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Name: Ellyra
Age: indefinite
Hair: shaggy and uneven, longest part is level with shoulders, white with blue streaks
Eyes: light brown/honey
Height: 4 ft 11 inches
Weight: 92 lbs
Bio: Ellyra is a prince of the fairy or fae people. He has no wings or defining marks as a fairy other than his brilliant hair. He and his people are nomadic and elusive. As a prince, he is irresponsible and dislikes attending to his duties as royalty. He would rather amuse himself in various ways not pertaining to his birthright.

Name: Mithus
Age: 23
Hair: long, straight, and brown
Eyes: golden brown
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 187 lbs
Bio: Mithus is a human warrior, a soldier in his king's army. Loyal, but by chance he was separated from the other troops while on the march. He is a wonderful fighter, swift and strong. His main weapon is a heavy broadsword, which he wields with amazing ease.

 There was a great rule, the ruler of mortal men. The king had a vast army as any good king had, one that was loyal and depenable. Not just like any other well organized army, but a whole elite force that was considered the strongest in the world next to elves and fairies of sorts. They rivaled even those opponents though.

 Besides, the mortal men loved their king and as he protected them, even he needed protecting (though he was said to be the strongest of them all), and that is what their driving force was. But with all of this strength and eliteness the king's army lacked a simple thing: directional skills. That one desperately needed item when tracking through elven and faery territory. For the elves and faries are tricky things, and they like to toy with mortal men. Whether it is to lead them astray or seduce them to their beds, mortals stood no match against the decieving creatures. One such mortal man was finding out just how mean little elves and faeries can be. His long brown hair was being tugged out of it's braid as he had taken a wrong turn, now whispy and stuck in many directions on his head. His golden brown eyes were narrowed in determination. He knew better than to have asked that elf back a mile or so ago which way to the city of Elthinir, but he had been desperate, and being a mortal man he didn't know one speck about the woods. Though he was tracking just fine, his body was a well muscled form, as being a soldier required strength and endurance. He was tall which helped him to see over the neck high bushes that otherwise would have blocked his view from the hopes of a road ahead. His heavy sword on his back was beginning to irritate him though and he feared he would soon have to take a rest. He also didn't like the path he was walking on, the rocks seemed strangely loose and he couldn't help but fear he might just fall through them.

On he went and then he finally saw what he had searched for and even the road he was supposed to be on. "Oh..maybe the elf wasn't being mischevious.. how nice." He said to himself, smiling. He even saw the rest of his group and he had just started to call out to them, taking a step until he froze as he knew this time the rocks weren't going to hold him. His eyes widened in fear as the rocks gave way, plumetting him to his doom. "DAMN ELLLLVVVVEEEESSSSS!" He screamed just before a falling rock smacked against the side of his head, making him see black as he fell into a river, drifting down the water at the mercy of it's path.

A considerable way down the river, a certain fairy prince had heard the rocks give way with his keen ears, wondering what poor creature could have been there at such an inopportune time. He stopped his slow walk along the bank and watched the water flow past him, as he was walking in the direction opposite of the river's flow. Soon enough, the unfortunate creature that had been standing on those rocks when they gave way was washed down the river and toward the prince. He narrowed his eyes, then they widened and he gasped as he realized the victim was a human. Prince Ellyra waded into the river and stretched to reach the man. The only thing that was easy to grab was his long hair, and the prince thanked the heavens that the man was unconscious. The water made his weight managable, and he dragged him onto the dry bank.

For a time, he was not sure what to do with him. He simply stared and thought, and waited for his clothes to dry. What was he going to do with a human? And by the look if his attire, he was a soldier. He could be dangerous if he brought him to the village, and so he stayed on the bank with the strange man for a time. Almost immediately after he had hauled him to land, he had felt for a pulse at the man's neck, and he knew he was alive, so he waited for him to wake up.

Mithus soon felt the warmth of the sun on his face as the darkness cleared from his vision. He sat up, slightly dizzy and hissing in pain from the bruise and knot on his head. "You have to be kidding me.." He looked around and laid eyes on the fairy. "Oh no... look.. elf.. fairy.. thing.. whatever you are, I don't want any trouble. I am on my way to my king and I.. just fell." He said, hand on the hilt of his sword as he backed away. "I want no trouble okay? Just want to get out of here.." He said, spotting a trail. He inched his way towards it, his eyes on the young princeling. "And I don't need any directions." He added, making that particular statement clear. He made a run for it but found he was just a teensy too dizzy to be running. He wobbled dangerously and fell to the ground, looking up at a spinning sky.

Ellyra smiled, but quickly composed himself and ran to the fallen warrior. He wasn't sure what to say, so he asked, "What's your name?" It seemed something suitable to know, and if the soldier wanted to know his, he wouldn't hesitate to tell him. He had already said he only wanted to be on his way, so it wouldn't be any harm to reveal that he was a prince or a fairy, and it didn't seem he was capable of going anywhere or taking hostages at this point. As he lay on the ground, Ellyra assessed the human, and concluded that he didn't have any injuries other than a bruise and a bump, and probably a headache, so he wouldn't have to take any certain special care, or even take him back to the village, unless he felt like it. "I'm not going to do anything to you. Do you think I'm armed?" He held his arms away from his body, indicating his light and clinging clothing, even though it resembled a dress and he could potentially hide several things under the skirt of it.

"My name is Mithus.." The soldier responded, trying to sit up again. When the other held out his arms he stared at the dress skirt thing. "Are you a boy or a girl? Or do elves have genders?" He asked, thinkng really hard a moment. "I don't much like elves..." He muttered suddenly, remembering the one who sent him down that particular path. Suddenly the soldir's stomach grumbled. "Ohhh not now." He said, wondering where his pack was. He looked around and spotted it at the river. "Ah-ha" He walked to it and his happy expression was miffed when he pulled out soggy bread and soaked meat. "Ewww."

Ellyra frowned slightly. "I'm not an elf, I'm a fairy. And I am Prince Ellyra. It is nice to meet you, Mithus." He dropped his arms to his sides again, a mixture of boredom and curiousity on his face, as if this happened all the time, but it always happened a different way. He chose to ignore the question about gender, as he assumed his title as 'prince' made that clear enough. The sound of the soldier's hunger was not lost on the little fairy, and he smirked. He tilted his head to the side a little, and called clearly, "I don't suppose you want food that doesn't taste like the river?"

Mithus eyed the little fairy carefully. "I don't trust elves." He said, shrugging and beginning to nibble on his now river logged meat. "It was an elf that lead me to that faulty path.." He said, sighing. "Tastes like the river." He said with a huff. "Hmn, maybe there's some berries around here." He added,getting up again to go look in nearby bushes, ignoring the fairy.

Rolling his eyes, Ellyra tried to tell Mithus again that he was not an elf. "My height should be proof enough. I'm much too short to be an elf." He pouted and sat down in the tall grass, waiting for the soldier to become discouraged with his hunt for food. It was futile, anyway. Everything that grew in that area had already been harvested by his village earlier in the year. He rested his elbow on his leg and his head in his hand, and watched quietly.

"What if you are just a young elf?" Mithus asked, abandoning the fruit quest and seating a few feet away from him. "Elves age funny.. so you would.. probably be a really young one.. and if you're a prince.. then.. I shoudn't even be near you. They'd think I was.. molesting you or something of the sort. So, little elf, if you're not an elf, prove it?" He asked, wondering if maybe the other really was a fairy. He huffed and noticed his hair was worse than before. "Do you by chance know where I could get a brush of some kind? And maybe some dry clothes? No wait.. you're an elf..I will find it myself, I might fall off the edge of the world this time."

Ellyra furrowed his white eyebrows, frustrated at the human's stubbornness. "Elves don't live in this part. They live in the trees. I live in the village a little north along this river." He thought for a moment. "I don't know how to prove to you that I am a fairy and not an elf, but if I was an elf, mightn't I have already sent you on a path with mischevious end?" Again he paused for thought. "No one will think you are molesting me. I frequently wander by myself, and even if they thought that's what you were doing, they probably wouldn't care much at all. I have brothers who make better princes." He sighed. He was a little embarrassed at having spoken so much all at once, and all of this to a stranger. "There would be a brush in my village, but probably no clothes. You're much too large for fairy clothes. Your own would have to be dried," he added quietly.

Mithus wondered if he didn't hurt the other. "I.. didn't mean to be mean or anything I just...have to be careful. So.. about that brush.. think I could borrow it? Then you could prove your fairy-ism." He said, finding the fairy was.. cute. He needed desperately to brush his hair and let his clothing dry though, he was probably going to start smelling of river and wet clothing. "And do you maybe have something I could eat? I wont be long I promise I need to get back to my group actually.. and if you're not an elf.. are you as tricky as elves are?"

Ellyra's eyes sparkled as he answered. "Only to those who warrant it, but I think you've had enough today. Come." He stood and grabbed Mithus' hand and began leading him through the grass. "Of course, you will stay with me while you are here. I think it will be safest. I will have someone get you food as soon as we arrive." Truthfully, fairies were quite hospitable when they needed to be, or the occassion arose. As long as they could be found, they would be welcoming. More proof of fairies was that they were easily excitable, excited as Ellyra was now. Mithus would be able to stay as long as he like or needed to, though. He would never be forced to leave, as long as he did not become impossible. The prince slowed to a walking pace as they neared the edge of the village. He kept his grip on the human's hand. It was a sign that the other villagers were not allowed to do much but stare, he was the official guest of royalty.

Mithus was rather thrown off by the fairy as he began leading him through the grass and then to the village. "Well you know ... you should tell me which way to Elthinir after we get me all fixed up... you sure no one's going to care? Wont your parents be upset bringing a stranger home and such?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. When the other squeezed his hand tighter he recalled fabled stories about faeries and leading unsuspecting women to their beds and impregnating them. "Don't get me pregnant... if that's what you're up to." It seemed the soldier was quite dense.

The fairy turned to him and gave him the strangest look. "Those are silly legends. I've never gotten anyone pregnant. Besides, you can't have babies. That is, unless you're the most masculine woman I've ever seen..." He giggled a little. His parents would probably throw a fit, but that was not something that Mithus should have to deal with, and so he would keep him uninformed in that respect. He took him to a large, brightly-colored structure standing in the middle of the village. Inside, there were many rooms subdivided by semi-solid walls; fairy magic. Ellyra didn't stop to let Mithus admire any of it, though. He led him straight to his room and closed the door behind them. "Sorry we had to move so quickly..." He looked around nervously for a moment, then he shuffled around, retrieving a brush, and ringing a small bell to summon a servant for food. He handed the soldier the brush, then sat in a chair across the room, staring silently at him.

"I am very much a man thank you." Mithus said, practically pouting as he undid his hair and began to brush it out, letting it cascade down his back which he bused it out tenderly. "Mn, thank you." He said, putting it right back up again. "So.. why the rush exactly? Do your parents know you're bringing someone home? Aren't you a youngling?" He asked, wondering the age of the other. "What a small bed you have.." He said, sitting on the edge of said furniture. "Wow.. everything you have is small. So okay you're not an elf you're a fairy.. But.. don't faeries steal children?"

