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(by Kieran Turley)

Ghost Elves dwelt on the fringe of elven society. They made their homes amid the ancient roots of the forest, rarely making contact with other races.
  Thousands of years ago, during the elven civil war that led to the fall of the Drow, the ghost elves maintained their isolation and remained neutral in the great racial struggle. After the defeated Drow retreated into the Underdark, they schemed against their distant cousins and launched an attack on the Ghost Elves. The very shelter that had kept them safe became fiercely contested battlegrounds. The Ghost Elves were no mach for the seasoned Dark Elven troops. They were virtually wiped out in the blink of an eye. The other surface elves were either unwilling or unable to aid their beleaguered kin, something the Ghost Elves have never forgotten or forgiven.
  Help eventually arrived-from an unexpected source. As the defenses of the last settlement were colapsing, an alien entity calling itself Thule appeared and offered to save the Ghost Elves in return for their service.
  Appalled by the slaughter of thier people the Ghost Elven leaders agreed without second thought only to realized they were tricked later on. Thule revealed himself as the Archduke Thulikazt, a pit fiend of almost godlike power, and took the Ghost Elves to his home in the Nine Hells of Baator. There he enslaved them, slowly destroying their spirits and their strong connection with the land. For hundreds of years, they toiled for the archfiend, and thousands were slaughterson the savage arena battles and pointless experiments for Thulikazt's pleasure. This is called "The Tempering" in Ghost Elven history.
  Countless centuries passed and the archfiend grew lax, allowing his slaves to take up arms and join his forces in the Blood War. The Ghost Elves learned the arts of war and conquest from fiendish generals and hellish sorcerers. They became Thulikazt's elite bodyguards, drawing admiration and envy from other fiends.
  The Ghost Elves secretly contacted their master's enemies and offered to serve those lesser fiends in return for aid in destroying their hated master. Greedy for the service of Thulikazt's elite bodyguards, they lay siege to Thulikazt's citadel only to find his mutilated corpse and a thank you note.
   Today Ghost Elves live on the Etheral Plane. Their cities are usually built deep in woodlands and are at least partially underground. Due to their long captivity and the dangers their settlememts attract, their society has a srtong martial bent. A thousand years has not cooled the anger of the devils humiliated by the "elven treachery" and even today seek they seek out the Ghost Elves.
Personality: They are wary; earning their trustinvole namy sublte tests and trials. Dwarves compare them to mithral: beautiful and delicate in appearence, but stronger than the hardest steel.
Physical Description: Ghost Elves have the same height and weight of elves but are frailer. They reach adulthood at 30 years of age and live to about a 100 years shorter than most elves.
  Gray hair and pale skin are nearly universal, with the occasonal having jet black hair. The eyes are the most striking feature; they are like twin mirrors lacking whith, iris, and pupil.
Language: It is an archaic dialect of Elven. The language borrows form Infernal so most who speack both Infernal and Elven can somewhat grasp what a Ghost Elf is saying.
Names: The Ghost Elves have abannoned the old tradition and have taken up a new one. All are given a first name, usually given by the parents. They earn a surname or "deed name" later on.
Male First Names: Griminnir, Kidsanat, Mendicalt, Peldraco, Quilvarin, Rhilianis
Female First Names: Akasa, Cherigi, Druilia, Ilrith, Kisurinda
Ghost Elven Traits
low light vision
immune to magical sleep
ghost elves glow with the brightness of a candle (5 foot radius) which can be supressed at will.
Etheral Power
Slip Binding(easy for them to perform escapes)
See Invisibility
Blink(as the blink spell)
Etheral Jaunt
Etheral Shift

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2005-11-01 [xido]: I'd like to re-tailor this page for WFR use, if that's okay.... Either that, or I will make a similar but WFR-focused page... In other words, just set up to look like other WFR pages, as a subcategory of elves as a playable race on a new Species Page.

2005-11-16 [Nicolai Antredias]: ok but all the info here is from Kieran Turley so try not to edit to much ok

2006-01-15 [xido]: who's that?

2006-01-19 [Nicolai Antredias]: Umm she does D&D stuff for Magazines

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2006-01-23 [Nicolai Antredias]: I am not sure. It was in dragon magazine.

2006-05-09 [xido]: I will search for it, so that we can either feature or link the actual content. Chances are that this article is published somewhere on the web. I will search for it when I have some free time... I would like to feature this, but only if its what was intended. ;)

2006-12-31 [Linn Scarlett]: Xido, the chapter is in my book on the elven races, as well as a small part in the quintessential elf. so i could go from there if you like. *has taken it in her head to do the elven and subelven pages of the wfr for now*

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