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Subject: [Chrysilla]
Real name: Denisa
Age: 23
Place of living: Iasi, Romania

Q: First things first, what do you do? Do you study, perchance work somewhere?
Well, I used to study politics for two years and some months, then I decided to stop it from several reasons, such as boring teachers (there was one capable of putting you to sleep after you had had 5 cups of coffee, only with his dull mumbling), uninteresting classes and the idea that, if I wanted to become someone known enough to change things, I was supposed to join a party - and the Romanian parties have really, really not my kind of doctrine. At the same time, I had started working in a small advertising company, doing posters and such, which was way more interesting, so I chose work over school. Then last autumn I decided to join the advertising and mass-media university so I can have a career in the domain, so, at the moment, I'm a student and thinking if I should move to France to continue. It seems their universities are better.

Q: You've certainly been busy :D
My grade in geography was never the best, but aren't Romania and France a bit far from each other? Is there something else drawing you to the latter as well?
Nah, only about 1900 km from Iasi to Paris, as you can see on the sign in this picture: <URL:stuff/roadsigntoparis.jpg>
And we Romanians have always been attracted by our Latin cousins, the French :p It is true they have an interesting and complex history and culture, not to mention their food... but I still do love Romania very much and I prefer it over any other country in the world.

Q: Well, that certainly is the impression one gets from your profile. It's quite admirable, actually. But on to the next question: However did you end up on Elftown?
Oh my, thank you *blushes*
Elftown was discovered by a friend of mine, [SirLucas], who found it while searching an aiming elf picture. He is the one that made me love elves so much (or better said, *realise* I love elves, because it seems that somewhere deep, deep inside my little heart I've always been a little elf :P), so when he told me about Elftown, I just *had to* join.
It took me quite a while to figure our how to use wikis and pseudo-html though, but I didn't give up, hehe. Today I'm glad I didn't.

Q: So what do you occupy yourself with here?
Also, what are your favourite houses/wikis?
That's a good one, because most of the time I do the equivalent of laying back and waiting for something to happen xD. But before getting to that, I check my messages, because that blueish "Wheeee" is just hitting me in the face and I can't ignore it much time :P Then I check the new diary entries, the new pictures, [Saray]'s and [playslashwrite]'s ones first, the new art ([Dint] and [Sunny Silverunicorn] have the priority). Then come the wiki comments and changes, my wikis first, obviously (heheheh).
I sometimes have new pics to upload and houses to redesign (heh, I'm a house redesigner), which take some time too, because I'm sort of perfectionist when it comes to "interior design", even virtual.
And if I really am in a workaholic mood, I update People with great bios (I recruit, if someone feels like browsing through lots of crap until finding a nice house, then writing a little description of it, all this in change of virtual cookies, please, please, message me! </begging>)
Now this sounds like I'm a really busy person xD But I really spend lots of time on ET doing nothing and waiting for the "Wheeeee" to come up :P So imagine the disappointment when I only discover the famous "hi/ hy/ yo/ sup" message...
Anyways, advertising time (people, do NOT switch to another channel or I'll have [Synsae] chase you on the full moon):
Favourite houses, in no specifical order: [Skydancer], [Synsae], [Angel In Red], [playslashwrite], [Saray], [NOOOPE], [smakeupfx], [Easterling], [Joakim], [Rain S.], [Acronymous] - some of the best photomanipulations I've seen, [Earoluim], [Jitter] and many others, but I don't want to push it :P
As for the wikis I always hope to find in the wiki updates box: Official Elftown Mafia Headquarters, Questions for Chrysilla (yes, stolen from [playslashwrite], mwahahahaha), How awesome is your Elftown house?, and of course all my poems/ texts/ photos/ other wikis, such as We love hamsters! :D And the contests I'm in, of course (at this moment, Portfolio Contest)

Q: So, all that said, do you have any comments, suggestions, admiration on a specific Elftown matter? Or maybe critique?
Oh, yes, unfortunately, there are critiques. Everyone knows those little (insert-bad-word-here) multiplying like cockroaches and infesting Elftown >.> Well if I ruled Elftown, it wouldn't be democracy, it would be a dictature, and all those would be swept out right away. If someone needs examples of who those little parasites are, take a look at the un-awards!. Yeah, I might lose my fans, but I'm allergic to people with negative IQs, sorry.
Also, I still haven't figured out how the forums work.
Putting them aside, I really want to thank [Hedda] for Elftown, and to the Council, Patrollers, Guards, artists, writers and hangarounds that keep this place alive and make it awesome ^^
(And who should join my little baby forum and help it grow *whistles with innocent face*)

