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Final Fantasy Seven- Yaoi at it's best

Authors: [The Vampire Armand] and [DRAMATIC CHEESE NIP!!]

Sephiroth and Cloud Strife.
         Reno Sinclair and Vincent Valentine.
         Zackary Fair and ?

Cloud Strife had been in Shin-ra for less then a day and he was already completely cnofused. He would much rather be out this second day perhaps catching a chocobo. He was in a rather preplexed mood. He still hadn't seen his idol, the great General Sephiroth. But at least he had made one new friend. That friend was Zack Fair. Zack was the General's second in command and Cloud continuously asked him questions about the legendary man.

Zack laughed at the sleep-less confused looking new recruits. He searched over them until he found cloud. "Hey Cloud! Sleep well?" He asked. "Or were you too busy dreaming about yours truly?"

Cloud huffed and his blue eyes narrowed through his golden unnaturally spiked hair. "Shut it, Zackery." He said, walking to the cafeteria to get some much needed breakfast.

Zack followed him. "Oh come on Spikes, you know I was only teasing. Besides, gues who gets to meet the very cold and flat personalitied General today?"

Cloud almost dropped his trey. "What!?"

"That's right, he has to give his mandatory speech. You guys are in for a real treat." Zack said, grinning.

Cloud felt a small blush rise in his cheeks. He smiled stupidly before Zack was laughing. "Stop laughing at me!"

"I'm sorry but your such a girl!" Zack said, patting his friend on the back.

"Hey! Your not even supposed to be with us lowly cadets! Stupid first class moron like you are."

"I just wanted to say good morning to my favorite chocobo head in the world. Well got to run! I got to have Seph out of bed. Maybe I will fill him in on a certain adorable blond!"

Cloud's eyes widened. "ZACK DONT YOU DARE!!!" It was too late as Zack was gone.
Zack went up to the General's quarters, knocking lightly on the door. "Hey Seph, are you up and ready?" He used the shortened version of the general's name, knowing it would anger him.

A deathly silence drew from the General's room. Sephiroth tapped a finger on his deak, irritably. "Either call me by my real name or I swear on my own life you will suffer for it," he practically hissed, drawing up his hand to run it wearilly over his face.

"Sorry, Seph, what's got yout panties in a bunch?" Zack asked, walking into the other's room, assuming he had an all clear. The general was natural in a pissy mood, but he wasn't usually this pissy.

Sephiroth stood upon hearing him enter and moved to his closet. With fluid movements, he pulled out his cloak and slid it over his shoulders, "are they gathered?" he said with a small sigh, turning towards the other. He really needed sleep and really wished for this day to end.

Zack nodded. "Yeah, they are. You should get some more sleep you know? You sit there and torment yourself with work and fighting. Not like anything can beat you but your just going to waste away. Anyhow,now that i lectured you, you never did tell me what your orientation was."

Upon hearing him, Sephiroth turned on his heel to face him, green eyes narrowed into angry slits, "what the fuck are you rambling about?" he asked, a corner of his mouth turned up into a partial smile and he stalked from the room, smiling for the first time that day, and he didn't even know why.

Zack gave a smirk and ran up to walk next to him. "Ohh I get it.. you fancy men right? Hmm Who'd ever of thought." He was teasing the general, he was hoping he was right of course, only the general's next actions would tell and he hoped that the general would react before they were out on the stage for the general's speech.

Sephiroth stopped walking at this. His brow furrowed in confusion. How did he know....? He nearly spoke several times, stopping him self over and over again before satisfied with his words, "why, are you concerned?"

Zack grinned, throwing his arm around the general's shoulders in a way that would probably give him a bruise later. '"Well there is a certain cadet that I think you might just like." He said, grinning. "He shouldbe out in the crowd, oggling you."

"Damnit Zack! Let go!" Sephiroth said, mortified by physical contact, "you'll give people the wrong idea!"

Zack sighed and let go. "Just give him a look, I'll point him out." He said, grinning out how mortifyed Cloud would be when he was singled out.

Cloud found himself in a reception type of hall, along with a thousand or so other cadets. He sighed. He wondered if Zack was going to come out any time soon. That question was answered as said man with spiky black hair entered the room. Following him was the one and only general. "Oh my god..." Cloud felt his eyes widen and heat immediately rush to his face. Long silvery hair.. make green eyes..tight leather armor. He found himself immediately thinking things he shouldn't have been. He found himself close to running away when he heard Zack speak.

"See Seph, the one with the golden spikes and the dark red face?" Zack pointed out enthusiastically, knowing the blonde would hear and knowing he had just throughoughly embarassed the younger boy.

Sephiroth took a long moment to roam his eyes over the boy's body, lingering in some places. He didnt say anything but merely looked at Zack for explination.

Zack grinned and whispered in the general's ear. "That's the one. He is soo hot for you." He said, looking back at Cloud who looked like he was abut to pass out.

Cloud stared at the two. "This can't be happening. what the hell is he saying!?" Cloud asked himself, unable to take his eyes off of the general.

"Ah... I see..." Sephiroth lowered his eyes with a small smile and moved from his position from Zack, waking towards Cloud slowly.

Cloud blinked, blushing as the eyes of the other cadets were on him as the general walked closer. He didn't know what to say and found himself backing up as the general closed in.

Back on the stage Zack was laughing harder then he had in a long while.

Sephiroth neither smiled nor frowned as he stood before him. He merely bowed his head so slightly, it was barelly noticable. He then turned and moved on speaking to the crowd at large, "don't expect any warm welcomes," he said, "get to work. Any questions, ask me."

Cloud blushed and felt tears nearly form in his eyes as he heard this. He saluted the general and did as he was told.

Zack raised an eyebrow. "Not much of a speech, seph. Well what did you think og him?"

"He is no more to me than a soldier in a uniform," Sephiroth said in a low voice to the other, "no matter haw handsom he is. You truly didn't expect me to fall for your friend as soon as I layed eyes on him, come now..." he turned to Zack.

Zack smirked. "You at least admitted that he is handsome, so don't even give me that, Seph. Besides you and him would make a great couple!"

Sephiroth barelly looked at the other now, "stop talking." He instructed, picking up the pace so that he coud quickly leave the area. His long pale hair beating against his back as he stepped quickly by.

Zack pouted. "SEPHY AND CLOUDY SITTING IN A TREE..." He began to sing at the top of his voice. "K-I-S-S-I-N-G! FIRST COMES LOVE...."

Like lightning, Sephiroth was back in front of Zack, practically holding him up by his color. Fury burned in his eyes, "you..." he said in a deathly whisper, "you're comming with me..." he moved his lips near the other's ear as he spoke.

Zack gulped. "uhh Seph you have that angry gleam in your eyes, are you okay?"Zack asked, wondering if the general's strong grip would release him any time soon.

Sephiroth didnt answer and took Zack by the arm, half dragging, half walking him to a side hall where he immediatly had him pressed against a wall, face inches from the other, "what the hell is your problem?" he snarled.

Zack blinked, slightly scared of the other man. "All I am getting at, Seph is that I think you need this. You need to loosen up a little and I think that Cloud can help you to do that." He said, staring eaqually into the mako eyes.

Sephiroth gazed steadily back into the other's eyes, "what makes you think I need this...?" he asked, brow still furrowed and visibly upset, "any of this?"

"Seph, please. You may be the strongest man alive but your still human. We all need it. I need it." Zack said, sighing, and not sure what to do. He hesitantly pushed back a strand of the man's silver hair.

Sephiroth sighed and relaxed only slightly. For some reason, the touch of the other's hand against his head soothed him and he leaned against the other, guard down momentarilly without realizing it.

Zack wrapped his arms about the general, sighing and wanting to comofrt his friend. "What do you think seph?" He asked, stroking the generals hair.

Sephiroth looked up at him wearilly, forgetting himself for that time and shrugging slightly. Not even as he moved closed the distance between them by pressing his lips against the other did he think for an instant what he was doing.

Zack felt his eyes widen and he kissed the other back after a short gasp. He groaned into the kiss, finding those sarcasticly inviting lips to be sweet and soft. He didn't dare make any further move.

Upon feeling Zack kiss him back, Sephiroth snapped to his sences and pulled back immediatly, removing the other's arms from about his waist and keeping his voice from shaking as he muttered, "nobody hears about this," and moved quickly to leave, face slightly warm.

Zack sighed and nodded. "Sure thing.. Seph." He said, sinking down on against the wall. He was upset with himself for kissing the other back. Not only had he upset the general, but if Cloud ever found out about it the younger SOLDIER would more or less never forgive him. He wasn't about to tell the younger boy either. Zack stood, collecting his thoughts and worries as he made his way to see that boy.

Cloud looked up from his training as the other entered. "Zack! Spar with me!" Cloud said, rushing over to the other, bearly able to carry the large sword that he held in his hand.

"Oh come on spikey, are you wanting to get beat that bad?" He asked, grining.

"I just want to spar, come on, what's the matter, scared I might actually beat you?"

Zack narrowed his eyes and took the challange, retrieving his own sword from a locker down the hall before returning, standing at the ready.

Appearantly Cloud was better with the sword then Zack had fought. Cloud wasn't anywhere near to Zack's level but he was at least above most of the other cadets in the room. After a couple of hours the cadets were dismissed by their drill instructor and Cloud was ready for a shower and a good night's rest.

"Man, the General was right, this is hell." Cloud said, wearily looking about for a towel to go to the showers in.

"Yeah, well he of all people would know. Don't worry you will get used to it." Zack said, clapping Cloud on the back. "So, I think I am going to go find Seph and tell him to train you. Your actually better then your class." He said, ruffling Cloud's hair.

Cloud blinked and blushed. "You really think I am that good?"

"Yeah I do, spikes, now go get your shower." Zack said, smiling as he left the other to go find Sephiroth. He went to the general's room, knocking on the door. "Hey Seph, are you in here?" He asked, wanting to apologize and inform the other man about Cloud, and he also wanted to try and push his two friends twoards one another in the romance department.

Upon being summoned, Sephiroth sighed and went to the door, pulling it open. He was adorned in black bathrobes and he leaned against the door, eyebrows raising slightly seeing who had come to visit him. "It'd better be important," he said, crossing one arm over the other.

Zack laughed uneasily. "It kind of is." He said, sighing and leaning against the door frame. "One, I wish to apologize for.. earlier.. and two I think you need to take a good look at Cloud he is very much ahead of the other cadets and I think that if you were to train him he could be of use."

Sephiroth searched Zack's face as though looking for some hidden meaning. Finding none, he relented, speaking slowly, "send him to my office." he said, "tell him to bring his weapon."

Zack nodded. "I will.. but hey Seph.. I really am.. sorry." He said, giving the general a sad glance.

"Why?" Sephiroth asked, "I moved towards you first." and with that he turned to go back into his office.

Zack shrugged. "I still kissed you back." He said, sighing. "Well I will go tell Cloud the good news." He said, walking away a very small part of him hoping the general would call him to him.

Sephiroth did not, however, call him back and moved to take off his bathrobes. He stood naked before the closet as he looked for something more respectable to put on, quite forgetting he had left the door open.

Zack looked back at the other. "Well then.. looks like you have been working out even more.." He said, givng him a whistle in a playfull way before running to find Cloud before the general could react.

Cloud saw Zack and smiled. "Hey!"

"Hello, General's rooms now!"

"Wha-what!?" Cloud protested, being dragged to said rooms.

"Believe me, you will thank me for this, and he will be training you by the way." Zack said, ignoring Cloud's cries of protest.

Sephiroth growled and gave out a strick of curses as he hastilly pulled up his pants, fastening them as his face burned.

