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Humming could be heard throughout the brother's house. The youngest of the two was happy to be going out for once. He brushed his long hair, and he smiled at his reflection. "Just think, Rienne, one of these days you wil find some handsome man to take you away to his hidden castle!" He giggled to himself as his cheeks turned red at the thought. He twirled away from his reflection, dressing in catchy looking clothing. They fit his form and showed his slightly girlish figure, his top being green and his pants being a dark blue colour. He slid sandals on his feet and went to his brother. "Hurrrryyyyy uuuupppp"

Nicolas sat at a rather old-fashioned typewriter, trying to come up with some interesting new manuscript. He had forgone college with the idea in his head that he could make it without continuing education. However, he was having trouble making a story, and he wished he had some sort of skill that would help him get a job. He smiled when Rienne whined behind him, then stood and ran a hand through his blonde hair. He was wearing faded blue jeans, a black button-down shirt, and black boots. "Alright, let's go then."

Rienne giggled, his long cherry-black hair swishing about untangled as he spun around happily, running to the door after grabbing a loving, and splendedly thinning coat. "It's been a while since we have been out, where do you want to go?"

Nicolas laughed. "I thought you had something planned, the way you were trying to get me to hurry. Hmmm..." He thought to himself for a few moments, then shrugged and suggested, "We could go get something to eat and then try to catch a movie. What do you say?"

Rienne grinned. "Sounds perfect! Let's go.. eat some fries.. because I crave burgers and fries." He said, not worrying about the food affecting his slim figure. "Pleaseeeeee?" He pleaded hisbrother, hopping into their car. "And you have to teach me to drive soon."

Nicolas wasn't about to deny his brother the rare treat of fast food. He hadn't been thinking about having to teach Rienne to drive, though. He wasn't sure how well he could teach, but since it was his little brother he would try his hardest. "Just let me know when you want to drive sometime. We probably shouldn't start in the city, though. There would be less traffic in the country." He started the car and backed out of the drive, quickly settling into the light stream of evening traffic.

Rienne giggled. "YAY! Okay, then you can teach me tomorrow or something, the city scares me when driving at all even though I am not the one driving." He smiled and kissed his brother's cheek, buckling up. "So, which movie are we seeing?" He asked, looking up at the other. "We should see a romance..."

Nicolas chuckled at his brother's enthusiasm. "We can see whatever you like. I'll watch anything, so it's up to you." He pulled the car into the parking lot of a fast food restaurant. It was much nicer to eat inside instead of the car, but if there were too many people, they could get their food to go. "Well, shall we eat?"

Rienne smiled. "Okay we are going to see whatever romance movie we feel like...and yes food sounds good, but what do you want and how busy is it?" He asked, humming, very hungry for his burger and fries.

Nicolas looked around the parking lot. There weren't so many cars, and looking over his shoulder, he saw that there was hardly anyone inside the place. "It doesn't look like it's busy. And I think I'll have what you're having. It sounds good, and I haven't had it in a while." He walked to the door of the restaurant and held it open for his younger brother.

Rienne smiled, looking around as something felt tugged on his heart. He blinked but ignored it, smiling up at his brother. "Something wonderfull is going to happen." He said to his brother as he walked in. He ordered his food, waiting for his brother to order and join him.

Nicolas raised an eyebrow but smiled at his brother's romantic ideas. He loved the way he was so optimistic and happy alot of the time, and sometimes, well most of the time really, his feelings about later events were true. He ordered his food and then sat with his brother. "I hope something wonderful does happen. It will be exciting, don't you think?"

Rienne nodded, nibbling on french fries. "Yes, maybe my kight in shining armour will take me away!" He said, giggling. "Well, if we could bring you too you know.."

Nicolas laughed. "Oh? And how do you know there isn't a knight for both of us somewhere out there?" He took a bite of his burger, chewing and looking around the eating area. His eyes landed on the two dark-haired men that were somehow out of place there; fast food didn't fit them. And they were gorgeous. He reluctantly broke his stare and turned back to Rienne.

"Maybe there is, you never act like you want a knight in shining armour though." He said, giggling. He looked where his brother's gaze had gone and his surprise made him gasp, therefor making him choke on his burger some. "Ahem!" He said slightly in a squeak as he drank some of his drink to wash it down. "I.. they.. they're pretty.. " He said to his brother softly.

The elder brother nodded slightly. "I know they are. I don't want to stare, but I want to keep looking..." He turned his head slightly so that he could see from the corner of his eye, then blushed and turned around quickly again when he saw one of them wink at him.

Rienne giggled and continued to eat his food, eating faster than normal. "Should we say anything to them? Or just hurry up and go?" He asked, risking a look over, before doing the same as his brother, blushing and turning away.

Nicolas pursed his lips and thought for a moment, then sighed. "No, let's just go. It's probably not very wise of us to be exchanging glances with random strangers in restaurants either." He didn't like the thought of passing up this interesting opportunity, but he had to try to be responsible. He was the older brother, after all.

Rienne nodded. "Yeah, you're right.. ohh they are soo hot too.." he pouted but disposed of his trash, smiling. "Movie time then?" He asked, looking up at the other with pouty eyes.

Nicolas smiled a little, trying to get his little brother to stop pouting. "Yes, movie time. Remember, you get to pick it." He threw away his trash too and headed for the door.

Rienne giggled, climbing into the car. "Well.. let's just see whatever romance movie is up." He said, humming as they began their drive towards the movie.

There were very few cars in the parking lot as Nicolas pulled in, which meant that the movie was not going to be very busy. That was just as well because it also meant that their movie experience would be quieter. He got out of the car and bought them both tickets to the only romance that was showing in the theatre. "Did you want any popcorn or anything?" he turned to Rienne and asked.

Rienne shook his head. "No I had too much food as it is!" He said, giggling and hugging his brother. He grabbed their seats, waiting happily for the movie to come on.

Nicolas sat patiently and stared at the screen, calm, and happy with the night he was having with his brother. They didn't seem to go out and have fun very much anymore, and he was glad to see his younger brother having fun. Rienne deserved to have fun, after all. He was only sixteen. He needed fun. Before too long, the lights dimmed to almost-darkness and the screen flickered to life.

Rienne watched rapturously as he got to know the characters on the screen. he wanted to scream and shout along with the movie, he wanted to urge his favorite to the characters.

Nicolas simply sat and watched quietly, sometimes looking over at Rienne and smiling at his reaction to a particular scene or character entrance. He had enough enthusiasm to make up for both of them. However, once in a while, his mind wandered back to the two men from the restaurant, especially the one that had winked at him. It had definitely been an interesting experience. Had he been wrong to deny himself and Rienne the chance to know them? He shook his head and turned back to the movie.

Rienne giggled through a part of the movie he liked very much and he was gripping his seat as it looked as though they were about to kiss. "EEEE!!!!!"

Nicolas's eyes widened as it turned out that they did kiss, and it was a rather involved scene. It ended after a few moments with well coordinated music, and the rest of the movie seemed to slip by without him taking much interest. He hoped Rienne was having more fun than he was, and he was pretty sure that was so. He wasn't bored. He just kept zoning out.

Rienne smiled and looked at his brother. "It was soooo cuuuute!!!! I was glad they got together!" His excitement sparkled and on the way out they grabbed some candy, Rienne nibbling on some skittles. He saw the two from earlier and blushed. "Nicolas.. look." He insisted, tuggin his brother's coat.

Nicolas turned somewhat slowly, slightly alert as it was nighttime. He felt his face color slightly too as he saw exactly what Rienne had meant to point out. "How did they..." He was mystified that they had known exactly where to find them. No, he shouldn't think like that. It was merely coincidence. Wasn't it?

Kirien Satori was considered dangerous. The countrymen feared him. But that is what he would use to his advantage. Immortality was more lonely than he gave it credit for.

Alessandro had no past, barely a present, and a very bleak future. He was alone in most respects, especially since he had no memory of where he had come from, who had made him, or even how old he was. Companionship was something he almost feared simply because he didn't really know how to interact. For this reason, he kept to himself and hid from view.

Kirien paced about. "Less, I say we go out. We, you and I both, we are so pathetic! We are beautiful, hunters, we are successfull, dangerous. Why do we not have someone around here to share our rich lives? Why can we not simply find two of our liking to bring into our life? Are you not lonely? I see it etched into your gaze.. you are. I am. What do you say we go out? And we can have any two that we want..."

He didn't like these things being pointed out to him, so Alessandro reluctantly agreed to go out. What harm could there be in finding something with which to amuse himself, anyway? If he got attached to whoever they found, then even better. It was a rare occassion that he cared about a human enough to keep them around. "Yes. But I hope you're not suggesting that we wander aimlessly until we find some pretty human that might be interesting. Where does one look for interesting people?"

"The city of course.. besides, wouldn't you like to get out of the country?" Kirien asked, gathering his friend up, dressing him himself. "You're like a slug noawdays, a lazy one too. Besides, the house could use some warmth, not our cold brooding. Come now!" He said, trying to usher the other out the door.

Alessandro let himself be pushed out the door, smirking slightly. "Alright, alright, I agree! Yes, we need more than just our presence in this house. It would be much nicer with someone new and young and warm..."

Kirien chuckled. "Ah, that's the spirit." With that he grabbed all things necessary to kidnap, duct tape, rope, chloroform, anything he felt that would aid them so they wouldn't have to kill their new to be pets. He smiled as they put the things in the trunk of the car. "Well off we go!"

Alessandro couldn't help but to chuckle and shake his head at the array of things they were packing into the car. It was so shady it was funny. If people hadn't thought them strange before, now they would know it. He climbed into the passenger side of the car because he didn't feel like driving, somewhat excited about the way he hoped the evening would progress.

Kirien chuckled and drove into the city, forgetting just how far out of it they were. "No wonder we are alone, we live in no where." He mumbled, chuckling as he drove along, looking for anything. And that was when he saw the two brothers get out of their car. The one that caught his eyes he wasn't very tall, and had blonde hair and green eyes. He smiled. "Hey, what about those two?"

Alessandro's pale eyes widened as he saw the two that Kirien had pointed out. However, the blonde was not the one that had caught his eye. He noticed the other one, the one that seemed a little younger. His pretty, dark red hair glimmered in the street lights, and he looked happy and energetic. "Yes, they'll do."

Kirien smiled. "I will take the blonde.. though yours is.. quite adorable. Innocent." He laughed softly. "Mn, well then. Should we stalk them a bit or just hop in to it?"

Alessandro eyed them a bit longer, then turned back to Kirien and narrowed his eyes. "Stalking would be quite fun, but a little unnecessary. However, it would make them more afraid than angry, and from what I've seen, spontaneous kidnapping tends to make people angry after they have time to sit and think about it. Let's instill a litte fear. Should we stalk them in the car or on foot?"

Kirien chuckled. "Mn, hear that? I guess you get to play the knight in shining armour?" He grinned. "We will.. go on foot. Let's go in." He said, parking in the parkinglot. He came in, ordering only a drink to look unsuspicious, and chose a booth from across the store, but the brothers were in plain viewing.

Alessandro ordered coffee. It was getting later into the night and so the caffeinated beverage looked a little odd, but he liked the smell of it. "Why am I a knight and not you? A little chivalry wouldn't kill you." He smirked. "And your intended pet is looking at us," he added.

Kirien chuckled, covering his mouth to hide his laughter as the younger of the two choked. "I wonder if either of them knows of their up coming fate?" He asked, laughing softly. He caught the eye of the older brother and gave him a wink and a soft smile. "Mn mn mn...delicious."

Alessandro smirked and pretended to sip his coffee to hide it. "I'm sure they don't know, but now they know we're staring back." He looked up from Kirien and toward the brothers, smiling softly and looking away nonchalantly as the younger looked at them. "But I agree with your sentiment. Delicious."

"Yes yes. I will take the older, you take the younger have we not seen them before? Is this what we miss in our home? Are there boys more beautiful than them?" Kirien asked, wondering what his friend's opinion was.

