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By [Adaman]

      Fantasma is a strategic fantasy civilization wiki. It will consist of several main races, each of which will have a considerable story involved in a campaign with a single goal. Once the goal is complete, then the story shall shift to the perspective of a different race.

Campaign list
First Campaign: War of Children; Bitter civil war has gripped the lands of Hyperborea (Lands of Far North), splitting the once vast nation of Midgard into four separate countries. Each country (Midgard, Asgard, Idavoll, and Vanaheim) is ruled by one of the children of the true king, Marcus Fellrise, now deceased. With no law of Majorat, a feud between Richard, Aurlane, Ortho, and Augustine has arisen for claim to the throne. In the bitter feuding, bandits and orcs have taken much of the land and plundered once safe villages, leaving the majority of the country in ruin and disarray.
Campaign Goals
- Primary: End the Civil War.
- Secondary: Restore Order & Justice (Eliminate all rogues, bandits, and orcs).
- Tertiary:
      Richard: Conquer Midgard 100%.
      Ortho: Construct Holo Dim Wall.
Racial Advantages (Hyperborean Human)
      - Quick training rates, governed by higher experience teaching lesser experience to gain ranks in veterancy.
      - Industrial race; allowing for linking of buildings to increase productivity.
      - Monotheistic religion; with the power spirit of Angels, much of their Magic is based on light and fire.

Ljósálfar (Light Elves)
      - Two Distinct Hero Types: Ranger & Druid.
      - Race bound to nature, using stealth and magic to their advantage.
      - Polythiestic religion surrounding druidic circles.
      - Heavy resource advantages, such as Lumber farming and hamlet tree structures.
      - Higher mobility & stealth with troops. (Including tree-hiding or Field sharking)
Fel Orke (Orc)
      - Two Distinct Hero Types: Chieftain & Shaman.
      - Tribal race, with economy reigning in barter of slaves & animals.
      - Shamanistic religion, valuing the world they now call home to the worlds of hell they had since been in.
      - Populous, but unorganized.
      - Higher attack & health with troops.
      - Fel Frenzy, increases stats when kills are made or nearly allies killed.

More to come...

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2009-02-26 [Duredhel]: Uhhhm... the weapons look like they belong in a role playing game, but the front page hints at strategy >__< I is confused.

2009-02-26 [Earoluim]: I think it is a rpg, with a hint of strategy in them. But then again I am not sure as well.

2009-02-26 [Duredhel]: ... It could be warhammery.. as in, small squads and skirmishes instead of huge armies

2009-02-26 [Earoluim]: * nods *

2009-02-26 [Adaman]: It's a strategy with RPG influence, each unit will have individual stats, acting as if a character. The weapons hint more at individual units having attack and defense power. I'm not quite sure what hints at role-playing in the weapons, since I've gone to much much greater detail with weapons in my RPGs. I think they are kind of basic, and just tactical options to arm soldiers differently. It may not be massive at first, but squad based similar to how a party is run (since the first objectives are to secure the nation, running down bandits, monsters, etc).

2009-02-26 [Aradon Templar]: Okay. They read like options for a strategy game to me. The details are specific like an RPG, but all that information about resource cost and production time didn't sound like it would be based on single characters :P

2009-02-26 [Earoluim]: * nods *

2009-02-26 [Duredhel]: Uhhm.. what confused me was mostly the linear AOE special, since it reads as tailored for an individual character rather than a regiment or squad (which is the way strategy games of this type are usually handed). So it made me either RPG or squads small enough to consider each soldier's area of attack.

2009-02-26 [Adaman]: Once Fantasma reaches mass combat level, the AOE (area-of-effect) attacks, spells, and abilities will be of high importance. We'll be dealing with numbers in the thousands, which seems daunting at first, but when you consider that units are given the same order, all it takes is a little time and combat will progress week by week. It'll give time to change tactics, which could include flails and their AOE special. I chose this method rather than stacking units because it seems more realistic, since large armies "overlap" when in combat, and it just doesn't seem right to have 1000 units in a single space on a combat board, they should be massive and have a limited amount of area that they can actually attack a single unit from. So really, Fantasma will start off like an RPG, but later on it'll kind of be like controlling how the flood overlaps the other flood.

2009-04-10 [Adaman]: Fantasma Weapons was edited to include defense for weapons, which is devised as "block chances" rather than any particular defensive augmentation or amount. Smaller weapons will typically have low block chances, and larger weapons will tend to have 3-4 block chances. In relation to armor, this will increase unit survivability if you have weapons which are given more to defense.

The Armor section should be up and running soon, in which case I'll get further into the attack vs defense and damage allocation that Fantasma will be working with. For now, weapons are pretty close to their final configuration.

2009-09-27 [Adaman]: Ugh, it's been forever since I've updated this project. Rest assured though, its coming along offline. I have to post some of the newer stuff, hope that no one has lost interest in the project.

Currently working on Magic, any suggestions or ideas?

2009-09-27 [Leonox]: lol well yes it has been awhile, and interests still perked.

2009-09-28 [Aradon Templar]: I'm of course still interested, though I do not know if my current schedule permits that much play time. Of course, that'll probably be different by the time this actually begins :P
Anyways, what do you have for magic so far? Do you plan on using different schools of magic, different specialist casters, different tribal spells available to various races, etc, and what are you envisioning for casting restrictions? Recharge durations on spells, or a pseudo MP system? Once I hear a bit about what you have in mind for it, I'll see what ideas I might have to offer :)

2009-09-29 [Adaman]: Fantasma Pyromancy is complete under the working idea for Magic, some of the numbers still need to be tweaked but its enough for the idea.

The magic types for Fantasma run as; Pyromancy, Aquamancy (Hydromancy is more phonetically correct though), Geomancy, Aeromancy, Illusions (some of the ideas are really good for this one), Psychic, Voodoo, Exorcism, and Blood Magic. They might all have good/evil variations... and Exorcism might work its way into a hybrid branch of Pyromancy.

I'll also need to work Enchantment in there somehow, but I'm imagining that as more of a talent branch than an actual school of magic. Spells that exists under Enchantment originally might work their way into a "Witchcraft" category.

2009-09-29 [RaineDagyr]: This is awesome, what you've done with it and all. :)

2009-09-30 [Adaman]: Thank you, little one. Hopefully the project will keep working towards some inevitable goal.

2009-09-30 [RaineDagyr]: Mhm, agreed. <3

2009-09-30 [Aradon Templar]: So, are you looking for spell suggestions under those categories, then?

2009-10-01 [Adaman]: Sure am, I have a set list of ideas but I might be able to add more or some as hybridized spells. I am a little picky, but don't let that discourage you.

2009-10-22 [Adaman]: Fantasma Armors...

I spent all night working on this, changed from older idea system. Its not complete, as there will be a tutorial for how to create armor pieces at the bottom, along with examples...

However, at the time of this comment, I am tired and need to sleep before work whoops me. Leave comments, I'll answer them later.

2010-01-28 [Earoluim]: Awesome.

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