<Rimg250*0:img/drawing/142431_1195157747.jpg>Q: On to other things! What are your other hobbies, and how long have they been in your life? Your house suggests that you write and take a fair few photographs, for example.
Hobbies, hmm, this will be a long list <img:44166_1164144921.gif>
On the top of the list is (and has been for the last 17 years) reading. I am absolutely addicted, and even worse. I read everything that I can lay my hands on, even the labels on my cosmetics or on the bottle of water when I don't have a book around. I read in the bed, in the bathtub, in the train, car, bus while eating, walking, sometimes even in my dreams, but I think I already said that in my house <img:44166_1164144921.gif>
I am also very attracted by everything that can be labeled as fantasy, may it be literature, online games, paintings, photos or any other kind of art and, for me, elves rule over all the mythical creatures. (Although vampires aren't a lot less attractive, but I tend to prefer the light side over the dark side, excepting the situations when I just have to kill certain persons. I think I don't need to explain which ones again, do I *puts up the innocent I-didn't-do-it-mommy-I-swear grin*) At this moment, I just finished Tolkien's Lord of the Rings (1098 pages, pheww) and I'm enjoying the long version of the movie.
Being such an addicted reader, I of course tried writing too. My first poem saw the daylight at the age of 8 and spoke about a little girl finding a baby sparrow that had fallen off his nest. Then, I used the literature classes to submit my writings to the teacher and have her opinion; later on came the love letters (around 13 years, and they were ... well ... you know what pre-teen love letters are like, don't you) Then the love poems, when I practiced the fixed forms (not sure of the English term), such as sonnets - until I realised that kind of poetry was putting limits to what I was trying to express and forcing me to change my ideas so they can fit the rhythm/rhyme rules. Since then, I adopted the free verse; it might make me look less talented, but anyway I write poetry only for myself, to express feelings that will be gone in a short time.
Anyway, what I mean is that poetry isn't what I want to become famous for. Actually, I always prefer writing prose, let's say I feel it gives me more freedom to express myself. This is how my Wild Lillies were written. They are mostly entitled Songs, as they are mostly lyrical pieces, but put down as prose. I also tried writing theatre, but so far I prefer writing stories and novels (or at least, starting novels, I have 2 in the waiting line, but unfortunately I'm the prisoner of the writer's block since quite a long time now). I really miss writing, so I'm trying to force myself to write on a regular basis, but it's not easy. I'm a lazy bum, I can't keep doing something regularily and my lack of inspiration doesn't help, but I still try. I'm not going to become a famous writing by laying back and doing nothing, am I :P
Okay, okay, I will stop talking about books, now give me my baby back.
Just kidding. No mini-Chrysillas yet :P
My other hobbies... besides nature, which is sort of "doh" when one says she feels a little elvish, another (becoming) main hobby is photographing. I got to it after realising that the years of not practising painting will take long to recover and that I wasn't going to create such amazing art as Sunny or Dint or Saray anytime soon, but I wanted to express myself somehow. So I took my camera, took lots of pictures, asked people who are professionals of the domain and I am slowly learning this new art ^^
I also like lots of stuff, especially irony and satyre (long live Terry Pratchett, all hail him!), I love coffee (actually my brain is in stand-by until the third cup of coffee of the day), I love water of any kind, from the ocean to the filled-up bath tub, I love serious discussing and random chatting, I love sleeping and sun. I don't smoke (anymore), I don't collect butterflies, nor men, I don't like morons, free insults and arguments for no reason, I don't like cold unless there is snow and I'm afraid of planes. That would be all. I think.

Q: You used to paint?
Yes, when I was younger, around the age of 13-16, I had paint classes at school. Then, during highschool, I left it aside because we now had classes of art history. It was a pity, because I really loved drawing and painting.
I tried to pick them up, for the A to Z Art Contest, but for the moment I prefer recovering from the writer's block. Once I find my style and I can write easily again, I will probably start practising drawing/painting again. All kinds of art are attractive to me :)

Q: Well then, I hope you find your inspiration!
Now, I have no more questions except for one: What is your message to fellow Elftownians?
"Truth! Justice! Freedom! And a hard-boiled egg!"
Ahem. Just kidding again.
"Please don't say you alone cannot change things. Start doing something about it, and people will join on the way, especially if the plan includes torches and pitchforks. Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahah *cough* ahahahahahaha *cough cough* aha *chokes*

Thanks for the wish, thanks for having the patience to interview me, and thanks the ones who nominated me (I know who you are, just wait until I get you)


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