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[Captain Rachel Black]


Name: Rachel E. L.

Age: 17

Place of Living: Extreme Northern Mainland United States. Or as I like to call it: Around a tree, behind a dumpster, and three blocks North of Nowhere.

Occupation: High School Student, Cashier, and Over-Achiever

Hobbies: PHOTOGRAPHY! (Rawr!), Writing, Singing (Competitively and Randomly), Occasionaly drawing when I am so moved XD, Sarcasm and Innuendo (It's an art form), Reading Ravenously, Listening to music or rather absorbing it through my pores since I almost always can be found listening to or singing something or other, dancing (not always well mind you XD), and watching films (for review and for fun).

How did you end up on Elftown: A friend of mine introduced me to Elfwood where I found the link to Elftown. I decided that I could find some kindred spirits here and made an account ^_^

What do I like the most about Fantasy: Oh lordie...where to even begin? My Mum first read me Lord of the Rings when I was in Second grade so I blame her entirely for my addiction to Fantasy and Reading. Even before she decided to corrupt me I wore out the tapes of the old Narnia films and thus spent my days daydreaming of worlds much different than our own. Fantasy is almost the only genre I read but occasionally a historical fiction slips in between the cracks XD. I also love fantasy art. There's nothing I admire more than a fantastic creation of fantasy art by an even more fantastic artist, maybe it's because I lack the true ability to transform the words I personally write into an image on a page and actually do the words justice :D

How were the graphics/pictures made: Most of the graphics on my house were either on Elftown Graphics, badges made by friends, or banners from wikis. The multicolor picture of me is just a simple photo manip.

How often do you update your house: About once or twice a month depending on how OCD or Bi-polar I am at the moment.

What is it you do mostly on Elftown: For the most part I post my photography, Roleplay, and enter a contest from time to time, although I enjoy conversing with my fabulous friends as well :D

Is there a particular thing you like about Elftown: I love the western wiki I created Sleepy Creek. It's only [Akayume], [Kai Crewger], and myself but we have a great time. I can't forget my "The Wind Arrow" family either, after all it was the birthplace of my namesake. It was the first wiki I ever created and I'm glad I started with such a solid group of RPGers.

Is there a specific house you like: I like [Akayume]'s house just because I think it really represents her personality and she's an interesting eye for photography :). [Astrid]: His house appeals to me and I'm not quite sure why.

Have an Critique/comments/suggestions: There are so many fantabulous artists and writers on this sight it boggles me. The fact that I can chat with and admire the works of artists and writers of that caliber makes life where I am that much better, as there are not many people like that (or people in general *_*) where I currently reside. However, like every other active member here who is here for the art and general fantasy, I do get ticked at the people who are just here to cyber/creep and or young adolescents in search for attention by displaying sections of there body I reeeeally don't need/want to see. I mean if I can keep my hormones in check anybody can, trust me XD

Message to all elftowners: The Game...MWUAHAHAHAHAHAH

Note: That is a lollipop! XD

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