"By fairy standards, I suppose I am a youngling, but I'm much older than you, be assured." Ellyra pouted. "Of course everything is small. I'm small. I'm glad you're finally past believing I'm an elf, though." He fought a laugh, but it escaped. "You humans think up the most absurd stories. No wonder we can't all get along, strange rumors like that flying around..." He looked
briefly toward the door, then walked to it and opened it a fraction, taking something from someone on the other side of it, and closed it again. "Here. Food." He handed it to the man and sat in his chair again. His parents did not know there was a guest, and they would not approve of a human especially. He wondered how long it would be until they found out. Meantime, he occupied himself by staring at Mithus' hair, which shined in the rather ethereal light of his room. He startled himself out of his reverie when he remembered that Mithus' clothes were wet, and he was sitting on his bed. "You're...getting my bed all wet..." he mumbled.

"You look about.. ohh I dont know.. twleve...." He paused. "They aren't that absurd though right? Don't faeries steal children? I couldhave sworn that one..." Mithus accepted the food with thanks. "Mn this is soo good." He was enjoying it greatly, everything seemed to be much more tastey that anything he remembered eating. "Do you enchant your food too?" He asked. When the other mentioned his bed he stood. "Oh... sorry.." He set his food down. "Ummm I'll do the laundry?" He felt bad having got the other's bed wet, he couldn't believe how he hadn't thought on it. "I wasn't realy thinking...." He then began to strip every article of wet clothing, letting it fall to the ground, one by one, first his tunic, then his undershirt and then his pants, he left his leggings on though. He huffed as he realized he had bits of dirt and leaves attached to his damp skin. "Ohh maybe you have soemwhere I could get a bath?"

Ellyra shook his head. "Sorry. There is somewhere that you could go, but I don't want you to leave yet. I can't trust that you'll be welcomed very warmly throughout the rest of the house, and I'm not sure you really want me to follow you to the bath..." The prince blushed slightly at the thought, looking away from the soldier's finely toned body. "Don't worry about the laundry. That's what servants are for." Blushing a little darker, he left his chair again, and stood next to Mithus, picking the leaves and debris off of his skin. "I hope you don't mind. This might help a little..." He suddenly remembered that he had waded into the river, and he looked down at his clothes to see that they were stained and a little dirty. He frowned and stopped grooming the human. "Would you excuse me a moment?" He moved to a wardrobe and picked out a garment that was really meant more for bed than for entertaining guests, but he didn't think Mithus would know the difference, and slipped behind a folding screen to change.

"Oh.. yeah htat helps a little." He said, watching as the faery removed leaves from him. "Thank you." He said quietly. He watched the faery as he went to dress. "Are you sure you're not a girl?" He asked, finding himself thinking the other was as pretty as one. But he watched as he undressed, his shadow showing much that he was very much not a girl. Mithus felt himself grow a little warm. "Yeaahhh... hmn.. do you have a towel or something? I need to like.. get these undergarments off they're freezing my.. anatomy."

Ellyra struggled to control laughter, knowing that even his shadow would reveal shaking shoulders. "There should be a towel in one of the drawers of the wardrobe. You might have to search..." He slipped his own plain garment over his head, this one lacking a sash or belt for the middle. It was plain white, and emphasized the whiteness of his hair, though there wasn't a point since it was clothin
g for sleeping. He wasn't really thinking that Mithus might not have anything on if he walked out from behind the screen at that moment, and he almost hid behind the screen again. He was a little shy, admittedly. "Ummm...if we hang your clothes over the top of my screen, they should dry faster..." They would still be dirty and smell of the river, but they might be a little more comfortable to wear as long as they were dry.

Mithus shrugged and did as mentioned. He was now completely naked, all of his clothing from the floor and on the folding screen. He looked around for a robe of sorts and saw a long flowing thing. "May I wear this?" He asked, blushing just a little. He was, after all, naked. He wasn't really embarassed about his nakedness so much that he was enchanted by the beauty of the fairy. "You are so a woman.." He muttered. "You have bright eyes, a rather slim figure.." He emphasized his point by running his hands down the sides of the others, grasping the fairy's hips. "And a good butt.." He noted, looking, but not touching. "Your face is thin and shaped the way a woman's is.. the only thing not making me believe is I saw your reflection in the folding.. deffinitely not a woman.. but king would pay a lot to have you work in the brothels.." He hummed this over in his mind. "King? Oh! I shouldn't stay much longer by the way I do need to head to Elthinir.."

The Prince blushed and stared with wide eyes at Mithus, his hands clenched into fists at his sides, his mouth open slightly with the shock of being touched so suddenly. "I'm not a girl. And I'm a Prince. No amount of money could make me work in a brothel..." He looked at the floor, a little embarrassed. "I don't care what you wear...just...put something on..." He laid his small hand on Mithus' chest, intending to eventually push him away. But he realized he probably had very little physical strength against the conscious and aware soldier. He only looked at his own hand, then up into the human's face, then at the floor again. Only with Mithus wearing nothing, he had to look to the side when he looked at the floor, otherwise he would be distracted by his peripheral vision. "Oh, right, Elthinir. It's directly west of my village. It will take you three days by horse, and you can go through the woods, but I wouldn't recommend that to a human traveling alone..."

"Well then.. travel with me? I might get attacked by elves." He said, putting on the garment he spoke of earlier. It was small, but it fit enough to hide his bare lower half. "And that's odd.. I thought up on that one trail I only had about a half day's travel by horse.. couldn't we just climb back up the cliff and go that way?" He asked, sitting back on an un wet part of the bed, pondering these things in his thoughts.

"You really want to go back to the cliff? Even after you fell off of it?" Ellyra smiled. "My presence doesn't guarantee your safety from elves. They are sly creatures, and they like their fun, even if it's with a fairy. But I can guide you, anyway. With Mithus dressed, Ellyra's blush began to fade. He sat on his bed, next to the soldier. He took up most of it, so it was a little awkward. He had to sit very close to him, and their legs were touching. The fairy put his arms behind him and leaned back.

"So.. will your parents ever know I am here?" He asked, wondering if the other would get into trouble for having him there. "And when can I get a bath again? It's getting dark out."He said, standing in front of the window, not really noting that his robe thing had fallen open. "Are we going to travel tonight or wait until tomorrow?" He always had so many questions, but that was how he got around his life. He always knew things because of his curiosity and need to know everything."Can I meet your parents?"

Glancing at Mithus and then quickly away, as he had noticed the robe was open, he answered, "Well, if I know my parents, and I would hope I know them rather well, they probably already know. However, they don't know what you are yet, besides human." Ellyra sighed. "Would you be upset if I had to make up a story about you...?" He pursed his lips and looked up at him hopefully.

"No...I don't think I would be upset. Why did you bring me here though if it might get you into trouble?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. He noticed his robe had come open and therefore closed it, blushing a little. "Well come on I want to meet them. I am sure they are respectable. Maybe I can help out around here or something, make my keep." He said, completely forgetting yet again that he was supposed to be going to the King.

Ellyra looked nervous. "Are you sure? I mean, I might have label you with what may seem like a degrading title. Also...we need to have your clothes cleaned before you meet my parents. This robe won't do." He smiled constrictedly, trying to remain serious. "I'll call a servant, and have them retrieve your clothes. We will meet with my mother and father as soon as your clothes are clean and dry." He smiled happily now. "I...have no idea why I brought you here. I suppose it could have had something to do with the stars, their position, and that you needed help." He thought a little. "I'll have to ask the Stargazer about that later..."

Mithus shrugged. "Hey so long as you don't get into trouble." He said, yawning and laying spread eagle on the fairy's bed. He yawned. "Well some sleep would be you have anything that would relieve a pounding head?" He asked, clutching at his head as his headache pain seemed to return. "Stupid elves.." He mumbled, thinking of how to get the elf back that brought him to his plumetting doom.

Ellyra looked away sharply, Mithus' position awkward. "I...uhhh...don't have anything, sorry. Would just sleeping help?" He vaguely recalled a story he had heard from humans, the same as Mithus seemed to hear so many stories about fairies, that sex could relieve headaches, but he blushed at the thought and shook his head to make it go away. "I'll go find something, and I'll send your clothes to be cleaned, while I'm gone." He got up from the bed and draped the soldier's dirtied clothes over his arm, then left the room swiftly. He was back in very little time, without the clothes, and with a small crystal bottle in his fist. "This should make your head stop hurting..."

Mithus smiled and with an odd sense of trust for the other drank what was in the crystal bottle. "Thank you." He said, finding himself falling asleep. "Well I hope you don't mind, but I think I am going to fall asleep." He said, shivering. "Wake me should anything happen." He drifted readily, his eyes slid shut on their own account, making him fall into a deep slumber.

Frowning slightly, Ellyra looked at the sleeping soldier. He was taking up all of his bed. There was no way he could move him this time. The last time, the water had supported his weight. "Well, there's nothing else to do..." he whispered to himself. He certainly wasn't going to sleep on the floor or sitting up in a chair. He pulled a blanket out of a drawer in his dresser, since there was no way he could get the blanket out from under him, and climbed on top of him. Even with all of his muscle, Mithus was surprisingly comfortable to lay on. There wasn't anything particularly important that evening, and they could meet with his parents in the morning. He was tired from the interesting day, too, and fell into a light sleep with his head on the man's chest.

Mithus woke the next morning. He felt immesnely better, and he cuddled the person who slept atop of him. "Oh a maiden.. I must have been drunk." He said to himself softly. "Poor girl.. I must have been really drunk I don't fancy their type.." He was about to waken her when he remebered everything. "Ohh that's right.."He almost decided to wake the other, but when he felt his hair he had to practically squeal in delight. It was so soft and delicate that he couldn't quit. So he continued to pet the other, rather sure that if he were to waken him he wouldn't get this chance.

Ellyra hadn't intended to sleep the entire night. He slept heavier than he thought, but the touch woke him gradually. "Hmmm...?" He raised his head sleepily, slowly comprehending that he had fallen asleep on top of Mithus. "Oh, sorry..." He climbed off of him and stretched, realizing it was a little awkward that he had chosen to sleep on someone without their knowledge. "Did you sleep well?" He self-consciously adjusted his hair, straightening it with his fingers.

Mithus smiled. "I slept really good actually. I don't have a headache anymore either. Sooo are my clothes done do you think?" He asked, yawning and sitting up sleepily. He was tangled in the robe he had worn for the night. "I like this robe I think." It wasn't even tied, and had he not known himself that he hadn't intentions of actually hitting on the other it sounded as though he was trying to draw attention to himself.

" that robe too..." The prince blushed and walked to his wardrobe, suddenly uncomfortable in his own room. He chose a shining silver garment today, and a purple sash, and then went to change behind his screen again. "I think your clothes should be waiting outside my door. That is what the servants usually do with my clean laundry. You can get them yourself, if you want to, or you can wait for me to get dressed and then I can do it." He talked casually, but he was sure even his shadow looked tense as he flung his sleeping robe over the top of the screen.

Mithus smiled and grabbed his clothing, finding it just where the other said it would possibly be. He smiled. "Thank you." He stripped and dressed. "Ah that feels better.""So about those parents of yours..." He said, reminding the prince that he needed to talk to them. "Oh maybe we should go for a morning walk? I usually sit outside for a few moments in the morning. And breakfast is a must.."

