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61. Sleepwalker

dip a finger into the sky,
you know,
will fly, rippling
the moon

the clouds, you know,
the ebb,
the flow,
will shatter with the dawn
and overcome your senses
the things you  can't imagine
   the morning star is gone

  please, let's pretend
we're real if
only for a moment
breathe the rain as though...

your tears will fall
on my doorstep, come with me,
cry on my doorstep,
before the night is out,
reach into the abyss, stroke

Written by [Maedilynn]

hallo is for dark
ween is for teen
dark teen is for what im am no longer a sinner but a lier
Written by [celebapril]

63.Halloween costume

The moon is looking down.
At those little creatures.
Running between the houses.
"Trick or treat?"
If they only knew.

The children run a competition.
"I have the most candy."
"No that's me..."
If they only knew.

My eyes are getting heavy.
Just want to sleep.
"Nice costume you have got there.
But aren't you too old??"
If they only knew.

I want to take off my costume.
But I can't.
Locked in it forever.
"I'll help you"
If she only knew.

My costume is red and full of blood.
The children look at me and smile.
"You sure will win the costume competition.
That one is scary."
If they only knew!

Written by [.:Aina:.]

64. Halloween Spirit

Venomous touch upon this hand beats a broken heart in a broken life...
Disengaging a lifeless touch with a disgusted figurine of sorrow
Emptying a horrid disgrace into a pool drenched in the tears of the thousand.
Battered eggshell leftovers crumble upon the touch of a gentle butterfly's kiss
Epitomizing a war of grace and beauty, filled with the blood of countless nations...
War and peace disrupt the score of a hundered beatings filled with anger and hate,
Ashes fall from your lovely sky, your disgruntled heaven reaching for serenity --
Your devil stikes, your heart ruptures into nothing and the learned warrior becomes his darkness...
Death beating a raptured kiss into a diseased mind of calamity and insecurity.
Broken twigs litter a blood strewn path
Haze and clouds fill the darkened sky
Crimson covers your precious skin, your lifeline dwindles

....anger and hate encompass your soul....

Underneath the blackened waves of the rushing seas of unforgiveness
Lies the hindered progress of a monolith of grace and beauty
Eyes open to the world surrounding and the passion of the thousands of minds infiltrates its thoughts
Do you cry for help?
Do you want your life?

...And then the scarlet breath of prayer empties unto your mind at last
Hollow thoughts begin to twist through the darkened corpse within your soul...
Young ones fluttering past you, laughing, breathing in your Halloween "spirit"...

Wriiten by [RaineDagyr] (WOO SUCKINESS MWAHA)

65. "The Man Without a Heart" or "I'm not allowed to love you"

I have worn my mask for so many years
I’ve been a friend to hate, a friend to fears
That stained dark my life like a brand that seers
My fi’ry fate into eyes wet with tears
For I who’ve not wept since Halloween

It was on that night (How long has it been?)
That I slept in peace until midnight when
I dreamt of your face in the moonlight then
The winds of change stormed ‘gainst my shore again
And took my heart for the Demon Queen

My time was up. I heard the last bell toll
She broke my spirit, She gnawed at my soul
Tore out my heart and forged it black as coal
And left me tattered, not broken, not whole
You found me there in the in-between

Your eyes were like sapphire. Your hair was gold
Your hand was to gentle for me to hold
Your face was one cast from an angel’s mould
The warmth of the sun to a man so cold
Your love of a kind I’ve never seen

You know that I cannot return your love
The key to my heart in the Black Queen’s glove
And locked away in Her tower above
I’ll not be allowed to uncage the dove
And hope to be more than a machine

And so I must cast you away from me
Slam shut the door and break apart the key
So long as I’m chained I’ll never be free
To show you truly my deep love for thee
And the curtain falls on our brief scene

For so many years I’ve endured this fate
And now in my heart there is only hate
The Queen is long gone and my anger sate
But when freedom came it was far too late
I lie down and weep on Halloween

Written by [Eylan]

Spirits and monsters.
You have to run.
Come whitches,come gosts
it's your night to night.
Trick or treat, it's
evelthings out there,
so be careful.Scare as many
as you can,cous it's your night
to night.If you meat someone that wants
to eat you just run.I just have one thing to say to you now:
Happy Halloween!

