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Fallout: New Vegas review

The first thing to say is that if you have never played any of the Fallout games, WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN??? Some of the most in depth and interesting worlds I have ever come across in gaming and everyone should play. (If it were possible to give it past 'Epic!' on the review scale, I would.)

To anyone familiar with the Fallout world, you may skip this part. The premise of the world is that a great war took place and much of the world is now in a state of nuclear fallout (uh...duh). Radiation has destroyed much of the land, the water is polluted, and those who survive in the wastes are often scavengers and raiders, killing and looting for whatever anyone might hold. Included with the people are radiated animals (including bears, insects, dogs, and other, indiscernible creatures) and dangerous landscapes (irradiated water, traps, and abandoned buildings).

In the Mojave Wasteland, couriers carry items from one settlement to the next. The player character is one of these couriers. But the item s/he is carrying is dangerous, and people will kill for it. One such person captures the Courier and attempts to 'waste' him/her, but finds that the Courier is a harder person to kill than he originally thought.

This starts the entire story of the Courier traveling the wastes to meet friends and companions, save (or not, it's up to the player) towns, help factions gain power throughout the Mojave, and eventually catch up with the attempted killer in New Vegas, the rebuilt city of Las Vegas, and decide ultimately which faction to support in the final battle of Hoover Dam.

By far, the best part of this game is the real locations that are only slightly modified for the game. Traveling the ruins of Nevada and seeing the number of places that I have either heard of or seen in pictures is a little surreal. (I cannot imagine being a resident of these areas and playing the game.)

In this installment of the Fallout series, the companion system has improved greatly in that character companions no longer die. They can be damaged and have damaged items, however they usually come back after fighting is finished if they 'pass out' in normal game play. They also no longer have to walk all the way back to wherever it is they are being sent when you dismiss them, so there is no more getting stuck somewhere random.

In addition, each companion has an extra quest to improve them and their usefulness. Many have a past that must be explored, and certain requirements met, and the companion will ask the Courier for help with a task. If you are attempting to play the game to its completion, then these are fun quests to take on.

The ending is also just as complete. With up to five different endings (and those are just the ones I've found) to the final battle, there is a countless number of things that can be done. And depending on your faction of choice, the same task can be vastly different from other players. Which is where the fun is.

As if the main game play wasn't enough, there are currently four add ons. Each add on is a mini world that the player can explore in its entirety, finish quests, and gain access to extra items. (Although my favorite items can be found in the main game play regions.) The cast of characters in these extra worlds is both fascinating and terrifying, depending on what type of player you are.

There are a few problems with the game in general. I do not like the lack of ability to change the clothing. Other games have more freedom in that, however with the Fallout franchise, the choice of clothing is finite. You either wear the entire outfit or nothing at all. The VATS (fighting) system needs a few improvements, which is why I typically do not use it at all. For certain playing styles, quite a few of the leveling perks are useless as well.

For a player such as me, however, all of that is completely overlooked by the extremely in depth world. Every inch of the map has something to explore. There are always creatures or people to fight. And the game never gets old. At least not for me. There are always new things to discover, and the number of plots that can be followed will make this a game you will want to play through more than once.

Overall, this is of course a game I suggest EVERYONE play at least once. If this is your first experience with the Fallout world, then you will have some catching up as far as the overall storyline, however, that just means that some of the sections will be that much more interesting for you as a player.

And if you haven't already, go and pick up your copy today.
/ [Flisky]

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2013-03-13 [Flisky]: That would just spoil some of the discoveries for new players. :P

2013-03-13 [Sideways]: Its a minor detail. But you're very kind to those who fear spoilers...


Whoops, force of habit :P

2013-03-13 [Flisky]: I try not to give too many spoilers. (Sometimes I just can't help it and have to spell out everything...) But yeah...this game is so in depth as far as factions and stuff that it's something that a player will discover quite early on.

But Boone is the best companion. *looks around* Just saying.

2013-03-13 [Sideways]: Yup. And if someone looks important.... don't shoot them until after youve run COMPLETELY out of dialogue *shamed loserface* just saying....

2013-03-13 [Sideways]: I even killed Walt Disney... I killed like every single faction...

2013-03-13 [Flisky]: I on occasion killed entire cities but didn't save it afterwards. I just wanted to kill things. *shrug*

2013-03-13 [Sideways]: Bet you got the inside joke on my last comment. Avoiding spoilers and all. But I failed literally 25+ quests due to jusf opening fire on the wrong people or killing people at the wrong time. If I did a review I would also criticize the severe difficulty of successfully being an evil or neutral character. I found that to be really bizarre.

2013-03-13 [Flisky]: Just steal everything and kill a lot of people. Usually works.

2013-03-13 [Sideways]: Kill the wrong guy and you'll max out your goodness rating... entire factions have massive positive karma tied to kills... you could steal everything in their house (because even stealling from subhuman, murderous psychopaths is an evil act) but if you kill like one guy in there, you're a shining beacon of God's love and mercy. I'm just saying.

Btw feel free to delete this comment if its too spoiler-y

2013-03-13 [Flisky]: Nah. Because I had bad karma for a really long time because I was killing all the 'good' guys. So I don't know...

2013-03-13 [Sideways]: I think I was trying to be full neutral. I also have to say I made the HUGE mistake of ignoring the survival stat. New Vegas isnt near so plentiful with loot as F3. And as a warning to ALL new players (Semi-mini-sorta-spoiler) dump everythingbinto Luck. Luck is the stat of champions and wise gamers *polishes hipster glasses)

2013-03-13 [Flisky]: Or you could what I did and gather and sell everything. I usually ignore survival and luck. But then, my gameplans are usually very unique and incongruous with most play styles.

2013-03-13 [Sideways]: Survival is totally like healer skill. And Luck may or may not have a lot to do with a popular New Vegas pastime ;)

2013-03-13 [Sideways]: But when you walk around with 11 luck you can name yourself "Miss Fortune" for being a godess of critical hits!

2013-03-13 [Flisky]: I don't do the past time you speak of. And healing is uninteresting to me since I spend most of my time sniping and avoiding getting hit.

2013-03-13 [Sideways]: Yeah.. I never got to fool around with the big ugly guns. I was mostly an unarmed guy anyway.


2013-03-13 [Flisky]: Go team sniper rifle! XP Especially after playing OWB and getting the silenced sniper rifle!

2013-03-13 [Sideways]: Oh man that sounds so mean! I shoukd get NV again

2013-03-13 [Flisky]: is...

2013-03-13 [Avaz]: Spoilers:

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Christine's COS Silencer Rifle is my default weapon, though sometimes I'll alternate with the Gauss Rifle because blowing up heads from miles away, way outside of VATS range, is pretty much OP. Although one-shotting everything in sight (even the Legendary Deathclaw, though that took 3 hits) sometimes gets boring. And if something somehow gets close enough that taking aimed sniper shots is unreasonable, then there's the backup 12 gauge Hunting Shotgun (with Shotgun Surgeon perk and 12 gauge slug ammo) to make quick work of pretty much everything. All the while, Boone and ED-E are shooting stuff right along beside me. It's kind of ridiculous, actually, and I love every second of it!

2013-03-13 [Flisky]: XD Yes!

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