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2004-08-06 21:09:07
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The Snake Whale

*Threat Level: High
Habitat: Migratory Ocean Dweller
Neutrality: Neutral
Size: Big (50'-100' in length)
Passive or Aggressive: Passive, they aren't threatened by passing ships.

Common Attacks
Bulk, their shear size moving at a speed that could hinder a boat quite effectively.
Waterspout, while not strong enough to kill, they can fire off a strong gust of water and blow crewmen off of the deck of a boat.
Engulf, Their Large mouths aren't just for show.

The Aspidoceleon is a sea monster unlike most other sea creatures. It resembles a whale, but with a snake-like head and armor as tough as a turtle's shell. They act much like whales, but their head's strike like serpents at fish. Oddly, though they may strike like snakes, they feed like other whales and pelicans using a large collecting mandible to trap plankton or fish. They are normally docile creatures, with very little threats to their existence. However they reproduce slowly and so if they are over hunted they will have trouble returning to their original numbers.

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2004-06-16 [Adaman]: Message [Adaman] if you would like to post a picture here of an Aspidoceleon.

2004-08-06 [Benu]: okay, it's just temperary... until I can get a better one up!

2004-08-06 [Adaman]: that'll work, I just don't want you to make a finished product so quickly.

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