Zack tossed Cloud into Sephiroth's room, slamming the door shut and holding it close with an ear pressed to it to hear what would be going on.

Cloud blushed darkly and gasped. "Uh.. um.. S-sorry General sir! I.. he threw me in and I..." Cloud shut up, trying to not let his eyes look the general over as he stood at attention, almost in more ways then one.

Sephiroth turned sharply to face Cloud, "come now...." he said, still a bit ruffled, "according to your friend, I'm sure you like it anyways...." He pulled his shirt over his head and pulled his hair free from it as he headed to the desk, "tell me about yourself."

On the other side of the door Zack tried hard to not laugh as Cloud was interrogated.

Cloud held his salute and found himself feeling hot all over. "Unnn..I.. came here from Midgar for training and to be a great soldier like you sir!"Cloud said, still at attention.

Zack snorted from behind the door at Cloud's goody goody response.

Sephiroth sat on the edge of his desk and watched him. His shirt was still open most of the way, but he payed no heed to it. The boy's expressions were quite amusing to him. "You... have talent, he says," he watched him, "show me."

Cloud blushed darker if possible. "But sir.. I don't have a sword with me.." He said, still saluted and fighting to keep his expression.

Zack snickered behind the door.

Sephiroth looked irritated and couldve sworn he had told Zack to tell him he needed his weapon... "Get mine then... show me your best technique," he pointed to the wall where his sword stood.

Cloud paled when he looks to Sephiroth's masamune. "But sir.. that's.... huge! I doubt I could lift it!" He said, panicking.

"You're a talented student, arent you?" Sephiroth stood and took his blade off the wall, "be still..." he stood directly behind Cloud so his body was pressed against his, "pretend I'm not here.. just grasp my sword with your hands... I'll hold it with you."

Cloud gasped and bit back half a moan and did as he was instructed, trying to not relax into the other. His ears seemed to be playing tricks on him as well. The general had told him to grasp his sword.. but.. he was thinking in the wrong place.

Zack listened intently, after hearing a half moan from Cloud he wondered exactly what was going on in that room.

Sephiroth held the sword, his own hands over Cloud's. "Now show me what you'd do without me... I'll move with you."

Cloud took a deep breath, fuonding himself gasping as he moved the sword in his own unique moves with much difficulty in several areas. He was not only finding it incredibly arousing but he felt like he was going to pass out under the weight of the sword.

Sephiroth had ignored his moans and gasps and moved with him. As they finished, he rested the tip of the sword on the ground, causing his body to move even closer to Cloud. "Very good..." he said softly, "I'll teach you...." he was very tempted... He let his lips brush against the back of the other's neck lightly before pulling back.

Cloud couldn't hold back a small whimper as the general still stood behind him. He bit his bottom lip to stop himself from doing or saying anything foolish. He couldn't think of anything to say even as he knew he should at least thank the general for letting him show him.. but he couldn't help but feel sexual desires in the situation.

Sephiroth moved from the other, going to sit and lean back on his bed, his shirt sliding off slightly to reveal a bare sholder, "what days are you availible for private one on one training?"

Cloud found that his voice was shaky as he replied. "Any day sir." He said, going back to saluting. It was true, no one would question him going to see the General of all people.

"Hmm..." Sephiroth thought about it, eyes on the other, "every night after dinner.... I want you here on time or I will stop these meetings. Now..." his eyes roamed down Cloud's body, "if I were you, I'd take care of that errection."

Cloud gasped and his eyes widen. "I.. yes sir! Sorry sir! A-am I dismissed then sir!?" Cloud asked in a fear stricken voice.

"Are you now?" Sephiroth tried to hold back a smile, "only if you want. You have to remember that you should have control over your own body..." he couldnt help but smile then, "for all I care you can jack off on my bed. It's no conscern of mine."

Cloud blushed dark. "Sir, are you.. suggesting I defile your bed sir?" Clodu asked, backing up slowly to the door.

Zack errupted in laughter in the hallway as he listened in.

"I am saying that even though you work for me, you are a free man," Sephiroth shrugged, "it's your call..." he watched him intently, seeing what he would do.

"B-but General sir! I will not act unless given a strict order!" Cloud stated, not wanting to make up his mind at all for anything.

"Alright then, go." Sephiroth waved his hand towards the dorr carelessly, uninterested, "that's obviously what you want."

Cloud faultered. "If you really want me to go sir! That isn't what I want sir but it is what you want and I will do as told!" He said, reaching for the handle and trynig to push the door, finding Zack had it shut still.

"YOUR NOT LEAVING UNTIL YOU GUYS KISS!" Zack said, laughing as he shouted.

Sephiroth sighed and went to his feet, going to Cloud to stand before him, "he's so damn troublesome..." he muttered, turning Cloud's head up towards himself and pressing his lips against the other's.

Cloud felt his eyes widen and he gasped into the kiss. "Mmm!" He immediately calmed though, not sure why this was happening to him, but he didnt mind, he neded to thank Zack for this later. He reciprocated the kiss, moaning into it, wrapping his arms around the general's neck.

Something of a moan escaped Sephiroth, surprising himself. He deepened the kiss, unsure why he felt so good at the moment.

Cloud couldn't stop from pressing himself against the other, slipping his hands through the general's silvery soft hair.

Sephiroth groaned and pulled away from Cloud's lips to speak, "what are... you doing....?" he asked against his own will.

Cloud blushed. "I.. I .. was.. returning your kiss sir.." He said shakily yet again, not completely away from the other.

Zack was having one hell of a time not laughing on the other side, he didn't want to ruin their moment.

"Ah...." Sephiroth pulled him close again, kissing him once more on the lips before turning Cloud towards the door, slapping him on the ass, "go." he said, not realizing what he did until after it was done.

Cloud turned back around and kissed the man back before doing as he was told, not able to believe what had just happened.

Zack was finally away from the door, grinning. "Well well well, how was the training, spikey?"

Cloud blushed. "Umm it went well I think."

Sephiroth waited until the door was completely closed before he leaned back against the door, laughing softly and somewhat histarically. He then smiled out of happiness for the first time in a long time.

Cloud followed Zack back to the barracks having to deal with Zack's taunting song.

Zack grinned. "No really though spikey.. I am happy for you. lets see.. every night after dinner?"

Sephiroth stood from the floor and made his way back over to the desk where he stood before it, buttening up his shirt, thinking. Somehow, the image of Cloud unbuttening his shirt for him crossed his mind, making him mess up. He cursed. Why was he still in his mind? he had left already... Giving up, he went to lay on his bed, trying to keep thoughts of the boy from his mind.

Cloud nodded to his friend before leading him to his bunk. Zack stopped him. "I think you should stay in my rooms, I have space for one more.. it would be alot better then waking up to your drill seargant every morning." He said, smiling and grabbing Cloud's arm.

"But all my things are in that room."

"I'll have someone get them for you then." Zack said, patting Cloud on the head before leading the other to his own personal rooms and to the other bed. "There, see, and this is much nicer then what you cadets own."

Giving up with the final thought that he just couldnt end his thoughts of Cloud, Sephiroth stood and paced the room momentarilly before pushing his hair back and leaving the room. He had no intention of seeing the other, but needed to clear his mind.

Cloud smiled and layed on the bed. "Damn Zack, you weren't kidding."

"I know, be right back, I am going to sneak into the kitchen for some snacks." He said, grinning and leaving Cloud to himself.

Sephiroth stood by the balcony at the edge of the hall. Watching the sky. He hoped nobody could see him now. It would ruin his reputation.

Zack snuck onto the roof, looking for the secret way to the kitchen, upon finding it he glanced over. "Seph!"

Sephiroth groaned and stood errect, turning to leave. He couldnt find himself to forgive Zack yet... not for practically making him kiss Cloud. He wasnt yet ready to own that he enjoyed it.

Zack raised an eyebrow at the other. "You allright seph?" He asked, approaching the other carefully, placing a hand on his shoulder.

"Do you force all your friends together in your matchmaking buisness, or do you just like torturing me?" Sephiroth asked shortly, stiffening under the other's touch.

"You don't have to like him Seph, you're doing that on your own. Zack said, sighing.

Sephiroth lightly blushed at Zack's words. How did he know...? he merely shrugged and gazed into a distant corner.

"He's in my room if you want to go give him a good night's kiss while I go sneak some food from the kitchen." Zack offered, patting the other on the back while dashing off to get food.

Sephiroth marveled at how sneaky the other was. He decided it wouldnt hurt to casually stroll by Zack's room, peering into the door intently. And that's how he found himself looking Zack's room up and walking past it slowly.

Cloud rustled around the room, not too long before sephiroth decided to walk by did the others bring his items. He had neatly arranged everything and was stripping to his boxers. He thought he heard someone walk by the door and thought it might be zack, he opened it and blinked once, blushing darkly.

Sephiroth stopped walking altogther, sizing the other up. He felt a hardening in his pants and knew to best make with what was before himself, "may I... come in?" he asked, surprising himself with the words, but agreeing with himself. He could not tear his eyes from the other's form.

"S-ure, General.. uhh yeah, Zack went out... I agreed to room with him.. s-should I be saluting?" Cloud said and wondered, preparing to stand at attention as he stammered on his words.

"... no... just work with me..." Sephiroth gently moved him back into the room, following him and closing the door. He pulled him into his arms, kissing him deeply at once.

Cloud moaned into the kiss, eyes widened and he kissed the other back, wrapping his arms about his neck. "General.. I..what if Zack comes in and we.. I. " Cloud shut up,suddenly embarassed that he was inferring they were going to go farther than kissing, looking away a moment to gain on reality before looking back only to lose himself in the man's eyes again, kissing him soft.

Sephiroth smiled slightly at Cloud's embarassment and pulled back to whisper, "I'm sure Zack would be overjoyed to find us having hot sex on his bed..." he grinned, and guided Cloud back towards so said bed, kissing along his neck softly.

Cloud moaned at this, threading his fingers through the other's hair, allowing himself to be pushed backwards until he was laying on the bed, pulling the other atop of him. How could this be happening? How could he be so lucky as to recieve this?

Sephirtoth bit down along his neck and collarbone, proceding to his chest and greatful that Cloud had come to him practically naked.

Cloud was painfully hard in his boxers, hoping Zack wouldn't come back too soon. He couldn't get enough of the general it seemed as he let out soft moans, reluctantly pulling the other away from his neck to kiss him passionately.

Said Zack was gathering an armfull of food, looking around the kitchens for a bag to put it in.

Sephiroth kissed him needily in return, hand moving to stroke the other lovingly.

Cloud whimpered as the hand stroked him, he called out, clutching onto the general tighter. "Oh! General!"

"Mmn... call me Sephiroth..." he murred, continuing at a rhythemic pace.

Cloud moaned and blushed dark at this. "Se-sephiroth!" Hecalled out, finding himself even more aroused if possible at being able to call out the other's name.

Zack dropped afruit as he finally found a bag to put the food in. He growled as he did so. "Dammit." He said, hoping he wouldn't run into anyone.He looked around and upon not seeing anyone he decided to look for some alcohol.

Turning the corner at the same moment as Zack, Reno nearly collided into the other. He sweared profously as the cup of coffee he was holding crushed in his hand, spilling all over his shirt.

Sephiroth moved down, removing his hand from the others errection and licking at it momentarilly before taking it into his mouth. He hadnt made love in so long, he wished to try everything at once.

Cloud gasped and called out, thrusting into the other's mouth. "Sephiroth!" He called out depserately.

Zack winced as he too had fallen. "Uhhh... sorry!" He said, offering a hand to help the other up.

