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Est. 1971

Welcome to FOXHound. FOXHound is a Special Forces Unit that deals with recon, spy and infiltration missions.

  Below are a few members.
1. [.soldier] - Big Boss.
2. [maggie the pie] - The Boss.
3. [Gray Fox] - Ocelot.
4. [parrokeet] - Fox.
5. [Mr. Wonka] - NightShade.
6. [The Beyonder]- Sniper Wolf.
7. [VulcanPrime] - Velociraptor.
8. [Faulty Limerence] - Deaths Head. (Retired)
9. [The Great One] - Death's Fury.

FOXHound Banners
FOXHound Character Profiles
What is FOXHound?
FOXHound Exams
Mission Summary
(Also Snake's Fan Club)


You WILL be dishonorably discharged if you're absent from Elftown for more than 100 days without contacting me with a valid excuse. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

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2007-11-30 [.soldier]: Brother, you are missing out.

2007-12-01 [Mr. Wonka]: Totally dude... Go and finish it now. get a PS2, get the game, get 40 free hours and finish FF7.

2007-12-03 [Gray Fox]: my final disk got scraced, i never saw the ending and i sold my ps2 for gass money

2007-12-03 [Mr. Wonka]: Uber sucks, aaaaall the way.

2007-12-03 [Gray Fox]: i know :-(

2008-01-13 [VulcanPrime]: Terminator! TV! Fox! Sara Conner chronicles! Today! ::giddy cackle::

2008-01-13 [Mr. Wonka]: Which makes me thinks, Snake's finla smash has been revealed in SSBB.

2008-01-15 [Gray Fox]: when does ssbb come out

2008-01-15 [Mr. Wonka]: February 10th in the US, January 27th in Japan, unknown date in the EU (probably June)

2008-01-17 [Gray Fox]: i cant wate

2008-02-08 [Mortified Penguin]: ...*eats ramen*... darn Snake... *plays Splinter Cell!*...

2008-02-13 [Gray Fox]: its out

2008-02-13 [VulcanPrime]: Finally, after a krillion badrillion millenia of waiting spore's official release date was announced! let the revelry begin... now!

2008-09-19 [Gray Fox]: so did every one did or somthing

2008-09-19 [Mr. Wonka]: I don't really care about spore... i'm totally onto Disgaea DS, SSBB and Super mario RPG!

2008-09-19 [The Beyonder]: Spore is a slight disappointment. It's too simple and you could have pulled more off from the evolution in it. Everything in it is somehow limited and too light. Sure, it's fun to see your own creation evolve, but somehow it looses it's interest when the species becomes a tribe. I'd have wanted more evolution and less junior grade strategy with a dumb-ass AI. But the editor is awesome, maybe the best part in the whole thing. I'd give Spore 7 on the scale of 4-10.

2009-04-13 [wolf-pack_NL]: the sneak is back

2009-08-15 [.soldier]: Man...this place died.

2009-08-16 [Mr. Wonka]: Totally did. Everything does at one point though.

2009-08-17 [The Beyonder]: Life's a bitch but it's my bitch ;b

2009-08-20 [Gray Fox]: well lol crap

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