Ellyra laughed. "You are talkative. We can do all of those things. Would you like to eat or go for a walk first? My parents will come last because we must be announced to them first. I am their son and they do not like me barging into the throne room." He sighed and shook his head, then pulled his silver robe over his head, tying the sash neatly. He dreaded seeing his parents, and he dreaded having to make up a story about Mithus.

Mithos smiled and nodded. "Sure. " He said softly, humming to himself. "I love this food here." He said, smiling at the smaller. "What do you wish to do later? You know because maybe I should postpone the trip a day or two I like to be around you."

The fairy's eyes visibly brightened. "You do...?" It shouldn't have seemed such a strange thing, but Ellyra had very little experience with humans in general, and being this close to one was very new. "Let's eat here, in my room, and then we can go for a walk. We should walk in the woods. It will be much more peaceful than in town." He darted out of the room, then back in after a few moments, with food enough for the both of them on a silver tray. It was mostly fruit and bread, but it would do.

Mithus smiled and began nibbling on the food provided. "Thank you, my prince." He said while watching the other. "Has anyone ever commented on your grace? You'd be a good warrior." He said, hoping the other enjoyed his praise. "What does one boy like you do? I haven't heard you mention anything about friends..."

He smiled at the compliment, but his expression darkened at the mention of friends. "I...don't have friends. I have acquaintances and family, and I don't see much of either. I mostly amuse myself, like I was doing the day I met you. I was actually going to bathe in the river, and if you had fallen five minutes later..." He smirked, and wondered whether he should finish his sentence.

"Well I'll be your friend." Mithus stated, picking the little fairy boy up and spinning around in a circle with him in his arms. "What would have happened five minutes later?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. He assumed he would probably have gotten a bath too.

Ellyra smiled and laughed, then his face was suddenly serious. "Five minutes later and I would have had to fish you out of the river still, but I would have had to do it naked." He kept a straight face for a few seconds, then a few giggles began to escape again. "I'm glad you'll be my friend, Mithus. I'll just have to teach you about the things that fairies really do, instead of stealing children and women." He grinned, then the grin vanished and was replaced with a look of wonder and anticipation as he realized the implications of what he had just said.

Mithus found himself grinning at this as well. "Umm are fairies like.. always sexual that is like the fourth time we've talked something involving sexual activity and don't play innocent cause I saw it on your face...besides you're only tweleve and twelve year olds shouldn't think about sex."

Raising an eyebrow, Ellyra smiled again. "Do you really think I'm twelve years old? I already told you, I'm older than you think, and most assuredly older than you, no matter my appearance. I'm an immortal creature." He added the last proudly. "But for what it's worth, I don't usually think about sex."

Mithus smiled. "I know you're older than twelve but you get real cute when you are angry." He said, patting the other on the head. "And if you didn't think about sex then why were you makin all those inuendos?"

Ellyra pouted. "I wasn't making innuendos. I was just saying things and they came out wrong..." He blushed slightly, aware that he was still being embraced by the tall warrior. "And in that case...why are you taking the things I say to be innuendos? And you said I was cute..." His eyes widened and he looked up at the other again.

Mithus felt a fine blush spread over his cheeks. "Pffft! You don't know what you're talking about!" He said, quickly letting go of the other, "I know yor magic tricks, elf!" He said, insisting now that he was an elf again.

The prince huffed and crossed his arms over his chest. "I am not an elf!" Then he was struck with an idea. He changed his expression to a mischevious one and began to walk toward the human. "Now that I think about it...maybe they were innuendos..." He smirked, hoping he could make Mithus back up far enough to fall backwards onto his bed. This was a trick, but not really a magic one.

Mithus took the predicted step back. "You must be an elf, because now your convincing me of what I thought though you just denied the information...that's elven magicary right there." He said, taking another step back.

"You're silly, and that sentence was confusing. All I did was change my mind. That isn't trickery..." Ellyra advanced further. Only a few more steps and Mithus was fall back. The bed was a little too low to hit the back of his knees, but he would still be knocked off balance. He only hoped that the man wasn't so tall he would hit his head on the headboard when he fell.

Mithus would have probably been too tall, but instead of the bed he tripped over the robe he had worn earlier, forgetting to place it away and he fell back. "Ah damn! More elven magic. If this isn't trickery then what would you call it?"

As soon as Mithus was on his back, Ellyra sprang forward and sat on him, positioned on his stomach, just above his hips. He leaned in so that his face would be just inches from the soldier's. "You said I was you really think so?" He was somewhat glad that Mithus had his normal clothing on now, pants, instead of that robe that just wouldn't cooperate, but he failed to notice that his own robe had slid up due to the way he was sitting, and his legs were mostly exposed. He leaned in just a little farther.

"Well yes." Mithus saw no reaosn to lie. "You are cute. You're completely adorable." He said, placing his hand on the boy's cheek. "Is there something you want to say perhaps?" He asked the other. Ellyra felt natral sitting on him, he suddenly thought about how natural he would feel doing..other activities..

The hand on his cheek felt hot and rough, a warrior's hand, and Ellyra leaned into the touch. He closed his eyes for a moment, his heart rate increasing, poundly so loudly he was sure Mithus could hear it. Struggling to stay composed, he answered, but his voice came out in a whisper. "I...don't know what it is I feel right now...but I think you are very handsome...and..." His mind went blank. He couldn't think anymore, and he swallowed, trying to wet his seemingly dry throat. He bit his lower lip, trying to gather his thoughts, and a bright blush colored his cheeks.

"So elves do try to get people in bed..." Mithus said softly, wondering why the other was blushing so. "Are you feeling okay? Isn't it like.. I mean if your parents came in here wouldn't they have my head for you being on top of me?" He asked,stroking the fairy's hair.

"I'm not an elf! And who said I was trying to get you into bed?!" Ellyra blushed even more. "They wouldn't have your head. If you were on top of me, maybe. But unless you have me shackled to you, it's obvious I'm here of my own accord." If he could have blushed any more than he was already, he would have, as the thought of one comment settled on him. If Mithus was...on top of me... The prince was uncomfortably hot, now, and he thought maybe he ought to get off the soldier. He moved a little, preparing to stand up.

"On top of you huh?" Mithus asked mischeviously. He grabbed the other and rolled on top of him. "What if.." He leaned intentionally close. "We were just.." He was barely a milimeter from kissing him, his hands at the boy's side. "Playing?" He then began a viscious tickle attack on him.

Ellyra gasped at the sudden end to his trick, his breath short and his eyes wide. He was caught off guard and had no chance against Mithus' attack, writhing and rolling and laughing as he tickled him. "Stop! Stop it!" He gasped in between bouts of laughter. "I can't breathe!" He struggled playfully, his small body twisting into and away from the soldier's hands.

Mithus laughed and then held the other. "Awe you're so cute." He said, using the other as a teddy bear. "So.. can I meet your parents yet?" He asked, pouting as he inhaled the other's scent.

"I don't know. I'll have to send one of my brothers to announce us first, and then it will probably be about an hour before we can meet them." Ellyra sighed after catching his breath. "Why are you so eager to meet them, anyway?" He unconsciously snuggled against Mithus' chest.

"I.. don't really know..' He said, laughing a little. "I just do.. I don't want you to be in trouble you know." He said, running his fingers through the faery's hair. "Soo what was the excuse you were going to tell them?"

Ellyra looked up at Mithus, then away quickly. There was a little explaining to be done, and he wasn't sure the soldier would be thrilled with what he would have to say. "Well, you see...fairies don't usually interact much with humans. But in the past, magical races used a way, over non-magical ones. And...for the time that you are here, I will have to tell my parents...that you are my pet." He glanced up him, almost ashamed that he would have to put such a dishonorable title on this brave soldier.

Mithus thought about this but shrugged. "Oh well, so long as it works, I am alll for it." He said, grinning. "So, that makes you my owner?" He asked, yawning. "So long as you treat me nice. It gives me a reaosn to curl up next to you."

The prince smiled. "You really don't mind? That makes me glad. I didn't want to offend you. But it seems strange to have a pet so much larger than me." He grinned. "And now you're cute because you said you wanted to curl up next to me." Ellyra giggled and kissed Mithus on the cheek without thinking.

Mithus grinned. "Yeah yeah well I may be a soldier but I am a damn good cuddle buddy." He said, running his hands along the other's back. "Soo where's one of your brothers? I wanna meet ma and pa."

"My brothers are probably wandering around here or they're out on patrol for some reason. They're more social than I am." Ellyra trailed his finger lazily up and down a place on Mithus' chest, thinking. "Can we just stay here for a little while? I like this..."

"I guess so.." Mithus said, smiling. "I just.. want to be sure everything is cool you know? " He said, inhaling the other's scent. "You smell so good. Smell like trees and perfume.. sure you're not an elf?"

Ellyra sighed. "I'm very sure. Really. I don't know how to prove that I'm not an elf, though. Unless the fact that I haven't lured you into bed is proof enough." He wondered vaguely what would happen if he did, though. Could he succeed in doing it? Well, Mithus would probably really think he was an elf if he even tried.

Mithus grinned. "I am teasing,I know you're not an elf. But you're adorable when you get a little gtumpy." He said, hugging the other. "Soooooo you kinda have lured me to bed by the way." He said, referring to how they lay with one another. "Just in a way."

Giggling, Ellyra answered, "I don't think this was the kind of 'luring to bed' they were talking about in the legends, though." He was still quite reluctant to leave his room, since he knew talking to his brothers would probably be a fiasco, and there would be much arguing and bargaining.

Mithus smiled. "Welll since we'll be staying in here a while I think I might just fall asleep." He said, yawning."Goodnight little fairy thing." He said, smiling and kissing the other's cheek.

"What? Seriously? You just want to sleep? But you slept the whole night!" Ellyra pouted and poked Mithus on the nose. "Don't you want to go for a walk or something? You said you wanted to last night. Really, you can't be tired." He sighed and sat still, quieting for the moment.

Mithus' eyes sparkled. "Aweeeeeee you just want to spend time with me, don't you?" He teased, but was secretly pleased by this founding. He grinned and held the other. "Well if you want to go walk all romantic like we can."

Ellyra's mouth dropped open, and he shut it quickly again and frowned. He wanted to deny that it would be romantic, but Mithus had caught him off guard and he could think of nothing to say. "Let me get my shoes..." The fairy released himself from the soldier's grasp and went behind his screen momentarily, where he had a pair of little slippers. He quickly put them on and came back out. "All right, we can go now." He was actually a little excited, even though it was just a walk.

Mithus stood." onward my little fairy prince.!" Mithus stated in a sing songy voice, grinning. He actually found the smaller to be attractive, and rather sure the other was feeling something towards him. He found himself not caring about his kingdom. He had instead the sudden urge to find flowers for this young fairy .. a giant boquet in which he would present to him.

Said fairy prince laughed at the soldier's enthusiasm. Ellyra opened his door tentatively, sticking his head out and looking down the hallway first, then he opened the door wider and motioned that Mithus should follow him. He held a finger up to his lips to indicate that they should make no sound, grabbing his hand and pulling him along. He smiled and sighed as soon as they were outside. "Well, do you want to walk in the woods, or along the river?"