"We haven't seen them because we rarely leave home. The last time we may have seen them, if ever, they were probably much too young to attract our notice. However, at the moment, I don't think I could imagine boys more beautiful than they are. I think we have found what we were looking for," Alessandro answered.

Kirien grinned. "Ohh they are leaving." He said, eyeing them. "How long should we wait until we follow them?"

Alessandro thought momentarily before replying. "It would seem that they are going to see a movie. Perhaps we should follow them there and wait for them to come out? It will be quite late then." He wanted them to have their fun instead of interrupting it.

Kirien chuckled. "All right.. but let's go." And with that he went out to the car, knowing the other was close behind him and probably even in the car before him, they took off, being cautious and following close ,but not too close to be noticed.

"When was the last time we stalked someone the hard way?" Alessandro mused. The anxious excitement was building inside him, and he knew it would only get worse because they had a good two hours to wait until they came out of the movie. Something else occurred to him as they sat in the car. "Do you think we should go find our own dinner while they are occupied? I mean, the idea was to keep them alive. It would be more difficult to do so if we were hungry, ne?"

Kirien grinned. "Yes I think that might be a good idea, where do you want to go to to get them?" He asked, thinking perhaps either the park or some other spaceful area.

"I don't care. It would be best to minimize witnesses, though. Perhaps somewhere disused after dark? A park?" Alessandro smirked, having intuited the thought from his companion. It was a good idea, too. There would be trees and things that would obscure them from vision if the need so arose.

Kirien nodded. "That sounds like a good place, not sure how many little bad guys are hiding about there..come come, let us feed." he said to his friend, walking swiftly to the park, they wouldn't have to drive, and this way if thy walked they would be able to feed on about two each and then get back in time to greet their pets to be.

Alessandro felt a little like running, but kept his pace at something of a normal walk. If there was any deliciously tainted blood hiding in the park, they probably weren't leaving simply because two seemingly normal and harmless-looking guys walked onto the scene. He smirked, feeling out for a heartbeat in the darkness. "Shall we split up? It might give us an advantage if someone thinks we're alone..."

Kirien was fast as he fed. He did so, finding his victims effortlessly, easily. He grinned, supping on at least three before waiting his friend.

A short while later, Alessandro joined his friend on the sidewalk that ran through the park, exhaling a contented sigh. "Now that that's taken care of, let us return to our car to await our pets." He smiled. He was more enthusiastic about this idea than he had been when Kirien was trying to drag him out of the house.

Kirien smiled at the two. "Ohhh he little one has good senses, he spotted us right away." He said, waiting for the older brother to look their way, he wanted to wink at him.

"Why, so he does. How lucky." Alessandro smiled at him again, this time flashing a hint of his pearly teeth, though not giving anything away. It would have been just as easy to seduce them into the car, he thought, instead of attacking them, traumatizing them. But there wasn't as much pure sport and adrenaline in that.

"Go." Kirien stated, rushing after the one he wanted. He made sure he wasn't seen before grabbing onto him and rushing back to the car, wondering if he was going to scream, he opened the trunk, having to haul him back again to get duct tape. He might have to use it.

Rienne screamed, going after his brother. "NO! Nicolas!" He said, wanting to run the other way, he looked around wildly.

Alessandro quickly overtook the smaller boy, sliding a hand in place over his mouth so that if he screamed it would at least be muffled. He wrapped his arm around the boy's slim waist and carried him to the car. He wasn't exactly sure they could fit both of them in the trunk.

Nicolas didn't scream, but he struggled. He kicked and flailed with all his might, though nothing worked. Once he was taken to the care initially, he fell limp and quiet, though he glared with a fiery rage at his captor, and hoped nothing more serious than their current situation would happen to them. His mind raced in his silence. Would these two kill them? Rape them? Was this just some sort of sick game?

Rienne knew screaming wasn't going to help so he let the other take control. He did begin crying though. Where were they going, what was happening? He never wanted to look at another stranger again.

Kirien looked at his hostage and smiled. "Things will be all right, you will see." He whispered, kissing his forhead. "We are not going to harm you in any way. Not if you cooperate. You aren't going to be raped, or hit, or anything else. And certainly not killed. We have better intentions for you." He said softly, putting him in the backseat, locking the doors internally. "And I wont bind you if you don't try anything."

Alessandro was almost saddened that the younger boy had begun to cry. He felt his tears on his hand where it covered his mouth, and as he stopped struggling, he removed his hand. He put his little captive in the backseat next to his brother, hoping that later he could convince him not to hate him.

Nicolas didn't stop glaring, but he resisted the urge to spit in Kirien's face, startled that he had kissed him. He listened to every word he said. He didn't want to be bound, so he sat quietly. He noticed that Rienne was not bound either and he reached across the seat and wrapped his arms around his little brother, trying to offer him some comfort.

Rienne clung to his brother, a few more tears falling down his cheeks. He didn't knwo what was happening to them and he was quite frightened.

Kirien smiled as they began to drive. "No need to cry dear, we wont harm you, if anything we are going to make the two of you happy.. just..please, cooperate."

Alessandro smiled. "I believe this is their cooperation. However, if we keep repeating it, they might be disinclined to continue." He turned to face the backseat. "We will not harm you. That is a promise." He made his most serious face possible without making it sinister.

Nicolas stroked his brother's cheek, brushing away the tears. He wouldn't look at either of the men in the front seat. He simply sat quietly, occassionaly shushing his younger brother, trying to get him to stop crying. He was afraid too, but he wouldn't let it show on his face.

Rienne sighed and hugged onto the other. "I'm afraid." He whispered to his brother.

Kirien smiled as they drove back to their home. He parked in the usual garage, before getting out to open the passanger door. "Come now, let us go inside. There when we are all more..comfortable we can explain."

Alessandro opened the other door after he got out, extending his hand to his new pet, even though he was reasonably sure there was no way he was going to take it. He could hope, though.

Nicolas closed his eyes momentarily. "I know, Rienne, but it will be okay. We'll be alright." He hated to let go of him, but he did so anyway and stepped out of the car. He was done glaring. Now he only stared at the floor.

Rienne took the man's hand. He might as well. They weren't going to be going any time soon.

Kirien smiled and led him to the living room part of their home, setting them on a couch. "Would either of you like a beverage?"

Alessandro let go of Rienne's hand and sat in a chair a few feet away. Unless Kirien got irritated with the two or anything, he would sit and watch until it was his time to do anything. He wasn't running this operation.

Nicolas answered simply, "No," but the answer was intended for himself, and didn't necessarily include his brother, who could answer for himself if he wanted to. He had completely lost any appetite, and he was aware that his mouth was dry, but he didn't want to accept anything like that from these people.

Rienne shook his head as well. He didn't trust the items they would be given.

"I know you two are confused. Let's just get blunt here. We kidnapped you. We are two.. very lonely men. And as you can see our large home here is un bright. We need two mortal souls to brighten it up a bit, give us flavour and meaning in life.. we chose the two of you for your beauty and uses."

Alessandro looked pointedly at the brothers on the couch, wondering if either of them had caught the word 'mortal' in that. He thought that Kirien had probably said it on purpose. After all, if these two were staying with them, how could they keep them from knowing what they were?

"Uses? What the hell does that mean?" Nicolas asked venomously. He didn't like how it sounded. It sounded like they were going to become concubines or something. Then he completely forgot his anger at that thought when a new one struck him. "Mortal souls...?" he whispered.

Rienne stared at Alessandro and it dawned what mortal meant. "He.. he means..vampire.." He said softly, looking at the pale-ness and the brightness of the other. "I..." He didn't know what to say.

Kirien smild. "Verry good little one. Uses, meanign we simply want companionship. You would have to stay here with us though. And.. we will have you as lovers. Who knows, if your good and you turn to love us as we wish to love you.. there may be rewards."

Alessandro smiled at little Rienne, a warm and kind smile, and moved from his chair to kneel in front of the younger brother. He clasped both of his hands in his own, then asked in a whisper, "What do you say, Rienne? Could you love me? I could be your...knight in shining armor."

Nicolas took a deep breath, attempting to calm himself. "Lovers..." he breathed to himself, thinking back on the glances exchanged back at the restaurant and in the parking lot of the theatre just before it had all gone wrong. He looked at his little brother, then at the other man who was not touching his little brother and sighed. "I want to hear was he says first. I won't make any decisions without my little brother's opinion."

Rienne blushed and noticed how gentle the other was being. "How do I know that you wont just harm us if I say yes?" He asked, lookin into the the other's eyes, searching him for falsities.

Kirien nodded. "Of course. If you two should like privacy to decide as well.. let me know."

Alessandro smiled again. "Everything my friend says is true. We promise to do you no harm. We only want your companionship, and your love if you wish to give it." He looked into his eyes directly, trying to urge him to feel his sincerity. He was not entirely surprised that he really wanted to be this young boy's knight.

Nicolas all but ignored Kirien's offer of privacy, staring intently at the interaction near him. His decision would rest with Rienne. If he said no, then he would refuse the offer entirely and demand to be taken home, whatever damage that might cause.

Rienne closed his eyes and thought a moemnt before nodding. "A...alright. I will.. agree to your terms." He said, looking ot his brother to see his reaction.

Kirien smiled. "Very kind and thoughtful of you little one."

Alessandro removed his hands from Rienne's, but not before placing a kiss in his palm, then he stood and moved back to his chair near the couch. He was happy that he had won him over, happy that he didn't hate him for capturing him.

Nicolas nodded once toward his brother, acknowledging that it was okay that he said that. He hadn't wanted to pressure him into answering one way or the other. He turned and looked at Kirien. "Then we will stay with you. Would it be too much to ask for your names?" It would be strange to stay with someone and not know who they were.

Rienne smiled a little. "I would like to know your names as well. And where will we sleep?"

Kirien smiled. "I am Kirien Satori. And that is my friend Alessandro." He said, rising. "Come you will be staying in our rooms with us. WHat are your own names?"

Alessandro rose too, again offering his hand to Rienne. It sounded kind of strange to be introduced with no last name, but that wasn't something that could be helped since he did not know what his own was.

Nicolas stood from the couch, finding his legs weak from his nervousness, but not falling, and answered, "My name is Nicolas, and this is my younger brother Rienne."

Rienne took the other's hand, wondering where his room would be. "You both have pretty names." He said, feeling no malice and was therefore able to return to a somewhat normal state.

Kirien smiled. "Well, Nicolas, come with me, I will show you my room and they can have some time." He said, linking arms with his hostage and to be lover.

"Thank you, Rienne. Your name is pretty too," Alessandro answered simply. He liked the feel of the other's small, warm hand in his own. It was comforting. "You're not afraid of Kirien and I?" he asked as they walked down a hallway, then down a set of stairs. At the bottom of the stairs and across a small landing was a heavy, dark, wooden door. He opened it, and without introduction they arrived in his room.

Nicolas was still somewhat nervous, and especially about leaving his brother with someone he did not really know, and whom he was not entirely sure he could trust. However, Kirien was not being unkind, and he walked beside him without conflict. Again remembering the way he had looked at him, he blushed.

Rienne smiled and shook his head he went and plopped on the bed as though he had been living there for years. He grinned. "Yay!! sleep!"

Kirien smiled. "You are beautiful. it is part of the reason we chose you and your brother." He said, opening the door to his bedroom.

Alessandro chuckled and laid down on his side on the bed, resting his head in his hand and looking at Rienne. "You must be tired, then. Go ahead and sleep." He thought it must be dawn soon, too. They had spent most of their night stalking these two, and he didn't care to lift the heavy drapes over the windows to see if the sun was indeed coming up.

"Thank you..." Nicolas answered as they walked through the doorway. He wanted to add that he thought that Kirien was beautiful too, and such was the reason he blushed when he thought about him. He looked around the room, though it was just slightly difficult for him to see everything for the relatively dim lighting. He could see, though, that the bed was large and inviting.