Written by [Ghost the Hybrid]


Children run through out the streets.
Parents watch them trick or treat.
Pagans unite for this one special night.
Preachers teach the evils of the day
People not caring what they say
Teenagers party with thoughts roughly hazed.
Everyone looking frightfully dazed.
No hesitation no delay, the night goes on knowing everythings ok.
Little do they know, its not just another pointless holiday.

Written by [Paradise Lost]

68. Beware, Little Children

Cloaked in black,
I sail the night.
Into your bedroom,
Bearing tidings of fright.

"Lock your doors and windows!"
The watchman cries.
"It's a full moon this eve,
Fear for your lives."

The children are tucked,
Snuggly into their beds.
They shreik as I enter,
Then bloody their heads.

No one's yet caught me,
Though they've searched far and wide.
None of those who've gone looking
Have come back alive.

So beware, little children,
Next hallow's eve.
You've heard the tale,
Now take heart, and believe.

Written by [OvertheMoooon]


We hide ourselves behind a mask
Everyday of our lives.
That mask determines who we are,
At least on the outside.
No matter what you might say,
No matter what you think,
Everyone has their own mask,
So we may hide in peace.

We may cover ourselves with clothes.
We may say it is only play.
But in out hearts we all know
It’s what we do everyday.
We have gotten used to hiding,
Protecting ourselves from the world.
That’s why we have so much fun,
On October 31st.
We all have something in common,
We all know how to hide.
The only difference that we have
Is only on the outside.
Our hearts are all the same,
Our souls we all want to hide.
But lets allow ourselves to give up
This mask that we hide behind.

Written by [Arira]

70. Crow Death

Shadow dark, winged caw across the wind,
Comes the touch of the deep frost on your heart,
The messenger called to the Keeper,
Feathers shivered in the ice of stillness,

In life you served the gods, and in turn they call you to them,
Eyes across the land that see all things,
One who carries the magick of death and dark,
That brings the dreams and the passages between the worlds.

Now it is your turn to walk amongst the withered corn,
To ride the cold winds of winters night,
Bird of deepest dark becomes the White Wisdom of the Snows.

Softly now and silent, the great Snowy Owl watches,
Reborn Eyes upon the land, serving the Great Ones,
The Watchers of even the Gods.

© 2004 Marion Z. [Skydancer]

71.**All Hallows Eve**

Its here , can you feel it
The build up in the air
When the dead walk
Ravens gather
And evil leaves its lare
The children, can you here them
All laughing with such glee
Their innocence shields them
from the evil they can not see
For on this night
all hallows eve
The dead refuse to sleep
They awake and start to creep, and crawl
There tombs no longer bind them
For on all hallows eve
Light is bound by darkness
And darkness wakes the dead
And the darkness has its bidding done
The light can only watch helpless until dawn
So if you hear a knocking
of a caller at your door
make sure before you open it
that’s its children and nothing more
Because your screams
like the once before you
shall go unnoticed to the world
For after all its all hallows eve
So there just screams and nothing more

By [CelticMoon]

72. Ugly Girl

On Halloween Night
grab me, clothe me
in a dress of ruby
and a starlight cloak
Hide my blemishes
with powder and paste
Rouge my lips
to match my
bloody tears
Kohl my eyes with
the black of my
witch's heart
Call down moonlight
to pale my colors
with a mask of gilded beauty
look at me
This night only
I am
to fly but still an
Ugly Girl

By [giadriana]

73. Warning to all kids

In the dark they gather
all kinds of nasty things
spiders, snakes and even a few black cats
to plan what to do
this year

Watch out
your neighbour just might be a witch
who tonight will take on
her true identity
and with her broom fly to your window

Children beware
of pumpkin lanterns
they just might be alive
and never, ever enter the graveyard
on this all hallow's eve