In the far shaddowed corner none of them saw another person, Vincent Valentine watched them both with an annoyed glance. He came to the kitchens for quiet.. and now these two had to ruin it.

"Mmn...." Sephiroth sucked hadly upon Cloud, savoring the moment best he could. His hands held the other's hips down.

"GOD DAMNIT!!" Reno growled as he glanced down at his shirt. He took the offered hand and stood, sighing, "that's one more ruined shirt..." he said, wincing as the liquid burned him. He handed Zack the crumpled cup so he could pull his soiled shirt over his head.

Cloud called out, never having felt so much pleasure, he wanted to thrust up into the other's mouth so bad.

Zack hissed. "Shut up! You'll allert someone!" He said, clamping his hand over the mouth of the other.

Vincent eyed the two. He found himself much liking the red headed man. He seemed wild and firey..he liked that.

Not at all liking being commanded, Reno licked the other's hand.

Sephiroth, deciding he didnt yet want the other to come, released his from his mouth and kissed him fiercely on the mouth, moistening two fingers and pressing them to probe at his entrance.

Cloud shivered and winced at Sephiroth's fingers. He kepr remembering who he was with and it scared him from time to time. Made his heart beat fast, his face flush and his desire rise.

Zack pulled his hand away, wiping the spit of the other onto his shirt with a small blush. "Ew man!" He said, making a gros face.

Vincent soundlessly approached them he wanted to see how long it would take until he was noticed so he stood there casually, arms crossed over one another.

"Come now, you know you enjoyed that," Reno winked, having relaxed a bit and reached for his shirt, glancing up at Vincent and freezing, transfixed.

Sephiroth pushed his fingers further into Cloud's body, kissing along his jawline.

Cloud called out, whimpering as he pushed himself towards Sephiroth, impaling himself more on the man's fingers.

Vincent felt the corner of his lips turn up in a smirk. "Well well, arent you two up past curfew..." He said, sounding authoritive.

Zack jumped. "What the hell!" He gasped. He looked at the other with confusion.

"Oh my god, you're so right!" Reno said dramatically, covering his mouth with a hand and pretending to look surprised, "are you going to report us? Or punish us some other way...?" he added suggestively.

Sephiroth pushed his fingers further into the other before pulling them out slowly, "hmm... are you ready?"

Cloud nodded, breathless as he wanted to join with the general. He still worried about Zack maybe walking in, but he didn't really care. He needed this, wanted it.

Zack huffed. "You suck man. I bet your not even in authority."

"Name's Vincent Valentine. Turk." He said, looking Reno over good and hard to be sure he memorized every detail of him. "If you want me to punish you you will have to beg more then that."

Zack gave the other a look that stated how much he was irritated. He just couldn't seem to find anylove anymore.

At hearing this and being quite aware that the other was watching him, Reno discarded his shirt and advanced him, getting on his knees before him so close to his body, he could touch him with his lips. At that he gazed up at him seductively, "please... punish me." He enjoyed this quite a bit, so he played along.

Sephiroth immediatly withdrew his fingers and replaced it with his needy cock, entering him slowly.

Cloud called out, wrapping himself around Sephiroth."Sephiroth!" He called out for what had to be a countless time that night. He fastened his lips to the general's neck, btiing it in pleasure.

Vincent felt his eyes widen and he gave the other a soft and very sadistic smile. "And ruin that pretty face?" Vincent asked, giving the other a light smack on the cheek.

Zack raised an eyebrow. "Eh, get a room."

Not hearing Zack, Reno blushed slightly at the man's words and took his hand into his own, placing a finger in his mouth and sucking it lightly.

Sephiroth pushed further into him, turned on by the crying of his name. He bit his lips to keep from moaning at how tight the other was.

Cloud held tighter to the other, meeting his thrusts with almost desperate thrusts of his own.

Vincent was very much aruosed by the action. "Hmm.. what's your branch, soldier?" He asked the redhead, trying to think of a way they could spend more time together. He wanted to play with the red head. Lead him on then ignore him only to make him his. His gaze became slightly glossed over in lust as the other's mouth was over his finger.

Zack took this as a sign to leave. "Yeah im going to go check on the general.." He said, sneaking out with his fruit.

"Hmm... I would tell you, but I'm afraid I'll leave it to you to figure out." Reno said while standing, "I'm not gonna make it easy for you to punish me you know," he winked.

Vincent smirked. "Well then, I am guessing your a turk." He said, twisting his hand in Reno's red ponytail. "A soldier wouldn't talk back to a superior like that." He said, pulling on the hair firmly, but not enough to hurt to pull the other from his knees.

Zack went by the room, pressing an ear to the door, rolling his eyes at the sounds. He may as well go eat alone. He went up to the roof again, sighing as he looked out over the shinra base, eating a peach.

Reno stood before him, pressed against the other's form and made to kiss him, stopping himself so that he merely brushed his lips against the others very lightly, "... it's also a rule that a superior treat his minor with respect.... isn't that right?"

Sephiroth pulled out of him slightly before moving back into him, holding fast to the other's hips.

A small boy watched Zack eat. He was just over 18 years olf with tossled jet black hair and wide curious yet fearful eyes. He had been training, but as he was tired, he now wandered about and stopped as he noticed Zack, somewhat intranced. Although he didn't admit to being gay, he found men's bodies quite beautiful.

Vincent smirked. "Don't get ahead of yourself." He said, licking reno's lips before walking away, his red cloak trailing out behind him.

The blond under the general called out louder, wanting the general to pound into him now that the pain was gone, only pleasure surged through him and he trailed his hand down to stroke himself.

Zack yawned and threw his unfinished peach off the building, hoping to of hit someone as he did.

Reno gave out a soft, startled gasp at this and found himself subconsiously reaching out for the other to return. He blushed furiously as he realized this and he crossed one arm over the other, pouting in his own special way. "What the fuck is his problem...?" he muttered to himself, trying to ease his stirring emotions.

Seeing this, Sephiroth couldn't help but moan and moved faster and harder into the other.

The raven headed boy began to speak at this, but found himself stammering over words. Instead, he walked cautiously nearer to the other, "umm... I had a question..." he said so quietly he could barelly hear himsef.

Vincent turned suddenly. "Oh, and Reno, your name badge is upside down." He said, before walking away yet again.

Cloud found himself so very close to finishing. He couldn't get enough of the other though. "I.. Sephiroth! Gaia"

Zack jumped. Everyone seemed to be sneaking up on him tonight. "Yeah.. go ahead kid." He said, hoping the boy wasnt going to try to push him off the roof of the building.

Reno blushed again and ignored Vincent, turning away from the exiting man, refusing to look back over his shoulder at him.

Sephiroth came crashing into him a few more times before moaning out, releasing into the other's body.

Meaning to ask Zack if he could sit but completely forgetting, Gabriel sat beside the other, "I don't know what to do..." he said, as though speaking to a phychiatrist.

Vincent went to his rooms, he grinned. That one was his. And he was going to make sure of that. He should have made a mark on him somehow. He thougth with a frown.

Cloud came, a stream of cum shooting out as he called out the general's name. "SEPHIROTH!"

Zack blinked. "Don't know what to do about what?" He asked.

Reno hurridly regathered his belongings and went back to his bedroom where he lay, unable to sleep.

Sephiroth came to a stop, breathing hard. He leaned forward and licked a bit of cum from Cloud's cheek.

Gabriel looked slightly embarrased, "I'm sorry... Hello, I'm Gabriel.." he said, quickly, "I just got here a little while ago and have no clue where to go."

Vincent however, was very much able to sleep, he couldn't wait to tease the other the next night.

Cloud looked up into the general's mako eyes. "Thank you.." He said, kissing him gently, still a little shy.

Zackblinked. "Oh, well I am Zack Fair. Um, follow me, I am guessing they didn't give you your room or anything so you can stay in mine until tomorrow.." He stopped. "Well.. in a minute, the general and my other best friend are.. using it." He said, laughing nervously.

"What do you mean...' he suddenly got excited and grabbed Zack arm, "oh my god! Are they-" he stopped himself and blushed furiously, backing up.

Sephiroth smiled, "I needed it too you know..."

Zack nodded. "Fraid so..well, come on, let's see if they are done." He said, gesturing the other follow him. "Be extremely quiet, we aren't supposed to be up." He said, sneaking back to his room.

Cloud kissed him once chastely. "I.." He stopped, blushing. He wanted tot ell the other silly little 'ilove yous'.

"I understand," Sephiroth said quickly, not truly understanding, "I had fun too..." he said kissing him before standing up, looking for his clothes.

Gabriel walked quickly beside him, "what's wrong with them doing that??" he asked, "I find that amazing!"

Cloud felt slightly hurt, but tried to not show it. "We can do this again.. right?"

Zack snorted. "yeah but.. they taking the room so like I cant get in there and sleep and it will smell like sex..."

Sephiroth frowned and turned to face him, "you're seirous??" he asked. He had believed that the boy's feelings for him were out of lust, and nothing more.

"Ohh... well I'd invite you to camp in my bed, but I dont know where it is." Gabriel said quickly adding, "well, I wouldn't be in there with you of course... I mean, unless you wanted me to... ah... I'll shut up." He blushed and pretended to be unfazed.

Cloud winced. "I.. uhh.. well yeah.." Cloud said, feeling very uncomfortable and very violated suddenly.

Zack laughed. "Your cute.. hmm well you can room with me.. we'll just have to wait for them to leave and clean up."

Gabriel blushed and nodded slowly, hugging his arms to himself.

Sephiroth suddenly felt guilt tugging at him. He turned and knelt beside him, lightly touching his cheek, "you... do love me then..."

Cloud hesitated before nodding he had a really bad feeling he was about to be incredibly hurt. "Yes.. I . do I love you, Sephiroth."

Zack had been listening in and his eyes widened and he slowly backed from the door. "Woah, we just need to be reallly quiet."

Sephiroth's face flushed deeply. He glanced away, "I'm sorry... I don't currently return the feeling, but... I'll try. I do like you a lot kid." he said, turning him towards himself and kissing him softly, "can you... accept that?"

Gabriel looked conscerned, "perhaps we should take a walk then?" he asked, watching the other.

Cloud nodded. It wasnt what he wanted, but it was a start. "Yeah..."He said, kissing him back. He really deep down couldn't.

Zack shook his head. "Nah their almost done."

"You can tell?" Gabriel asked, in awe. He couldnt help but marvel over how the other looked. The way his ass looked in those pants...

Sephiroth smiled, somewhat convinced, "alright then..."

Cloud smiled weakly. "See you again."

Zack snorted. "Yeah I think they are all telling one another that they love eachother."

Sephiroth smiled and kissed him again.

Gabriel sighed out, still watching Zack's body, "yeah... I like that...."

Cloud kissed him back, suddenly tearing up. "Yeah.. you should.. get back."

Zack stretched and growled. "I am sooo tempted to kick him out.."

Sephiroth frowned, "you arent happy...." he said, not moving.

"Leave them be," Gabriel sighed as he realized they were talking about different things.

Cloud sighed sadly. "I am not happy.. I.. this that we did.. I put everything into it, but it didn't mean anything.."

Zack raised an eyebrow. "Yeah, well we can't go anywhere, the guards are all out.."

Sephiroth sighed and leaned back against the bed, "come now, you cant expect everything good that you want to happen at once, can you?" he watched him, "I mean... you never know..."

"... nowhere inside the building," Gabriel corrected him, "there are several small pubs and resturants nearby."

Cloud felt himself get slightly angry. "Actually I can! Zack said he was going to hook us up and make us a couple.. and now.. it didn't even mean anything!"