Rienne snuggled against the other, closing his eyes to let sleep take him. "Mn, goodnight." He didn't even bother to undress. He was blitzed.

Kirien smiled and seemed to read the other. "If you are tired we can sleep now and speak of all of this tomorrow eve?"

Alessandro smiled and petted the boy's hair before closing his eyes and beginning to drift to sleep. He looked forward to the next evening.

Nicolas nodded. "Yes, please, that would be appreciated." Quickly he bent down to unlace his boots, then removed them and unbuttoned his shirt, intending to sleep in his jeans. He didn't particularly care that he was going to sleep in the bed of someone he hardly knew, and highschool had taught him not to be shy about taking off his clothes in front of random people. "Thank you," he said, his back to Kirien, "for treating us kindly. This could have turned out much worse."

Kirien nodded. "Of course. Sleep well dear. For tomorrow should prove interesting." he said, pulling back the covers for the other, climbing into bed.
When the next evening arrived, Alessandro woke before the boy in his bed. He assumed the events of the night before had tired him out and so he didn't try to wake him. He left the bed and sat at his desk by the wall, opening a book he had been meaning to finish to pass the time.

Nicolas woke after a rather fitful night of sleep. It was an unfamiliar bed, so he had been unable to sleep very deeply, and so he was still a little tired. He didn't want to leave the bed until he was sure that Kirien was awake too, so he laid there and stared at the dark ceiling.

Rienne's eyes fluttered open. "Nnnn." He made the soft noise, turning on his back, expecting sunlight to filter in through his window before he remembered what had happened. He blushed, his shirt was partially up and he looked all ruffled. He sat up and saw the other. "Good morning." He said through a yawn.

Kirien pulled the other closer. "You are worried about something..."

Alessandro turned and smiled at him. "Good evening, Rienne. Did you sleep well?" He closed his book, stood up, and sat on the edge of the bed.

Nicolas felt a bit more comfortable closer to Kirien. "No, not worried. I just...I'm not used to this bed yet. It's hard for me to sleep in unfamiliar places. I'll be fine." He smiled at his...bed mate? He wasn't really a captor anymore since he and his brother were volunteering to stay there.

Rienne smiled at the other. "Yes, I was very comfortable." He said, wondering if a brush was anywhere near. His long black cherry hair begged for attention.

Kirien smiled. "You will get used to it in time, I am sure of that. Do you want to get up or sleep longer?"

Alessandro reached into the top drawer of the nightstand on his side of the bed, then handed Rienne his hairbrush. At some point, they could go back into town and get Rienne his own brush, but for now he would have to use his.

Sighing, then yawning, Nicolas answered, "I'll get up. I don't think I can sleep any longer right now. It should be better in the...morning, I guess." He smiled.

Rienne smiled."Thank you." He whispered, brushing out the few tangles in his hair and smiled at the other. "I like it here."

Kirien smiled. "Well.. it's night actually. Us vampire.. we do not waken during the day.."

Alessandro smiled a little, just the corner of his mouth turning upward. "I'm glad." He almost wanted to make an odd request, seeing Rienne brush his pretty, dark hair; he almost wanted to brush it himself.

Nicolas chuckled and shook his head. "Of course. I should have known that." He sat up and stretched his arms above his head, then leaned over the side of the bed for his shirt. He pulled it over his head and then stood up.

Rienne couldn't get to the back of his hair, pulling it around front to brush it as well as he could. "I can never get it all..."

Kirien smiled. "So, I can get you something to eat if you would like."

Alessandro smirked, chuckling a little at his private joke. "Allow me..." He shifted closer, holding out his hand for the brush.

Nicolas smiled rather brightly. "Yes, please. I didn't know I was hungry until you said anything." He wondered, off-handedly, how it would come about, how he might later become Kirien's lover. He wondered if it would happen romantically, then his mind started to wander and he zoned out for a bit. Suddenly he was snapped back as the thought occurred to him that Kirien might be able to read minds. He didn't know what he could do.

Rienne smiled and handed the other his brush. "Thank you so much." He said, sitting readily while the other brushed his hair.

Kirien smiled at him. "Come then." He urged the other with him, going to the kitchens to make him some food items. "I don't know what you would like."

Alessandro gently stroked the brush through Rienne's silky hair. There really wasn't any reason to brush it in the back because it was hardly tangled at all. He dropped the brush onto the bed and leaned forward, placing a soft kiss on the side of his neck. It was spontaneous, and he wouldn't do anything else unless the boy told him it was permissable.

Nicolas wasn't even sure as to what he wanted. Really, the only thing that sounded good was coffee. Some caffeine and extra warmth had an appeal after a night of light sleep. "Coffee, please, if you have it...Kirien." He said his name to practice saying it, to get the feel of it.

Rienne blushed but leaned back against the other. "You know.. I only ever wanted to have a knight in shining armour. I only ever always wanted to be loved.. and yes, even stolen away by some handsom man to his castle in the woods.. is that what has happened?" He asked, bearly whispering.

Kirien nodded and put together a pot of it. "There you are dear, let it brew and you shall have your much needed drink. Anything else I can get for you? And I am sure you have quite the few questions as well."

Alessandro laid his head on Rienne's shoulder and answered in a similar ghost of a whisper, "Yes." He wrapped his arms around the boy's smallish figure and hugged him close, realizing now how wonderful an idea Kirien had the night before.

Nicolas shook his head. "There isn't anything else I need. And...I don't suppose I really have any questions. I do wonder will you make me your lover?" He blushed as he finally said the thought out loud.

Rienne smiled as he lay against the other. "Well then, my knight.. how will our life together be? Will it be like I wanted always? Kind, sweet and loving?"

Kirien smiled softly. "However you want me to of course, I wont force you into anything except staying with me."

Smiling and turning his head slightly, Alessandro feathered more little kisses against Rienne's neck. "I will make it however you want it to be..." He would try his hardest to make his life as wonderful and comfortable as he could. Right now, he was trying to restrain himself.

Nicolas shook his head and smiled a little. "Well, I don't really know how I want it to be. So...surprise me." He didn't add that anything that happened probably wouldn't be forced anyway.

Rienne blushed and found himself shivering at the kisses. They left him craving for more, making him shiver. "That is all I ask then, is that you love and take care of me.." He barely whispered, closing his eyes in ecstasy.

Kirien nodded. "I will.. one day, probably not so soon.. I doubt you trust me so much.. we kidnapped you..afterall."

"Of course..." Alessandro lifted the smaller boy and turned him so that he was facing him. He looked into his eyes for a moment, searchingly, then he kissed him very gently on the lips.

For some reason, Nicolas found himself smiling again. "Strangely, I don't distrust you all that much. I think, somehow, I can see that your intentions are sincere, and you're not planning to hurt or kill me or my brother. Like, I feel that everything you've been telling me is the absolute truth."

Rienne blushed and gasped almost but he closed his eyes, kissing the other back softly, his light coloured lips darkening just a little under the pressure, he wondered what sort of kiss they would be kissing.

Kirien smiled. "That;s because we are sincere. If we meant to harm you we would have done so all ready. Don't worry you are safe, and are to be loved."

Alessandro placed his hand on Rienne's cheek, very slowly deepening the kiss. He gently slid his tongue along the boy's bottom lip, silently asking for permission to enter.

"Loved..." Nicolas echoed the word quietly. He and his brother had lived alone for a long time. He had never thought to find someone to love, or to love him back. He loved his brother of course, but in a different way.

Rienne opened his mouth with a groan that stated finality, need, want, and all of it was finally satisfied. He didn't want to admit it was his frst kiss, his first anything. He always dreamed his first would feel great, and it did. He was loving every second of it, sliding his arms about the other's neck and moving close to him.

Kirien smiled and slipped his arms about his waist. "Yes, loved. " He said, kissing his cheek.

Alessandro slid one hand into Rienne's silky hair, and slid the other to the small of his back, holding him nearly as close as possible. He was warm and soft and beautiful, and he felt as though he was going to devour him if he wasn't careful. He moved the hand from Rienne's back to his hip, massaging with his thumb.

Nicolas smiled and leaned back against Kirien, closing his eyes for a moment. He would be able to sleep in that bed now. Suddenly, on a whim, he turned, without breaking Kirien's grasp, and returned the kiss on the cheek.

Rienne found himself lost as he climbed onto the other's lap, kissing him and holding tightly to him, moaning with an air of desperate pleae. He didn't know what he wanted, only that the kissing was turning him warm...too warm.

Kirien smiled and layed his head on the other's shouler. "I am surprised you took to the kidnapping so well."

Regretfully, Alessandro broke the kiss and looked at Rienne, breathing hard. "Do you want me to stop? If this continues, I'm not sure I'll be able to stop..." He had said that he wanted to be loved, but Alessandro was not sure exactly how much love he meant. He didn't want to overstep his boundaries and traumatize him.

"Not the kidnapping so much as the person that did it." Nicolas wrapped his arms around the person behind him, locking them together.

Rienne didn't know what he wanted, at that moment his body was very much controlling his mind. He leaned forward and tried to kiss the other first this time. "I don't know... I just.. it feels right." He said softly, kissing him yet again.

Kirien chuckled. "Yes, you and your little one certainly didn't mind staring once in a while in the resturant, were we that pretty?"

Alessandro smiled patiently and began kissing Rienne again, wrapping his arms around his waist and holding him in a sort of hug. He could feel his own arousal growing, and he lightly nibbled the boy's lower lip.

Nicolas felt himself blush, and he grinned. "Frankly, you're both absolutely gorgeous. I couldn't help but to stare and I don't think Rienne could help it either. Speaking of my little brother, I have not seen him since we woke up..." He wasn't worried about him, just curious as to whether he was still sleeping or not.

Rienne blushed, shuddering as he pressed as close to the other as he could, his young ravenous mind begged him to seek the pleasure that was being presented. "Make love to me..." He said hotly, kissing the other hard, breaking the kiss to nibble and suckle his neck.

Kirien thought a moment. "I think.. that he and.. Alessandro might be a bit busy actually."

Alessandro made a small noise of surprise and pleasure at the boy's teasing. His blatant request had caused the heat pooling gradually in his stomach to surge. He turned them both swiftly and laid Rienne on the bed beneath him, kissing him hotly and sliding a hand beneath his shirt.

Luckily, Nicolas had forgotten all about his coffee, because if he had been drinking it he might have choked. His eyes widened and he exclaimed, "Are you serious?!" He bit his lip. He wasn't...worried, really, just surprised.

Rienne found himself panting, trying to wiggle his way out of his clothing. He wanted the other, wanted the power he felt within him. He could tell the other cold posses him like no one else and that attracted him. It made him know for sure he had found his knight. He wrapped his legs around the other's waist, doing what felt right.

Kirien chuckled. "I am sorry.. should I go interrupt them? I don't think they have..quite..started yet.."

Alessandro helped Rienne remove his clothing as well as he could, groaning at the sight of the boy's bare skin. He was beautiful, practically edible, he could have been made of sugar with the way his flesh attracted his mouth. He leaned over him and nipped at his collar bone, kissing and licking down toward his navel.

Nicolas shook his head. "No, you don't have to do that. I guess I just didn't expect it. He's only sixteen, after all. But...whatever makes him happy." He shrugged ever so slightly. The he chuckled. "God, I feel like such an old man now. He's already having his fun with Alessandro..."

Rienne as well wanted to see more of the other. "Mn! It's..I feel so hot.." He whispered, his cheeks flushed pink as he grasped onto the other. He enjoyed the coolness of the other, slipping his fingers into his hair as he imagined what should maybe happen next.

Kirien laughed. "At least it shows you have restraint. He's young and will go for these things quicker."

Alessandro unbuttoned his own shirt, but left his pants for the moment, placing his hands on either of the boy's hips, anticipating what would happen, then took Rienne's length deftly into his mouth.

Nicolas laughed. "Restraint can be a pain sometimes. It comes with responsibility, and both of those things take most of the fun out of life."

