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Agh'mahaiil / Fragmented Non-Playing Characters

The hara of this tribe are known by many names:
Frag har, Fragmented, the Wretched, the Corrupt, the Gangs of Suquamish, the Filth of Out-town, Apartment Bugs, Sewer Bugs, Sewer Rats, and finally, their tribe name, decided at the Council of the Tribe, named by Chedlil the Ragged and agreed upon by the strongest and most influential gang lords of the Frag,

the Agh'mahaiil

A har of this tribe is known as an Agh'mahaiili. The sigil of the Frag is a Lantern lit in Darkness.

Player Characters:
Chedlil the Ragged (anonymous Gang Lord, a Frag's official statement about their leadership is that NO ONE LEADS a FRAG, because NO ONE TELLS A FRAG WHAT TO DO. Secretly, everyone eithers respects, listens to, or adores him, and he's gang-proclaimed instead of self-proclaimed.) - [xido]
Lori the Gazing (Chedlil's chesnari) - [xido]

Dahkmil the Inept - A har who is always stoned out of his gourd on anywhere between one and eight drugs at a time. He is strong and courageous, but has a tendency to crave adrenaline and potent substances.

Knifetosser - a Gang Lord of one of the more southern factions of the Frag, closer to the military base. He is an adept knife-fighter, and often keeps enough guns on hand to have his back in a real bad fight. He runs the activities of the Fisted Furies, whose notoriety extends far beyond their aggressions. Known to be liberally uninhibited and unsatiable in aruna, he is one known for pelki and chaitra. Some say he invented the art.

Spitshine - a good friend of Knifetosser, a major drug abuser, and often a bedfellow of Knifetosser's.

Shotput - a glamerous har who is a spindly and viper-mouthed beast, and has a distrust and dislike for Chedlil, though he no longer resists his directives, after having been made to look a fool in front of all the other gang lords. Secretly, he wishes Chedlil's downfall, and seeks assistance in doing so, though few feel the need or the urgency to do so, since most everyone adores him in some fashion or another, because of his contributions to the tribe.

Redeye - a black-skinned har who is quite young, full of energy and courage, and has a tendency of sticking his foot in his mouth at the wrong times. He likes to free-style rap about random elements, and often does so to try and prove a point. Sometimes it only proves him to be strange. He is often a bedfellow of Shotput's.

Corn -

Tiu'mahab - a self-proclaimed Agh'mahaiil. This har is a spiritual being who relates to Chedlil and what he is trying to do with the tribe. He is one of the quiet leader's right-hand hara, and a major influence in the decisions of Betmaker's gang's activities and areas, since Tiu once worked for Betmaker himself, and is still his most trusted advisor.

Collinae -

Betmaker - a Gang Leader who resists attempts to ally with the Rodrae, claiming them to be sick and twisted, and who personally chooses to never have anything to do with them and their ways, which remind him more of the ways of the emerging tribes of the nothern city, Duwamish. Betmaker was once a very skilled engineer, and now works to make certain that many plans for reconstruction and new ideas goes into effect as soon as possible. Having used his talents many times to cause structural damage to building floors and ceilings for so many months, he changed his mind about wanting to destroy everything. He has many human values, but some more forward-thinking. He is one of the more conservative of the Gang Lords.

Deathless Bob - a har who never decided to change his original nickname, and who earned the first word, 'Deathless' because he had been shot ten times since becoming a har, and survived every one of them without fatal or cranial injury, including one that passed between his jugular veins in his neck without hitting them or his spine.

Berzerker - a har with way too much time on his hands, that he uses to find and consume uppers. Known for his flaring temper and aggressive urge to start and end fights, he's not the kind of har you wanna run into on one of his bad days.

Festa -

Dippiron -

Velgamest -

Jioran - a charismatic Gang Lord, leader of the Grip on Society's Heart, a merciless band of thugs and bodyguards for dealers around the Underworld. Jioran is an expert tactician and leads the most prestigious assassins and fighters of the Frag areas, though he is mostly reticent from the other Gangs. Jioran and his hara have been wronged many times by many other Frag hara, and hold deep grudges. Chedlil has satisfied them with the use of some of his generators, which he secured from a warehouse they'd been guarding. Two of the generators were stolen during a raid on them while they being moved, and Jioran and Chedlil both blame other factions. The repercussions made both sides happy, and there is a mutual respect between Jioran and Chedlil the Ragged. The Grip on Society's heart was also granted access to any gas pump the Fragmented had control of, and made things somewhat easier when resources had worn thin. Alternative fuel centers still thrived, with hara still running one small factory yard which had begun to produce the alternative fuels, ethanol and liquid hydrogen, as well as other materials, most of which had been destroyed, ransacked, or gutted and/or renovated. One of the hottest nightclubs in the area ran on three generators, just far enough outside of Jioran's influence that allowing him access to it became a great networking move as well. Jioran often communicates his needs to Chedlil via mindtouch, which they both excel at.

Pestulent Percy -

Imra the Haggard - a Frag gang member that lives in Lori's outpost, a dug-out old apartment building fitted with a generator. He was told to manage the buildings around that area, and to make sure that only productive projects take place, without too many obstacles or destruction. His nickname comes from his very tall stature.

Wellam of Duwamish - a recent migrant from north of Suquamish. when he first arrived, he brought news of uprisings in Duwamish. Soon after, the bombs dropped.

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