"Which has more flowers?" Mithus asked, still determined to find some for him. He had the image of the younger putting his finger to his lips when telling him to shush still stuck in his mind, he thought it was lovely. He shook his head. "And which can we have perhaps a picnic or something at?"

Considering for a moment, Ellyra finally answered, "Either way, the river is ideal. The water makes flowers grow, and some of them are even taller than me." He grinned. "The ground is far more even, too. We have no food with us, though, so the picnic may have to come later. For now, let's just walk." He was still smiling while he led Mithus toward the river. Once they neared the water, he paused and took off his shoes, enjoying the soft grass on his bare feet.

Mithus began collecting as many flowers that he found beautiful. And when he got them he bound them together with a strong piece of grass and grinning he held them out to the fairy. "Here you go." He said,wondering if the other would take them. He even knelt on one knee to do so, loving the angle it gave him to look at the other from, the light catching in his eyes and such.

Ellyra's expression, formerly content and dreamy, changed to slight surprise, then changed yet again to happy and appreciative. "Thank you, Mithus. They're beautiful..." he whispered. The simple, sweet gesture was almost enough to make him cry. First, he had gained a friend, his first real friend, and then his friend had done this for him. He wasn't entirely sure, but he thought he might have begun to fall in love with the tall human.

Mithus grinned. "You're welcome." He said, a small flush coloring his cheeks. He hugged the fairy. "So uh.. what do you want to do? " He asked, deciding that he was going to stall as long as he could before having to go back to his kingdom. He was having too much fun with his fairy. "To tell you the truth, I don't really feel like going just yet."

"Really?" Ellyra's eyes brightened and his smile widened. "I'm very glad. I like spending time with you. You're my first friend." His smile lessened a little and he looked away momentarily. "Would you like to swim? The water is less swift closer to the bank, shallower too." He looked happier again, and leaned over to test the temperature of the water with his hand. "It's a little cold, but I think it should be okay."

Mithus wondered if that was a good thing, being the other's first friend. He had much to think about suddenly. "Sure, I would love to." He said, stripping his shirt and his pants, staying in only his underclothes. "You know, I don't think my kingdom is going to miss me. Since I am your first friend. I would feel bad leaving you..." He said, troubled.

The corner of Ellyra's mouth turned down in a slightly frown. "I didn't mean for you to feel bad. If you are under obligations to return, then you should. I only meant that I would spend as much time as possible with you while you were here. Now that I know what it is like to have a friend, I might try harder to make them. I have not been very social in the past." Likewise, the prince took of his sash and pulled his robe over his head, making a neat pile in the grass with his shoes and the flowers from Mithus on top. However, he did not wear undergarments, so he was now totally naked.

Mithus saw the other was completely naked and decided to be so himself. "Well that's the thing. I was going to the king and such, but only to pay my respects. I think I like spending time with enough to where I would so build a house right near this river if it meant to see you often." He said, stepping into the water, enjoying the coolness of it.

Ellyra slid slowly into the water, gasping quietly and then shivering as the water covered more of his body than it did the human's. "It's a little colder than I thought..." He laughed. "You wouldn't have to live clear out here, unless you want to, but you could live with me in the royal house. That way you wouldn't be flooded when the river rises in spring." He realized that he still had to speak with his parents, and that he would have to tell them Mithus was his pet, but if it meant the soldier was staying with him, he didn't mind it so much.

Mithus grinned. "You don't think you would mind? I wouldn't want you to get tired of me." Mithus said, floating on his back in the water. "This water's not so cold, you big baby." He said when he saw the other shiver. "I know you're royalty and all, but why can't you see your parents?"

"I'm the youngest. They think me less important than my brothers because I won't inherit the throne unless all of them die somehow. So, in turn, I have neglected most of my duties as a prince. If they're not going to treat me like a prince, then I'm not going to act like one. I'm lucky they still let me stay there." Ellyra laughed. "Sometimes, I feel important to them, but most of the time, they don't think about me. That's why you're so special to me, now." He waded silently toward Mithus, admiring his well-muscled body in comparison to his own body, which appeared lithe and thin though not unhealthy - he had a girlish figure.

A smile crossed on Mithus' face. "Hmn, how about... we run away?" He asked, smiling. "I can take you to my kingdom and we can live near the woods so we wont be bothered? You don't have anything to do here it seems." He said, reaching up a hand to toy with the other's hair. "What do you say?"

Ellyra grasped Mithus' hand with his own smaller hands and smiled, closing his eyes. In a fairly innocent gesture, he touched the human's fingertips to his lips, kissing them, and answered, "I would love to run away with you. I would love nothing more. But I am afraid, though my parents do not care now, they would care if I decided to develop a will of my own, and I think they would attempt to retrieve me. Does it bother you that you might have to fight my parents? I have been fighting them subtlely for years, so it does not bother me."

Mithus felt his cheeks turn slightly red at the contact and smiled. "Well, tell them you want to establish your own kingdom, and that I am your pet and help to do so?"Mithus suggested, carressing the other's cheek.

"Oh, they would never honor that wish. I would be better off running away and hoping they didn't search for. In saying that I want to establish my own kingdom, I could be tried for treason and killed." Ellyra sighed. "I think living without the worries of courtly life would be quite nice. Help me run away. I'll pack tonight." He smiled in anticipation.

Mithus was worried for the other suddenly. "No.. I can't risk you." He said, wanting very suddenly for the other to not ever have harm befal him. "I don't ever want your death for such a sily thing. Let me stay with you so it is easy. Is there any way I can grant you freedom?"

Frowning, Ellyra shook his head. "No, not you personally. However...I think I may be able to get my own freedom, and peaceably so. I think I can convince my parents to disown me, which would release me from the binds of my kingdom and duties. There would be no bloodshed, either. We could live wherever we choose." The prince was suddenly hopeful, and smiled again.

Mithus grinned. "Annnd what's the catch?" He asked, not wanting the other to be disowned forver. "I don't want you to destroy the little fmaily you have."
He held the other to his chest. "I just worry about you suddenly."

"You don't have to worry so much. I'm not going to destroy my family. They don't need me here, anyway. I really do nothing but take up space. They may let me take all of my belongings, too. It will be just fine." Ellyra put his hand against Mithus' chest, fingers splayed, and smiled up at him.

Mithus sighed. "All right, fine then." He said, sighing. "You know I only want what's best." He smiled and kissed the other on the cheek. "So, do you want to head back now?" He asked, unsure what to really do.

Ellyra smiled. "We can't head back wet. We will have to sit on the bank and dry, first. But when we are dry, we can go back." He climbed awkwardly out of the water, clambering with the grass, and laid on his back in the sun.

Mithus smiled and lay next to the other in the grass. "I find all of this odd you know. It isn't every day that I find someone, a fairy thing more or less, that I get along so well with. You're a very new thing to me and I think though property of elven foolishness it is still fate that you and I became friends."

"Fate...hmm...yes, I agree. This is odd, though. I don't normally interact with humans at all, and I might add that I don't readily strip in front of everyone. You're lucky." Ellyra looked at Mithus, his expression serious and dignified, then it spread into a grin, and he rolled onto his side and propped his head up with his hand. "Have you ever been with a woman?" The question was random, but Ellyra was merely curious.

Mithus blanched at the thought. "Yeah, once or twice. Not to my liking though. I almost married once for status, but things down there don't work for women. I have been with another male before though, that was nice. How about you?"

Ellyra blushed and shook his head. "No, I've never been with anyone, let alone a woman. My parents tried to convince me once, also for status, but I refused her, and she was sad and I felt bad, but I just couldn't do it. I...couldn't get her hopes up. I had no interest."

Mithus was curious. "Sooo why didn't you though? Are you like me that it just doesn't work for the fairer sex or is it more complicated?" He asked, leaning over to look at the other, rather interested in anything he had to say.

"I...really don't know if it would have worked or not. I had absolutely no interest in her. Her appearance, her body, her voice, her personality - none of it was to my liking. But there are many girls that I am near all the time, and I have no interest in any of them either. I suppose...I simply do not like females." The prince looked up at Mithus as he finished, meeting his eyes. "In any case, I'm inexperienced."

Mithus smiled. "Well that's kind of good though because that means you can give yourself truly to the one you fall in love with." He said, smiling. "I sadly, don't have that gift anymore, but had I known then what I know now I would never have passed it. Such a frail thing that lust is." He sighed softly and averted his gaze from the other to look upon the clouds.

Ellyra smiled softly and laid on his back again. "Hmmmm...well...I think I might be in love with someone. But I'm not sure, because I've never been in love before. I don't really know what it feels like. Maybe you can help me. Have you ever been in love?" He, likewise, looked at the clouds.

"Honestly, I don't know. There's been times when the fabled feeling of love, the quickened heartbeat and the blushing cheeks and sweet words were only the actions of lust and nothing more. Have I felt ever anything more than mere sexual excitement? It seems not. I.. have lately been experimenting with a different kind of love. Perhaps if it is even love so. It's a more powerful feeling than that of intimacy, it drived me insane with wonder and curiosity and wanting to explor more. However, it is uncertain whether the young believes in me as much as I him. So, it is undecided. What do you feel?"Mithus asked, looking to the other.

"I feel...those things, quickened heartbeat, blushing, and the words have been exchanged. But I have never done anything sexually intimate. And...I feel happy when I am around the person that I love. Is it love to feel those things and be happy at the same time? Is that a good way to describe it?" Ellyra felt his eyes on him and turned to look at Mithus as well.

Mithus thought a moment. "Yes I would think so." He said, putting one of his picked flowers into the fairy's hair. "You blush even as you speak of it, you must be really in love. I believe that you feel love for you have yet to know pleasure of the flesh." He said, looking at him. "So, who has you captured so?"

The prince touched his fingertips to the delicate flower in his hair, and smiled. "I am embarrassed to say. I am afraid you will laugh if I tell you. Do you promise not to laugh?" He sat up and leaned over Mithus, looking at him expectantly.

Mithus grinned. "Certainly." He said, eyeing him. "But only if I get to tease you about it." He said, lightly tracing a pattern on the fairy's hand that was near him.

Suddenly, Ellyra felt nervous, and he hesitated, staring at the place where Mithus was tracing a pattern. "Mithus...I think I've fallen in love with you." He did not look at the man's face as he waited for him to reply, too nervous to see his expression or reaction.

Mithus found himself turning bright red. " I.. it was you who I spoke of possible developing feelings.. even though we just met.. is it not wrong to be with a mortal man with your kind?"

For a moment, the fairy was speechless, then he giggled happily. "I don't think it's wrong, just uncommon. But I am leaving my village anyway, so that does not matter. You think you love me too?" He finally looked up at Mithus' face, smiling.

Mithus smiled and nodded, pressing a kiss to his companions cheek. "I do actually.. and knowing I havent tried to bed you yet I would think my assumptions on myself are correct. I don't know why..maybe it's the damned elf's fault, but I like this."

"Then it's a good thing I didn't try to lure you to bed like an elf, right?" Ellyra laughed, then noticed that he felt mostly dry. "Have you dried off? We can head back now, if you want to, and perhaps I would be allowed to leave the kingdom by tomorrow morning."

Mithus grinned. "Well then, let us dress and go for it." He said, stroking the other's hair as he stood. "Such a free position. I like the air of the wind." He said, feeling positively enlightened by his naked state. He reluctantly put on his clothing and then waited for the other.