Rienne gasped audibly, shivering and gasping. "Uhn!" He had never felt something like it before. It was hot and wet, and by gods did it feel tight around him. He moaned, eyes shut in pleasure. He groaned and tried to thrust up into the other's mouth.

Kirien nodded. "Yes.." He chuckled. "And pet, don't feel bad if you want to randomly jump me for some hot times of your own." He kissed his cheek with a small chuckle and left the room.

Alessandro put just a little pressure on his hips with his hands, holding him in place, sucking agonizingly slowly, languidly stroking with his tongue.

Nicolas turned as Kirien left, wondering where he could be going. Quietly, hoping he was not doing something inadmissable, he followed in the direction that he had seen him leave. He couldn't see him anywhere. He was going to get lost in this house.

Rienne groaned loudly. "Uhn!" He felt so.. breathless." Gods! Please! I.. it's so hot.. im so close.." He practically screamed, wanting more suction, more friction.

Alessandro removed his mouth completely, teasingly, then leaned forward again and licked the slit of Rienne's head, a taste that was bitter and salty and wonderful, then took the sensitive tip into his mouth and gave it all of his attention. He massaged the hollows of his hips with his thumbs.

Rienne groaned and called out. "Gods! Please!" He called out, feeling the knot that had built in his stomach start to come undone. "I.. I think.."

Kirien simply sat on a couch, pulling up a book to read. "Alessandro and I have to go out here soon.. we have to.. feed. Is there anything you would like for me to bring back to you?"

Alessandro sucked harder, willing his lover to come, taking his whole length in his mouth again for the climax.

Smiling and sitting on the couch next to him, Nicolas answered, "No, there's nothing I need at the moment. Perhaps another time. I'm still getting used to this place and I'd rather not have anything to distract me. you have a library?"

Rienne came finally, his face flushing a darker shade of red as he spilt his seed inside the other's mouth, gasping and crying out. "Yes! Alless...sand...rro..uhn!" He couln't help but call to the other as he was overwhelmed with pleasure.

Kirien smiled. "Follow me." He lead the other up a spiralling stair case and to the right upon the landing was a set of double doors. He pushed it open to reveal the library behind it.

Alessandro stayed where he was as Rienne rode out the waves of pleasure, then pulled away and swallowed thickly. He moved up the boy's body and laid next to him, placing a kiss on his cheek. "Mmm...Rienne..." He smiled.

Nicolas grinned as the doors opened. The library was large, especially for a personal one, and he walked swiftly through the doors and turned around twice, his arms open to embrace the room. "This is wonderful, really great!" he exclaimed. He turned to Kirien. "I was trying to write a book before...well, before I came here. Books are my first love, and I always thought I wanted to contribute to the world that I loved. But I have been unsuccessful so far. I wonder if I would have better luck here..."

Rienne smiled softly. "I.. how can I please you though? Why did you move?" He asked, climbing atop of the other, looking deep to him with love.

"Well, you should, what are you writing about exactly?" He asked, going to a desk. "In here you will find numerous papers you may write on as well as pens.. or should I get you something else? A laptop or something?"

Alessandro stroked Rienne's hair and kissed him again. "I know that you asked me to make love to you, but I think that might wait till later..." He didn't want to deny him what he wanted, but he didn't want to overwhelm him.

"Oh, good god, no! A laptop! You don't have to spoil me like that. Writing by hand is just fine with me. I was using an old typewriter before. And...well, I hadn't really developed a plot yet. I was still trying to formulate one." Nicolas smiled and followed Kirien over to the desk.

Rienne smiled and kissed him boldly on the lips. "But.. how can I return the favour?"

Kirien laughed softly. "Nonsense, I don't use mine, I have an extra flash drive thing too." He went to another room and came back with a black and silver lap top, handing it to the other.

Alessandro made a small noise of thought. "I would may return it however you feel you should or want to. Anything will suffice, as long as it's you." He hugged him to him briefly.

"Seriously? You don't mind? Thank you very much. This know, I haven't touched something this expensive since I was still in highschool. Thanks." Nicolas held the lap top close to him, carefully, then set it down on the desk behind him. He looked at the floor for a moment, then looked up again and met the other's eyes. He leaned forward very slowly and tentatively kissed Kirien's lips.

Rienne smiled. "I will.. try what you did.."He said moving down the other's body, nibbling and suckling.

Kirien kissed the other back gently, with understanding. "You're welcome." He said, kissing him again. "Should I leave you to work?"

Alessandro bit his lower lip. Even with inexperience, what Rienne was doing felt good. He had been alone for quite a while, and this sort of attention was much more than he had grown accustomed to. "...Rienne..." he breathed, closing his eyes, his lips parted slightly.

"I...well, no. I don't really feel like working right now. I don't have the slightest clue as to what I should write about right now. Oh! But you and Alessandro have to leave, don't you?" Nicolas frowned a little at the thought.

Rienne took the head of his lover in his mouth, sucking hard. "Mnn.." He moaned at the taste, he liked it. He liked doing this, even as it was his first time it felt so nice having the other in his mouth.

Kirien nodded. "Yes but..." He paused to listen. "He and your little brother aren't...quite done yet."

Alessandro hissed through his teeth, then groaned and spread his legs a bit farther. "Nnn...yes, Rienne...very good..." The boy was doing well for his inexperience.

"Oh." Nicolas blushed and looked at the floor momentarily. "Well, I still don't really feel like working. Is there anything you want to do?"

Rienne inwardly praised himself. He smiled and kissed the tip of the other. "How should I continue it? Should I suck different? Harder? Faster? Lick?" He asked, running his fingers along Alessandro's cock from base to tip, rubbing his palm along it.

Kirien chuckled slightly. "Oh there's a particular someone I wouldn't mind doing about now.."He made his point by kissing Nicolas on the lips softly before pulling away. "However, if I don't feed, then there will be future...problems."

"Nnnhh..." Alessandro's head tipped back for a moment before he answered. "You're doing fine...I'll let you know...if you need to do something else..." He shivered, and his breathing was shallow.

Nicolas blushed a little more, but smiled. He closed his eyes and suppressed a shiver at the thought of what future problems might occur if Kirien did not feed. "You have to wait for Alessandro, though, right?"

Rienne blushed and went back to pleasing the other, adding a few of his own variations with harder and faster. He groaned around the other, running his fingers along the other's stomach.

Kirien nodded. "Yes, why do you ask?" He pondered aloud, searchingly looking at the other.

Alessandro was now panting rather shamelessly, finding that Rienne was more or less a natural at was he was doing, and he was close, so very close...

"Well...I kind of wanted you think we have any time to make out?" Nicolas blushed still harder at the weird and blunt way he had voiced his thoughts.

Rienne blushed as he worked the other, the panting the other was doing made him speechless.

Kirien smiled. "For a moment, for a certain companion of mine is very..close." He said, pulling the other against him. He instantly conected their lips, kissing him firmly.

"Rienne...I'm going to come...ahh...!" Alessandro warned his little lover so that he could move in time if he chose to. He looked down at the boy, the sight so erotic it sent him over the edge.

Nicolas grasped the sleeves of Kirien's shirt, losing himself and his balance in the kiss. He was not really surprised to find that the man was a good kisser.

Rienne pulled back to see the white spurts of stringy cum shoot out of the other. He blushed in knowing he had caused this to the other. He didn't want to swallow it and didn't know what to do with it when he had it in his muoth which is why he let it go. "I..did good then?" He asked, crawling up near him.

Kirien kissed him as he heard his friend upstairs finish. He kissed him until he heard them settle. "Mn, they are finished for now I think. We can continue this when I return." He said softly, kissing him again for a moment before making his way to Alessandro's bedroom. "Alessandro.. we should be feeding soon..." He said, making his way back downstairs when he knew the other heard him.

Alessandro shivered and sighed contentedly as his pleasure abated, and he was sufficiently satisfied. "Oh yes, Rienne. You did very well." He kissed him lightly on the lips. When he heard Kirien, he frowned a little and kissed Rienne on the forehead. "Well love, I must leave you for a moment to go feed. I'll be back before the night is over." He smiled and stood from the bed, picking up his discarded shirt and wiping himself off, then throwing it aside and finding a new shirt. He smiled as he left the room, now redressed.

Nicolas felt like his legs were made out of jello, and he smiled dreamily and nodded, registering what Kirien had said, ready to hold him to the promise of continuation when he returned.

Rienne smiled and came down, standing next to his brother. "Mn Nicolas.. evening." He said, hugging him.

Kirien smiled seductively at Nicolas as he left the house, waiting on the porch for Alessandro.

Alessandro walked rather swiftly to the porch, sighing and smiling as he met the night air. "Hello, Kirien." He didn't usually greet him, and never this cheerfully. "Are we taking the car tonight?"

Nicolas hugged him back, snapping out of his dream state quickly. "Well, good evening, Rienne. Have you been having fun with Alessandro?" He smiled, though he had meant the question to sound fairly innocent.

Rienne blushed. "yes actually..we..umm...." He paused. "We got..kind of close.."

Kirien chuckled. "You are certainly in good spirits..did you have fun with your boy?"

Alessandro almost grinned. "Oh, yes. Very much fun. I believe this was the most splendid idea you have had in quite a long time. I see my future nights being much more fun from now on."

Nicolas laughed. "I know that. Kirien could hear. He let me know what was going on. I only asked to see your reaction. Don't worry, I won't ask for details or anything, unless you really want to tell someone."

Rienne giggled. "Mayyyybe. Well.. we were laying there..and he was all sexy-like and..he..errmm...did some things..with his mouth..and so I returned the favour. It was fun."

Kirien grinned. "Good. I may be having mine here soon, he likes kissing...and he's more than pleased with my lap top." He smiled as he remembered how happy the other had seemed.

Alessandro smiled, his mood returning to calm. " 'Lap top' almost sounded like an innuendo when you used it in that sentence. Rienne is good at what he did for me, a natural. I believe it was his first time. I hope, for you, that it runs in the family."

Nicolas laughed harder. It was comical to hear Rienne talk like that. "Okay, I understand. Well, I'm glad you had fun, then. You're making me feel so old, though. I haven't done anything yet." He smiled and put his arm around his little brother's shoulders. "I think staying here will be just fine."

Rienne giggled. "I think so too...but watch for those teeth..they have some sharp ones.." He said, thinking back to seeing the other's fangs at the point of arousal.

Kirien chuckled. "Mn, maybe I will ask if he wants to play with it again later?" He said, chuckling in good nature. "Natural hmn? Yes let us hope. What all did you do with him?"

"Well, this might sound a little strange, but it started while brushing his hair...We didn't do much. Just a little oral." Alessandro shrugged and chuckled himself. "I didn't want to do much more than that with it being his first time, after all."

Nicolas blushed very lightly, finding the idea of those dangerous teeth somewhat erotic. He furrowed his brow a little. "Alessandro didn't bite you or anything, did he?" He realized Rienne had said his teeth were sharp, and he wanted to make sure he hadn't learned the hard way.

Rienne shook his head. "No, but I saw them when I was..pleasing him..they're long and scary..but they look fun kind of."

Kirien chuckled. "Mn, I understand much. Well then, shall we feed? I think I have a mortal to ravish when we return."

Alessandro nodded, still smiling, thinking of spending more time in his room with Rienne when they returned.

Nicolas smiled and laughed a little. "Okay. I guess, be careful then." He was rather sure he would see Kirien's fangs sometime soon, too, but he didn't add that out loud.

Rienne nodded. "sooo am I too young to have sex with him?" He asked his brother, pouting. "Cause I sooo wanted to..."

Kirien looked around, searching minds of passerbys, and here he found a pair walking, both had killed someone in the past year...well it certainly made him thirst. "Looky there, a partnership.." He said, walking to them. He talked causally a moment before grabbing one and drinking his fill, letting the other be frightened enough to run, in which case he knew his friend would probably take advantage.

Alessandro wasted no time in the chase this evening, quickly overtaking the one that ran, though he took his time drinking. He wanted to feel fulfilled when he returned so that he would not be tempted to bite Rienne for more than a little fun.