Zack smiled. "Yeah but you have to get outside the compound before we can even think about going anywhere..."

"You expect Zack to control our entire relationship?" Sephiroth asked, "he only could push us together. We have to do the rest you know."

Gabriel took the other's hand, "come on... we'll make it out. Take it out on me if we're caught."

Cloud teared up even more, one tear spilling over. "I do want to make it work.. your the one being difficult!"

Zack sighed. "Oh.. alright, but use the vents.."

Sephiroth sighed, "please don't cry..." anything but that... he added to himself, "I'm sorry..." the words came without much thought, "I am trying hard to understand you."

"You arent comming with me??" Gabriel looked suddenly dissapointed and stopped walking.

"What is so hard to understand that I love you?" Cloud asked, eyes narrowed.

Zack smiled. "I am.. I just.. don't trust this trip..."

"That's not what I don't understand. What I don't understand is why you cannot see that I don't love you yet as I have just met you, but am looking foreward to better know you. Don't you see," Sephiroth rearranged himself in his seat, somewhat frustrated, "this wasn't worthless. I know more about you know than I ever dreamed to have wanted to know about you. All you have to do now, is make me fall in love with you."

"Why not???" Gabriel asked, "you looked dejected when I first met you so obviously you feel a bit alone and bored with your life. And you said yourself there is nowhere else to go..."

Cloud sighed and nodded. "I.. understand." He said, still not completely accepting it but accepting it enough to be able to get on with life. "I will succeed." He said, a determined fire igniting in his eyes.

Zack blinked. "Well.. obviously you haven't been here very long.. but come on, if we are going we had best go.." He said, crouchign down stealthily to look around a corner.

Sephiroth rose his eyebrows, "you think?" he asked, grinning slightly, "I'm not so sure... I haven't loved anyone in so long...."

Gabriel crouched behind Zack, hands on the other's lower back, "is it clear??"

Cloud entangled his hands into Sephiroth's own, making the daring mood to sit on the general's lap. "I know I will. And I will be everything for you and mroe." He whispered into the General's ear, using the hand that wasn't entwined to run through the general's silvery hair.

Zack nodded, absentmindedly grabbing the other's hand to drag him along with him as he moved to the next hallway, peeking around that corner. "Shit.. there's a guard.."

Sephiroth's eyes widened and he felt an off stirring sensation in his body, "umm... I don't think this is alowed in the rules..." he murmered, fighting the urge to kiss the other.

"grr..." Gabriel bit his lower lip in thought, "what now??"

"This is Shin-ra, there really is no rules." Cloud said, pulling back to look the general in the eyes. "I will be yours and you will be mine." He said, kissing the other on the lips gently.

Zack look the boy over. "Hmm are you a homophobe? I think you may be pretty enough to go hit on him and distract him until I give an all clear.

Sephiroth sighed out and kissed him back, falling for his 'trap'.

Gabriel scrunched his nose up in a frown, "ew.. I'm not gay..." he said, "I only like guys is all...." he looked the guard over once, "I could...." he stood and prepared himself, walking slowly to the guard, head down.

Cloud hugged the other tight to him. "You can't feel anything in this? Not even that spark of electricity that just cries out between us? Telling us to go on and be more?"

Zack blinked as he watched the other. He hoped he would be careful.

The guard appearaed to be sleeping against the wall, and didn't wake as the boy approached.

Sephiroth watched him silently, "i..." he started speaking, but stumbled over words, "I dont know what I feel..."

Gabriel started walking towards the guard, deciding to test his consciousness. He moaned and muttered, "oh gods..." as thought having an orgasmic spazm.

Cloud pouted lightly. "Seph.. you can't feel your heart beating like mine does? So fast because your scared and yet your so happy because your with the other?"

Zack went after him, grabbing the boy by the waist to continue their journey. "Time to go, look around that corner and I will look around this one, then we can get through the vents." He said, liking how the other seemed to fit into his hold.

Sephiroth nearly protested Cloud's question, but decided it wouldn't hurt to think about it. "... I feel a distinct rappid thudding if that's what you mean..."

"Alright, as long as you go first though..." Gabriel insisted, not explaining why he would prefer this.

Cloud smiled and kissed the stubborn general on the lips. "Yes. That is what I am talking about. Now what kind of thoughts are going through your very mind?" He asked, resting his head on the general's shoulder, lightly suckling on his neck as he did so, curious to see what he would say.

Zack rolled his eyes. "Scared-ass." He mumbled, climbing into the vent first as they found it and letting the other follow behind him."Don't forget to close it back."

Sephiroth shuddered at this, "you are really good at this..." he said truthfully, speaking his mind.

Gabriel pouted at this and closing the hatch after himself, "I'm not scarred..." he said softly, "I just get a good look at your ass when crawling behind you. Besides. I don't like people to stare at me..."

Cloud smiled lightly. "I am only saying what I am feeling.." He said, biting the general's neck.

Zack snorted but blushed, thankful the other couldn't see. "Oh waht, and your not gay, huh?" He asked, non believeing, moving foreward in the vent.

"I see...." Sephiroth murred, "you'd better be careful or I just might take you again."

"No, I'm not gay." Gabriel said, defending himself quickly, "true, I havent dated a girl before, nor have I ever been attracted to one. True I have strange reactions in so said body parts when seeing certain males, but. I'm not gay."

Cloud smiled and bit him harder. "If it will get you closer to loving me then please do.."

Zack rolled his eyes. "Yep, your gay." He said, making a turn in the vent. "Oh.. wow.. I found an ID card..Seph.. as a teenager!?" Zack errupted into laughter, looking at the more boy-ish form of the said general. "Oh my gods! I am so using this for blackmail!"

Sephiroth groaned and lifted Cloud, laying him back on the bed, "god... why do I need you so badly...." he asked, kissing on his chest softly.

Gabriel concidered objecting, but realized the other was probably right, "well... being gay isn't that bad I guess...." he muttered, barelly paying attention to the other, "are you gay then?" he asked somewhat hopefully.

Cloud kissed him more and hugged him tighter. "Because we were made to want one another." He said, suckling the general's ear.

Zack shrugged. "I guess I could do either.. well no I couldn't.. yeah im probably gay..what do you like in men?" He asked as he placed the general's ID in his pocket. He kept crawling and finally found the opening. He glanced out and grinned as he realized it was the way out. "I will go first and I want you to jump into my arms okay?" He asked, pushing the vent open, looking around curiously, when seeing noone he rolled out and held his arms open for the other.

"Mmn... I think so..." Sephiroth said, caressing him as he continued to pamper his body.

Gabriel's face flushed and he swung his legs out to dangle over the edge of the vent, "how do I now you wont drop me???" He asked cautiously, "anyways, I love everything about men... how they look, how they act, their curious little habbits... hmmn..." he went off in thought.

Cloud moaned into the caresses, arching against the other. "Please, gods Seph..I need you.."

Zack laughed. "Hurry up and jump down!" He said, trying to snap the other out of his dream ."I'm first class I wont drop you."

"Hmm... tell me how you wish for me to treat you..." Sephiroth insisted.

"Ah-!" Gabriel was startled and quickly dropped from it toward the other, eyes closed.

"With love and care." Cloud said, a light smile on his lips, prepared for the worst reactions.

Zack caught him easily, laughing as he set the other on his feet. "There, not so bad, right?" He asked, croushing down as he neared the gate of the compound, when they got over that they were free..for a while.

"Of course..." Sephiroth grinned and continued down the other's chest, pressing his lips below the other's navel area, "hmm... you are so beautiful..." he murmered.

Gabriel crossed his ars indigdantly, following the other, "we're almost there???"

Cloud smiled, sitting up. He pushed the other back onto the bed gently. "Hmm, I think your the one that needs special treatment my love." He said in a very un-like him statement before kissing down the general's chest, nipping, licking and sucking wherever he felt was necessary.

Zack nodded. "Yeah, calm down." He said, looking at the gate. "Climb on my back, I need to climb to the top and over and I doubt you'll be able to do it on your own."

Surprised, Sephiroth groaned at each of the touches inflicted by the other, body raising to meet his lips.

Gabriel blushed and stared at the other in disbelief, "are you purposefully trying to make me think of all of the wonderful things possible in these positions???" he asked, climbing on his back.

Cloud smiled and he licked the other, moving further down, happy that they were still undressed form their earlier coupling. He licked along the general's lower stomach, sliding his tongue around the base of his cock.

Zack laughed. "Sure am.. no actually I just want some damned alcohol.." He said, making sure the other had a good grip before starting the climb. When at the top he carefully swung his foot over and then the other and began his journey down.

Eyes shut tightly, Sephiroth made several loud appreciative moans at this, finding the need to be taken into his mouth.

Gabriel clung to the other for dear life, face burried into the back of his neck. He wouldnt accept for his life that he was afraid of heights.

Cloud moved up along the general's shaft, licking all along it as he did so, swirling his tongue around the tip, sucking it hard.

Zack tried to not laugh on the way down at how tight the other was clinging ."Guess what.. not only are we down.. but we can go to those pubs now.."

Sephiroth moaned out, thrusting out slightly into the other's mouth.

"Ah!!!" Gabriel quickly said, still holding fast to the other.

Cloud slipped the general further into his mouth, making sure the suction on the other was as tight as he could make it.

Zack smirked and grabbed the other's hand as he had done earlier that night, leading him about. "Which one first?"

Sephiroth called out the other's name and his hand moved to the other's hair, fingers weaving theselves in it.

Gabriel glanced curiously at the hand holding his own and smiled. It made him feel oddly happy and warm inside.

Cloud moaned around his lover's length, taking in as much of it as he could.

Zack let go of Gabriel's hand when they reached the street.."Which one?" He asked again, wondering if the other was ever going to answer him.

Knowing he was getting closer to his climax, Sephiroth let the other know by calling out softly to him.

"Oh...!" Gabriel looked at him, face flushed, "you asked me that already, huh...? Well... I know that place's good," he pointed towards one of the nearest to them.

Cloud decided to let the general finish himself off, sucking harder and stroking over his skin.

Zack nodded, leading the other in, they didn't need id since they were soldier. He grinned. "Hey your right.. this place is kind of nice."

Groaning once more, Sephiroth released into the other's mouth, back arching against the bed slightly.

Gabriel glanced at him and took his arm, leading him to the counter, "the heaviest stuff you've got and several rounds of it," he instructed, "we'll be in the booth in the corner. It's on him," he added, grinning.

Cloud licked the other clean, kissing him soundly as he did so. "Hmm.. Seph.. I love you." He said in bearly a whisper against the other's lips.

Zack paled. "Hey! What the hell! I'm paying?? Oh well." Zack sighed and resigned to his fate, going to their booth after paying about forty three gil.

Sephiroth was silent for a moement before smiling softly and whispering, "I... love you too," in return, "now go to sleep...."

Gabril sat across from the other, "you didn't have to take me serious you know..." he said, smiling softly, "I was going to pay half..." he took the mug handed to him and downed it quickly, handing it back for a refil.

Cloud smiled softly and nodded, climbing under his bed covers and watching as Sephiroth stood to go.

Zack rolled his eyes. "Too late for that isn't it?" He asked, sitting down across from the other. "So now that we are here.. at a bar with alcohol, what can we do besides get drunk?"

Sephiroth grabbed his clothes and stooped down over the other, pushing back strands of his hair and kissing him on the forhead softly before drawing back out of the room.

"Hmm.." Gabriel murred, working on downing his second beer, "well... we'll see. People do pretty dumb stuff when drunk."

