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Brought to you by
[Chel.] and [Pnelma Tirian]

Six strangers, all from different times and places, are assembled in one arena and assigned a stone with incredible power.

They are then given a choice: if they destroy their opposing stone or kill its owner, they are granted one powerful wish and are returned back home.

However, if their stone is broken, they must live with the crippling negative effects in a fractured, twisted version of their old reality.

The stakes are high and the arena is prepared. What will you choose?

the 6


1. [Pnelma Tirian] and [Chel.] have equal power and are in charge.
2. If you don't post, you don't stay. We're planning on this to be a faster paced game. If possible, we ask for one post per day or at LEAST one post every other day. I know vacations arise, but please inform me of this prior. I don't want characters to be left behind in cases like this.
((UPDATE: If you are not online after 5 days without warning, you will be killed.))
3. No power playing allowed.
4. Please use proper grammar and spelling. (I know accidents happen, but still)
5. No replying to what other characters are thinking.
6. I ask that posts be NO LESS then four sentences. This isn't a very difficult request, you can manage.
7. There is a posting limit of 5 times daily. This is to hopefully reduce characters being left out.
8. Swearing is allowed to an extent but sex isn't, this is a PG-13 rp!
9. Follow the rules.


This is not your ordinary character template!
This template is filled interview style---first person!
Let the character speak for his/herself!

Name: Your name, first and last.
Gender: Either, or both.
Age: How old are you?
Date: What was the date on the newspaper this morning?
Appearance: What do you look like after you've dressed and had your cuppa joe?
Occupation: What do you do for a living?
Proficiencies: What are you good at? Handling sidearms, cooking, karate, tying knots, romancing the opposite sex, etc.
History: Where are you from? What's your family like?
Other: Any other details we might like to know about?

Username (or number or email):


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