Nicolas chuckled. "By law, yes, you are. But I'm not going to stop you. If you want to, and Alessandro wants to, then go ahead. You're old enough to know what you want, at least."

Rienne giggled. "Okayy!!! Ugh! They better hurry." He said, blushing as it made him sound like he was eager to be taken, he just missed them is all. He huffed and grabbed a peach to eat.

Kirien dipsosed properly of the body. "Mn, that was fun." He said, purposely not drinking his fill, he planned to sup a little on his lover.

Alessandro did relatively the same thing with his victim, sighing and smirking. He felt awake and alert now, and he hoped his little lover wasn't sleepy.

Nicolas reclined on the couch and yawned. He still didn't feel like working, and he wasn't going to get started on something and have Kirien return to a distracted novelist. It just wouldn't do.

Rienne waited impatiently. "they are taking forrrreeeeevvvveerrrrr" He whined half heartedly.

Kirien smiled. "Let us return." He said, smugly thinking about his pet as they walked towrads the house.

Alessandro nodded silently, following and feeling a different kind of hunger at the thought of being with Rienne again.

"Don't be so eager. You'll exhaust yourself." Nicolas was half joking with his little brother about the way he sounded. He knew they would return soon enough.

Rienne pouted. "I can't help iiitttt..." He whined, eyes brightening when he heard the others come up the steps "YAY"

Kirien chuckled at the other's outburst as he heard it. "My my, did you two miss us that much?" He eyed his novelist hungrily.

Alessandro saw the look Kirien was giving Nicolas. "Rienne, would you like to return to our room...?" He smirked and held out a hand in invitation.

Nicolas kept his expression calm, but inside he was excited and maybe even a little nervous. He smirked. "Oh yes, we missed you very much." He raised an eyebrow.

Rienne nodded, taking the other's hand and shuddering as he did so. he could just feel the activities waiting to happen. He hummed to himself to keep his mind off of his all ready starting arousal.

Kirien smiled as the other two made their way upstairs. He sat bedside Nicolas. "Mn, did you get any writing done?" He asked, tracing his cheek.

Alessandro led Rienne to his room, quickly but gently. This time, he turned off all lights except for a very dim lamp on the other side of the room. He wanted to create atmosphere, and he hoped it wouldn't scare him.

Nicolas smiled and closed his eyes, leaning into the touch. "Of course not. I was thinking about you. Are we going to continue what was started just a little while ago?" He opened his eyes and playfully pretended to nip at the fingers touching his face.

Rienne smiled and sat on the edge of the bed. "Mn, I missed you." He said, his breathing all ready picking up.

Kirien smiled. "You could say that." He almost effortlessly pulled the other ito his lap and began kissing him, softly but almost with an desperate air.

"Good. I missed you too." Alessandro leaned over in front of Rienne, sort of forcing him to lay back on the bed. He buried his face in the black cherry locks laying askew about his lover's head, lightly licking a line up the boy's neck. "How much did you miss me?" he breathed.

"Mmn..." Nicolas groaned into the somewhat feverish kisses. He wrapped his arms around Kirien's shoulders, finding the position in his lap quite comfortable. His conclusion that the other man was a good kisser had not changed, and he found himself easily aroused by him.

Rienne moaned softly. "Enough to make me crave whatever it is you can give me." He said heatedly, wrapping his legs about him.

Kirien chuckled at the other's response, "I am going to have quite a bit of fun loving you." He said, kissing his neck, nibbling. He wondered when the other would beg him to bite him. Did he know what kind of pleasure he could grant him?

"Anything. Everything." Alessandro answered huskily, kissing the boy fiercely, a small part of him wanting to give him immortality too, so that he could always be with him, always belong to him.

Nicolas shivered, feeling the vague touch of his new lover's teeth. "Nnngg..." He tilted his head to the side, allowing him more room, and his hips rotated slightly against Kirien's lap. He wondered if he ran his tongue against his fangs, would they cut him? He was fascinated by the thought.

Rienne moaned some more, his voice taking on it's own form of arousing control. He called out and ground his hips with the other's, trying to remove both of their clothing at the same time.

Kirien slid his hands down to his lover's waist, gripping it rather firmly, biting a little harder along his neck. He was so close to breaking skin. He could feel the hunger inside him begging him to have the other.

Alessandro let his hands roam down Rienne's body, helping him remove their clothing as he went. He growled low in his throat, lightly nibbling on the boy's lower lip before kissing him, slipping his tongue into his mouth.

Nicolas swallowed in just the barest hint of nervousness. He closed his eyes and breathed, "Do it." He could tell what Kirien wanted to do, and he encouraged him.

Rienne breathed lustedly, pressing his hips up against the others. He needed him, wanted him, "I want you.." He said softly, hardly able to speak with his eyes shut and throat constricted from trying to not moan so much, they hadn't even really begun and he was all ready writhing under the other.

Kirien groaned and let his fangs pierce the other's neck, drinking long and fluid drafts, but not enough to really even weaken, just enough to let the other feel what he could do to him.

"Mmmnn...mine." Alessandro nipped at his lover's throat, and he slid his hand between them both, stroking Rienne teasingly. "Don't try to be quiet. I want to hear you..."

Nicolas gasped and then groaned, enjoying the pleasure and the pain of the bite. His fingers flexed a little where they had rested against Kirien's back, the fabric moving underneath them.

"Aye, but what of my brother? What if I am loud enough that they hear?" Rienne asked, moaning all ready louder, whimpering in pleasure.

Kirien smiled as the other clutched to him, he stopped drinking but continued to suckle and nibble the wound.

Alessandro paused to chuckle and smile at Rienne. "Not to worry. He's occupied enough right now not to care even if he does hear you." He kissed the side of his neck, moving up to nibble on his earlobe.

Nicolas shivered, a small breathy moan escaped him, his lower lip trembling. His grip slackened a bit. "Ahh...Kirien..." he whispered.

"Ah yes..then take me." He begged, wanting to feel what the other could do to him.

"Do you want me?" Kirien asked seductively, nipping on the other's shoulder.

Alessandro didn't voice any reply, he slowly moved his hand up and placed it in front of Rienne's face. He gave him a simple request. "Suck."

"Nn...yes..." Nicolas answered breathlessly, his hips also answering as he moved them against the other's, creating wonderful friction.

Rienne sucked the other's fingers with a gentleness. He was sure to get them nice and wet.

"In what way?" Kirien asked in a whisper, laying the other back on the couch, kissing where he bit him. "Mnn you're delicious."

Alessandro closed his eyes. Rienne's deft little tongue even felt good on his fingers. After only a few moments of this activity, he removed his fingers from his lover's mouth, kissing him as he found his entrance and slowly pressed a single digit inside.

"In every way...ahhn...Kirien, please, fuck me!" Nicolas turned his head to the side, blushing at his own vulgarity, but so completely aroused by the other that he only cared for a moment.

Rienne shivered as he waited for the other. "Mnn it's taking too long. I want you." He said, cheeks flushed with lust.

Kirien felt his eyes widen for a minute before the request finally sank in. "Are you sure?" He asked, suckling his neck and lips.

Alessandro chuckled. He agreed with what the boy said, but he didn't voice it. "So impatient. If I quit this now, I'll hurt you..." He kissed his lips and smiled, then nipped at his neck and collarbone as he inserted another finger.

"Yes...please...!" Nicolas moaned, writhing beneath Kirien on the couch. He didn't even care that it was decidedly unromantic to have sex on a couch.

Rienne gasped as the other finger was entered, the tight pain it granted was almost nice to him, he moved back to meet the fingers that breeched him. "Mn.."

Kirien chuckled and decided to remove only their lower bits of clothing so that if they were walked in upon it would be easier to dress and excuse themselfs.. they weren't exactly in the privacy of a bedroom.

The tightness around just Alessandro's fingers made him wonder if Rienne would be able to handle more than that, but he wouldn't stop unless he made any signal to. Soon, he added another finger, moving slowly for the maximum effect.

Nicolas was slightly disappointed by the limited skin-to-skin contact, but understood why they were staying half-dressed. Eagerly, he wrapped his legs around Kirien's waist.

Rienne shivered and called out to his lover. He couldn't wait to feel how full he was going to be. "Please.." He asked softly, wanting the other inside him to the point it was almost a painful want.

Kirien smiled and kissed his pet, pressing a finger into him, it wouldn't do to tear his lover, or harm him in any way.

"Yes..." Alessandro answered, removing his fingers and replacing them with his hard length, slowly entering because there was still a difference in size. He shuddered, finally realizing how much his own desire could affect him, holding back just a bit.

Nicolas bit his lower lip, groaning in pleasure, and only a little discomfort. He wasn't exactly inexperienced, but it had been quite a while since he had been with anyone. "Nnnn..."

Rienne groaned and winced. The other's actual length was bigger, longer and thicker much more than the fingers. He felt himself shudder in pain but at the same time it felt nice. Too nice. He gasped as he arched back against the other.

Kirien smiled down at his lover as he pushed the finger in, then adding another finger,wondering if he was being to harsh on the other. "Are you all right?"

Alessandro slid in to the hilt, shivering. "Ahh..." He closed his eyes, the tight heat making his breath hitch in his chest. "Tell me move..." he whispered, looking down at Rienne for a moment. Gods, he was a beautiful boy.

"Nnng...yes..." Nicolas wriggled a little against Kirien's fingers, already impatient, ready to be taken by this beautiful, wonderful man. "Please...more..."

Rienne shivered in pained pleasure. "Mnn...n-now!" He said hotly, trying to all ready move on the other.

Kirien added another finger to the first one. "Mn, It's going to feel nice to claim you."

Shivering yet again, Alessandro pulled out almost all the way, then moved back in slowly, relishing in the friction and the heat enveloping him again. He started with a slow and steady rhythm.

Nicolas closed his eyes, his lips parting as he began to pant a little, his breathing audible. "Ahhhn...Kirien..."

Rienne gasped as he moved with the other, meeting his thrusts at the same slowness, wishing they were actually a little harder. The other felt so good inside him, so delciously pleasurefull. He groaned and moved with him faster.

Kirien smiled darkly at his lover, even with the darkness you could tell there was love and passion in the gaze. "Mn, should i continue to torture you or do you want me now?" He asked, brushing his fingers where he knew that little bundle of nerves to be.

Alessandro began to increase his pace, and since Rienne was meeting his thrusts, he pushed a little harder. He loved his little lover, his willingness for him, his tight heat that he had been the first to experience.

Nicolas gasped and moaned, loving the torture, but knowing that what was to come was going to be just as good or better. "!"

Rienne loved every feeling of the other inside him. He loved how he felt. Loved the stretching, burning sensation he got from him. It was so delightful to him. He liked the feeling of finally being fulfilled in a way. He pulled Alessandro down for a kiss as he realized his moans were getting louder and louder.

Kirien granted his lover's plea as he was unable to wait much longer himself and he pressed into him, shuddering at the hotness. "Mn, You are mine." He said in posession. He kissed him hard while shoving in to the hilt, careful to not move after that until the other asked him to.

Alessandro knew he could only last so much longer. Rienne's and his own cries of passion mingled together and stirred his very soul. The boy beneath him, his beautiful body, his voice, it all made his heart pound faster and his blood boil. His paced increased all the more for it.

Nicolas groaned into the kiss, moving his hips just a little to indicate that he wanted Kirien to move. He wrapped his arms around his shoulders, keeping him close, even though he knew it might inhibit his movement a little.

Rienne wrapped tighter around the older man, ultimately bringing him in deeper, moaning loudly as their kiss broke. "Alessandro!" He called out, his hips meeting the other in the most sensual feeling he had ever felt.

Kirien began moving inside the other, shivering and nibbling his neck as he did so. The other's arms around his shoulders didn't affect him so much, he just kept thrusting, his pace becoming harder and faster. He managed his weight, slipping a hand between them to stroke the other.

