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Yes, I thought that I would never come back here, never come back to Ohio, never come back anywhere close to Constantine, but your job takes you, where your job takes you and I had a slaying to do. The club Violent Passions was lit up like the fourth of July, and hopefully the reason I had ran from my hometown had gone to another part of his territory. Maybe if luck was a lady, she would agree with my PMS'ing body and let him not be here. Maybe I would do this slaying and leave, but unfortunately, things never go the way you want them to go.

I was dressed to kill, in more ways then one, wearing a skimpy formal gown that showed more than it hid, but it made it easier to pull my gun out from the belly band. My leather jacket had wrist sheaves hidden underneath, sheathed with both throwing knives and daggers. My necklace, a crystal cross on a plain black ribbon fell in between my breasts, my boots were thigh high and the heels were vials of holy water. The black gown, was a halter, with enough support that I could go without the worry of falling out as I walked though the club. Loud music blared as I slowly searched for my target.

Hopefully I would not see one of the two vampires who had caused me to flee, but the were-tiger on the right let me know that he was here. Damian was never seen without his master anymore, not since Edward Skynner had taken my stallion, Michael. Now any of Constantine's tigers were without Raja and none were dominant enough to take her place, Since Edward Had taken her too. I sighed, this was not going to be a good night.

I listened to the music, letting the slighty rockish tunes fill my head as I spotted her. She was tall, that was for certain, with pale moonlight spun as hair, and ice for eyes, she was tall, leggy, and busty. Obviously this had to be how she had died. Maybe she was like a barbie, and she had toppled over because there was no way her tiny waist could of helped her up. Her aura powerful, but nothing like the worst I had seen. She was about fifteenth on a list of seventeen most powerful, and all but two had been killed by me. Yes Constantine and Edward were on that list. Her name, Aisling Anne Taylor, or known by those in her time, Lady Taylor Grey. She had been a very old woman then, being over two hundred years old, but still that was young for a vampire. Her crimes, torturing and killing thirty seven people within this state alone. That made her your average serial killer, but with a bite.

Being careful certainly had its meanings here, it was either kill her, and get out fast, kill her and get killed by her flunkies, or have the plan ruined by the current master of the area. Hopefully only the first one would be true.

I strode over, careful that the swaying spotlights did not hit me as I made my way through the crowd, only to feel a shiver of power, one of the shivers of power that I feared. Wouldn't you know it, the man I was running from, Constantine was standing beside Aisling, laughing with a voice that made things lower pang with need. I knew it was him, but had to take a second look, for his hair, though the same length, was now a brilliant silver, and eyes flashing crimson when the light fled from them. He had grown more powerful, and I knew, I just knew, that this had been a set up.

Okay so it had been a hunch, but when he saw me and flashed fang, I stopped dead in my tracks, He was more animalistic now, as he pointed me out to Aisling, before snapping her neck and twisting, so the bones would never regenerate, he had in a sense, decapitated her.

"Decided to come back have we, polyagapimenos?" He asked with that laugh, the laugh that showed there was nothing wrong with what he had just done, that he was a psychopath. I would like to say that I walked up to him and staked him, but if I had, I too would be dead due to the marks. I stood my ground, fear flashing through my eyes, fear of what he did to me. Constantine well, lets put it this way, me slayer of vampires, him head vampire. Sounded a little to Buffyish to me.

"you did my job for me Constantine, all it means is that I can go home" I said as he strode towards me, his leather pants hugging his buttocks tight in all the places I craved to hold. I knew better than to back away, I was to brave, too proud to back away, and that would be my undoing as he grabbed my chin and made me look right into his once golden eyes. Now they were the color of blood, that deep fresh red, the red of nightmares.

"You came back because of a set up polyagapimenos. You came back because I led you here, though I should not have to lead my human servant back to me" He said calmly, cooly, and I knew I had been had. Constantine had always known where I was, I never truly escaped his grasp.

"Yeah, maybe, maybe you fooled me, and knowing your ego will be hurt, yeah you did fool me, but that does not mean I will be staying even in your territory anymore." I said as I slowly backed away from him as he stalked me, predator and prey. I felt the wall behind me, and there was no way out as he cupped my face in one of his strong hands. He could easily kill me, but then that would kill him as well, so no need to be stabbing with my heels yet. Softly his fingers made their way into my hair, as I gulped. He was grinning like a Cheshire cat.

"I will not let you get away polyagapimenos, you are mine for all eternity if you only let me be, I can taste your desire, your lust, your fire." He said before jerking my head so that a long pale line of my neck was barred to him. "Your choice mi amo, I can take you now, and you couldnt resist he said as he nuzzled my neck. My breathing quickened and the blood pounded through my body. All he had to do was sink fang into me, and I would be lost to the world for the night, under his complete and utter control. "I could make you mine here and now, its your choice cuciolla mia, come with me now, under your own command, or come to me under my control."

"You never give the right options Constantine, like me staking you, killing you, or just leaving you" I said, It was hard to sound confidant and scary, when the head vampire was nuzzling your neck with a slight purring. Yeah, not funny.

"Damien, call Niklaos, and have him bring the car up, Ms. Lara shall be accompanying us home" Constantine said as I brought my gun up to his groin. He froze. "Lara, it may be silver and it may be painful, but they will grow back, unlike your beautiful neck. You may need me alive, but if you died I would survive it polyagapimenos."

"I will not go with you Constantine" I said as the other vampires closed in on us. I made him look weak, but weak was a word that did not describe Constantine, Strong, powerful, undeniably sexy, but weak was no where even close to that list.

"You make me weak in front of my people Lara, and either you will go willingly or I will roll you here and now" He said and I wish he hadnt, because I had to open my big mouth.

"I wont go willingly you should know that constantine" And as I said it, he lifted my head from its craned position, and made me look right into those blood red orbs of his, and he leeched away my soul.

Forbidden Passions 2

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2009-02-23 [~Spirit Fox~]: Kill Edward!!!!

2009-02-23 [Aimi_Vollfied]: If she kills Edward, essentially she kills him, herself, and Constantine thanks to the fact that she won't give herself fully over to Constantine

2009-02-23 [Aimi_Vollfied]: If she allows Constantine to give her the fourth mark, she would be able to kill Edward but be tied to COnstantine for eternity

2009-02-23 [~Spirit Fox~]: Well...I like my freedom too much, so what if someone else kills him?

2009-02-23 [Aimi_Vollfied]: then still all three of them die, thats the dilema.

2009-02-23 [~Spirit Fox~]: that sucks! oh hey, listen to Cinema Bizarre's song, it's called "Lovesongs they kill me" ^.^

2009-03-13 [Aimi_Vollfied]: making new constantine drawing since it has been five years

2009-03-13 [~Spirit Fox~]: ^.^ I'm working on three dimensional again. ^.^

2009-03-31 [Aimi_Vollfied]: Kieta, I never get to see you anymore!!!

2009-03-31 [~Spirit Fox~]: heh, you'er telling me! XD -.- no worries though, school'll be out soon and everyone will either have more time, or no time. *Who knows with me..........AIMI! Quess what? There's a place IN our city called Anime Life Inc. I'm going to call them soon and find out info on them since the only thing the internet can tell me is it's map location.*

2009-03-31 [~Spirit Fox~]: also, Three-Dimensional there's more!

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