Ellyra dressed quickly, slipping his shoes on last. "Perhaps when we build a house, we should live near the river. The air is like this much of the time near the river." He had been nervous about telling his parents that he wanted to leave, but now he felt almost carefree.

Mithus grinned. "I would like that a lot actually. This river holds all ready many memories.. it doesn't flood or anything I hope though?" He asked, holding his arm for the other to take.

"Not horribly much. It only rises a little after winter, when the snow melts. In the summer, though, as you can see now, it is a nice climate because the water keeps the air cooler." He linked his arm with Mithus'. The river had already been Ellyra's favorite place to spend time before. Now it was an even better place, and he didn't have to spend his time by himself.

Mithus smiled. "It would be nice.. to be here" He looked around and smiled at the beauty of the place. Such a woodland exsistance. He loved every bit of it. "Sooo can.. male fairy's give birth?" He asked suddenly, yet another myth he had heard.

Ellyra actually laughed out loud. "Tell me, Mithus, can you give birth? My body looks no different from yours, inside or out. I am simply smaller in stature." He smiled. Sometimes he had no clue how these rumors got around. He supposed someone just wanted to make the magical races sound strange.

Mithus grinned. "Just a curiosity because if you could we could sooo have a few little ones." He said, grinning wider. "But that's beside the point." He smiled as the villiage came into view. "And by the way it's stupid for you to have to ask to see your parents."

"I know that. My brothers don't have to ask. They just don't like me." Ellyra frowned. "But that doesn't matter now. As long as they can stop disliking me long enough to grant me my happiness, I do not care." He smiled mischeviously. "So you admit you intend to have sex with me. How sweet." He laughed.

"Intending to have children and having sex are two highly different topics." Mithus said, returning the grin. He yawned a gripped the other's hand, almost as though for claiming ownership on the other.

"But you have to have sex to make children, no?" Ellyra laughed and wrapped his other hand around Mithus' and pulled the hand to his chest, over his heart. It was a strange expression in body language, but it was meant to show that the human was now very dear to his heart, he had touched him emotionally. This time, as they neared the royal house, he did not hurry them his room, but instead walked casually through the hallways until they reached his door. "I did not ask you before. What do you think of this place? It does not matter much, but I did grow up here."

Mithus smirked. "Yeah well we could adopt." He said, holding the other close to him, pressing a kiss to his cheek. " And yeah I like it here, but if your parents are going to have an issue with you and I then we need to have a back up plan, namely being a house outside of here, just in case."

"The forest would be kind to us until we made a house, if we needed shelter. I can fortify any shelter with a little magic, if need be, as well." Ellyra winked at the man at his side as he opened his door. "Would you be willing to wait here? I need to go talk to one of my brothers about an audience with my parents. It could take longer than it should...Will you be too bored?"

Mithus shrugged. "I think I can entertain myself until you return." He kissed the other on the cheek. "But do hurry." He said, ruffling his hair. "maybe I can go cause trouble."

"Not too much, I hope, or they'll never let us leave." Ellyra smiled and slipped out the door. He sighed and grimaced as he began his trek down the hallway to a room belonging to one of his brothers. As he reached the door, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Even though this was the brother that was closest to him, he was still quite distant and detached from him. As he opened his eyes to knock on the door, the door opened. "Kianthos! Were you heading somewhere, or might you have a moment?"

Ellyra's brother raised an eyebrow. "I was in no hurry. I was only going out to ride. Did you need something especially, little brother?" It was not often that Ellyra approached him directly, and he obviously needed something, or he might not have talked to him at all.

"Actually, I need to ask you a favor. Would you be willing to postpone your ride for a little while? I need you to announce me to mother and father. I have a request for them, and it is urgent. Would you do this for me?" He implored to Kianthos for his help.

Kianthos nodded and smiled a little, and told Ellyra he would call for him at his room when their mother and father wished to see him. Ellyra returned promptly to his room. It had taken much less time than he had expected.

Mithus had been in the other's room, tidying up. The bed was made, the room dusted and now he was humming to himself while he stared at the ceiling. He smiled and looked around. When the other came back he looked expectant. "Well?" He asked, stretching out.

"It went better than I had expected. My brother agreed to speak to my parents, and he is going to send for us when they will receive us." Ellyra offered a small smile and looked around his room. "You've cleaned it. Thank you." He smiled wider and walked to his writing desk, pulling out the chair and sitting down, facing Mithus.

"What should we do untill they come for us?" He asked smiling at the other, "You could come lay with me you know, I know I take your whole bed, but I enjoy your company." He grinned and patted the bed. "Please?"

Ellyra giggled. "Of course. You make it sound like you have to beg. Since you take up my whole bed, I just have to lay on you." He abandoned his chair and crawled on top of the much larger human, rested his head on his arms, crossed on Mithus' chest. "And now that I am here, what shall we do? I am likely to fall asleep here."

Mithus grinned. "How about we kiss?" He asked, smiling. "Unless you think it's too early in this for a kiss? I find that I really want to do that to you..please?"

Unfolding his arms and placing them on either side of Mithus' body, Ellyra leaned closer to his face and whispered, "Just kiss me." There was laughter in his voice as he said it. He found it a little silly that Mithus asked so much permission, since he would let him know if he didn't like something that he did. He didn't have to be so cautious.

Mithus chuckled only for a second at the other's comment before kissing him back. He began the kiss softly, slowly, almost as though he were shy to coax the other into what he would hope to be a good kiss. He wasn't sure where his kissing skills, but he was about to find out as he cupped the other's face to make it more firm.

Ellyra, who was incredibly inexperienced in everything including kissing, was instantaneously impressed with Mithus' skills. The only way he would have been disappointed would have been if he was absolutely terrible. Even though it was a simple kiss, it sent electricity and fire through him, it was thrilling.

Mithus deepened the kiss, hesitantly slipping his tongue into the other's mouth, letting his hands trail from the other's face to his hair, gripping it just a little as a small moan left his lips at the contact.

The fairy made a soft noise of surprise at the somewhat strange sensation of the other's tongue in his mouth, but adapted to it rather quickly, tentatively moving his tongue as well. The vibration from the sounds Mithus made caused Ellyra to mimic them, only slightly louder. They were now getting into territory that he was entirely unfamiliar with, but not uncomfortable in exploring.

Mithus continued to kiss the boy until he found the perfect rhythm and moved with him. He shivered and let one of the hands that was in his hair drift to his rear where he found himself grasping the other's clothed flesh.

Ellyra gasped, though it made no sound because it was absorbed by the kiss. His own hands traveled to Mithus' long hair, winding into it and loosening parts of it from its braid. He simply reacted without thinking, instinctively. It was natural. Now he knew the answer to a question from earlier, absolutely. He never would have found interest in any females presented to him. He liked Mithus, he liked strong men, not lithe and wispy women who could not take charge like this.

Mithus moaned into the kiss while the other played into his hair. He drew him tighter against his chest, making a point to pay extra tightness to their hips, slowly grinding them. He didn't want to frighten him, but he knew as well that he wanted to do this with the other. At least it gave them something to do while they waited. He felt the kiss become hotter and more passionate while he trailed his hands up the other's clothing, slipping under what shirt he wore, trailing along smooth skin.

Ellyra temporarily broke their kiss, tilting his head back to let out his moan. There was too much sensation, almost overwhelming, for him to know how to react. "Nnnn...Mithus..." He haphazardly reclaimed their kiss, taking the initiative to slide his tongue into the soldier's mouth. His body was unbearably hot, but deliciously so, and he sought more friction, more contact with the other.

Mithus found himself not really thinking about how possibly early this was in a relationship as he pulled the other on top of him, resting his hands on his hips while continuing the kiss. He ground his hips with the other, grasping his behind readily.

The little fairy moaned breathlessly. He had no idea that this was maybe too early in their relationship for this sort of thing, and he didn't feel that it was wrong. Instinctively, he rolled his hips against the other's.

Mithus shuddered and kissed the other hard while letting his moans grow a little in volume, the other was making him feel so good. It had been a while since he had felt so lost in anything he had done. He began to slide his hands up the other's clothing, looking for clasps to undo.

Ellyra helped Mithus with his clothing. There really weren't many clasps or anything, only a few on the back at the very top. After the clasps were undone, he slid the whole garment over his head. There was nothing underneath it, and he shivered in the slight temperature change.

Mithus sighed in appreciation of the other's beauty as he was bare. He didn't say anything for fear of ruining the mood. He did undo his own shirt, thinking humans were too complex with their clothing suddenly. He began to kiss the other again as his shirt finally came untied.

The prince chewed on his own lower lip in a cute fashion and ran his small hands over Mithus' smooth, firm chest. He found his physique sort of fascinating, since his was a body shape that Ellyra was not really used to. On impulse, he leaned forward and touched his tongue to the soldier's chest, tasting the sweat and salt of it.

Mithus shivered as the other traced over him. He groaned in pleasure, enjoying the tongue. He watched the other as well as he could, finding that from their angle he couldn't entirely see him so he instead went to closing his eyes, running his hands along the other's back. He wanted the other, the burning feels of loved lust turning him harder than he already was.

Ellyra, somewhat straddling the human's hips, was also growing harder as he felt the throbbing pulse of Mithus' length rubbing against him. He again moaned breathily, exhaling lightly on the patterns he was tracing on his skin. However, he was not exaclty sure where to go from there. "Mithus..." he began to say.

"Shhh." He said, prssing a finger to the other's lips. "Do you want this?" He asked, trailing one of the other's hands to his length, moaning when it was touched. He wanted to be inside the other, wanted to make him moan and cry out for him. He wanted to make love to him and claim him so no other ever would.

Ellyra felt the heat flair inside of him when the touched the other, even from this side of it, it was erotic. He closed his eyes and whispered, "Yes..." He was absolutely sure. He knew he loved Mithus, truly, and he wanted to give all of himself to him.

Mithus kissed him, removing his pants, shifting their weight awkwardly as he did so. "Mn,top or bottom?" He asked, wondering if the other wanted to be taken while sitting atop him or if he wished to be under him. He caressed his lover's length, his hand trailing to try to prepare him.

"Ahnn...bottom..." he responded. Ellyra had only considered which way would put Mithus more in control of the situation. If he had been on top, he would have had to control his own body weight and make sure he didn't hurt himself, but on bottom, the pace would be set entirely by his lover. Yes, that was what he wanted. Presently, he became a little preoccupied as he realized just how large the human's length appeared to be, and it caused slight butterflies in his stomach, not that they weren't already there for other reasons. He hoped his nervousness did not show on his face.

Mithus knew the other was afraid. "Shhh, don't worry I will prepare you enough. You wont notice." He said, hoping to calm the other. He knew that with their statures he was naturally larger than the other. He stroked the other's cheek and flipped their positions, laying between the other's legs. He wouldn't dare jump right to it, he knew the other would be harmed if he did. He instead moved down his chest, taking his superior position to remove his pants quicker and began to tongue at the other's length, letting a trail of spit fall to his entrance where he pushed at lightly with his index finger.