Alessandro placed his hands near Rienne's hips, thrusting hard and rather fast. He was losing himself in ecstacy, his lover so delicious he couldn't stand it. He leaned forward and kissed his neck before grazing his teeth over the soft skin.

Nicolas moaned, tipping his head back against the couch cushions. He loved how almost rought Kirien was being, and how he was doing as much as he could to give him pleasure. "Ahhhn...Kirien...nnnn..."

Rienne felt himself break to the other, his will to hold on to reality plumetted, and as he felt the other's teach on his neck he shivered and called out, his cum shooting onto the other.

Kirien tightened his grasp on his lovers length being sure to angle his thrusts so that they were just right onto the other's prostate, knowing he must be making the other feel good. "Mnn...Nicolas.. "

As Rienne came, Alessandro felt the muscles around him constrict, and he gasped and groaned, his teeth almost breaking skin. He came inside the boy almost immediately after him.

Each time Kirien hit that certain spot, Nicolas thought his voice was going to change octaves. He was so incredibly close to climax. He dug his fingernails into Kirien's back. "Nnn...Kirien, I'm going to...!"

Rienne shuddered as he felt the other empty inside him. "Aless-andro-" He said, his voice broken in a soft whine at he pleasure he felt.

Kirien thrust harder, knowing he was pleasing the other, he knew as well that even with as tight as the other would probably get around him that he wouldn't finish. But the other could help him with that.

Alessandro kissed Rienne tenderly on the lips, pulling out as he softened. He laid next to him and held him close, whispering, "Ah, I love you..." He stroked his cheek with his fingertips, smiling.

Nicolas threw his head back, his mouth open in a silent cry as he came, coating them both in his cum. He panted as he rode out his orgasm.

Rienne smiled, hugging to him. "I love you too." He stated, kissing his lips. "That...was...amazing. My prince, my lord, my love."

Kirien smiled as the other was sated. "Darling, when you rest a minute, perhaps you could tend to me?"

" were amazing, love." Alessandro had never had someone so willing and enthusiastic their first time. Rienne was a wonderful and natural-born lover.

Nicolas chuckled. "Of course..." He didn't really need to rest. If he stopped to rest, he might fall asleep. He slid away from him a moment, sitting up, then moved into his lap and kissed him once before moving down to take him into his mouth. He was a little impressed at the man's stamina.

Rienne blushed. "I..didn't know what I was doing though."

Kirien groaned, threading his fingers through his hair. "Mnn thank you...." He said through a hazy breath, wondering if the other minded this.

Alessandro smiled. "That doesn't matter. You did well." He kissed his forehead.

"Mmhm..." Nicolas answered, not really being able to speak since his mouth was full. He didn't mind helping the other to finish at all. He was becoming aroused again.

Rienne smiled and hugged him. "What happens now? Are you going to bite me and drink all my blood?"

Kirien groaned with a small smile. He liked very much the other's mouth around him. "Have you.. done this before?" He asked, shuddering.

"Oh yes, I'm going to make you my little snack," Alessandro answered, grinning, and he playfully nipped at Rienne's neck, taking care to keep his teeth from piercing his flesh at all.

"Mhmm..." Nicolas responded yet again. He was not all that experienced, but this was not the first time he had done quite a few things. He was nineteen years older, after all.

Rienne let out a squeal of giggled, shivering under the teeth. "Heeyyy that tickles!" He said, huffing.

Kirien groaned. "Mnn I want you again." He said hotly, the other's mouth around him made him crave to take the boy again.

Alessandro stopped and laughed. Then he looked at Rienne seriously. "I wouldn't ever seriously bite you, not unless you wanted me to or it was an emergency. But let us not think of that now." He smiled again and once again held the boy close.

Really, Nicolas wanted Kirien again too. He teasingly and gently dragged his teeth along the other's length.

Rienne blushed at the thought. "Does it feel good?" He asked, looking into the other's eyes.

Kirien groaned. "Mn, can you go another?" He asked, wondering if he shouldn't just take the other again.

Alessandro looked at him back, searchingly. "That depends, I suppose, on personal preference. There is a little pain, but some would say that feels good."

Nicolas released Kirien from his mouth so that he could answer in words. "Yes." He whispered simply, looking up at him from his lap.

"What do you get out of it?" Rienne asked, thinking about trying this other pleausre.

Kirien smiled seductively, hoisting the other onto his lap, and onto his awaiting length that throbbed for the other. He didn't think much prep would be needed.

"Do you mean to ask what you would get out of it? For me, it would be sustenance, and a certain pleasure that I really can't describe." Alessandro hadn't meant to interest the boy in the idea of being bitten.

Nicolas made a small noise, but there was really no pain, it was all in pleasure. Without prompting, he lifted his hips and then slid back down.

Rienne shivered at the thought. "What are the effects? It wouldn't turn me into a vampire would it?"

Kirien began an hard and needy pace wthin the other, he could feel it wasn't going to take him so long to finish at all now that he had had previous stimulation before hand.

"Just being bitten? No, it wouldn't. It might make you a little dizzy, but I can think of a few ways to make you dizzy that are more fun and less dangerous." Alessandro smiled. It was sort of a lame joke.

Nicolas liked this new position, sitting on Kirien's lap. He leaned forward, panting and moaning breathily, and nipped playfully at his lover's neck, then kissed him on the lips.

Rienne giggled. He wanted to feel the biting but he knew somehow it wouldn't be the best thing to ask the other for. "How else can you make me dizzy eh?"

Kirien smiled at his lover, kissing him in lust as he began a slow but hard pace inside him.

Alessandro smiled. "Hmmm...let's see...I could...tickle you until you can't breathe!" He proceeded to tickled Rienne everywhere he could find that might be ticklish.

"Oh god, Kirien..." Nicolas groaned low in his throat, his arms draped over Kirien's shoulders, his hips moving in time with the other's.

Rienne squealed and began to squirm beneath the other. "Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!" He called out, trying to escape the others grasp as his voice gave many giggles.

Kirien smiled and moved faster inside him, enabling him a bit harder as well. "Mn, call for me again love."

"Or...I could kiss you breathless..." Alessandro suddenly stopped tickling him, looking into Rienne's eyes and cupping his face in his hands, kissing him sensually on the lips.

Nicolas tipped his head back and called Kirien's name again, having no problem proclaiming his desire to the empty room. Vaguely, he hoped his little brother couldn't hear him from Alessandro's room.

Rienne giggled and then his giggling and his breath supply was suddenly silenced as he was kissed. He couldn't breath and began giggling again, effectively breakng the kiss and clinging to the other.

Kirien shuddered, "Mnn now I am getting closer." He stated, his voice etched in lust as he stroked the other in time with their thrusting.

Alessandro chuckled and wrapped his arms around the boy. "Well, did I make you dizzy? Or should I try harder?"

Nicolas's breath hitched and he knew he was close as well. His breathing was shallow and many of the times he exhaled there was a sound of pleasure to accompany it.

Rienne giggled. "No, you made me super dizzy!" He said, kissing the other. "Soo what do you want to do now?"

Kirien gave in, unable to hold it longer, spilling inside the other. "Oh.. my gods Nicolas, you feel .. so good.."

"Hmmm...well, are you hungry?" Alessandro thought for a second and realized that Rienne had not eaten anything all day.

Nicolas shuddered, coming soon after Kirien, throwing his head back and making an incoherent noise of pleasure. "Oh, Kirien..." He looked at him and smiled somewhat sleepily, and laid his head on his shoulder.

Rienne nodded happily. "Yup. Reeeallly hungry." His stomach gave a small little growl to prove it.

Kirien smiled and laid back on the couch, the other falling atop of him. "That was lovely."

Alessandro smiled and sat up, grabbing his pants and pulling them on quickly. "Would you like to come choose something, or shall I just bring something back for you?" He thought the house was quieter now, which meant that the other two were probably finished. He would give them warning if Rienne was coming upstairs.

"Absolutely," Nicolas answered. He was simply exhausted now, and he knew he would most likely hurt a little in the morning, but he didn't care. That had been the most wonderful experience of his life.

"Umm I can come with." He said, smiling, pullng his boxers on, forgetting there were others in the house.

Kirien smiled and covered them with his discarded pants. "I am glad you are pleased with your new sitaution."

Alessandro nodded and as they left the room and traveled the stairs, he whispered, assuming Kirien would hear, that he and Rienne were coming out of his room to get food.

Nicolas smiled and snuggled into the crook of Kirien's neck. "Oh yes, very happy. Who would have guessed that being kidnapped was the best thing that could ever happen to me?"

RIenne hummed to himself. He saw his brother and the other and blinked. "Uhhh...not asking." He said, blushing. He saw his brother's pants on the floor and merely turned into the kitchen.

Kirien smiled."Too late." He said to himself, chuckling. "Yes, it is best for me to have kidnapped you as well."

Alessandro smirked and walked into the kitchen as well, shaking his head. They had to do it on the couch, didn't they? Inwardly, he reminded himself never to sit on that couch again.

Nicolas looked over his shoulder and giggled, mumbling, "Good evening, little brother..." He was glad they at least had Kirien's pants covering them. He wasn't sure Rienne had ever actually seen him naked before.

Rienne looked about, smiling when he found grapes."A sandwhich would be okay."

Kirien chuckled a little more. "Mn, interesting situation.." He ran his fingers through his lover's hair.

"Alright." It hadn't exactly been recently that Alessandro had last made food, so he gathered the necessary items and laid them out for the boy. He would make it for him if he told him how, but he had sort of forgotten.

"Mmhm...that it is..." Nicolas was growing sleepier by the minute. "Why don't we go to your room to sleep?" he suggested.

Rienne seemed to sense this and he giggled, putting peanut butter and jelly on two slices of bread, adding banana too. "If you guys don't eat, then why do you have food?" He asked curiously.

Kirien nodded. "Certainly." He rose, the other with him as he did, carrying him to their room. He plopped him on the bed, going back out to retrieve their discarded clothing. "We''re taking a short nap, if you need anything, let me know." With that he rejoined the other.

Alessandro chuckled. "Well, it's here for guests, though we don't have many, and for you and your brother since you do eat." He smiled and watched Rienne eat.

Nicolas had laid down in the short minute that Kirien was gone, and smiled at him from the pillow as he came back. "I don't have to get dressed to sleep, do I?"

Rienne smiled indulgingly as he ate his sandwich. "Mnn this is soo good. I wish you could try it."

Kirien chuckled and shook his head. "Heavens no!"

Playfully, Alessandro replied, "How cruel! Taunting me with things I can't have." He chuckled and brushed a stray piece of hair out of Rienne's face.

"Oh good." Nicolas laughed sleepily, patting the bed beside him to indicate that Kirien should join him to sleep, this is, if he was at all tired.

Rienne giggled and then blushed at the action. "You're sweet." He said, self conciously adjusting his hair.

Kirien smiled and lay beside the other, rubbing his back.

"You bring it out in me," Alessandro replied, smiling. It was sort of fascinating to watch Rienne eat. He wasn't sloppy, and he didn't eat in the manner of a beast as some people did. Nor did he chew loudly, or with his mouth open.

"Hmmmm..." Nicolas smiled and closed his eyes. "That will put me to sleep even faster."

Rienne smiled and finished his food and put everything back where it was supposed to go. Then he stretched, yawning as he did so. "What do you like to do for fun?"

Kirien smiled and kissed his lover on the neck, forming his body to his own and closing his own eyes. "Then sleep my darling."

Sighing, Alessandro rested his chin in his hand with his elbow on the table. "Well, before you were here, I read a great many books. I had little else to do, apart from the times when Kirien would convince me to go out and do something 'fun'. are my entertainment, mostly. And I mean that in every good way possible."

"Oh, no problem." Nicolas mumbled as he let sleep finally claim him.

Rienne sighed and smiled. "I am very happy to be here." He said, watching the other. "Though I thought we were done for when you guys kidnapped us."

Kirien decided to follow after, not having anything else to do with his time.

