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Hewwo! XD

Yey I finally made a wiki for that awesome dream I had, this story and all the characters here are all widely based on this sooper awesome dream I had that I managed to remember peculairly well ^^ Thank you for coming to take a look!

Umm its quite a read so you dont have to bore yourself reading it if you dont want to. Also, if the reference to religion in this is offensive to anyone then I apologise as none is intended, everything here is merely taken from what I dreamed and is purely for stories sake ^^

The Silence of Heaven

It has long weighed heavy on mankinds faith in its many religions that the gods and dieties they worshipped, who have been told in acient texts and books once roamed the earth amongst mortal men or appeared before thier followers often have seemingly gone. Now, with absolutely no sign or proof of them for thousands of years, a skeptical and realist age has settled and those that still believe that these gods or god ever even existed are dropping in number.

To a Handful of boys, boys young enough to still have faith in fables and myths such as Father Christmas or the Tooth Fairy, the answer to wether god exists or not will be answered, but along with that, another, much more shocking truth is revealed, a truth that explains why for so long, god and the gods of other faiths had dissapeared and been silent for so long.

This truth must be kept secret

God, appears to each of them in a dream, but unlike others who claim to have been spoken to by god, this is not a revelation or command. This is a cry for help. God told the children the first truth, That he was God and did indeed exist, but so to did many other gods in fact, every faith on earth worshipped a very real diety, they all lived in a place called Firmament, a collection of cities, each one for a different faith of the world. When a person died, if they were part of the cities faith, there soul would go to live in that city. If the person had no faith, they would go to Hollow City and when a chance came, there sould would return to earth to lead a new life and a new chance to follow a faith.

Then he told them the second truth. That thousands of years ago, The Divine Cities to which each of these gods of seperate faiths lived and governed where overthrown by a unknown force. A force so powerful that even the gods were powerless to stop it. Soon all of Firmament was under the control of "The Echo". The Echo had forbidden the gods from ever again going to the Earth plane or even communicating with it. THIS was why god was nowhere to be found and it pained him and the other gods to see the earth and its people spiral into a path beyond there guidance and watch faith in thier existance diminish day by day. The Gods and the souls in the divine city where forced to do only The Echos bidding, serving a purpose that they had no idea what was...but many of the gods came together in secret, and Godael, or God, as the faith of christianity knew him, was put in charge of making sure this plan made it to the crucial stage.

Now, thousands of years later. God has finally been able to sneak a message to earth and set his long awaited plan to free Firmament in motion. He finished his message by granting each of the boys a copy of a portion of his power. This power, "Godsent", would transform the boys into grown warriors mixing youthful enthusiasm and energy with the strength and intelligence of adults, with powerful celestial powers that would adapt and evolve to the nature and personality of the boys and thier surroundings, so God had chosen the three boys carefully.

Once they had recieved the powers, god told them the next part was up to them. They needed to spend their lives learning and mastering the full power of Godsent and eventually find each other. When they felt themselves ready, they needed to end thier lives in whatever way they decided so they could come to Heaven City, meet up with God and start the battle against The Echo, to open up faith and guidance to mankind before it was too late for earth and also to stop whatever plans The Echo had.

Get Ready for Godsent!!! SOOPER GASP!!! XD

Shuri, The Hand of God


Shuri was given the power of the "Gods Hand" Godsent. It manifests it self mostly around the arm. The Gods Hand is a cannon based Godsent, firing destructive blasts from the manifested arm. It can even be used close range by simply witholding energy instead of firing it or by using the curved blades.

As Godsent powers adapt to the people they are given too, Shuri's empassioned and fiery nature was assimalated by his power. He, though intended by God to be a sort of leader figure of the group when the three finally met, is by no means a leader by nature. He is single minded and short tempered, irrational and impulsive. The task given to him by Godael granted him a purpose that his heart and mind had been craving for since he was born and he took it into himself instantly.

This hot heart of Shuris has transformed Gods Hand into a Blaze Cannon Type. It will continue to evolve this way as Shuri experiences both in his normal life and in his solitude, learning the powers of the Godsent, right up until the very end, the Godsent will continue to grow.

Despite his blazing personality, Godeal is no fool and his choice to make give Shuri The Hand and make him the leader must have been made for good reasons.