Written by [Linderel]

74. Teen Halloween

There were three of us standing there
Mindless teenagers without a care
Late Halloween, no one in sight
Pumpkin candles glowing bright
Black cats growling in the night
Witches flying on broomsticks
Teenagers getting there old kicks
Parents keeping kids at home
Teenagers go out to roam
Walking up to the spookie house
Ringing the doorbell before running away
Get out have some fun
cause Halloween is not going to stay

Written by [jaerelim]

75. Beat As One

Deep into the night
We steal away

Our hearts beat
Without dismay,

We meet,
Under the full october moon
This hallows eve

We build a fire,
It twists and turns

We lights our candles,
Our hearts yearn

On our two differen't planes,
We do the same

We chant the spell
Three times again

Our wiccan hearts reunite and beat as one

Written by [~Cherry~]

76. Hallow's Eve

It's time for Hallow's Eve
When the ghosts come out to play
And the witches cast their spells
On this terrifying day
It's time for Hallow's Eve
So get out the candy bowl
And make way for trick-or-treaters
Or they'll suck out your soul
It's time for Hallow's Eve
The scariest night of all time
Now the pumpkins come to life
All because of this rhyme.

Written by [SilverSeraph1291]

77. Night of the Young

Squeals of laughter
Shouts of rage
The animals have been released
From their cage

Eggs and loo roll
Flour and booze
The people stuck inside
Are the ones that lose

This isn't your average night
This ain't no holiday
Tonight belongs to us
The ones who want to play

Its halloween
That special night
Where us kids get to dress up
And give you adults a fright

Written by [Weeman]

Pumpkin Madness

Severed heads, line the street
Where the little one's play and meet
Delight in the night, bedtimes passed
Where little devil's run and play
Shrouded in the night, hoping it will last
Before the witching hour is over
And the ghosties go back to the hidden worlds
Of limbo, Thorne
Where Lucian was born
To delight in his play
Kiddies line the streets
Gouls and vampires
Kiss the night
Fallen angels walk amongst those who dare to tread
Walk side by side
Mortal and immortal
To feel the earth,
A human's touch
Lucian watches...and he waits
This is not the time
He sits on his serpent throne
By the blood river of Innocence
When all hallows eve
ceases to be for one night
But for all eternity

Written by [Cascading water lillies]

The Voices

The voices I hear
The dreams that I see
Are near ‘n’ near
They want me to be
The one of them
The one who can
Do the impossible for you
Stop asking
You know I meant to be
The one of them
The one who can
Lie to your face
U can’t embrace
The dark lies in your soul
So let’s pretend
That is the end
We starting over now

Written by [SashaShy]

All Hollows Eve

Last night was Halloween
Last call, everyone is now saying
Board your train home already
In her heart she is praying

This world was one that she loved
Until her family was robbed away
On All Hollows Eve they can return
She weeps that it is only for one day

Three thousand and ninety long sad days
That’s how many days she’s passed
Longing for a kinder world
One where she is not harassed

Seventy four thousand one hundred sixty hours
She’s counted them in her head
Wishing now and then again
That she too was dead

One hundred six million,
Seven hundred ninety thousand,
Four hundred minutes
Each a pin prick in her soul

Nine trillion, two hundred twenty six billion,
Six hundred ninety million,
Five hundred sixty thousand seconds
One day with her family is her goal

It’s been eight sad and lonely years
A fact drilled into her burdened heart
If only her family could stay with her
She prays they’ve had a new start

The clock is chiming now
The stroke of midnight upon her
A glow emanates from a crystal
The spirits have begun to stir

Written by [gaiawingz]

Hallows Eve

All Hallows Eve, a time of fright and fun.
A time for tricks and treats.
Beware of this night for Ghouls, gobblins and night creatures like to come out and play.
Witches and vampires come out to stay. Myths and ledgends become living ones. The hallow becomes a punn as people make the place for fun. All hallows eve is fun but be prepared for what lies beneath.

