:> <img0*300:stuff/%27Just%20Lover%27.jpg>

'Cherry Lion'
painted for [CherryBlonde] a present for her b/f [Dirty DaVinci] acrylic paint, 2004

Here is a little Ankle-Biter. So watch where you walk in the woods. She is done with chalk pastels and lots of fixative. and is the main painting in my people's magazine spoof.

Xavier! my skull painted in acrylic
made from my skull made of clay by me... also used in the people's magazine spoof.
But he broke! *pout* during a move...
<img0*300:> <img0*300:>
Two different moods of the same painting...
the 2nd I played around in photoshop to make...

the people magazine spoof... only have it in blk&wh
b/c the jaz disk it was stored on died a horrid death & I lost all the files

my sleeping faery wip 1st & 2nd & 3rd and the final
<img200*0:stuff/wip%201res.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/wip%202es.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/wip%203res.jpg>
'In the Faery Garden' new art for the art contest
Where do the fairies sleep?! where else? ...isnt he pretty faery? =D
I used conte and fixative to draw him... arent the colours pretty? *stoned on fixative*

made these two different versions of my little house incubi Daryl he like pr0n...

<img0*250:stuff/daryl%204%20ET%20rs.jpg> <img0*250:stuff/final%20daryl.jpg>

plushie Terrex is a gift for [Lordterrex]

this is the first drawing of my brand new Naga character... He is still in his egg...
His Daddy is Caelestis, who is Von's chary... who gave me the egg.
Im looking forward to his hatching... o.o' just waiting and drawing him...
isnt he a pretty egg? bet he is gonna be a pretty naga too! see naga RP art
I used conte and fixative to draw him... arent the colours pretty? *stoned on fixative*

<img0*500:> <img0*500:>
Found this odd fae wandering in the woods last evening!
he said he was hungry and wantta a small bite to eat! o.O
STRESSED... Blood Haze... Made some changes...

Deamon Dance... some faes acting up
art and character © [moira hawthorne]


'Double Vision'
Dubhezi my evil insane drider... driders are drow... after they been cursed by Lloth the Spider Queen, seen as a drow or drider would see him in the lightless world of underdark and how we would see him.
Im intrigued by the whole idea that drow view their world not as light refaction but as heat... they see in the ultra violet - so tho drow have dark skin and white hair... thats how we would see them in a light source... they would see the reverse! the face hands body would be lit up in reds to whites... and clothing hair and such would be dark... please right click twice to see larger...

'Dumoas and Chath'
cute cubbey drider babies twins! sitting in their web!!! Very rare considering normally driders arent born... they are created from adult DROW elfs... as a curse - a punishment of the Drow Goddess Lloth. These are Dubhezi's and his mate V/Queen Bitch's sons. She is a red head deamon with wings.. therefore the twins peculiarities. (wings and Chath's red hair)
(nudity BUT this isnt shota... b/c they are just baby twins hugging each other)

'Hawthorne Drow'

'Rebirth' - ME As Aodh

'Coerce' Dont make me force you!

Fun in the Sun.
I made this for a friend, as a moving gift! He moved to sunny Cali!
its one of his characters conte drawn for him... He loved it.

'My Computer Bradach'
he's a nasty little fae who I dont understand at all... he pees on things and crashes for no reason and basically misbehaves... and when he gets pissy he talks in a language I dont understand! o.O
entered in ECM Fairy/Fae Art - Atypical

[Heartless_Angel] RIP April 11, 2006 is dead.
shared many truths and secrets and hurts...
in memory of my friend...
to [Heartless_Angel] my friend. *huggles*
"Heartless 2" and "Berry"
<img0*400:> <img0*400:stuff/berry%20sm.jpg>

This is Berry.. Fou's Muse. Berry is small but full of fun. He was caught here stealing a blueberry hence his name. He is blueberry coloured and has fluffy wings, he is part angel and part dragon but note his tail has a fluffy end... this is my first sketch.. entered in Draw-Your-Muse Contest

Ive been told that my friend Fou ... [Heartless_Angel] was in actuality a young woman by the name of Allexandra. Another friend of [Heartless_Angel] ... [crowfeather] told me she spent an hour on the phone with her grandmother finding out about this wonderfully positive and creative being. Allexandra is dead, her memorial was saturday from what I understand. She was able to go on the trip to Japan but when she came back, her health rapidly declined due to the fact that the tumours that was removed had come back and there were also a few more that also appeared. In the end she had a tumour on her brain, one on her brain stem which affected her breathing and heart beat, both of her lungs were filled with fluid and one of them was collapsed.


just started drawing a red hole on a black page and let the colours take me where they wanted to go...
there really isnt a story behind him... other than burnout artslump frustration and anger
done interiorly in photoshop

Kael sleeping in Faery. He is all beat up and soot covered and generally abused... its was hard RP.
Made for a friend, [Fizban]'s RP chary.