Ellyra smiled a little at the reassurance, then the smile was lost as he closed his eyes and moaned. The other's tongue on him was phenomenal, and as he probed gently, it stung a little, but only for a moment. He seemed to be adapting quickly. His breath became shallower, and he was suddenly afraid that in his inexperience, he would have no stamina.

Mithus was gentle with the other, knowing that such a virgin would have issues with actually having sex. He would make this the best experience for the other. He ran his tongue all along the other's length, delighted by the sweetness of him. He inched his finger in further, moving it in and out, curling it and uncurling it to be sure the other was ready for a second finger which he added slower than the first. He took the tip of the other in his mouth while he did this, sucking him further and further each bit he moved his finger in to give him the greatest pleasure.

This time, it hurt a little more, but the pain was drowned by the pleasure and he let out a little whimper of a moan. His mind was completely absorbed by the places between his legs, and he could think of nothing coherent, the only noise he made was incomprehensible whimpers and moans. His fingers found Mithus' hair and tangled in it, flexing them everytime he felt a little shock of pleasure. He hoped he wasn't pulling his hair.

Mithus moaned around the length of the other, creating a suction that he knew the other would enjoy. He decided he should add just one more finger, thinking it would at least make up for the width of him, when he actually entered him he knew the other was going to be in a mess of pain. He sucked faster on him, moving his fingers to the same rythm, adding the third as well to see if the other could take it. If he could he would know to go ahead and claim him.

Ellyra moaned loudly. The third wasn't any worse than the last two, and he was coping fairly well. "Mithus...stop, stop! I think...I'm going to..." If he continued with what he was doing, he was going to climax before anything else happened. He didn't want to deprive Mithus of the satisfaction that he so desired.

Mithus knew that even if the other came now he could arouse him easily. He continued to pleasure him, moving his fingers a little harder inside the other and sucking him to the rhythm. He remembered what it was like to be a young boy. Recovery would be easy.

"Ahh...nnnn!" Ellyra couldn't hold on anymore and he couldn't stop himself from climaxing suddenly. He arched his back and thrust his hips at the same time, actually leaving the bed momentarily. His orgasm did not last overly long, and he lay on the bed, panting.

Mithus swallowed this from the other, licking the rest of him clean before leaning up to kiss him, not stopping with his fingers. He was happy to have had the other to finish. But he wanted him aroused right up again, he wanted to take him. He knew the other would be well prepared by now, but didn't want to start until his beloved was again hard.

Ellyra kissed back, tasting himself, finding that erotic too. He no longer felt any pain in his preparation, only pleasure now. He was in fact getting hard again, and he draped his arms around Mithus' neck, kissing his jaw and neck.

Mithus moaned, letting the other kiss as much of him as he could reach. He then began a slow grind with the other, slowly gaining in speed whilst removing his fingers from the other. He wanted him, he just wanted him to be hard fully, begging for him. He kissed the other on the lips, making the kiss a long and involved one.

He groaned, even though the friction between the two of them was reduced because of the slickness between his legs. His breathing became shallow again, and his pale skin was flushed. The friction became more delicious, and he quietly breathed Mithus' name. "Mmmnn...please..." His eyelashes fluttered.

Mithus smiled at the other's pleading. He kissed him hard, placing his length to the other's entrance, pushing in very slowly. He knew this would be a lot different than his fingers, but he knew the other wouldn't be too badly hurt from it. Or he hoped not. He paid close attention to the other's body language, bringing a hand down to stroke him.

Ellyra gasped, a slight but sharp pain coming at first, but as Mithus stroked him, it distracted him from the pain. His breath came faster, he was panting, partially from pain. He took several deep breaths, relaxing while the soldier pushed in.

Mithus took special care to go slow with the other. He knew he wouldn't exactly appreciate the pain and he wasn't exactly in yet, but he felt the other would be able to adjust. He stroked him faster more desperate for the other feel pleasure over pain.

The prince felt that he was adjusting quite well already, and he whispered, "Mithus, please...all the way..." He was no longer afraid that he would be hurt, and he wanted Mithus to feel pleasure as well. He lifted his hips a little higher, and spread his legs a little farther. If there was much pain, he would be able to stand it.

Mithus shivered and pushed in the other completely, setting immediately a slow pace. The heat of the other was delicious, the tightness of his love made him moan loudly.

Ellyra gasped, then moaned, the sound coming from deep in his chest. He felt pressure and pleasure and a little bit of pain, the whole sensation somewhat foreign but delightful. He grabbed Mithus' long hair and pulled him down for a kiss, moaning against his lips.

Mithus moaned into the kiss, making it hard and desperate while he moved harder into the other, going only a little faster while he kissed him. His breathing was ragged while he thrust within him. He could feel that with this love being so tight and with the other being just deliciously sexual he wasn't going to last very long.

The fairy moaned and fisted his hands into the sheets, lifting his hips a bit more and moving his hips in time with Mithus' thrusts. "Nnn...harder..." he begged. The soldier was hitting a certain place inside of him everytime he thrust, and he was close to climax yet again.

Mithus thrust harder inside the other, shuddering in pleasurefull bliss. He moaned, the other's walls clenching around him uknowingly in their act, making him call out even more. "Ellyra!" He called out while thrusting faster with his new hardness inside the other.Nothing he had ever done with any other lover had ever felt as good as what he was doing in this moment. He put love into his thrusts, shivering in pleasure, finding himself just about to spill over.

For the final time that he could stand, Mithus hit that spot, and Ellyra felt a wonderful shock of pleasure, and had his second orgasm, this one more intense than the last. Every muscle in his body tensed and he arched off the bed again. He loved Mithus, he needed no more proof, and there was no way he would be nervous when he went to speak to his parents. He panted and clinged to his lover.

Mithus felt the other's walls tighten around him more so when he came and he shivered in pleasure. "Oh.. Ellyra!" He called out, feeling his body tense and spasm as he filled him. He shuddered and clung to him, never having felt so much love or pleasure in his life. He couldn't help the cliche'd three words come out of his mouth, but they were how he felt and he said them over and over as he came down from his high in the orgasm "I love you, I love you, I love you." He said, over and over, kissing the boy wherever he could reach, holding him against him, not having pulled out yet.

"I love you, too," Ellyra answered, smiling, exhausted but very happy. He giggled and toyed with strands of Mithus' hair. "My brother will probably be showing up soon. We will have to go talk to my parents." He smiled again after he said it, excited in his heart at the prospect of being able to leave, to live like this with his lover everyday.

Mithus smiled and kissed him "Why don't we get dressed then?" He slid out of the other carefully.." I hope. that we will always be together." He said, taking a ring from his necklace. He casually slipped it onto the boy's ring finger. "We give these to those we claim as lovers and future possible spouses." He said, kissing the hand

Ellyra looked at his hand, his mouth slightly open. "Thank you..." he whispered, his tone surprised but grateful. He held his hand up to the light, turning it this way and that, watching the light catch the surface of the ring. It was the most beautiful and meaningful piece of jewelry he had ever worn.

Mithus smiled. "You're welcome." He said, kissing the other. "It's silver and white gold with a small rosen flower that is set in elven gold." He said, finding himself smiling wider. "It's got a fairy's blessing for luck too...supposedly."

"It's absolutely beautiful. It may have my blessing too, to keep it lucky." Ellyra smiled and pressed the ring to his lips, then slid to the edge of the bed and stood up. He walked to his wardrobe and took out a robe that was different from the rest. It was dark red and it was embroidered with gold vines and leaves. He slipped it over his head, and tied the waist with a gold sash. It off-set his hair, and made him look more serious and imposing. It was a tactic he hoped to help him when he spoke to his parents.

"Can I come with, or do you want me to stay here?" He asked, dressing in the clothing he wore from earlier, rather sure he wasn't about to fit in the other's clothing. "I mean.. I would love to go if it supports you." He said, kissing his beloved, wanting to only be there for him.

"Of course you can come, as long as you feel comfortable. My parents might as well know why I wish to leave." He smiled and stood on the tips of his toes, reaching to brush a strand of hair from Mithus' face. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. "I am sure that will be Kianthos." He walked to the door and opened it.

"Hello, Ellyra. You're looking well." Kianthos smiled jovially and raised his eyebrow a little as he looked past his brother's shoulder, seeing the human in the room beyond. "Ah, in any case, mother and father will see you now. Shall I escort you?"

Ellyra nodded. "If you wish to, brother, then I will accept your escort. And since you are announcing our presence, this is Mithus. He is my lover, and so much more that is much too complicated to explain right now. He will be accompanying me for a very specific reason." He smiled. "Let's go."

Mithus smiled. "Hello." He said simply, unsure what to say to the other. But he gave a small bow, being sure he looked at least decent. He followed very close to his lover, wondering what the other's mother and father were like.

Ellyra walked silently, making sure to keep his breathing deep and even to control his nervousness. He fists clenched and unclenched at his sides, his fingernails digging into his palms a little.

Kianthos nodded and smiled to acknowledge Mithus' greeting, the muscles of his mouth moving and making it look as though he was attempting to conceal laughter. At the doors to the throne room, he paused and turned to the two behind him. "Please wait to enter." He threw open the doors dramatically and bowed. "Prince Ellyra and lover Mithus, I am pleased to present their Majesties, the King and Queen." He smiled and turned, walking between Ellyra and Mithus, taking his leave. As he passed he whispered, "Good luck..." to his little brother.

The younger prince gave Mithus a look that was meant to say 'Do exactly as I do, and nothing else.' He held his head high and strode forward to the middle of the room, then he stopped and bowed somewhat dramatically and with much flair. "Most gracious Mother and Father, I have come to make a request." He paused and looked at the floor. The Queen replied, "What is your request, my son?" He took a deep, silent breath through his nose, and looked directly at his parents. "I want to sever my ties with this kingdom and live freely." He closed his eyes and waited for someone to say something. The King, after much hesitation, answered simply, "Your wish is granted." Ellyra's eyes snapped open and he glanced at Mithus.

Mithus twitched and decided that he was both happy and unhappy. Unhappy that the parents of his lover couldn't give a damn what happened, and happy that he would get to be with his darling. He decided it wasn't cool. "So uh.. you two want to come to our wedding?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. "You are his parents after all. Ma, pops, please?" He asked, looking up with a pout and begging look.

Ellyra gasped and covered his mouth, partially to stifle the laugh that threatened to spill out at Mithus' outburst of silly and informal language and partially because he was afraid of what they would say. He chanced a glance at the two that were seated before him. His mother's mouth was agape, and she looked apalled. His father's eyes were wide, and he looked on the verge of anger. He decided to attempt to save face. "Yes, Mithus and I planned to marry. Even though I would not be a member of this kingdom any longer, I would be honored to have your presence at our wedding." The King and Queen regained their composure and paused to consider their son's request. "We shall indeed attend your wedding, Ellyra. Please inform us of the date and time at which we should be received." The Queen gave Mithus an appraising look and nodded. "Treat my son well."

Mithus grinned at them. "I all ready am." He mumbled to himself. "Better than you guys atleast." He grinned. "You should lighten up just a tiny bit for future reference because you know.. if you act this cold to your own child, who only wants your affection, I don't want to know what you treat visiting kings and queens like. Seriously, warm up a little, give me a hug!" He said, holding his arms out, mainly to the father, not wanting to seem strange to the mother.