Cloud smiled faintly, curling up into bed, wishing that the other would stay and sleep next to him. "Night seph." He mumbled, closing his eyes.

Zack grinned. "Yeah I know. I got the general drunk once and he started stripping.. good times."

Sephiroth retreated quickly and silently, returning to his room and quickly going to slumber.

"Hmmm... it sounds like you have a thing for this general.... why didnt you end up with him?"

Zack snorted. "Seph and I have never had a ..thing togethrer. The most we have shared is one kiss and that was because he was feeling insecure about himself. I don't like him like that, besdies I saved him for Cloud. What about you?"

"Me?" Gabriel leaned back in his seat and watched the other, steadfast, "I think I'm falling for someone, but am not ready to admit it to myself or him...."

"Awe well.. then tell them.. get drunk and tell them. It helps."

"Ah...." Gaberiel tapped his finger against the glass and glanced away from him momentarilly, blushing. He distracted himself from his own thoughts by emptying the glass and asking for another.

Zack had about three more beers before he was feeling a bit warm and tipsy. "So, wanna go and .. well everyone is dancing.. so we should too."

"Hmm.. but dont expect me to lead... I dont know how to dance worth shit..." his words hadnt yet begun to slur together, but he was getting there... He got slowly to his feet, nearly falling on him as he reached for his arm.

Zack grabbed the other's hand and grinned as he stumbled around, pulling the other into a mixed dance.

"You dance much...?" Gabriel asked him, moving against him slightly as he adjusted himself to better move with him.

Zack nodded. "Yes, we don't really have anything else to learn at the compound." He said, spinning the other around.

Gabriel smiled as he came back to dance beside him again, "you're good..." he murred, moving to a somewhat slower dance and resting his head on the other's shoulder, facing his neck.

Zack moved with him, holding the other close. "So. We can have to share my bed. Or you can grab the floor.. or sleep in cloud's bed..?"

"I dont know Cloud, I want to sleep with you," he said quickly and earnestly, arms about his waist.

"That sounds good." Zack replied, spinning the other around again.

"Yeah?" Gabriel asked, smiling at him, "well I hope you dont mind my staying in our company for a while... I'm begining to grow fond of you..."

"Hell I don't think that we can not be fond of me." Zack said, grinning egotisticly

Gabriel raised an eyebrow suspiciously and drew nearer, no longer dancing, "then I dare you to get anybody in this room right now and kiss them. I'm sure they wouldnt mind as you're so irresistable," he rolled his eyes, smiling.

"Ha ha ha.. fine." Zack said, grabbing some random person and kissing them. He had done it with his eyes closed, grabbing onto Gabriel and kissing him.

Gabriel blushed and kissed him back, licking the other's lips and pulling back, "nice job genious..." he smiled weakly.

Zack grinned. "You taste like my drink." He said, laughing and leaning on the other. "Can I drink you all up?"

"Hm... only if you can fit me all in your mouth... I'm a big boy you know," Gabriel winked.

"Ohhh really now?" Zack asked, smiling widely as he licked the other's neck. "I bet I can take it." He was suddenly finding himself aroused and didn't know how to best avoid the situation with a alcohol clouded mind.

Gabriel blushed deeply and moaned softly, "I wouldnt do that love..." he warned him.

Zack chuckled and continued, not really caring. He also grabbed another drink from the bar, sighing. "Mnn this is good and fun."

Gabriel, still blushing, glared at the other slightly pouting, "mhm... sit," he instructed, pointing to a seat nearby.

Zack did as he was told, getting another drink. "So bossy.. I like it."

Gabriel smiled, face flushed. He took another drink in his hands nd pushed his hair back from his face as he climbed into the other's lap.

Zack felt his eyes widen but slipped his arms around the back of the other. "Hmm how about a drink?"

Gabriel nodded and downed another, "yes... sure why not...?" he leaned against the other, sloppily kissing him on the cheek and finding himself giggling.

Zack laughed through the kiss on the cheek. "Hey now..someone is being .. disturbingly messy."

Gabriel laughed dryly, "oh shut it..." he grumbled, kissing him softly on the lips.

Zack kissed him back, mind practically swimming with alcohol. "Hmm you still taste good." He said somewhat huskily.

"Yeah?" Gabriel continued to kiss upon him, not thinking of it, "you should take me back to your place now... I'm tired."

"Yeah I know.. do you remember the way through the vents?" He asked, kissing him back.

"... I guess... why?" Gabriel frowned and pushed a long strand of his black hair behind his ear, "you're comming, right???"

"Yes, I just might not remember." He said, shrugging." Well let's go." He said, standing up slightly unbalanced.

Gabriel laughed at this and held onto him, stumbling himself as he walked. Mind fuzzy.

Somehow they made it badk to the vent, through it and too Zack's room, Zack had giggled the whole way and his stomach hurt from it. "I soo can't believe we got away with that.." He said, using a keycard to open the door.

Still clinging to Zack, he reluctantly let go and moved to stretch out on his bed, 'yeah.... I dont think it'd happen twice though.""

"Probably not." He said, sliding into bed next to the other.He cuddled up next to him, pulling the younger boy next to him. He wondered if Cloud was asleep.

Cloud yawned and sat up. "Hey Zax.. im... goin to cuddle seph." He said, getting up and litteraly sleep walking to Sephiroth's room, knocking on the door.

Gabriel snuggled closer to the other, drifting off.

Sephiroth growled at the noise and pulled himself to his feet, annoyed at being roused as he pulled the door open, surprised to see Cloud.

Zack went to sleep as well, nuzzling the other as he did so.

Cloud grinned lazily. "Sorry to bother you.. errr but could I.. maybe come in and .. sleep with you?"

Sephiroth watched him blankly for a second, blinking. He turned and went back to lay in his bad, not saying anything and leaving the door open.

Cloud came in, shutting the door quietly behind him, climbing into bed with the other, nuzzlig him. "Gooodnight my love."

"Mhm... night..." Sephiroth kissed him quickly on the forhead, drifting back to sleep.

In the morning many of Shin-ra's occupants found themselfs in strange positions. Zack had woke and was trying to not panic at the other next to him. Cloud was still asleep and Vincent had woken after having one very peculiar dream of a certain red-head.

"What in the hell.. I need coffe.." Vincent mumbled, sighing, pinching the bride of his nose in hopes to relieve the headache a little. "I guess I get to go find it." He got out of bed and headed towards the kitchens after dressing and combing out his hair.

Zack poked the other next to him. "Umm hey.. errmmm..."

Sephiroth woke after a moment, but didnt budge and merely gazed at Cloud's tossled head, thinking deeply.

Reno, who had been tossibg and turning almost all night thought the same thought of coffee and threw on his uniform, brushing his teeth and pulling his hair back into a loose ponytail before leaving for the kitchens.

Gabriel awoke at this and looked at Zack, eyes widening and jumping back, pulling the covers about himself tightly, "who the fuck are you!? Pervert!!!" he shouted, stumbling to his feet, aftermath of drinking hitting him.

Cloud snuggled closer to the other, seeking warmth.

Vincent yawned tiredly as he grabbed his coffee mug from the counter where he had left it the night before and filled it with fresh coffee, sitting in a chair.

Zack grabbed the sides of his head, hissing in pain as a headache errupted in him. "HEY keep it down man!" He said, a hangover pulling at him. "It's not like I know what the hell happened either."

Sephiroth smiled and kissed his cheek softly, "wake up now Cloud... come on..." he shook him gently.

Reno turned a corner to the coffee counter and froze in his spot as his eyes fell upon Vincent's head. "you..." he muttered, glaring at him.

Gabriel sat, crosslegged on the ground and watched Zack wearilly, trying to make sence of things, "well... you are drop dead gorgeous... we both have splitting headaches it seems... hmmm..." he looked up at him, "did you ask me out yesterday?"

Cloud woke a little. "Hmm Seph.. do we have to get up right away?" He asked, nuzzling the other.

"Morning/" Vincent said, practically ignoring the other, reading over a file that had been delieverd to him.

"No.. you wanted to go drinking I think." Zack said, not remembering more then that.

"Not if you dont want darling...." Sephiroth told him, kissing him now on the lips softly.

Reno decided to sulk latter and reched past the other to grab a cup. He hated being ignored.

Gabriel sighed, "oh well... if that's true then you cant be pure evil. Sorry for calling you a pervert," he said, not looking very sorry at all.

Cloud smiled, "Will you stay in bed with me?" He asked, kissing him.

Vincent smirked and let the other get a cup. "Oh by the way, Turk. That's the General's cup..."

Zack snorted and nodded, turning back over. "Whatever, im going back to bed."

"Of course," Sephiroth moved slightly so his head was slighty levitated, propped up on his arm.

Reno's face flushed indigdantly he dropped the cup, "how can you speak to me so calmly after tormenting me last night?!"

Gabriel got slightly annoyed and irritated that he ignored him. He moved closer to him and shook his arm slightly, "no..." he said, "not yet! I feel I need to remember you. Dont you???"

Cloud kissed him a little more. "Yes..Thank you seph. I love you."

Vincent caught the cup before it could shatter. "Tormenting you how?" He asked cooly, pretending to not know.

Zack huffed. "I just have a headache man.... im so damn tired.. I remember... something about you being new.." He caught site of the old id card. "Oh yeah! I remember we crawled throught he vents to go drinking.."

Sephiroth smiled softly, "mmn.. I love you too... I cant seem to get enough of you."

Irritated, Reno sat on the counter in front of the other, refusing for it to end this way, "you...!" he couldnt seem to find the words.

".. we danced..." Gabriel said softly, remembering and leaning on the other instinctively.

cloud blushed darkly. "I know what you feel" He said, running his fingers through silver hair.

Vincent raised an eyebrow."Don't think too hard, Turk, you'll be as red as your hair."

Zack recalled it a little and smiled."Yeah..."

Sephiroth nodded slightly and kissed him several times along the cheek.

At hearing this, Reno did, in fact, turn several different shades of red, "I... Nothings wrong with my hair...!"

Gabriel smiled as well, "something tells me we were intimite as well... hey, are you with a boyfriend??"

Cloud smiled appreciatively, kissing the other on the lips. "Thank you seph."

Vincent smirked. "No.. in fact I quite like your hair.." He said, practically purring.

Zack raised an eyebrow. "No.. why? And I don't think we did more then a kiss..."

"No. Thank you. You have quite transformed me..."

Reno didnt think it was possible, but he managaed to blush deeper, "oh..." he felt suddenly embarrased and knew not what to say or do.

"Neither do I... I was merely wondering," Gabriel said quickly, drawing back.

Cloud smiled. "How so?" He asked, closing his eyes again.

Vincent laughed at the other's uncomfortable way. "So. I guess I will see you around?" He asked, standing, setting his cup in the sink.

Zack felt his eyebrow raise. "What's wrong?"

"You have made me open my heart to you of course," Sephiroth said, kissing him again.

Reno scrambled to his feet, fighting the urge to reach for him, "wait... that's it????"

Gabriel shrugged, "nothing I suppose... go to sleep you wanted to..." he turned away and busied himself with playing with the carpet.

Cloud blushed. "Thank you Seph.. thank you so much." He said, burrying his face in the other's chest.

Vincent turned around, his expression amused. "What were you expecting?"

Zack rolled his eyes. "Night then." Hesaid somewhat short, closing his eyes.

"You're welcome love...." Sephiroth said, holding the other to himself.

Reno looked at him indigdantly, "you were completely hitting on me last night and now you will barelly say anything to me. What do you think I expect??!"

Gabriel leaned back against the bed with a sigh, "oh well.." he said more to himself than anyone.

Cloud smiled and started to drift back to sleep.