'Foxenix', a little mystical phoenix-fox fae is muse for [Fizban]
entered in Fairy Castle and Draw-Your-Muse Contest

Rebirth of Light - Yule Photo

'Strange Sights!'

Under a blood red sky Godzilla challenges a flying saucer with strange lights to an epic battle! hahahaha... h*!! yeah it a photomanip! hehehehehehehehe... made for the ET Photograph Competition Theme: Paranormal Photos.

writen for my friend sheilkuroi on Y! gallery
Yves is my assassin OC... he is in love with sheilkuroi's OC Sek a Royal Bodyguard...
<img400*0:stuff/love%20note.png> <img200*0:stuff/love-note-med.jpg> <img100*0:stuff/L-N%20THN.jpg>
- moira hawthorne
      may 2007
thank you [Nite_Owl] for your help

UGH art -
we are all making our 'male me' prisoner personas for a fan wiki The Under Grand Hotel

<img0*400:stuff/male%20me%20.jpg> *** <img0*400:stuff/male%20me%20Nite_Owl.jpg>
#2 [moira hawthorne] hawthorne, both seme-uke, life sentence for parricide. (I'll have a better image asap)
#3 [Nite_Owl] Xavier: mainly seme, perhaps secretly uke ;) fratricide, 1st degree murder, and drug possession/dealing - 200 to life sentence
I made this for a friend, [Nite_Owl] (Yay!! Thankies moira! *huggles*)

Pillow Bishie... something to cuddle at night!


(1st)<img0*400:stuff/what%20have%20I%20done.jpg> (2nd)<img0*400:stuff/what%20have%20I%20done%20blk.jpg>
Title: 'what have I done ?'
Medium: (1st): Pencil - (2nd): Blk Paper White & Blk Conte
when love and duty collide... what is it like to be the one to destroy your only love... only life...
even if it be for the greater good... what form of self sacrifice must it be?
old image for the cellar of my mind highjacked my pencil and came out...
I might still draw my original idea I had for this contest.. if I can get my pencil to behave...
...entered in scc ii: sorrow

for those of you that want to know how to make a transparent gif thumbnail...
write... ! u Q t ! in the address after <img200:
<img200: ! u Q t ! stuff/...ect
remove the spaces ... I put them in here so it would show here as code

[Sailor Uranus XD] demented as requested

made for my friend [Panda-monium]

'Faded Dreams'

Science Fiction Photomanip Art
'Dreams of John Carter' - 'Space In My Empty Coffee Mug'
<img0*300:stuff/rpspaceDJC.jpg> - <img0*300:stuff/simecm%20bbr.jpg>

<img0*400:stuff/Random%20Gift%20Fae.jpg> * <img0*400:stuff/Shelby%20in%20lavender.png>
<img0*100:stuff/Shelby-in-lavender-med.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/Shelby-in-lavender-THN.jpg>
'Shelby' and 'Shelby in Lavender' both gifts to Sianne on Y! gallery

text & inspiration lullaby by the cure
now with extra candy stripiness... either a wolf sider or a brown house spider- photomanip -
entered in [Titanium Tiger]'s bug art contest contest

<img200*0:stuff/close%20up%20resized.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/full%20pose%20resized.jpg>
me as kitsune youkai...
felt and pipecleaner mask and cotton rayon silk kimono made by me
I lost my tabis so Im bare foot in the snow! o.O


<img200*0:stuff/unicorn_mask.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/unicorn_mask_dress.jpg>
me as a unicorn... beware the horn!
Adults Costume for Medieval Mask Ball. Mask is a 3D sculpture. 12'x15'x52' and made of acrylic paint, cloth flowers, felt, fur, papermache, pearls, pipecleaners, plastic clay, ribbons and yarn. The dress is My size and made of nylon and metalic cloth. I have 2 other dresses I can wear with this Mask too.

Eirikr's Fantasy Room

<img115*0:stuff/e%20room1.JPG> <img115*0:stuff/e%20room2.JPG> <img115*0:stuff/e%20room4.JPG> <img65*0:stuff/e20.JPG> <img115*0:stuff/e%20room9.JPG>
photos move a round the room

<img150*0:stuff/e%20room13.JPG> <img150*0:stuff/e%20room14.JPG> <img150*0:stuff/e%20room15.JPG>
acrossed the ceiling

<img125*0:stuff/P8080010.JPG> <img200*0:stuff/stars%201.jpg> <img125*0:stuff/P8080008.JPG> <img125*0:stuff/P8080012.JPG>
the ceiling with the 'spaceship' fan and the glow in the dark stars