Ellyra's eyes widened. Mithus' brash behavior was incredibly amusing, but he was afraid that something terribly wrong would happen. The King's jaw dropped this time, but he closed it quickly and smiled as he considered the harm in it. He stood and opened his arms as well, embracing Mithus only a little awkwardly. Now Ellyra and the Queen wore the same expression, their mouths hanging open in surprise.

Mithus smiled and hugged the King tight to him. "Aren't you happy!?" He asked, grinning. "Your loving son is getting married! And he's moving out! He's the sweetest most cuddly little boy ever!" He grinned and kissed the King on the cheeks and blew a kiss to the mother before hugging the other, realizing what he had said. He hadn't entirely meant to ask the other to marry him, but he realized that is what was being implied.

The Queen laughed, partially in disbelief, but mostly at Mithus' boldness. He was a genuine person, and she could tell. The King was surprised, but happy as well, though he and his wife both had never seemed to care much for their youngest son. Ellyra was standing by silently, blushing, but smiling because he felt the tension lift from everyone in the room. "Mother, Father, thank you. I look forward to seeing you on my wedding day. Please excuse Mithus and I." He bowed ceremoniously yet again, and dragged his lover out of the throne room, still smiling.

Kianthos had been waiting outside the doors, and he had heard most of the exchange. "You're crazy. I mean really, you're completely nuts. I can't believe you talked to royalty that way." He laughed, and clapped Mithus on the back. "I think you're great for my brother, though. Ellyra, I hope you are both very happy together, and I hope you don't mind me visiting you once in a while when I am out riding." He nodded at both of them and then began walking away. Then he paused and turns. "You know, Mithus, I could tell you were a human soldier the moment I saw you. You're lucky to be here and be safe. You have Ellyra to thank for that."

Mithus paled. "Ellyra, what does he mean by that?" He asked, grabbing his lover's hand. He thought about what dangers could possibly be. He knew the elves were tricky but now he wondered about the tricks of fairies. He pouted. "Well, when are we getting married exactly? I know that wasn't the best way to ask you.. but..." He smiled and got on his knees. "Will you?"

Even though it was awkward and lacking in any suspense, Ellyra still felt the breath leave his body, and he laid a hand over his heart. "Oh, of course Mithus. I will marry you. I would love nothing more than that." He almost cried, he was so happy. It hadn't exactly sunk in when they were in the throne room that he had been sort of proposing. He chose not to answer the first question just yet. It would be better to explain in his room, anyway.

Mithus grinned and kissed him. "Good! Oh, and about that...whatever your brother was talking about..explain?" He asked, kissing Mithus. "Was I in danger?" He took the other's hand in his, leading him back to the room.

"Well...not exactly." Ellyra smiled and closed his bedroom door securely. "It's actually pretty simple. There are not many dealings between fairies and humans, and so there is hostility. That is just how things are, or so they seem, sadly. You are a human soldier, and so you could have been seen as a threat. It was mainly that you were with me that you were not seen as a threat." He had yet to reveal that he had overmuch magical power at his disposal, and he assumed there would be a more appropriate time in the future for such information.

Mithus grinned. "Well then, that's twice you've saved me." He said, kissing the other. "So, what are we going to do about living quarters? And we need to make wedding arrangements." He said, yawning and laying on the other's bed.

"I know exactly what we will do about living quarters. Do not worry about that. We only need to choose a site for our house and set up a frame. I won't explain the rest yet. I want to surprise you." Ellyra smiled. "And as for wedding arrangements...shall we do that after we have a house? If we have a house, we can just have our wedding outside it. Or inside it. Whichever."

"Oh that would e so sweet." Mithus said to himself. "Yes, let's build and then wed..but how long does it take for your houses to be built? It takes humans at least a month." He said, confused.

Ellyra laughed. "Mithus, can you guess how long it took to build this house, the royal house with all of its area and space?" It sounded like he was gloating just a little, but he wasn't meaning to. And if he really revealed how long it had taken to build the structure they were currently in, it would reveal what he was going to do for their home. "Wait, nevermind, I will only tell you it will not take a month."

"Longer then?" Mithus asked with a pout. "I don't think I can wait.. I want to get you home and be a proper husband. And we should have a garden and things." He said, grinning.

Ellyra laughed again. "Of course we can have a garden. Why wouldn't we? But come, let's go find a place to build." Before taking Mithus' hand and heading to the door, he opened a drawer in his desk and took out a worn leather pouch, attaching it to the sash at his waist. "All right, now we can go."

Mithus grinned and hooked arms with the other. "So how about down near the river?" He asked, kissing him. "Or it might be nice to be bit away so that when we adopt a child that it wont go down and like drown or something.."He said, thinking of their life together.

"Oh, that would be horrible! Yes, we can live near the river, but not on the edge of it or anything. Perhaps in a clearing in the forest?" As they left the royal house again, Ellyra smiled and leaned his head against Mithus' arm. He was looking forward to their lives together, too, and he had never felt happier.

Mithus grinned. "Yes.. just think of how peaceful it will be." He wondered if they would always be so happy and as he looked on his love he decided they would be. He smiled and kissed the other's cheek, rather in love with him. Love struck, bound and no other would ever be able to claim him so."A clearing sounds nice. Is the forest usually protecting?"

Ellyra smiled. "Yes, of course. It is kind and gentle to those that treat it with respect, and the same kindness and gentleness. I am sure there will be no problem with the two of us treating it justly, yes?" He hoped they would be able to find a clearing large enough for the house they had planned. He could probably be content with a small-ish house, but he liked his space as well, and a larger house suited him better. "How should our house be, do you think?"

"I don't know. It's the two of us and eventually a kid or two or three or four or.. something.. so I would say rather large." He hummed to himself as they walked. "What do you think?" He made himself nonchalant, they had sort of agreed on one child, and now suddenly he added a couple.

The fairy raised his eyebrows as the numbers grew, but did not comment. "I like large houses anyway, so I was thinking a larger house would be nice." As an after thought, he added, "It would be nice to have the presence of children to fill it with, though." He smiled still as they reached the edge of the forest. "Well, let's begin our search."

"Yes, lets." He said, kissing his love. "You're not appalled by the recent addition of children?" he asked, wondering why trees seemed to be in a large circle.

"Well, that's incredibly convenient..." Ellyra commented, seeing the same trees Mithus had. "No, I am not appalled at all. Why should I be? As long as I am raising them with you, it will be wonderful. I wonder, would they call me mother, or both of us father?" He giggled. "Right, so, I think this is a good spot. We need to cut down several small saplings and stick them into the ground in a circle. Can you do this? They need not be thick, strong trees. Just little young ones."

Mithus nodded. "I am a soldier after all. Poor trees though." He said, finding the said trees needed. "You mean these? How many do you need?" He asked, going to a tree that wasn't much taller than he was.

Ellyra thought for a moment, then answered, "Seven. Cut seven, please." While Mithus was doing that, the fairy took the leather pouch from his sash and opened it, dumping small, white stones into the palm of his hand. He walked around the edge of the circle of trees, placing the white stones at intervals. This is what humans knew as fairy circles. They were really markers for fairy homes.

Mithus did as he was told for the trees. "Okay.. what does this do exactly?" He asked, putting the last tree in place. He watched the other carefully. "Like.. does it ward off elves? That would be nice..." He said, humming to himself.

Ellyra laughed and shook his head. "Thank you, silly. Go stand outside of the circle and watch. I promise you won't be disappointed." The fairy walked to the center of the circle and stood still, looking up at the sky through the trees. He closed his eyes and began moving his lips silently, forming words without speaking. He was performing the magic needed to create a house. The circle of white stones was old fairy magic that was the source of power for this act, and the circle of saplings was the foundation for the house. With a rumble of the air, there were walls between the little trees, and Ellyra felt the air grow still since he was inside the structure. He put forth all of his power, creating a second storey to the house, adding stairs and rooms, even furniture, all of it seeming to appear out of nowhere around him. When it was all finished, he opened his eyes, exhaled, smiled, and walked out of the front door. "Mithus, we have a house."

Mithus stared in awe, his jaw hanging open. "How..." He started, staring at it. "Is it like.. furnished and such? I wish I could randomly make a house.. no way.. let me try that! " He grabbed some white rocks on the ground and put them in a circle with twigs" What were those words again?" He asked himself before remembering precisely what they sounded like. When nothing happened as he said them he pouted. "That's not fair."

The little fairy only grinned and crossed his arms over his chest. "It won't work, I'm sorry. It's fairy magic. I could make a tiny house appear in that little circle, though, if I could stand in it. Part of the construction is basic, the shape of a house and such, and part of it is imagination, the colors and furniture and the rest of the interior." He grabbed Mithus' wrist. "Come, see our new house." He pulled him through the front door.

Mithus grinned, rather happy to be going into the place that they would be living. "Oh wow.. I love it.." He said, looking around. It was the perfect size it seemed, most of it was decorated in an elven-fairy cross look, but it was nice. He enjoyed it greatly. He liked how much it reminded him of the forst, not like his city with their gross concretes and things. He smiled. "This is beautiful." He ran to find the bedroom. "Where's our room?"

"It is on the second floor. It is the largest." Ellyra smiled again. He was excited about their new home, even though he had created it, and he ran up the stairs ahead of Mithus, laughing and light-footed. Everything in the house was tall enough and large enough for humans, which meant it was overly large for Ellyra, but he didn't mind. That made most of the furniture luxurious. "Here it is..." He held out his arm to present the white door of their bedroom.

Mithus jumped in the room, finding their bed, enjoying it very much that he saw a canopy. He saw that the veil could be used for tying if he wanted. He grinned. "I like this.. lay here a moment I wanna see something."

Ellyra narrowed his eyes, but smiled, and complied, laying on the bed and looking at Mithus. "And...? What are you trying to see?" He propped his head up with his elbow bent, his other arm laid along the lenght of him, his hand resting on his thigh.

Mithus grinned and stretched the other's arms out, grabbing sides of the veil, tying him. "Ohh yeah I like.." He said, kissing the other. "What do you think?"

Ellyra's eyes widened, and he momentarily looked panicky, but calmed instantly and grinned back. "I think you're clever and I shouldn't have fallen for that. What do you plan to do with me now?" He tugged at his restraints, testing them and finding them sturdy. His legs were free, though, so he crossed them mischeviously.

Mithus grinned and kissed his love. "Well there's a mortal tradition when it comes to moving into new places." He said, pushing the other's tunic up to his belly where the sash stopped it. "We have to give it our blessing." He said, winking to imply what was meant by the statement. He tugged the other's under clothing down, kissing his thighs. "If you want."

The fairy's face flushed, licking his lips and then chewing on his lower lip again. His legs moved apart seemingly of their own accord, and he wrapped his fingers around the veil, tugging in vain. "Of course...yes...blessing..." he whispered, his eyes closed.

Mithus chuckled as the other was breathless and began a slow and torturous stream of kisses to the other's length. He lapped at it after that, slowly tasting and licking at the flesh. He let a hand trail to his prince's stomach where he slid it lower to stroke while he licked the other's shaft.

Ellyra tipped his head back, groaning, completely helpless to the deliciously merciless treatment he was receiving from his soldier. He shivered and trembled, curling and uncurling his fingers and toes.