Alessandro decided not to add that Rienne and his brother could very well have ended up as food rather than companions, but he thought that an inappropriate sentiment. He was very glad that both boys were there with them. Besides, now Kirien was occupied and would only drag him out of the house when he needed to feed. Sighing, he finally answered, "Of course not. We had it planned specifically with your survival in mind." He smiled.

Rienne smiled and kissed the other. "Awe well thank you."

"So...what would you like to do now? Are you sleepy? Or would you like to tour the house?" Alessandro offered to show him any rooms he may have wanted to see in the house. Nothing was off limits, except perhaps Kirien's room while he was in it.

Rienne nodded. "I think a tour sounds lovely." He said, giggling. "Then maybe we can play hide and seek.."He said, all ready inching to the door way to spot a suitable hiding place.

Alessandro nodded and smiled. "Alright. But I should warn you, I think I have an unfair advantage in this game..." He gave Rienne a sly little grin, then stood to give him a tour if he decided he wanted to see the house before he hid in it.

Rienne shook his head. "N u-uhhhhh I am really good with hiding." He ran from the other, shooting down a stair case and climbing into a rather secluded window shutter, hiding behind it, giggling.

Alessandro chuckled. He hadn't originally planned on using any of his power to find the boy and simply do it the old fashioned way, but he abandoned that plan soon enough. "Where aaaaaare you....?" He whispered as he entered a hallway that led to a stair case. He listened for the sound of Rienne's breathing, which, judging from the speed at which he left, should have been somewhat elevated and noisy.

Rienne giggled when he heard the other, but he kept silent, trying to calm down. He was having much fun with this. It was exciting.

"Oh my, but what was that noise? It couldn't have been a giggle from my Rienne..." Alessandro smiled and stalked toward the window. When he got close to it, he stopped, then he moved on down the hallway. He knew he was behind it, but he didn't want Rienne to know that. He double back silently and threw open the shutters. "I found you!"

Rienne squealed hyerly and jumped down over the other."Nuuu thats not fair!!" He hugged him around the waist." Your turn!!!"

Alessandro laughed. "Alright, alright. I'll hide, and I won't use any of my power." He kissed Rienne on the cheek and set off up the stairs to find a hiding place in the library. He made sure his footsteps made noise. Then he found a spot in a little niche between two book shelves and crammed himself in.

Rienne giggled and followed where he heard the other run off. Giggling more he looked around the library, oblivious to the other." nuuu I don't hear your footste;s anymore...." hesaid, blinking.

Alessandro struggled not to laughed, pursing his lips and holding them together with his teeth. Eventually, he couldn't hold it in and he let a little breath of a laugh escape, giving Rienne the chance to find him.

Rienne turned and caught him. "I soo found you!!" He said, giggling and reaching in where the other hid to tickle him. "Yay!!!"

"Yes, yes, you found me." Alessandro laughed and hugged Rienne to him as he stepped out from between the book shelves. "It was a good hiding place, no?" He smiled. "Are you tired yet, or will you have boundless energy the rest of the night? The sun is going to rise soon."

"Boundless energy." Rienne said at once, nuzzling his vampire. But even as he said this so surely and quick his eyes drooped in drowsyness.

Smiling in somewhat paternal affection, Alessandro picked Rienne up and carried him to their room. "It seems that energy has suddenly run out. What say we sleep?" He laid him on the bed and laid next to him.

Riene magnetically and instantly snuggled up to the other, nuzzling his chest ."Sounds like a reallllyyy good plan." He said, yawning.

"Mmmm, good." Alessandro petted Rienne's hair and rested his chin on the top of his head. "I love you, Rienne," he whispered and smiled.


The morning, or rather, the next evening, began as it had the last few nights. Nicolas woke feeling wonderfully refreshed, almost renewed, and he knew he owed it all to Kirien and having been kidnapped by him in the first place. He turned over on the bed, loathing to disconnect himself from his lover, but needing to stretch. "Good eve, Kirien..." He smiled serenely, a smile that only accompanies those who are happy upon waking.

Alessandro had hardly slept the night before, but it did almost nothing in the way of bothering him. He had stared at the ceiling all night, thinking. Why was it that Rienne was staying here? Was he keeping him against his will, subconsciously? He had promised to be his knight in shining armor. But had he said it to make him happy? He was at conflict with himself, but resolved to try his best not to let it show. He wouldn't allow his problems to disturb his young lover. As his thoughts finally drifted to this conclusion, he turned his head away from the ceiling and looked at the teenager that lay next to him, comfortable and seemingly at peace as he slept.

Kirien woke as the other moved about. "Hello my dear." He said, smilinghappily. He was very pleased to have the other beside him. He thought well that he and his companions task to find appropriate lovers had succeded. He was happy once again.

Rienne yawned as he woke, sitting up. He blinked as he remembered his place of existance. Then he giggled while snuggling up to his lover. "Hi. How long you been awake?" He asked, looking up at him happily. He pressed small kisses on his chest.

Nicholas grinned somewhat playfully, the sleep soon leaving his eyes. He climbed atop his lover, sitting on his hips, then leaned forward and kissed him lightly. He had not been with someone in a rather long time, and he had only really been with one person before anyway, so he couldn't judge whether this was normal behavior for him. He didn't care enough to check it, so he stayed where he was. "How are you this evening?" He smiled again.

The older man smiled and answered, "Not very long. Did you sleep well?" The lie slipped easily from his lips, making him cringe inwardly at its ease. He placed his hands on either side of the boy's face and kissed his forehead simply, relishing in his wonderful warmth, which he shared every time he touched him.

Kirien smiled and held the other tight. "I am well. You certainly seem to be cheery and happy, I wonder what put you in such a well mood?" He asked, appy to see his lover up and happy.

Rienne nodded. "Yup. I was having silly dreams about you." He kissed his lips. "Did you dream anything my dear?" He asked, smiling.

" couldn't possibly have been you..." Nicolas chuckled and laid, relaxed, with his head against Kirien's chest. "You've put me in this word, of course. I don't remember the last time I was this happy." He traced little circles with his fingertip on his lover's chest, then kissed him on the neck briefly. With the way he was feeling, though, he thought the only thing he was going to write, any time soon, was a romance novel.

Alessandro laughed a little. "Your energy is so refreshing. No, I had a rather dreamless night. What sort of silly dreams were you having about me...?" He kissed Rienne a couple of times in quick succession, then rested his face against the crook of the boy's neck.

Kirien smiled. "Ah I think I will disrupt your novelist ways." He said, chuckling. "I could be wrong though." He thought about the other, and wondered if he would ever write their story.

Rienne brushed his fingers through the other's hair, thinking about how soft it was before responding. "That you and I were all settled in some weird palce.. and I had a kid.." He thought about the strangeness of the dream.

Nicolas smiled, thinking that at some point the expression might get stuck on his face. "Oh, it's too late for that. I've already lost all train of thought that could have led to a book. Unless..." He shook his head. "Unless I could write about us..." It was something he'd never really considered because he'd always wanted to be a fiction novelist.

"That certainly is a strange dream, my love. However, I'm not sure you would be in the place you are now if you were female." Alessandro paused. He'd never really thought all that much about what his preference was, but he was rather sure, after having Rienne with him, that he would never feel the same about anything female.

Kirien smiled. "I would certainly like to see this from your point of view, yes I think it would be lovely." He said, grinning. "You could still consider it fiction even." He said, referring to what he was."

Rienne giggled. " I know. Oh well. Good thing I am soo not a woman. So what do you want to do today?" Rienne asked, feeling adventurous.

Smirking, Nicolas snuggled against Kirien. "Fiction? That's insulting. You're absolutely real. I would feel bad for trying to pass you off as fake." Sighing in a contended way, Nicolas answered as he decided, "I suppose I could write a story from my point of view. I wouldn't use our names, though...hmmm..."

Alessandro laughed. "Yes, it's definitely a good thing. Today we could do...whatever you like." Thinking again, he added, "I have a suggestion. Would you like to go into town and go shopping? I should say you might like something new to wear."

Kirien smiled. "Shall I gather you your writing tensils?" He wanted to aid the other.

Rienne smiled."Shopping? Yes that would be fun or we oculd just stop at my old house and gather things."

"Oh, you don't have to do that. I can get them myself, but I'm not really sure I want to write so soon." Nicolas chuckled and scratched the back of his head. He brought to Kirien's attention the fact that he was still naked from the night before, then answered him. "I don't suppose it would be too much trouble for me to take a bath?" He hadn't done that for a while either, and he was starting to feel a little...gross.

"Of course, we could do that too. Whatever you wish." Alessandro smiled and got out of bed, walking to his closet to sift through it. He eventually chose a plain red shirt with black buttons, and a pair of tight black jeans. "How soon would you like to leave?" There was a private bathroom off of his bedroom that he was more than willing to let Rienne use if he wished to have a bath before leaving.

"Of course not." Kirien said amused. "Follow me my dear." He said, rising, much in the same position and finding he rather liked this predicament.

"Ummm..." He sniffed himself and giggled. "After I get all clean.. why don't you and I go take a bath?" He asked, wanting to relax with the other.

As Kirien stood, Nicolas couldn't help but to let his eyes explore his lover's beautiful body. It was perfect and pale and...well, beautiful. While following Kirien, he asked, "...then I don't suppose it would be too much take a bath together?" He'd never done that before, but he was more than willing to do so with someone like this man.

Alessandro tilted his head to the side and smiled mischeviously. "You want to take a bath together...?" He thought it was a marvelous idea, though he wasn't sure how much cleansing would be done in such an activity. He knew he would have a little bit of trouble containing himself.

Kirien grinned at his lover's proposal. "Not at all."He said, kissing him. "Come, let us chose a bath." As he heard the others were going to the baths as well he knew to take the upper one. "Mn, your brother and my companion have the same thing in mind."

Rienne giggled. "Yeah, why not?" He asked, wanting to lay in the water with the other.

"Hm, I guess it must be a good idea then." Nicolas smirked, realizing that he'd never felt this awake or excited when he first got out of bed in his life.

Alessandro chuckled. "I wasn't trying to persuade you away from the idea. I should warn you that it might be hard for me to concentrate on bathing, though." Luckily, with the warmth of the water, he wouldn't be as distracted by Rienne's own body heat.

Kirien smiled and kissed the other as he ran the bath water. "Hot or warm?" He asked, looking the other as though he was a feast.

Rienne giggled and didn't say anything because he was blushing brightly at the others words.

Nicolas tentatively stuck his hand under the water as it ran from the faucet, having taken notice of Kirien's expression and leaning over the tub in an obviously suggestive way. "This temperature is nice..."

Alessandro lifted Rienne into his arms, bridal style, smiling a little and finding the blush on the boy's face cute. He carried him to the bath downstairs, then set him on the floor. Before he began to run the bath water, he removed his shirt, one button at a time, and threw it on the floor, his back turned to his young lover. He looked over his shoulder and smirked.

Kirien chuckled and muttered 'tease' under his breath before he stripped completely. "I should think it is." He stepped into the water, sitting into the basin.

Rienne blinked as he watched his beloved strip.. and blushed. "Soooooo.....ummm....." He couldn't think of anything to say. He wanted to say something to break his blush wasn't happening.

Nicolas faintly smirked, satisfied with the reaction he received, and followed Kirien into the water. He shivered slightly as his body adjusted to the heat of the water, and he was sitting in Kirien's lap.

The older man chuckled and began to run water into the bathtub, turning while it was filling so that he could clearly see Rienne. Alessandro donned a nonchalant expression, though he was planning carefully in his mind, and unzipped the tight jeans he had put on only a few minutes ago. He hooked a thumb under the waist of the pants and tugged them a little, but didn't really try to take them off. "Goodness, Rienne. Your face is red. You look like you have a fever. Maybe a cooler bath would be a better idea?" He smiled, teasing a little.

Kirien hadn't expected for his lap to become the other's chair but he didn't complain. He wrapped his arm about the other and brought out a soft cloth filled with soap to wash him.

