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001: Name: James
002: Nickname: Private/ Drunk/ Alcoholic?
003: country of living: USA
004: Birthdate: April 7th 1989
005: Height: 5 10"
006: Eye color: Hazel
007: Shoesize: 11 1/2
008: School/work: Work
009: You smoke: yes
010: Hobby's: ha... no time for hobbies in the army, whenever im not working im trying to gett really drunk so i wont remember the bullshit ive been putting up with all week!
011: Brothers/Sisters:Sister...
012: single married or taken:Single
013: Piercing(s):not anymore
014: Tattoo: yes
015: Vacationland:anywhere but El Paso
016: Are there people you won't reply to?: yeah, if u wanna know message me and see if i reply back
017: Nicest person you met this year: no one
018: Person you rather not have met this year: no one
019: Who would you like to meet: emperor bush
020: Who is it that you admire: no one...
021: Most sexy person(s): Flor Guadelupe
022: Favorite P.J.s: nothing
023: Favorite Car: 1968 camaro convertable
024: Favorite Movie(s): beerfest
025: Favorite music: rap
026: Favorite City(s): story city
027: Favorite Plush: ???
028: Favorite Perfume:...
029: Favoriete Magazine: Tactical Tailor
030: Favorite sound: 5.56mm round being fired
031: Favorite TV-series: dont watch tv
032: Favorite Writer: ...
033: Favorite Nickname: Private
034: What is on your mousepad: no mouse pad
035: What all is under your bed: all my battle rattle
036: Favorite color: BLUE
037: Favorite Song ever: Many Men
038: Favorite song at this moment: Many Men
039: Favorite food: Pizza
040: Favorite class in school at the current moment:no school
041: Favorite drink: COORS Light
042: Lucky number: 17
043: What do you think that is greatest about yourself: loyalty and duty to country
044: What deodorant do you use: Axe and right guard
045: Favorite shoes: lugz
046: What time do you go to bed on workdays: 12:00
047: What word do you use most: Roger
048: Most romantic moment in your life: none of your business
049: Most ashamed moment of your life: again..
050: You spend your time inside or outside: outside
051: What do you do on the weekends: don't usually remember
052: What class in school do/did you dislike most: Geometry
053: Your Breakfast: eggs...
054: What do you really really dislike to eat: Spinache
055: Pets: too god damned many...
056: Laugh or dream: dream
057: Serious or funny: Funny
058: Fast or slow: depends...
059: You prefer being alone or have a relationship: depends
060: Simple or Complicated: simple
061: Cremate or Buried when dead: no coment...
062: Sex or alcohol: i cant make that decision at this time
063: Stay up late or go to bed early: stay up late
064: Light or dark?: light
065: Speak or Silence: speak
066: tall or small mate: medium
067: News paper: el paso times
068: Hug or kiss: both
069: Happy or Sad: Happy
070: Life or Death: life
071: Gig or Disco: disco
072: Left or Right: right
073: Sausages on top, or on the side: ...
074: Dark/ red/ Blonde: dark with blonde highlights
075: What would you ask god if you could ask him 1 single question:can you forgive me?
076: you believe in reincarnation: maybe
77: you believe in Aliens: yes
078: When you die, what will be your last words?: Go to hell hadji!
079: Does true love exist?: yes
080: How many kids would you like to have?:2
081: What is the thing you cant stand: fags
082: Best feeling: being in love
083: Worst feeling in the world:broken heart
084: What are you afraid of: never finding my true love
085: Are you an emotional person: sometimes
086: You cry while watching a movie?: no...
087: Your goal in life: to protect my country, and provide for my family
088: What was the promise you made to yourself at new years eve: :S
089: Who is your favorite artist?: ...
090: As what animal would you like to reincarnate: An eagle
091: What is the most beautiful part on the female body: eyes
092: Most original place to ask your love to marry you: while ridding her from behind? 093: Where did u get this survey: dont give a shit

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