Vincent smirked. "Don't look so far into it, things aren't always what they seem."

Zack sighed. "Look.. it was comfy with another person in the bed.. would you get back up here?"

Sephiroth smiled softly, "so much for waking...." he said, not moving to rise the other.

"So," Reno crossed his arms, "are you always on a mission to decieve the hearts of poor innocent and sweet sweet redheaded soldiers?" he grinned.

Gabriel flushed slightly but obliged and climbed carefully over the other to lay on the bed, facing him. "I... feel odd..."

Cloud slept peacefully, feeling completely happy burried into the comforter and sheets that held the other's scent.

Vincent grinned as well. "If I didn't decieve you , you would do the same to me." He said kissing Reno on the cheek. "See you around." He said, turning to leave.

Zack raised an eyebrow. "How so?"

Sephiroth watched the other sleep for a moment before standing and dressing. He had decided that perhaps he should thank Zack for doing this all for them as he made his way to the other's room.

Reno blinked and lightly touched the spot of his cheek that had been kissed, "O-oi!! You cant just do that!" he huffed, comming to his sences in the right mind to jump on the other. Instead he followed him.

Gabriel shrugged, "its like I got married last night and cannot place the reception..."

Zack raised an eyebrow. "I kidn of feel like that too...." He said, laughing."Awe wel.... good times."

Vincent rolled his eyes. "I can and I did, what are you going to do about it, Turk?"

"Yeah... may I kiss you??" Gabriel asked, cutting to the chase.

"I see that you're playing it the hard way so just know I'm not giving into your antics," Reno said indigdantly, watching him.

Zack shrugged. "Don't see why not, it isn't like we haven'tever kissed befor." He said, turning to face the other.

Vincent smirked, pressing reno into a wall, sliding a thigh against the other's groin, kissing him hard on the lips and letting go before the other could respond. "Hmmm I think you will."

Gabriel nodded slightly and hesitated before moving foreward to kiss him softly.

Reno, who was expecting nothing of the sort felt somewhat dizzy with excitement, body stirring as stood. "that... wasnt fair..." he breathed.

Zack kissd the other boy back, sliding his fingers along the face of the other in a caring gentle way.

Vincent shrugged. "Your a Turk, that word shouldn't be in your vocabulary."

Gabriel deepened the kiss, pulling himself closer to the other's body.

Reno sighed, "I really wish you'd stop calling me that.... God... why do I get stuck with you over anyone else??!" he frowned, "you cant even own up to your feelings for me, no matter how trivial." He was playing at his words purposefully, trying to get some emotion out of the other.

Zack relaxed into the kiss, holding the other just as tight. He liked the way the other's lips felt on his own.

Vincent's reaction was to do a very unlike him thing and turn around, blowing the red-haired turk a kiss. "What feelings?"

Gabriel pulled back momentarilly to steady his breathing. Face flushed, he gazed at the other, at loss for words.

Unable to take it, Reno moved foreward quickly and took the other's extended hand in his own, pulling himself towards Vincent and kissing him upon the lips, "can you really tell me you know nothing of what I'm saying??" he asked softly.

Zack was rather red as well. "Hmnnn..that was.. nice..."

Vincent had kissed him back but only a little. "Yes.."He wasnt ready to accept a lover. " I can say that. I am surprised in you Turk. Getting worked up."

Cloud woke and went to find his lover, yawning, walking through the halls in his boxers and an overly large shirt that may have been seph's by accident.

"Yeah..." Gabriel smiled softly at him, before laughing gently.

Reno sighed, "so am I..." he pulled back from Vincent and shook his head to himself, having nothing more to say to the other. He gazed into a distant corner of the room.

Sephiroth leaned back against Zack's bedroom door. Something had told him it wouldnt be wise to enter yet. He looked up as Cloud neared, eyes wide. "What are you doing!?!" he demanded, comming to him, "get some clothes on! I dont want people looking at you in desire!!"

Zack kissed him once more before hearing the general. "Hmm yep they're so made for eachotehr."

Vincent pondered the other, slipping his hand under his chin, tilting his face up for a gentle kiss. "You really are sensitive. I am sorry." He said, kissing him again, lingering in case the other were to deepen it.

Cloud blushed darkly and held to the other. "Sorry Seph." He said with a giggled. "I wanted to find you is all." He said, kissing him while standing on his tiptoes. "Hmm your so tall." He yawned and started practically sleepwalking to the room again.

Gabriel looked surprised, "what was that??!"

Reno let out an involuntary sigh and kissed him in return, momentarilly relaxing against the other.

Sephiroth frowned and urshered the other back to his bedroom, "get some pants on," he instructed, unable to keep from noticing how cute the other looked this way.

Zack blinked. "Seph and Cloud.. you didn't just hear them out there?"

Vincent held him close, kissing his cheek and neck. "So.. now can I see you around? I have work to do."

Cloud laughed nervously. "But Seph, my pants arent in your room.. and yours would be too big." He said, clinging to the other.

"That was them??" Gabriel made a small effort to sit up, but ended up laying down again.

Reno sighed out, "hell yeah..." he said, smiling.

Sephiroth looked Cloud over, dismissing the matter, "hmm... no matter... I like how you look in this anyways."

Zack nodded, closing his eyes. "Man.. my head still hurts."

Vincent smiled at the other, going to his office and shutting the door. He never had any work to do so he did tell a small lie in that. He merely reclined in his chair and looked up at the ceiling.

Cloud blushed, loking up and kissing the other. "I love you, Seph."

Gabriel smoothed back Zack's hair, kissing his forhead softly, "I know what you mean..."

Reno sighed again and decided to pick himself up and find someone to complain to. He hurridly gathered his coffee and left in search for... anybody.

Sephiroth smiled as he kissed him back, craftilly slidding his tounge past the others lips.

Zack blinked. "Woah.. are we a couple now?"

Vincent began falling asleep at his desk, bored as he could be.

Cloud moaned and wrapped his arms about the other. "Sephiroth... general.. are you still going to train me?"

Gabriel smiled and climbed atop him, kissing him again, "we might as well be..."

Sephiroth grinned, "yes... after dinner," he said, proceding to kiss him.

Zack blinked "Ummmmmm.... okay.." He said, kissing him back.

Cloud smiled and kissed him back. "Do I have to go to training today? I mean I want to go with you but not with searg."

Sighing as he realised many people were still asleep, Reno made his way to Vincent's office after stopping by his room for supplied. He scoffed as he saw that Vincent was sleeping. Smiling softly, he took out his handcuffs, attacthing the man to his chair before craftilly taking off the other's clothes.

Gabriel kissed him back and stood, "come on... I'm hungry."

"What do you mean??" Sephiroth said, frowning slightly, "you are not dedicated to your training?"

Vincent's eyes shot open and he panicked. "What the hell..." He asked , trying to remove the cuffs to get to his gun.

Zack followed after him, blinking as he saw Sephiroth and Cloud. "Hey guys." He said, hurrying past him.

Cloud pouted. "Well... I am.. I just.. wanted to spend time with you today. You can train me all you want though."

"Calm yourself Vincent... your legs are secured as well..." Reno moved up and kissed him, "you had it comming... teasing me like that." He crossed his arms one over the other.

Gabriel smiled and led him back to the kitchens, "alright... hmm... what do I want to eat..." he tapped his lip thoughtfuly.

Sephiroth nodded, "yes... I see. But if you stop for even a day... no. We'll continue."

Vincent blushed very lightly as he looked up at the other with a soft glare.

Zack just grabbed some cereal, looking ni the refrigerator for milk.

Cloud nodded. "I know.. so general.. let me get my uniform on." He walked past him into Zack's room and dressed. Upon exiting he grinned, his sword in hand. "Hey! I remembered it this time!"

As Reno managed to undress the other, he pulled out a tube of lubricant out and rubbed it carfully over the other's form.

Gabriel sighed and decieded to follow suit, "what rank are you??" he asked suddenly curious.

Sephiroth smiled and nodded, "alright... you are ready then?? Show me what you've got so we can work on it. I have no sword. Attack me."

Vincent felt his eyes widen, biting back a moan. "What are you doing, Turk?"

Zack grinned. "General's second in command, Soldier first class. What about you?"

Cloud nodded, side stepping and doing as his lover told him.

Reno's hands slid about the other's manhood, caressing it, "hmm... you'll see..."

"Yeah?? Well... Frankly, I dont know what I am..." Gabriel sighed, "I need help with all this stuff."

Sephiroth easilly side stepped the other, making a mental note of how he moved and where. "Alright stop. Not bad."

Vincent moaned in ecstasy, thrusting his hips in the other's first.

Zack grinned. "If your jut starting with no military experience then your just a Cadet."

Cloud nodded. "What do I need to improve?"

Reno moved forward to kiss Vincent's neck as he worked on him, a free hand moving to undo his own pants.

"Ow..." Gabriel winced, pretending to be offended, "do you have to say just a Cadet??"

Sephiroth hesitated, "well... everybody has room for improvement. Even myself. But I'm not about to sit here and list the things you need to change. Um... I'm going to start giving you odd working sessions. Just know this; never question what I tell you to do."

Vincent layed back and enjoyed the other's movements, eyes closed and mind wanting to have the other proceed.

Cloud nodded. "I trust you." He said, smiling and kissing him.

Zack grinned. "Ohh well when you get to my level I will call you soldier."

Reno climbed atop the other's lap, positioning himself so that the other's cock slid into him, bitting back a moan.

Sephiroth nodded, "alright," he said, "we're stopping for a bit... I need to plan this out...:

Gabriel pouted, and glared at him lightly at the other, "how long will that take??"

Vincent practically growled in pelasure, moaning from deep in his throat, wanting to kiss the other hard as the hot tightness that was Reno encased him.

Cloud nodded, kissing him again. "Okay.. I am going to go find Zack.. unless you want to spend time together."

Zack shrugged. "Ohhh maybe a year or two with diligent training."

"Mmn..." Reno groaned, finding he wanted to be held and glancing at the other before undoing his bindings.

"Umm... either is fine..." Sephiroth said distractidly.

"Will you help me then??"

Vincent immediately wrapped his arms about the other, setting a hard and fast pace.

Cloud smiled and kissed the taller man's neck, having to lean against him and stand on tip toe to do it.

Zack nodded. "Sure thing." He said, ruffling his new love's hair. "But, we have to get seph to train you a little too."

Reno moaned out as the other moved within him, hands placed on the other's head as fingers threaded through hair.

Sephiroth smiled and bent over to kiss him better, "alright..." he said, pulling back slightly, "go find Zack.. I need to think."

Gabriel thought of it, "wont he be too busy to train only a Cadet??"

Vincent moved faster into the other, kissing his neck as he moaned aginst flush skin.

Cloud nodded. "Alright, see you later. Cloud said, running off to find said general's second.

Zack smiled. "Hell Cloudy boy here is only a cadet and he is trianing him." Zack said, gesturing as cloud came in.

A slight growling sound issued from Reno's throat and he held the other closer to himself.

Gabriel looked up at Cloud as entered, a single eyebrow rising. He had wondered what kind of person he was.

Vincen't wasn't going to last much longer, the other was just to great feeling around him. "close.."

Cloud pouted at Zack. "What was that abotu Zack?"

Zack grinned at cloud. "Well everyone knows you get special treatment because your Seph's bitch.."

Reno murmered something in agreement, moving a hand down to stroke himself as they both neared climax.

Gabriel tried so hard not to laugh and he busied himself with looking anywhere but at the other two. He drummed his fingers casually against the desk.

Vincent came after a particullary hard and deep thrust into the other. "Reno.." He said, muttering the turk's name for the first time.