Written By [Dezirae Darkone]

Night Stalker

I stand in the shadows waiting and watching. I look for the one who will quinch my thirst. The hunger grows within, and my rage rises and screams to be released. Then a mortal catches my eye, my thoughts of carnage consume my damned soul. I follow you, waiting for the right moment to make myself known. I stand before you waiting for your attempt to escape appallingly, for my presence is frightful to your virgin eyes. finally, you run, as your attampt to escape is of no use, and with a devilish flash I appear in front of your eyes as I bare my fangs into your neck and take from you, what is my immortal right.

Written by [Dezirae Darkone]

Memories Forgotten

Over the bridge he rides, the hooves pounding along the cracked and broken bricks,
Into the darkness, his boots on the sides of his stallion he kicks,
His raging arm is thrown high in the air,
Making tracks, and glaring his evil stare.

His deep black coat flaps in the wind behind him,
All of his being, his appearance, grim.
“MY PRIZE I’ll WIN TONIGHT! “ he shouts,
Returning to his deadly routes.

Memories forgotten, and life past by,
Centuries gone, but still, he will deny.

Horse hooves halt as only panting and wind is heard,
The place of nightmare he has entered.

The bodies of old, are nowhere to be found,
Just a mythical statue ,on an old dirt mound.

Here lies the Headless horseman the plaque declares,
He is said to ride on all hallows eve,
To find his murdered head, which he swears.

So ,on all hallows eve, his memories forgotten,
He rides again, to only face these words that are written.
    written by [sugarplumfairy]

October Beauty

Chills flow up and down my spine,
The chill of the breeze grazes my cheeks as the full moon shines.
But a sort of comfort surrounds me,
As if the breeze where only fair ladies singing softly.

The smell of rain, and leaves, and wood fill the night,
The wet street shimmers as if touch by many fearys light.
Quiet chants of magic flows through the trees,
As smoke trails out the chimneys.

I walk along watching children run from door to door,
Collecting candies 1-2-3 galore.
With glowing eyes and big smiles, like the jack-o- lanterns they have past,
Racing to see who gets to the next door last.

Pumpkin pie and brownies cooking in ovens,
Waiting to be stolen by some little goblins,
The ground of orange, red, and brown crunch beneath my feet,
But is mute against the many words of “trick-or-treat.”

The mystical night flows through my veins, as my head tilts back to breath in the smell of air after it rains,
My arms hugging the knitting that I wear,
An icy tear rolls down my cheek,filled with the joy of this Halloween night.
   written by[sugarplumfairy]

All Hallows Even

Every year, All Hallows Even
when the sun went down
The ghosts are leaving
the realms they hunt
and go to the world
from which they are banned.

Every year on this one day
you can meet the people
who weren't supposed to stay.
Put in your window a candle
otherwise finding home
for them is too much to handle.

But be careful ‘cause
there are dead souls
who are much worse

they will take your place
and you’ll be gone
from this world's face.

So it is and will always be
on the night of
All Hallows Eve’.

Written by [Sue Falkenkralle]

The night of dead

Our dark decayed forms arise
Into the cold and deathlike night
We hail the stars, the moon and its light
This one day a year we´ll be in peoples´ sight
With witches around and devils loose
Searching for a house to spook
Which will we choose,
Which will we choose?
   Written by [Aiel]


In the witching hour they all come forth;
the witches, monsters and scarecrows
To scare and frighten for all their worth
unleashing horrors, fiends and foes.

'Tis the day when every dead
is allowed to walk about the earth.
They dress in orange, black and red
then dance around with glee and mirth.

The moon hangs high, yet its light is low
barely illuminating our dancing field
and in the eyes of the dancers shines a glow
A magic every soul can wield.

So leave prudence at home, fly like the withered leaves,
and join the Great Dance on All Hallows Eve.
   Written by [Niektete]

88. The Gathering
It nears the time,
Come 1 come all,
To what's going on,
Head the sweet call,
The clock strikes twelve,
The chimes are clear,
From far and wide,
We all shall hear,
Creatures from the fire,
Creatures from snow,
Tall, short, fat thin,
1 eyed, 3 eyed, fast and slow,
The job is to scare,
Do what they must,
Appearing in shiny metal,
Or in the form of dust,
Screams of terror,
Run and hide,
For where you are,
No-one can hear you cry,
Something stirs,
In the devilish air,
Seek what it is,
If you dare,
But beware next time,
They wont be so kind,
Under beds, and in your cupboards,
What ever will you find?

