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Fantasy Fighter


Fantasy Fighter Banners Everyone put one on their page please!
Thanks [Eyonic]

Welcome to Fantasy fighter, a text combat arena. Test your imagination and your skill in this no holds barred combat zone.
If anyone wants to make a banner for this wiki i would be more than happy to put it up.

P.S. if you join please add a link to here from your page.

Hi im [twitchboy]and my character Steelheart or Elieen or Cyto will be your trainers and judges(and maybe your opponent if someone dares).

The ultimate tournament of the century is about to start sign your team up now before its to late.
Fantasy Fighter Team Tournament

Got to [fantasy fighter rules@wiki]first
then Fantasy fighter charactersto create your character

If you want training or an additional way to level up go to the Fantasy fighter Training room
Eileen runs Fantasy Fighter Training Room 2

Here are the arenas open for bigginers enjoy

Fantasy fighter oasis

Fantasy fighter Arena

Fantasy fighter The storm

Fantasy fighter Magma

Fantasy fighter Aqua

Fantasy Fighter Cathedral

This page is for gun armed Combatants

Fantasy Fighter Shoot out

these are for leveled fighters-SeeFantasy fighter rules

Fantasy fighter Arena level 2

Fantasy fighter Arena level 3

So far the top five fighters are

Yeah new Fantasy fighter adventures
for those hard core Rpg'ers.

If you personaly want to fight a specific person messege me at my home and ill create a page for you.

VS. matches

Steelheart vs. Eileen


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2011-11-27 [twitchboy]: well its been very quite for a while

2011-11-28 [La Luna]: Sadness........:(

2011-12-21 [Tekkon KinKreet]: and the silence settled in again...

2011-12-21 [Eyonic]: yar :(

2012-01-10 [Dwarf Ronin]: I'm back; finally got out of the hospital. Ready for action

2012-01-11 [twitchboy]: what happened

2012-01-11 [Dwarf Ronin]: Well, there were several pockets of infectious material growing in my liver and basically rendered my gall bladder usless and also generated fluid in my right long. All in all; I was in pretty bad shape

2012-01-11 [Eyonic]: >.> ..... ewwwy. sorry to here ya had to go thru that....but ew

2012-01-12 [Dwarf Ronin]: It's alright; I'm glad I survived. I'm left with a scar healing on my belly and five other holes from tubes closing up nicely

2012-01-12 [Eyonic]: thats good. I'm glad to hear that your recovery is going well :)

2012-01-12 [Dwarf Ronin]: Thank you

2012-01-16 [twitchboy]: um wow, i hope you patch up well. Thats tough

2012-01-20 [Hiuko]: Good to hear you're recovering.

2012-01-21 [Dwarf Ronin]: Thank you twitch and Hiuko.

2016-06-22 [Dwarf Ronin]: Are there still people here?

2016-08-06 [twitchboy]: sadly no it is as dead as can be

2016-08-23 [Dwarf Ronin]: Hey Twitch, long time no chat. How have you've been?

2016-09-06 [twitchboy]: yo

2016-09-12 [Dwarf Ronin]: SO, how is life going for you these days?

2016-09-13 [twitchboy]: trying to finish a thesis, but no motivation between boredom and depression holding my work back

2016-09-13 [Dwarf Ronin]: That doesn't sound good :( Sorry to hear that. Hope things get better for you and you are less bored :)

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