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HALF-MINUTE HERO -Super Mega Neo Climax- review

Welcome to your traditional adventure RPG for the Xbox 360 available for purchase in the Live Marketplace. You have your random monster battles, epic loots, allies, villager quests, goddesses, and dark lords. Oh, did I mention that you only have thirty seconds to defeat the dark lord and stop the destruction of the world?

You play a small farm boy on his way to see the king (or maybe to sell produce. Who knows? They didn't dwell on it much for obvious reasons). After doing the king a small quest, which is kind of the tutorial, an evil dark lord bursts into the castle and announces that he has learned a spell that will destroy the world in exactly thirty seconds. The king deems it your responsibility to go and stop the dark lord since you are the only one that has a chance. With the pricey help of the Goddess of Time, can you stop the evil dark lords in each realm of the world from destroying it?

This game is so very fun as it gives you all the elements of your traditional RPG but makes you rip through them in record time by simplifying them down to the basest of parts. In combat you only have the choice of using an item or fleeing since combat is brought down to you and your enemies bumping into each other, dealing damage, and the winner continuing on.

I absolutely loved this game and recommend it to anyone who enjoys RPGs but is looking for a brand new twist on the genre.
/ [Lord Josmar]

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