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Welcome to

Fantasy Families

Number of entries expanded to a total of 25!

Pictures of families, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, elven or whatever. This contest is hosted by [Kyrinn], and all questions should be refered to her. Thank you.

Contest rules:

1. No nudity. Partial nudes are alright, but keep it tasteful, please! And, I hate to have to put this here, but NO PORNO.
2. All artwork needs to be your own. Fan art is welcome, but I had better not find out it was copied..
3. Please number your entries and place your name next to it. A description is alright, but please limit it to a few sentences, and post NO LINKS with them to what it is from. If someone wants to know, they will tell you.
4. Couples are allowed, but they need to have a reason for being here. Brother/Sister, Mom/Dad expecting, that kind of thing...
5. Limit of 2 entries per person. Contest expanded to 25 entries!! 

Thank you, and enjoy. 

Here is a sample of mine, since I cant enter my own contest.
These two are half brothers actually, they have the same father but different mothers.

1) [Blade Chick] Changing my entry. According to family legend, the fae are our ancestors. Here we have the two courts ruled by my supposed great to the nth power grandmother and her sister.


2) [Arisonu] Twins Nisreen and Jabril as children in a happier time.


3) [Arisonu] "A Memory of You"- A young girl revels in imagining her dead father as a young sorcerer. <img:>

4) [Orouriel] - "Mother Sifhugi"

5) [Kyra Daroth] From left: Celebrien, Dachara, Damien, Zeru, Kyra, Raen. Raen and Kyra are brother and sister, Celebrien is his daughter. Kyra and Zeru are married and Dachara and Damien are their children. Yay!

6) [Kyra Daroth] Damien and Dachara (a lot younger) wishing that their mother had stuck around for a bit longer.

7) [Dasner] This family is from a story I created, a family of demons. The man with the mustache and the woman in the dress are the man's, who is in the very front, parents. The brown haired man is his cousin who has a major ego. The demons behind them are their true forms.

8) [inazuma] Calixte and Dysis met each other entirely by accident, and traveled together for several weeks through coincidence (as it often happens). Dysis promptly adopted Calixte as a sister (complete with irritating nicknames) much to Calixte's mostly feigned annoyance. They get along fairly well...or as well as two opposite personalities could.

9)[Jitter] Fairy Siblings

10. [Jitter] Drizzt and Zak Do'Urden (Father and son)

11. [Kuruni] Gnomes Family: they live inside mushrooms, yes, just like The Smurfs, i made this one for a short story, not mine, but it's fun to make the illustrations ^_^

12. [Kuruni] Family Portrait: This is a comission for:

13. [Lady of Lore]
From left to right, Josh the Sorcerrer and my adopted brother, me the elf, Alex the imp and our youngest sister, Gabe the half orc barbarian the second oldest, and Daniel the woodland archer another sister. We're a big somewhat odd mixture of a family but we know the importance of the word "family" despite our differences.

A beautiful elven mother and her child

15. [Lothuriel]
(Click for a larger image)

16. [5thwitch]
Hino and his brother Hinotwo, I know what you're thinking it's not his real name just a nick....

17. [Hobbit teen]
Hobbit family portrait
I know it isnt really an elf or a farie portriat but i perferr to do stuff dealing with Lord of the rings cute characters in my eyes it was supposed to be merry brandybuck and his mother and father before the ring ever came up in their eyes...*sigh*but it isnt that bad though.
<img:> (this image was put on the mainstreet painters)

18. [Rook]
Lady Tyr holding Tero, her first born. Gee, he looks awfully tired. And look! She's prego with her second! Will it be twins!!?? *giggles*

19. [Cia_mar]
this is King Brian...the woman and child on the right is his firts love, a druid woman named Timaine, with their daughter, Laognaihr...but because he was king he had to marry for duty not love and so married the princess Mabhigh (top left) she died though and so he then married Gormlaith (top center)

20. [Paul Doyle]
Jak'edrac sel'Gury, the primary dragon character from my forthcoming novel sequence (first book is done). Also features Jul'eweisa (his mate) and their three offspring. This scene is about 500 years after the events of the first novel, which takes place in the present day. This is not an actual novel illustration, and though I have gotten better since I did this in 2004, it is one of my personal favorites.

21. [Paul Doyle]
Jul'eweisa (can't think of her clan name right now, for the life of me! o_O), who has a small but important role at the end of the first novel, and will be hugely important in the second novel (which I have started). Not as physically impressive as Jak'edrac, she is inherently more powerful than he (females are the dominant gender in my dragons for several reasons), and definitely runs the show ;-) Similar theme to previous, but about a century earlier. (Which explains the two offspring instead of three.) Frankly not my best pic, but Kathy likes it a lot :)

22. [Zardra]
My characters Zardra, Yvain and the child Maryan. They are a family, though not all by blood. Yvain is not the childs biological father (obviously, because Zardra is). This was drawn as a fathers day picture, so the mother Shaya is missing from this picture. (Maybe I should add her too ^^;)

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Gah... I've tried fixing the link but either Rook has deleted her images from Elfwood or Elfwood is being stupid. Blah...

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2008-09-06 [Lothuriel]: I need to advertise soooooooooo many things. I will add this one to the list.

2010-03-14 [Kyrinn]: What got changed? O_O

I am thinking a bout just closing this contest since it looks like its been years since something else was added. Anyone have an issue with that?

2010-03-20 [Orouriel]: Noooo! We almost made it! Just start the voting :P

2010-03-20 [Kyrinn]: Ill get around to it. Im having computer issues at the moment, but Ill make it my priority to get a poll up as soon as that is resolved. :P

2010-09-07 [kittykittykitty]: When will the voting begin?

2010-09-07 [Lothuriel]: I guess whenever [Kyrinn] feels the need to start it.....

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2010-09-08 [Kyrinn]: I am probably going to just close this when I get home from vacation. In the meantime, people here can go and look at Kyrinn's RP Character Art Contest and have a look at that one so I can FINALLY close that one too. :D

2010-09-08 [Lothuriel]: ^___^ Kryinn, active? That's an

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