Cloud huffed. "Zack.. you suck. Your the one who made me his bitch."

"Ah but you wouldn't have been made his bitch if you didn't want to be so."

Reno blushed and came as well, quickly kissing the other on the lips.

"I like chocolate," Gabriel supplied, raising his hand.

Vicnent kissed him back, catching his breath. "Well, this was different."

Zack grinned. "Do you? Oh Cloud, this is my.. ermm,... boyfriend, Gabriel."

Cloud raised an eyebrow. "Hello pleased to meet you. Damn Zack.. a boyfriend already?"

Reno laughed softly, "you could say that I guess... I couldnt help it."

Gabriel grinned, "yes... it's the most pequliar story... I never imagined... I didn't think I was gay."

Vincent nodded. "Obviously you can't take it when someone toys with you, can you?"

Cloud laughed. "Leave it to Zack to turn people gay."

"Hey man. You guys are the ones that are gay.. I just help you notice it."

"Of course not," Reno said, grinning, "I toy with people... I cant be toyed with..."

Gabriel pouted at his boyfriend, "yeah... sure. It's your fault, you know."

"If yuo say so." Vincent said, standing and gathering his things to get his point across dressing quickly. "See you around turk." He said, smirking as he walked out.

Cloud laughed and pointed at Zack. "Told you man."

Zack galred. "Oh shut up, I don't see you two complaining."

Reno glared at the other as he left, but once he was out of sight, the glare softened into a smile.

"... No, I'm not..." Gabriel smiled and threw his arms about the other's neck, kissing him rapturously.

Vincent went to his rooms, jumping in the shower to be clean from the earlier happenings.

Zack's eyes widened and he kissed the other back, handing cloud Sephiroth's old id card. "Hey, show that to the general." He said, grinning, "Don't let him have it though, I want to use it for blackmail." He said between kisses, going back to making out with his lover as Cloud left.

Cloud went to look for said general, smiling softly at the id photo.

Reno sat momentarilly before stanidng and deciding to shower. He went to the showers and grinned as he saw the other. Stripping quickly, he moved to stand behind the other, wrapping his arms about his waist and stopping to kiss the other on the back of the neck.

Gabriel kissed him deeply, saddling him with his lips.

Sephiroth sat in his room at his desk, scriibbling notes to himself.

vincent turned around with lightening speed, fury turning to softened warmth as he saw the other. "Oh, hello. You almost died."

Zack slipped his hands about the other's thighs, pulling him up against him.

Cloud quietly walked where the general was, smiling. "Hey Seph.. Zack found this last night, said to show it to you but he needs it back."

Reno smiled and kissed him quickly on the lips, "yeah... I'm your personal stalker for the day..."

Gabriel groaned, somewhat surprised by the turn of events but went with it.

Sephiroth turned, confused, "hmm... what is it?"

Vincent returned the kiss. "I noticed. And what are you hoping to accomplish?"

Zack kissed the other on the neck, holding him tighter against himself.

Cloud showed him the id. "Your.. so young in that."

Reno shrugged, "I dont know... but this sure as hell makes me happy..."

Gabriel moaned softly at the contact, hand moving to slide up the other's shirt.

Sephiroth frowned as he looked at it, "what the.... where..?:

Vincent smirked. "Don't be ahppy for too long, turk." He said, grinning.

Zack suddenly backed away. "Umm maybe we shouldn't.. I .. the farthest I have gone with a man is kissing.."

Cloud shrugged. "Zack smells like alcohol.. maybe he found it on his way to the bars?"

Reno raised an eyebrow, "why?"

Gabriel watched him with interest, "I havent had sex with anybody before... It'd be new to me too."

Sephiroth felt a strong urge to laugh, "well... I suppose he wants this back..." he said, fighting the temptation to snatch the ID and tear it.

Vincent shrugged. "I don't stick around for too long."

Zack blushed. "Errrmmm.. then.. we should hold off on it.. for a while."

Cloud blushed. "Umm.. if I didn't give it back to Zack.. could I keep it instead?"

Reno frowned, "what the hell do you mean by that???"

Gabriel watched him a bit before sighing and leaning back in his chair, "I understand..."

Sephiroth looked up at the other and blinked, understanding comming over him as he smiled softly, "ah... to remember me by...? That is so cute..." Smiling still, he reached a hand up and stroked the other's cheek with his thumb,

"It means, that you are going to have to fight for it if your wanting a relation out of me."

Zack kissed his cheek. "I mean.. besides we just got together and I don't want us to be.. sex-based."

Cloud blushed and nodded. "Yeah.. especially if I am. out ni a fight.. you know? I want to be able to see it when times are rough." Cloud said, leaning his head into the carress.

Reno laughed softly, "of course I'm gonna fight for it damnit. I didnt bond you to your chair for the hell of it."

Gabriel's eyes widened, "oh, no I hope that's not what you think I want! I'm sorry... no, I..." he shook his head rappidly, "I just thought... it was the moment, and..."

Sephiroth held the other's head in his hand momentarilly before moving foreward to kiss him, "you are just plain adorible..."

"You'd be surprised." Vincent said, his smirk still in place. "Pretty soon you'll forget about me."

Zack smiled and held the other. "I know that I just mean.. that is my reason for not letting it go further."

Cloud continued to blush, kissing Sephiroth back. "And you're incredibly handsome and strong."

Reno frowned, "I dont think so..."

Gabriel thought about it, "okay..." he said, not truly understanding but agreeing.

Sephiroth smiled, "Oh?"

Vincent kissed him. "Well I am getting out of the showers, I have to report to Rufus and then I have a mission."

Zack smiled and kissed him. "You'll get it eventually."

Cloud nodded, completely shy now. "Yes. I mean it."

"Oh..." a look of dissapointment came over Reno, "well... be careful," he placed a hand on the other's chest, looking up at him, "i dont say this often, so... I mean it."

Gabriel giggled, "I'd better..."

Upon hearing this, Sephiroth stood and pulled the other into his arms.

Vincent nodded. "Don't worry I will come back.. and all so I can toy with you a little."

Zack smiled. "I promise you will. Now go suit up soldier."

Cloud hugged onto the other. "I love you."

Reno blushed darkly, "oh... is that it..." he laughed slightly to get rid of his embarrasment.

Surprised by this, Gabriel leapt to his feet and soluted, "yes sir!!"

Sephiroth smiled, "yes... and I love you... my Cloud..."

Vincent nodded solemnly, going to get a towel. "Well, I suppose I will be seing you around again. You shouldn't stalk people."

Zack laughed and waited for the other to leave before he himself went back to the room to suit up.

Cloud blushed. "Do you meant it?" Cloud looked up into Sephiroth's eyes, mako green meeting with saphire blue.

Reno laughed louder, "yeah? I only stalk you. But I guess I will hold off on it..." his expression suddenly became sober, "i will miss you..." he said, voice barelly above a whisper.

Gabriel hurried off to get changed before he realized he still didnt know where his bedroom was. Scoffing at his stupidity, he came to a stop.

'I wouldnt have said it if I didnt mean it."

Vincent let a rare smile slip onto his lips and he kissed the other lightly. "See you next time." He said, leaving the bathroom to go to his own rooms and changing before trying to get some much needed rest. His mission was to be a tough one.

Zack had been following behind him. "Hey, Just borrow one of my uniforms.. it may be a bit big but it will do." Zack said, smiling.

Cluod blushed and hugged him. "Thank you so much."

Reno smied softly at this and let him self drift back to the lobby having sloppilly redressed, and ploped down on the couch.

Face flushed, Gabriel nodded and follwed alongside Zack to his room, "thank you..." he said, undooing his shirt, "where is it?"

"No... thank you..." Sephiroth said, kissing his forhead, "now come on before I decide to ravish you."

Vincent smiled at thoughts of Reno. The other had already grown on him so much. He sighed. Would it be so weak of him to have the other beside him as he slept?

Zack grinned, pulling out one of his outfits from teh closet. "here you are."

Cloud smiled and kissed the older man. "Go where?"

Reno yawned slightly and stretched out on the couch.

Gabriel smiled and quickly removed his shirt. He moved his hands to his pants and remembered, scrutinizing the other, "close your eyes," he said.

Sephiroth shrugged, "anywhere I suppose."

Vincent slept soundly as he thought of the other.

Zack laughed and did as he was told. "Whats the matter? Scared I will see you naked?"

Cloud nodded. "Okay.. well let's go out in the field."

"No.." Gabriel muttered, stubornly, "I don't want to have to jump on you is all..." he added as he slipped out of his pants.

Sephiroth took the other's arm and led him towards the door, "to think.... what this will do to my reputation.." he laughed.

Zack grinned, playfully peaking to catch a glimpse of the other.

Cloud smiled. "Awe, they are just jealous seph."

Seeing this, Gabriel blushed deeply and lunged forward, taking the other's hands in his own as though to stop him from peeking, but at the same time forgetting that his pants were still about his legs. Giving a small cry of surprise, Gabriel fell to his knees, bringing the other with him.

Sephiroth grinned, "I bet..." he clapsed the other's hand in his own and brought it up to his lips, kissing it softly.

Zack blushed at the other. "You were soo waiting for me to get you on the ground." He said teasingly, standing to help the other up.

Cloud blushed at this. "Seph... you make me.. blush."

Gabriel stood with the other's help, face scarlet, "noo..." he protested.

Sephiroth supressed a grin, "yeah??"

"No what?" Zack asked, raising an eyebrow at the other.

Cloud kissed his neck. "Seph.. make me yours?"

Watching the other, Gabriel seemed to be lost in his own words, "I.. forgot..."

"mmn... how so?" Sephiroth asked, pleased at the contact.

Zack was rather confused as he glanced at the other. "What?"

Cloud smiled, biting lightly. "Your desk looks like a good place to start."

Gabriel threw his arms about the other's neck and kissed him quickly, 'nothing darling. But I dont have my uniform I dont think."

Sephiroth colored lightly and took him into his arms, moving them both over to the desk few feet away and majestically sweeping everything off with an arm before laying the other back on it and climbing atop him.

Zack kissed him back. "Well I will get you one later just put that on." Zack said, kissing him.

Cloud blushed and kissed the other as he was laid upon. "Oh seph.."

Gabriel grinned and pulled back from the other, "alright!' he said excitedly, grabbing the provided uniform and moving to get dressed.

Sephiroth smiled and moved his slender hands around to Cloud's chest, carefufully undoing each in a somewhat slow pace so that he could kiss softly on the other's chest as he moved down.

Zack grinned, kissing the other. "Mayb'e I'll read a book or two and we can have hot passionate sex later." He said with a grin.

Cloud blushed and threaded his fingers through the general's silky silvery hair.

Gabriel blushed, "what do you mean...?" he asked slowly, "what do books have to do about it????!"

Having made his way down the other's torso, Sephiroth undid the other's pants and slowly proceded downwards.

Zack's eyes brightened. "Or I cuold just ask Cloud and seph.."

Cloud shivered as he knew what was to be happening. "Seph.." He moaned out.

Eyes widening, Gabriel began to understand, "my god... what are you planning!?"

Sephiroth proceded with small kisses and licks upon the other's manhood, savori ng the taste of the other in his mouth.

Zack smiled. "Well I bet Cloud and Seph have had lots of sex.. I will just ask them how it is done!"

Cloud growled in pleasure, thrusting into the general's mouth. "Seph..please take me."

Gabriel's face flushed and he hurried back over to the other, pants carelessly put on and he placed his hands on the other's shoulders, "dont you dare!" he said, "I want us to go naturaly by instinct!"