Rienne giggled. "Nooo I am not sick. The water feels nice." He quickly undressed his own self and stepped into the water, humming as the water enfolded about him.

Smiling, Nicolas leaned forward, keeping his lower body in contact with Kirien's, and arched his back sensually. He wasn't sure why he was trying so hard to be sexy, since he had a feeling there wasn't any need. He decided to turn around and face his lover. He draped his arms around his shoulders, smiling lazily. "You're going to wash me...?"

Alessandro chuckled and kissed Rienne's forehead, joining the boy in the tub and reaching for a bottle of shampoo. He realized that he had some sort of infatuation with the boy's beautiful hair. "Would you let me wash your hair?"

Kirien gave a seductive chuckle. "Oh my.. someone's having some.. fun I think. Yes dear that is why I have a sponge and it is lathered." He said, slowly running the sponge alng his skin, knowing it would entice him.

Rienne giggled and nodded appreciatively. "Yes, please!" He said, leaning his head back to the other. He loved his hair being touched and played with. He was really going to enjoy this.

Nicolas answered with a small smile. "Well, I guess that would make sense, huh...?" He closed his eyes, savouring the sensations of the sponge and Kirien, his lips parted slightly. He made a few sounds that vaguely resembled a cat's purring, but were actually low-pitch groans.

Smiling, Alessandro poured a generous amount of shampoo into the palm of his hand, then shared it with his other hand. Gently, he began to work his fingers along Rienne's scalp, the soft hair brushing his now slimy fingers and sticking together in clumps, until it was all worked into a lather. It was more fun than he had thought it would be.

Kirien was going to have difficulty if he wanted to not be seduced so easily by the other's moaning. He passed his hands down the front of him, caressing his chest with the soapy water.

Rienne giggled and his eyes slid shut at the feeling of the other's hands through his hair. He shivered. "I forget that having someone else wash hair.. feels so good." He said, feeling a chill.

"You're far too good at this..." Nicolas murmured, his eyes still closed. He tipped his head backwards. He was no longer actually trying to be so wanton. He was just letting his senses control him, rather than having self-control. It was much more fun this way.

Alessandro responded with a, "Hmmmm..." still smiling. He didn't usually bother to bathe all that often, considering that dirt didn't stick to him nearly as easily as it would have in his human state. He did enjoy taking baths himself once in a while, but no one had washed his hair for him. He was quite lost as to what it might feel like.

"Keep acting so sexy and I wont let you out of here without a good ravish." He whispered into the other's ear, rinsing water over him.

Rienne smiled and layed back on the other. "Do you want me to do yours too?" He asked, nibbling the other's chest that wasn't in the water.

Nicolas shivered from the words whispered to him, but also from the water. "Oh? That's not very much incentive to stop acting this way then..." He smirked. He wouldn't mind being ravished at all, and he was sure if it was from Kirien then it would be well worth defeating the purpose of the bath.

Raising an eyebrow, Alessandro considered the offer for a moment. "Are you sure you really want to take on a task like that? I have quite a lot of hair to wash..." Sitting in the water, which didn't quite reach his chest, the ends of his hair were submerged. He wasn't opposed to Rienne doing him that favor, though.

Kirien chuckled and began lavishing kisses on the other's neck. "Mnnn so be it." He said huskily, almost darkly while running his hands along the other's thighs.

Rienne giggled and moved behind the other, laying him in his lap as well as he could. "Yes, this is going to be neat." He said, getting shampoo into his hand when he had gotten the other's hair completely wet.

Nicolas tipped his head back a little more, this time opening his eyes halfway and staring into space. If he let go of his senses completely this time, he would come too soon and ruin their fun. He was absolutely sure he'd never had this much fun in a bath, too.

Alessandro tried to arrange himself to be a little shorter so Rienne could reach his head better, but sliding down in the water didn't help so much, and if he bent his back and leaned forward, the boy would have to sit funny and practically lay across his back. Either way, that wasn't going to work. So he tipped his head back a little instead, which he thought might work the best.

Kirien chuckled and kissed his lover, continuing his sensual trail with his fingers, working them to his lover's length where they snaked casually around it waiting to cause the other pleasure.

Rienne hummed as he worked about, slipping his hands through the other's hair, massaging the soap into the strands while lathering it generously.

His eyelashes fluttering, Nicolas gasped as he felt the touch he had anticipated the whole time. He found that, with Kirien, he was surprisingly eager for him. He laced his fingers into his lover's hair almost as a reflex.

Alessandro chuckled, enjoying the feeling of Rienne's smaller hands in his hair. He closed his eyes. He thought maybe he could get used to treatment like this, but he really preferred making his little lover feel good.

With careful maneuvering Kirien had managed to get the other on his lap. He kissed him lavishly, holding him close as he did so. Yes he wanted the other, and it was the understatment to say so.

Rienne did to the other as he had been done to, creating what he hoped was the same sensations, lathering and lathering until he was to rinse, for that he merely placed the other's head under the bathwater, not fully of course, just enough to wet it all, swishing his hair about to rinse it clean.

Nicolas felt hot, hotter than usual, mostly due to the temperature of the water. He hoped he wouldn't get too hot and pass out, but he knew Kirien would catch him if he did. He kissed back with much energy.

Alessandro couldn't help but to chuckle again at the way Rienne was moving him about. There was humor in it, his smaller lover taking charge of him and washing his hair. It did feel nice, he was doing a marvelous job. As he came back up from the water, he shivered slightly as his hair plastered itself to his back and the cooler air hit his body.

Kirien chuckled into the kiss, able to feel his lover's feelings in a sense. He trailed his hands along him, unable to stop touching. "I want you, I want all of you."

Rienne giggled. "Did you like it?" He asked, running his hands through the other's wetted hair.

His breath becoming shallow and quick as Kirien continued to touch him, Nicolas answered, "I want you too...take me, make me yours once again..." He noticed that Kirien's skin was not cold while they were in the bath, which almost diminished the presence of his touch sometimes, made it less prominent, but with his heightened state of awareness of touch it didn't matter.

"Of course. You're very good at washing hair." Alessandro wanted to turn around and kiss his little lover, but he also enjoyed the fingers in his hair. "I think I like his arrangement, too. We should take more baths together in the future."

Kirien felt himself blushing but gladly accepted this request. He motioned the other to sit in his lap. He kissed along his neck, biting and suckling on the skin, ready to pierce it.

Rienne smiled and agreed with him. "Yes, I like this much. What else do you think we can do together to be so enjoyable?" He asked, hugging the other to him.

Nicolas gladly complied and sat in Kirien's lap, arching against him slightly as he felt the touch of his teeth, gasping a little and then moaning quietly in anticipation. He was quite certain he would pass out if he lost blood, combined with the heat of the bath water and their activities. He still didn't care.

"We were going to go back to your original home and get some of your things, remember?" Alessandro reached over his shoulder, since he was still sitting in front of him, and stroked Rienne's wet hair.

Kirien bit the other's neck harshly as he pushed into the other without warning. He knew his darling wouldn't mind the pain for it would only be a moment's worth. He shuddered as he drank of him.

Rienne blinked as he remembered. "Oh yeah. I am so forgetfull." He said,wondering how he could have possibly forgot that. And he knew secretly that it was because he thought of the vampire's home as his own.

Nicolas's eyes widened and his mouth opened, though no sound really came out. But the pain only lasted for a couple seconds, as predicted, and all coherent thought melted into pleasure at the somewhat rough treatment. His fingernails dug into Kirien's back.

"Shall we go then?" Alessandro asked, standing up without regard for the fact that he was now standing naked and dripping wet almost directly in front of Rienne's face.

Kirien groaned loudly as he began a deep and rather slow pace with the other which seemed his favorite thing to do. He licked the wound he made on his neck, smiling and kissing it hungrily.

Rienne blushed and nodded, boldly kissing the other's thigh as he rose too. "Yes." He said gently, grabbing a towel and humming to himself while he dried off.

Nicolas moaned somewhat breathily, having found his voice again, a bit of a helpless whimper, but happily at the mercy of Kirien. He relaxed his grip on his lover's shoulders a bit, and he wondered whether or not his fingernails would break his tough skin.

Alessandro blushed slightly, finally noticing how he had stood, and then he smiled a little, satisfied that Rienne was becoming more forward. He stepped out of the tub and found a towel, drying off, but starting with his hair as the source of most of the water dripping off of him.

Kirien groaned against the other's throat, thrusting deeper inside him. He loved this boy, man rather, in his arms. He loved how frail he was, how careful he needed to be and he showed how he loved him through his love making. He loved how the other completely surrendered to him.

Rienne hugged his lover before skipping to their room, putting on whatever clothing was available and clean to him and he lay on the bed, wondering what the other would dress in.

Tipping his head back and moaning louder, Nicolas attemtped to move his hips in time with Kirien's thrusts. He was thinking of requesting that he thrust harder, but he was a little afraid that if he did so he would wake up with bruises.

Alessandro followed Rienne at a slower pace, arriving in their room with a towel wrapped around his waist. He was thinking of putting on the clothes he had just been wearing before their bath, but a couple of articles of clothing were calling to him, in a way. He chose a deep red satin shirt that only buttoned halfway, and a pair of tight black leather pants. It was his favorite outfit, but he didn't usually find much cause to wear it.

Kirien allowed his lover his desire, thrusting harder into him, but he knew when to stop before he caused harm. He kissed him lustedly, passion burning itself onto the other's lips as he did so.

Rienne blushed as he looked at the other. The first thing that tinted his cheeks was the other dropping his towel, allowing his eyes a most delightful feast. And after that the other had put his actual clothing and he thought he was going to die of blushing and arousal. He squeaked, hiding his face.

Momentarily coming up for air, Nicolas felt the heat of their kiss remain on his lips, and he moaned loudly. He no longer tried to make his hip movement match Kirien's, but let the force of every thrust pummel him. It was delicious.

After dressing, Alessandro turned around and looked at Rienne, raising an eyebrow as he found him hiding his face. He sat on the edge of the bed. "Rienne...are you all right?" He ran his fingertips down the boy's spine.

Kirien moaned just as loud as his lover, doing what he could to cause him only the greatest pleasure. He couldn't even begin to voice anything outside of his moans. He just hoped they weren't heard by the other two inhabitants.

Rienne shivered. "Yes I.. you.. it's just that you were... standing naked.. and this outfit.. looks amazing on you." He said, unable to stop himself from talking.

Normally, Nicolas might have cared that his little brother might here him, but at the moment, he didn't care either. Added to that, he was beginning to feel the muscles in his abdomen begin to tighten.

"Oh, I see." Alessandro couldn't help the smile that spread across his features. He was a little alarmed at how oblivious he was of his affect on other people this day, but he was happy he could have this affect on Rienne.

Kirien growled in predatory lust and need. He found himself rather close to the orgasm and he only hoped to last as long as his lover.

Rienne smiled softly. "Yes, you're very handsome." He said, leaning to kiss his lover. "Very...beautiful."

"Ahhn...Kirien..." Nicolas whimpered. "I'm so close..." He closed his eyes and threaded his fingers into his lover's hair, crushing his lips to Kirien's and moaning into the kiss. Breaking this kiss, he arched back and cried out, creating a beautiful scene with his release.

Alessandro pulled Rienne into his lips and deepened the kiss a little. "You're beautiful too. Very. And I think you could be even more beautiful if we put you in clothes you were comfortable in. We should go get your things...then we can return and...enjoy each other's beauty..." The comment sounded slightly narcissistic, but he covered the possible misunderstood nuances of his phrasing by placing small kisses against Rienne's neck.

Kirien shuddered his own release a second before his lover but it ended out evenly timed somehow in the end in which he simply held his lover tight and pressed kisses to him all over wherever he could reach.

Rienne was shivering when he felt these kisses and these loving touches. He wanted the other. And he knew as well he should be listening though so he nodded in defeat. "Yes, it sounds like a beautiful plan."

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