Ardian, The Wrath of God


Adrian, the second of the children Godael chose was given the power of "Gods Wrath", a Shockwave Type Godsent that manifests mostly around the lower leg and ankle. It uses massive force and incredibly quick energy transfer to cause powerful tremors in any surface it is used on.

Confident, cocky and rarely at a loss for words or answers in mind, Adrian is quick on his feet and in his thoughts and especially with his tongue. Unlike Shuri, he hasnt given much thought to the other Godsents he was told about or even about the mission he was given his own for. Hes more interested in exploring the limits of his incredible new power, grabbing every thrill and rush he can on the way, satiating his desire to learn and to get stronger. The Godsent is a secret he has alot more trouble keeping than the others.

His fast body and active mind have had an electric effect on his Godsent, turning it into a Thunder Clap Type. The evolution and adaption of the Godsent is something Adrian is not afraid to experiment with, quite the opposite actually!

Oliver, The Wings of God


The third and final member of Godael's chosen is Oliver. He was given the Godsent "God's Wings", an Air Support Type. It manifest mostly on the back. It has the power of flight and can even be used to carry, using its power to grant near weightlesness to objects. It can repair damage to other Godsents by transferring energy. On the offensive, its manuevaribilty and wing blades must be utilised with some degree of skill in order to overcome its compromises in strength to facilitate support abilites.

Oliver is timid and quiet, full off daft habits and a clueless and daydreaming mind. He was overwhelmed with the sudden and extraordinary direction his so recently calm and simple life took when no less than God appeared to him. He was much more cautious and hesitant when testing his Godsent and its powers. He was one part excited, one part scared of this power he now had.

His Godsent evolved in kind to this withdrawn, lonely and spaced person. It adapted into a Aura Support Type, and true to Oliver's easily entranced nature, its powers made use of colourful auras. It was the colours that excited Oliver the most, what it was aura colours and mixing colours did, finding that out came after seeing how pretty it was to look at

Kahn, Keeper of Hollow City


Kahn is the Keeper of Hollow City. Unlike the other keepers, he isn't a god of any faith. His city after all is a short stay for any soul without any faith. Once a new life is open for them, they return to earth and start again, in hopes that this time around thier life would find a faith and so grant them a home in one of the other divine cities for eternity.

Kahn has always kept to himself inside Hollow City, looking over an entire city where people only come to go ever since the dawn of mankind has left him with quite a bitter and cold demeanour.

There has been rumours that Khan is somehow connected with "The Echo", but they are just rumours. Others in Firmament have noted how unphased Kahn acts by the takeover, but then again, he never had any contact with the earth world anyway so why should it?

After much evolution and adaption, Kahn;s Godsent "Fang Throne" has become a Twin Darkness Bayonnet Type Godsent....Why does Kahn have a Godsent? IS he in league with The Echo and how? Well that would be telling.(^_^)

No matter how much you looked at/read, Id love to know what you think. People with things to say get hugs from Kazuki remember ^^

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2007-11-25 [*Phoenix*]: I like your pictures!! I'm all read out so I might come back later to read them. Anyhoo, good pics!!

2007-11-26 [MissionGenocide]: Aww thank you very much for taking the time =^w^= thats very nice of you to say.

2007-11-27 [*Phoenix*]: you're welcome!!

2007-12-23 [*Phoenix*]: i'd love to hear more on the story!! it's awesome!

2007-12-23 [MissionGenocide]: Heehee thank you very much ^^, I do hope to one day develop this story. Im kinda working on another at them moment though and Im having enought trouble with that one heehee.

2007-12-23 [*Phoenix*]: i totally understand! just let me know when/if you get the story done!

2009-12-28 [*Phoenix*]: I still love this story...I've read it so many times.....

2009-12-28 [MissionGenocide]: Awww thank you :) *hugs* it is one of my favourites too. I do hope a time comes when I can explore it some more.

2009-12-29 [*Phoenix*]: Welcomes! *hugs back* I hope you can! Let me know when/if you do. I'd love to read it!! ^_^

2011-07-17 [jessicaB]: Neat idea. I've never seen anything like it.

2011-07-18 [MissionGenocide]: Thanks :D I do have some wierd ass dreams lol

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