Sephiroth looked up at the other's needy words and lowered the other's pants completely. He moved up between Cloud's legs, craftilly removing his on pants,

Zack blinked. 'But what if we hurt ourselfs from unkowing?" He asked, kissing the other.

Cloud looked his general over, blushing. "Mnn Seph.."

"How could we hurt ourselves??" Gabriel asked curiously, tilting his head to the side, "if that's the case, then we'll get books and practice together."

Sephiroth blushed at hearing this and moved foreward, easing himself into the other's body.

Zack shrugged. "Okay.. hmm but where would we find said books?" He wondered aloud.

Cloud groaned, wrapping his legs around the general's waist, moving him in deep.

"Hmm... in a place that sells porno?" Gabriel grinned, only halfway joking.

Sephiroth moaned deeply as he slid further into the other's tight heat. He placed his hands on the other;s waist, steadying himself.

Zack grinned."That is one hell of a good idea." He said, grabbing his lover's hand. "Well.. lets go train and then we can go to a pron shop.."

Cloud wanted the other to thrust into him as hard as possible. "Please Seph. I need this."

Gabriel blushed, "as odd as it is, okay...." he pulled his shirt over his head.

Sephiroth nodded slightly, understanding and moving into him, comming crashing hard into the other.

Zack smiled and kissed him. "Now, what weapon for you to use?" He asked, leading the other to the weapon hall.

Cloud called out, not caring who heard. "Yes! Oh Seph.."

"Hmm... I like fencing," Gabriel said, thinking aloud.

Sephiroth groaned upon hearing this and came into the other faster and harder.

Zack smiled and pulled off a sword from the wall that could be used in such a away. "After this I will move you up to a buster sword."

Cloud met the other's thrusts, calling out and whimpering at how good he felt.

"a what?" Gabriel asked, confused and eying the blade.

Sephiroth's body shivered in pleasure as he continued.

"A buster sword." Zack said, grabbing a sword from the wall "This one is mine."

Cloud instinctively tightened around him, finding himself close to climax.

"Ahh...!" Gabriel excitedly took the one provided for himself and smiled at the way the shaft felt in his hand.

At the feel of this, Sephiroth called out to the other and released into Cloud's body, comming into him once more.

Zack smiled, leading the other to the battle arena. "Ready?" He asked with a grin.

Cloud felt Sephiroth's release and it triggered his own. "I.. hope I am not.. distracting you from your work." He said, groaning.

"No, but go ahead anyways..." Gabriel said wearilly, suddenly loosing what little confidence he had in himself.

Sephiroth leaned against the other, exhosted, "hmm... right now, you are what I'm concentrating on. My job, as your lover and, well... boyfriend."

Zack nodded, attacking at the other in small strikes first.

Cloud blushed. "How does furture husband sound?"

Unprepared, Gabriel had to spin about to dodge the first couple of blows before gathering himself and tarrying with the other, bloching the strikes with his blade.

Sephiroth's eyes widened in surprise, but softened into a smile, "we'll see..."

Zack continued, hitting at the other, hoping he could block him well enough to turn the speed up a bit, he was holding back alot.

Cloud smiled happiy at this, hugging onto the other.

It took quite a bit of effort for Gabriel to keep up, but he did, breathing heavilly. Finally he slipped and fell to his knees on the training mat, breathing hard and gazing up at the other, face flushed.

Sephiroth hugged him back, thinking on how the other seemed to grow on him.

Zack ignored the partial arousal in the sight of the other and stopped, hardly breaking a sweat. "Hmm I think you have your swings good, we just need to build your endurance."

Cloud grinned. "Hey Seph. We should go out on a double date one night with Zack and Gabriel."

"yeah... I dont last very long..." Gabriel said, "sorry..." and he blushed slightly.

"Hmm... good idea. Dinner then?"

Zack shrugged and smiled. "Don't worry you'll get better." He said, helping the other up.

Cloud smiled. "Ohh can I go to tell them?"

Gabriel hugged him closely, "I trust you then."

"I suppose... if they arent busy," Sephiroth relented.

Zack hugged him back. "Hey let's go hit the showers."

Cloud nodded."Okay, want to come with?" He asked, strating to head in their direction.

"Okay..." Gabriel clung to his arm, following him, "thank you Zack... I have absolutely no hope for myself..." he sighed.

"Sure, why not." Sephiroth stood and stretched, fixing his clothes before following.

Zack lead the other towards the shower. "Oh Hey cloud, Seph." He almost laughed as they looked dishelved.

"Hey! I was wondering if you two wanted to go on a double date with seph and I?"

Gabriel looked surprised at the prospect and pouted slightly as he remembered, "but... Zack and I were going to look up books... well... it's up to him."

Sephiroth's eyebrow rose at this as he speculated it,but said nothing.

"We can do that too Gabriel." He said, kissing him.

Cloud smiled. "Well after you guys get clean or whatever go to your book store first."

Gabriel giggled, "I can work with that" he said.

Sephiroth glanced around the group, "alright then," he said heaving a sigh before smiling, "meet us back here in a few hours then."

Zack smiled. "Alright, see ya guys!" He said, grabbing his new boyfriend's hand. "Okay... so since you suggested this I am going to assume you know where some of these places are?"

Cloud smiled. "Awe, they look good together."

Gabriel's face flushed, "now, don't accuse me of anything, but there is one out near my house, so I do know of it."

"Yeah," Sephiroth's own hand instinctively moved to grasp his lover's.

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2009-07-16 [~Spirit Fox~]: Reno and Vincent, no that's one I haven't seen before. ^.^ It's really interesting.

2009-07-16 [The Vampire Armand]: I am glad you think so, however, it's not ever going to be worked on again sadly.

2009-07-16 [~Spirit Fox~]: Aw. that sucks, i hate to hear things like that. *makes me worried that I may quit writting...*

2009-07-16 [The Vampire Armand]: Why should you quit writing because of others? Ideas run cold. Inspiration dries up. Or, as in this case, writers leave in the middle of a perfectly all right writing, although this one needs a lot of work before it's even acceptable.

2009-07-16 [~Spirit Fox~]: I didn't mean because of others I ment bcause it makes me think about all the times I almost quit because of the problem me and my co-writter have had.

2009-07-16 [The Vampire Armand]: It is unfortunate to experience such difficulties with one you intend to write with. I am, and my writers will agree, exceptionally picky. If you don't have what I want in a writer, I simply will tell you and that may or may not be a harsh thing.

2009-07-16 [~Spirit Fox~]: That's how I am about an artist, which is why we don't have one yet. Plus, Caita, my co-writter, and I haven't finished our anime yet, so there isn't a need for an artist untill we edit,a nd finish writting it. Also the whole copywright mess...

2009-07-16 [The Vampire Armand]: My lovely Amori might be able to help with that, but then that is only if he's willing amori's colorful paintings, this is where he posts his work.

Forgive me, but I am not such a fan of the whole 'anime' movement. I think it's silly and childish, but that's only my opinion.

2009-07-16 [~Spirit Fox~]: It's fine, besides, it's not like I only write anime to begin with. I also feel slightly hypocritical, since I wouldn't watch any anime that wasn't from Asia, and now I'm an American attempting to write one. XD

2009-07-16 [The Vampire Armand]: I have to restrain myself here and watch my words carfully, for I really would like to snap and here you haven't done anything but express what you're interested in. I despise those who like such things. I am trying to be a little different on that, but the childlike behavior it causes, the obsession it causes, the idiocy it creats.... it really irritates me to no end. When I see you anime obsessed children running around the streets at night, dressed in your silly costumes, pretending to be this or that character I want to just slap the silly out of you. You all create this fascination over Japan, but I must ask if you've ever actually been there. I daresay, most of you have not. That rouses me to wonder why the hell you dears find yourself so entranced with a culture you've never truly had contact with. And those of you who have generally haven't had that contact for any amount of time. I think if you were truly living there you might not think so highly of it, but since you do not you create these most fabulous daydreams and obsess over little cartoons.. forgive me, I could go on and on about how much I hate 'anime' and 'manga' and those of you who dally in it.

2009-07-16 [~Spirit Fox~]: I don't know what to say in a defense, so I won't. But when i was little, I didn't even know what anime was. I ended up watching it, but never knowing that it was any different than any other cartoon. Then I learned the terms, well some of them, I still don't even know Japanese, but I would like to learn it. Although that's not to say that I don't like anything else, and I can't say that I am obsessed, since I only want to visit Japan, my home is America. I have never cosplaied, but think the outfits are very pretty, and wouldn't mind cosplaying for fun. I may be childish, but I would actually like to see most of the world, including Japan, before I die. As far as fabulous daydreams, I daydream because I hated school, it was boring to put it bluntly.

2009-07-16 [The Vampire Armand]: Yes, but what irritates me is that you dears make Japan your whole life, and the way you go about it is simply infuriating. Perhaps I have simply had bad experiences, but I simply can not handle the frustration it brings when little girls and boys starting from around tweleve and up act so silly. People may act as they wish, but my gods! And it's all the same! All of the art is the same. The names, are the same. It's not even remotely creative, sure there is art, but they all look alike that it becomes easy to duplicate said artwork. There's no talent in it. I don't mean to be offensive, I just let myself get off on a tangent while expressing my own hatred of the subject.

2009-07-16 [~Spirit Fox~]: Of course. But one last thing, I am unlike anyone else, just as I'm sure you are unlike anyone else. So I only ask that you don't rope me in with everyone as one. *Unless it's my friends, then by all means go for it.*

So if you hate anime, what kind of art, or wrtting do you like?

2009-07-16 [The Vampire Armand]: I will only not rope you in with them if you can prove yourself not like them -smiles- .

And obviously, you've been reading my things no? Just read read read away. It should tell a lot about me. I do ocassionally turn to such writings as Harry Potter and Final Fantasy, but that's only because of mild interests in them and not fan-obsession. The characters are vibrant and enlightening.

I only write one genre, male on male romance, it's a rule with me, for this century I have come to dislike females in a romantic sense.

I like the type of art that Amori does, he's so very talented and he's a beautiful young thing while he creates it.

2009-07-16 [~Spirit Fox~]: I don't look into people writting as who they are, since not everyone writes what they really feel. I'd rather ask directly. Anyway, I like all kinds of work, no matter what it is about, I'll give it a chance.

Anyway, I will admit that I have a strong tendancy to take things the wrong way, since I can't see any facial expressions over the internet. I also can't spell very well, but I'm trying to over come that.

2009-07-17 [The Vampire Armand]: Yes, just try to take things as I mean them and not as they sound.

2009-07-17 [~Spirit Fox~]: Okay, I will. Anyway, if I sounded edgy yesterday it's because I saw my nephew in an army unifrom,a nd I'm so afraid he and half of my friends are going to go off to war.

2009-07-17 [The Vampire Armand]: They might. But perhaps they will be one or the other to make a difference in the said war. -shrugs- All you can do if he does is just wish and pray for him.

2009-07-17 [~Spirit Fox~]: He's not old enough to enlist, and claims that he doesn't want to, but he also stays in the school program that helps people get ahead in the Army. And of course, I can make his desisions for him, but since we are 6 months apart, he's like a brother to me.

2009-07-17 [The Vampire Armand]: -nods- Yes I can see where you'd be upset, but the army will pay for his schooling and while he is in school and going to college and such, they will not enlist him. It's a rule with the American army and such I believe is to not enlist while they're in school, that's how many get out of it actually.

2009-07-17 [~Spirit Fox~]: As long as they can get their contract that way. My friend who's on this site is trying to do his schooling first. I just hope there isn't a draft. <.>

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