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HTF is being reconstructed and reopened for Elftown, with new updates, characters and a better story. We hope you will enjoy the wait!




Co Founders
[Cheshire Wolf] and [Cfowler]

Updates 8/8/2012

1.Clair's profile is up!
2. Wallpaper's section is up with loads of wallpapers!


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Art and graphic done by

[Ace-of-Spirits],[Cfowler] and

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2010-12-06 [Ace-of-Spirits]: yeah I'm adding more to it and changed it a little before she turned into dust

2010-12-06 [Keno]: ohok X3


2010-12-06 [Ace-of-Spirits]: lol XD yeah I was doign that when I was typing XD

2010-12-06 [Keno]: X3 lol

2010-12-06 [Keno]: D:

2010-12-06 [Ace-of-Spirits]: > what?

2010-12-06 [Keno]: It was only a dream thing D: sadface

2010-12-06 [Keno]: yeah! go! w00t~

2010-12-06 [Ace-of-Spirits]: Heck yeah it was a dream XD lol

2011-01-04 [KnightAngel]: Me like book one! XP

2012-03-26 [Ace-of-Spirits]: Yes you are taken out but the character was renamed

2012-03-26 [Ace-of-Spirits]: yes I just replied to it. And this image was done by one of my newest art designers for the game crew project. I just took it and added the stuff on the bottom then a friend helped me edit the words

2012-03-27 [Cfowler]: Hello everyone

2012-03-27 [Ace-of-Spirits]: ello!

2012-03-28 [Cfowler]: Once I learn how to upload art work then I will get craken' withit. I will only load about 3 bits due to the fact I have quite a few!

2012-04-06 [Cfowler]: So when is the story gunna be posted?

2012-04-07 [Ace-of-Spirits]: it will take a bit for that to happen sis. I might get the first three chapters worked on though

2012-04-07 [KnightAngel]: I'm looking forward to it no matter how long it'll take XD

2012-04-07 [Ace-of-Spirits]: oh yeah~ ^^ hopefully it wont take me long

2012-04-08 [Ace-of-Spirits]: Tyson's logs are in the Back Stories if you want have a go at editing them ^^

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