Written by [Lillith Winchester]

89. halloween

The rain hissed down my neck
In drenching gloom
I heard the rustle and crackle
Of the bush in straggly bloom
I fell against the dripping ferns
Green and wet
I felt as if caught in a spiders
Lacy net
As if at the bottom of a swamp
The world loomed above in a mist of gray
A mass of tangled leaves followed
The eerie, winding, pathway
Beyond the swaying of the trees
Beyond the mountains thundering fright
I was gripped with foreboding fear
Fear that lurked darker than the night
Under the storms dark mantle
Through mighty winds and blinding rain
I struggled to reach the comfort
Of my own warm, safe domain
When at last I entered the heavy
Wooden ornate door
An ominous fear overtook me
More engulfing than the moor
As the rain drummed on the roof
(Patter, patter, as if to tout)
I heard the back door clicking shut
Who had come in - or -
Had gone out!
Soft illumination lit the room
I cowered in a bow
A cat leaped from the windowpane
I felt Prickles of apprehension
My senses were aroused
Then I saw huge, muddy footprints
Scattered through my "empty?" house!

written by [stevenp]

90. The Devil’s Minion.

Silent tears descend her face, the moon shines amazingly.
The wind moans like the dead giving away their presence, her body shakes uncontrollably.
Her heart is chilled; and her breath shows in the cool air, she gasps out as her head snaps back, and her body shudders, she struggles as she changes into a being of terror.
A howl screams form her bloodied lips were she bit, to keep from crying out.
She twists her head and ventures forth to find fresh juicy prey; it hears a festival in the distance, and people laughing over a joke.
Leaves fall overhead and one falls unto it; it shakes to get it off, saliva drips from its fangs, she’s no longer, she’s IT now.
It follows the sent of it’s soon to be victims, and howls with delight, a person sees it coming and screams their last vocalized word, the female inside the demon screams for mercy for she can see what’s happening; but is helpless to be able to do anything.
The first touch of blood touches its fangs, and it snorts in delight, oh how much it loved the delicious drink, the body of its victim falls to the ground and makes a small thud.
The moon fades away into the night and a small woman is left in its place, crying for the loss humanity, later to be a minion of the Devil.

Written by [Noxme]

91. Life's Trouble.

Screams igniting the air.
The smell of death was choking fallen victims.
Blood on everyone's lips.
The sky's blackness enveloping the truth of death.
Unknowledgeable people slipping over their enemies body, comrades, friends and family.
Moaning bodies complaining for liberation.
The pain never ceasing.
The pain creating eternal darkness within one's mind.
The ground embracing the carcass's of the dead.
Battle cries still igniting the air.
The sky turning black and blue with a tinge of red; just like blood.
Life was the end; death was the beginning. 
That’s what all the Vampire’s think.

Written by [Noxme]

Mrs. McFled

Poor widowed Mrs. McFled,
She was all alone.
With a grim face
Her smile would chill to the bone.

Well this year was different,
For some reason she seemed sad,
And when I asked her to visit,
Her smile was wide and mad.

When I was getting ready,
I asked Mrs. McFled
What she’d be for the Halloween party
And that creepy smile came “Oh, I’ll be dead”

“That’ll be a good costume” I thought
But when the bug bash came,
Mrs. McFled was no where to be found.
“Last year was just the same”

But just to be safe
I went to see if she was ok.
The cops were there asking questions
And I didn’t know what to say!

For what shocked me still
That poor widowed Mrs. McFled
Old, weak, and frail,
Really WAS dead!

Written by [Shamera]




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2004-10-27 [Sunrose]: When it's done you should post it on Halloween Costume Competition 2004 :D

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