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~Welcome to The Battle of Goldenfalls and Ebonclouds Role Play~

Remember to Please put your names in Bold. Thank You! :D

* = Narration.

King Megildur: It's good to finally eat dinner with my family. I wonder though dear if it is a good idea to have a Festival of Unity during all this unrest; what do you think???

Queen Pavarti:" I agree I don't think it would a good idea it could leave us more easier to attack. Plus we have to celebrate the birth of our first child and our welcoming of another.

King Megildur: Yes i agree with you an- wait....what do you say?! Another...Another child are we going to have another child? Is it a girl?

Queen Pavarti: " I meant our other son. But yes we are going to have another . I am not far along enough to tell you gender yet my love."

King Megildur: Oh haha forgive me my dear, that's wonderful news. I have a a thought or rather an idea. What do you say about holding a tournament and the winner will get some type of prize. And if everything goes to plan it should bring those causing this unrest to come to light.

Queen Pavarti: " I think that is an amazing plan as long it works. We can only hope."

King Melgildur: Excellent I'll have the announcement drawn up. What do you think the prize should be? Employment? Gold? Title?

Queen Pavarti: "Hmm that is a good question what do you think? "

King Melgildur: Well I think employment might be good, but there's ramifications to that. Gold is well gold and who couldn't use some more gold. Title could have some ramifications as well. Hmmmmmm, well we'll give them gold and title, and change our minds later.

Queen Pavarti:  "Sounds like an great plan to me ."

King Megildur: Excellent I'll have the papers drawn up.

Queen Pavarti: * I smile softly*

King Megildur: I have the document here take a look at it and tell me what you think of it.

Queen Pavarti:  * reads over the document* " It looks good my dear ."

King Megildur: Very good, guards send out the announcement throughout the land.

As the announcements went throughout the land, competitors were beginning to train for the 12th day of Drahaz.

Queen Pavarti: * we ready the kingdom for the competition. While keeping our family safe.*

The day of the tournament has comes on a beautiful morning.

King Megildur: You ready dear for the tournament? I'm a bit nervous myself.

Queen Pavarti: "Yes I am ready. Why are you nervous my dear ?"

* We walk down to where all the competitors are at and tell them the rules of the tournament.*

King Megildur: Well I don't want anything bad to happen to you and children or the spectators. But there are other reasons as well....

Queen Pavarti: I stop you like what my love. We will keep safe I promise .

King Megildur: Well there might be a wizard or witch or even something more sinister. *sigh* I know dear I know, just a tired mind.

Queen Pavarti: Well if there is we will find a way to fix anything they destroy

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