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2005-02-25 04:16:08
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Hey this was for school but I really liked it so I put it here ^_^

Grandpa Story

I hear a knock on the door, as I'm brushing my hair getting ready for my first funeral. "Honey, you ready? Your brother and sister are both waiting for you in the car" my mom says with her head peeking in the room. I nod following her out to the car. I feel like kicking my grandparents little rat-dog as he tries jumping on my leg. My mom tells her parents we'll be back after the get-together my uncles are having as we walk out of the door. I button my sweater up as the wind picks up.

As we're on the freeway, I watch all of the California drivers drive like morons. I space-out during our quiet ride to the church. I suddenly see the church point and a city I recognized, La Puente. We parked in the church parking lot where we saw my father's side of the family gathering inside. I grab my mother's cold hand as we walk into the old building. While we're walking in my dad comes and asks my brother to help carry our grandfather's coffin. My brother looks at the coffin and suddenly my dad's hugging him, I think he's crying.

We filled into the church seeing other different relatives I've never seen before. We all sat down as some of my uncles and my dad carried my grandpas dead body into the big room. That's when the priest came into the room with two alter boys carrying candles. The priest began talking but I really didn't pay attention while I made my own prayer. I notice that the priest steps back and my cousin Liz goes on the stage. She starts to sing the song "Amazing Grace." Her voice's so beautiful and pure, I look over to my mom to compliment my cousin when I noticed she was crying. Suddenly tears came to my eyes, spilling over onto my cheeks. I didn't realize the song had finished when everyone stood and started walking to the coffin to pay respects. I stood and I held my moms hand as we walked up to his corpse. When we got up there I heard someone say, thanks god its a closed casket.

After we filed out of the church, we drove to the graveyard to watch the burial. Pulling up our father gave us a sheet of paper with directions to the ceremony at my Uncle John's house. We all walked to where they were putting my grandfather into the ground. The same priest gave him a prayer as everyone dropped red roses and flowers on his coffin as it was lowered into the ground. I turn away from my weeping relatives walking to the car with my sister. I wrap my arms around myself to keep warm as the wind comes back making my hair dance in the air around me.

Want to my house? [blbardsley] There ya go!

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