'Within the Faery Ring'
Im a strange little fae... and live within a 'shroom faery ring in my own faery garden... this is my home beyond the veil... my neighbours Totoro and the MacMouse. (2nd photo to show off the other side of the house)

<img200*0:stuff/my%20home%20within%20the%20faery%20ring.jpg> * <img200*0:stuff/within%20the%20faery%20ring%20-side.jpg>

finished Secret Santa 2007 artgift for [Titanium Tiger]
<img0*200:stuff/TT%20SSG%20f%20MH%20GWB.png> * <img0*200:stuff/TT%20SSG%20f%20MH%20JG.png>

'NightFlight' entered in the ECM Dragon Art
decided on his name... Gwynllwg ap Bedwyr at Merthyr Mawr
Im gonna have to brain storm a chary for him... tho Ive always imagined him as a sort of aristocratic honourable noble kind of dragon.

'Fae On a CatWhisker!'
art © [moira hawthorne]

Fear... fear of failure which stop you from even trying
<img400*0:stuff/fear1.JPG> <img500*0:stuff/fearphobia%20byhawthornecat.png>
Fear... fear of failure which stop you from even trying

this was the final painting I did for my last year in college.
all the graduating illustration students got together and we made a book on phobias, and each student illustrated one

this was mine... fear... fear of trying... fear of failure if you try... just that crippling fear to take that first step... that leap of faith... the gap isnt that far... but the fall is deadly... that you can do it... or could it be that is what holds you back in life is more about your fear of success than it is about your fear of failure?

the original is painted in acrylic and conte and blood sweat tears and endless sleepless nights... I was suffering from anxiety and insomnia... and a bad case of this fear... yup this is self biographical

EDIT 2012: I reshot this and with my updated experience with photoshop I colour corrected it closer to the original and got rid of more of the glare... sorry I couldnt get rid of it all... the original is 20X24"... this is the best image quality I could photograph... the frame I photoshopped on... but its also as close a match to the original frame that is on this piece

© moira hawthorne 1999

'Titania argues with Oberon over the human child'
This is a watercolour and ink book illustration for Shakespear's A Midsummer's Night Dream.
art © [moira hawthorne] and characters belong to William Shakespear but are part of the public domain.

This is 'Children of Lir', acid etched metal print... sexy mermen are slippery when wet! LOL! Lir is the Celtic God of the Sea.
I entered this in the contests: hunkorama and God Art Contest

wood block print...I made for my friend Dragon...who is a rabid non-smoker...

'twin captives' my traditional acrylic paint art... before starting to CG on the computer ... before Y! gallery ... before ET ...this was the art I loved to do.


Visit my elfwood gallery, please. Its still small but has dreams of growing.

Some day I want to make my living as an artist. LOL

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2004-07-31 [WarriorElfMaid]: I like your pictures a lot!

2004-07-31 [moira hawthorne]: thx luv!

2004-09-19 [Picasso]: Ijust love your style great art in your house

2004-09-19 [moira hawthorne]: Wow A compliment from a professioal artist! wwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! everyone go check out [Picasso]'s home...

2005-08-13 [crazy gurl]: I really like your taste in art. You do an excellent job! Keep up the great work!

2005-08-13 [moira hawthorne]: I fully intent to ... thx you

2005-08-19 [Fizban]: for you have set me free...what is that poem really mean?? the fairy was set free i am confused...

2005-08-19 [moira hawthorne]: the little blue guy isnt a faery... he is an incubus.... sex deamon! he was once full hieght 6 foot with a 15' wing span... but b/c he fell 'in love' with the mortal the DEVIL cursed him to be less than 2 feet tall... its about love and self scarafice...

2005-08-19 [Fizban]: wowsers...set me free?? well it seems freedom came with a price...

2005-08-19 [moira hawthorne]: doesnt it always... ??? his soul is free... he is in love.. rather them enslaved to the devil as a sex deamon.. the peom is spirtual in nature... they ofcourse can never have real sex again... but they have each other in dreams...

2005-10-21 [Nymphette]: these are all fantastic.

2005-10-21 [moira hawthorne]: thx U... this is one of my gallerys away from ElfWood..

2005-10-21 [Nymphette]: i love the faery magazine one ^^

2005-10-21 [moira hawthorne]: thank you...

2005-10-21 [Nymphette]: if only there were such a magazine !

2005-10-21 [moira hawthorne]: Id buy a subscribion!

2005-10-23 [Nymphette]: me too!

2005-12-16 [Jitter]: I <3 Elrica XD

2006-07-31 [Slumovsky]: Spectacular works of art! My favs are Luna and 'Cherry Lion'!

2010-05-05 [Hendercrazy]: Some very nice arts and crafty stuff! Colorful too! *now watching* :D

2010-05-06 [moira hawthorne]: I LOVE colour.. thx 4 the watch

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