Mithus smiled and continued his pleasure along the other. He groaned and stroked the inside of his thighs. "Are you enjoying this?" He asked, lookin on the other while he came up to give his jaw a rest. He stroked over his stomach and length, wondering if he could get more of those moans from him.

"Nnnn...yes..." Ellyra veritably hissed, tugging in vain again at his restraints. He bent one leg, since it was the only thing he could move, though this caused him to spread his legs farther, since Mithus was still between them. His stamina was holding up quite well this time, but he was almost desperate for more.

Mithus smiled to his lover, pressing two fingers into him, knowing he would still be slightly prepared from their morning session of their wonderful love making. He smiled in rememberance, going back to pleasuring the other with his mouth, curling his tongue around as much of the shaft as he could, pulling it back into his mouth where he sucked almost greedily upon it.

Ellyra, his eyes half-lidded and his face flushed brightly, looked down at Mithus, moaning at both the beautiful sight before him and the pleasure the other was causing him. He felt a little bad that he could do nothing for Mithus' pleasure but whimper and moan, though.

Mthus gave him a reassuring look and decided that he felt the need to couple with the other. He leaned up to his ear, whispering. "May I have you again?" He asked soft, kissing the other's ear.

The fairy prince shivered once again, the sensuality of Mithus' husky voice overpowering to his currently heightened senses. His reply was a mixture of a word and a moan. "Please...!"

Mithus smiled and kissed his lover with burning passion. He knew the other wouldn't be too hurt. He placed himself at the other's entrance pressing in gently. "Tell me if I hurt you."

Ellyra sort of nodded, willing the other to simply do it. He was impatient, he needed him, even if it hurt. He cluched the veil in his fingers again, biting his lower lip, feeling keenly as he pushed in.

Mithus groaned as the other's inner walls clenched his length. He pushed in to the hilt, holding still. "Tell me when." He said, kissing the other's neck.

"Nnnaah...when...!" Ellyra answered somewhat sarcastically, but mostly in plea for the other to move. He knew once it finally started, he wouldn't last long, but he had enjoyed the playful torture. He only wished that he could cling to Mithus as they made love.

Mithus moaned as he began a pace with the other. He wanted the other to feel him, to feel how far he could be inside him. He wanted the other to feel how fast he could bring him to pleasure. He wanted the other to get addicted as he was. He grabbed his length, stroking it in time with his slow and deepened thrusts, not wanting to add any speed to it until he knew he could make the other practically beg.

Mithus' pace was torturously slow to Ellyra, but much more gratifying than the earlier teasing. He most certainly was addicted to his soldier, his lover, anything that could describe him. He lifted his hips a bit, this time aided by the veil, and moaned deeply. He was hitting a place inside of him, and at such slow intervals that he had time to feel every shock and shiver that it caused. "Please, Mithus...faster..."

Faster Mithus thrust into the other, but not much faster. He knew the other was in complete ecstasy and he knew this would continue the pleasure filled feelings inside the other. But he did also want him to beg for the release that he would be able to grant. Wanted him to beg him to speed up, which is what would drive him to hit that sexual peak of performance where he would act his best for the other.

Ellyra continued to moan and writhe beneath his larger lover, longing for touch, wanting to wrap his arms around him and kiss him, but knowing that the lack of touch was prolonging his inevitable climax. Their love-making was delicious agony and pleasure, and since it was only the second time he had ever had sex with anyone, he had never known anything like this. Struggling to increase their pace, he tried to move his hips against Mithus', but it was a relatively futile effort. Mithus had control.

Mithus began to kiss his lover, wrapping a hand around his length as he did so. He wasn't entirely far from the finish that would ultimately please him.He wanted to be sure his lover felt the best he could. He deepened the kiss he set upon his younger lover, stroking him faster, finally granting him the speed in which he craved for, initially granting the other better pleasure.

Ellyra groaned, in happiness and relief, into the kiss, savoring it, battling the other's tongue with his own. His back arched with his pleasure, his knuckles white with the intensity with which he was gripping the veil. If he pulled too hard, the veil would come off the frame of the bed, but this kept him from making himself bleed by digging his nails into his palm. He simply couldn't relax. His muscles were all tense, and he was sure he was close to his climax, now that Mithus had finally sped up.

Mithus moaned loudly as his lover's muscles seemed to tense even more around him. He gasped in pleasure, thrusting harder and faster into him. "E-ellyra!" He said in a shout, calling out the boy's name while he stroked him harder, his fist tighter about him. He was certain that he wouldn't last past a minute more.

With the added pressure around him, Ellyra gasped and called out Mithus' name, only in more of a breathless sigh. His back arched once more, and he finally climaxed, wrapping his legs around Mithus' waist and holding him inside him. He panted, riding out his most wonderful orgasm.

Mithus did his best to bring his lover to that finish, finding himself finishing as well while he did so. He groaned in pleasure. The tightened walls of his lover grasped him in all of the right places, making him cry out to rather loud extent and volume. "Ellyra!" He said to the other while he went still as he was done emptying himself. He enjoyed the other's name on his lips, enjoyed what it made him do. He hugged him tight while staying inside him a moment.

Ellyra closed his eyes, panting still and trying to regain his breath, but glad for the comforting contact. He had yet to unwind his legs from around Mithus' waist, and was reluctant to let him go. He still longed to run his hands through Mithus' long hair, but his hands were still tied. He waited for them both to calm down, though, before he would ask to be released.

Mithus kissed along his lover's face, doing so with as much love as he could summon, sending it forth into the kiss. He undid the othe'rs veiled hands and held him close, slowly pulling out of him. He ran his fingers through his hair. "That.. if I may say so... was brilliant." He thought it was almst better than their first time but nothing could have beaten that. The first time they had one another. It was magical in a sense, and was even now. He began pressing kisses wherever he could reach on the other.

Ellyra could only giggle and cling to the other, his arms finally freed but feeling somewhat weak from disuse, and he released the other from the hold of his legs. His hands found their destination, in turn, in Mithus' hair, and he held him in place for an exhausted kiss. "Wonderful..."

Mithus smiled and returned the other's kiss. "Yes..' He lay beside him, curling up next to him while he kissed his neck. "What do you want to do?" He asked, running his fingers along his loved one's body, his chest, shoulders, hair..anywhere he could touch and feel closer to the other.

The prince turned onto his side and laid his lean leg over Mithus' legs, resting his arm across his chest. "I have no idea, really...I like laying here with you. Our house is completed, and blessed. What else do we have to do at the moment?" He closed his eyes, sighed, and smiled.

Mithus grinned. "Not a thing. Buuuut. I am kinda only wearing one outfit, unless you have random fairy clothing that will fit me. Your race is kinda tiny.. except your mother and father, they're tall. And we need to officialize the wedding date.."

Jokingly, Ellyra suggested, "What do you need clothes for? We could just get married naked." But as he thought about it, all of his clothing was still back at the royal house, and now he would not exactly be free to enter it whenever he chose. He would have to ask permission to enter, probably through one of his brothers, so that he wouldn't have to run around naked too. "We could...find a market in a neighboring country? I mean, you probably wouldn't be able to go back to your kingdom. You would be dragged back into the army. So perhaps there is another human country somewhere near where you could buy clothes?"

Mithus grinned. "Wel.. surely your parents wont be too grumpy with you.. you're still fariy and you are still their child.. I say we visit mother and father because ya know. I liked some of those outfits of yours." He said, humming. "And yes, if I went back to my kingdom we may have some issues.. and of course if I brought you into the other kingdom.. then..well they might try to take you and sell you off somewhere..."

Ellyra raised an eyebrow. "Well, then you would just have to keep me very close to you." He smiled. "How soon would you like to go back to the royal house? Kianthos would let us in, no doubt, and...well, I'm sure we could pay a tailor to make fairy clothing in your size. Because, really, I have no idea how you got that on last time. You do look good in fairy clothing, though. The style compliments you."

Mithus grinned, blushing. "Yeah but... wouldn't that be expensive.. I just realized we're kinda broke. I have about two thousand gold in my purse in my bag but.. that's about it." He said, pondering. "How much is human gold worth in a fairy place?"

Ellyra laughed. "Not a whole lot. Fairy gold is worth more. It's more pure. But don't worry. I have a certain sum that actually belongs to me, and my parents cannot keep it from me. In any case, I could probably take it without their notice. They are not overly greedy, and they do not often count their money." He paused and kissed Mithus on the cheek. "Shall we go, then?"

Mithus smiled and nodded. "Certainly. Awe it's not that impure..." He said, getting dressed in what he was wearing before they started their session of blessing their house. "So, when we get there, will we need anything else? Food and such?"

Ellyra also dressed in what he had been wearing before, his nicest robes that he hoped to exchange for a few more casual ones. "No, it isn't that impure, but you don't have fairy magic on your side to completely cleanse it of impurities. It is just a trick." He smiled. "Yes, we will probably need food, too, but we can buy that in the market also. We need to get to the house first, and I hope Kianthos will be around to let us in." He dreaded that his other brother might be the one to find them. He was not always kind, and it always felt as though he had a hidden agenda.

Mithus smiled and kissed the other as they walked. "You should show me this trick." He said, stretching as they left their home. Mithus grinned and pulled the other close to him, resting his hand on his behind. "So, this should be fun either way though right? Shopping and such?" He decided he was going to walk around as much as he could with his hand on the other's rear.

"Oh, I suppose I can show you sometime." Ellyra giggled. It was funny to walk with weight on his behind, kind of awkward, and it made him want to laugh. "Yes, it will be fun." As they walked along the path of the river, Ellyra's little bit of dread grew greater. He remembered that Kianthos had been planning to ride earlier that day when he had asked him to get them an audience with his mother and father. That would mean he was probably on the ride now. Which meant...only Cyrillius was left. He tried to hide his suddenly nervous feelings as they walked nearer and nearer the royal house, though. He didn't want Mithus to have any reason to be nervous too.

Mithus smiled. "That would be nice. Not that I would ever use it... ut maybe we can purify the gold I have as well, help us get things." He looked to his beloved, noting he was a little tense. "Are you okay sweet?"He asked, running his fingers through his love's hair, that is the hand that wasn't occupied with his loved one's rear.

Ellyra smiled reassuringly. "Yes, I'm fine. We can purify your gold, but we should probably do that at home rather than in the market. I'm not sure it's entirely legal." He giggled, and took a silent deep breath to steady himself. "We can use my money until we purify yours." They continued to draw closer to the house, and finally they were only a few yards from the doors, and at that moment...the doors opened, and a fair white figure in silver robes moved out of the doorway. It was Cyrillius, who smiled serenely at his little brother. To anyone that knew him, though, the smile was more sinister than serene.

"Well well well, hello dear brother. What brings you back to the royal house? I had heard you were banished." He knew that information was incorrect, but he liked to exaggerate to get a rise out of Ellyra. It was one of his specialties. His cold gaze traveled from the small fairy to the tall soldier next to him, though he was only an inch shorter himself. "Ah hah, you must be the bold human that spoke so rashly to my mother and father. I must say, I expected different of you

r appearance."

Mithus was confused. "Why did you expect different?" He looked the other over. "I thought you said you had brothers, not a sister? Oh well, hey we uhhh need to get this one his belongings... and he wasn't banished becase they said something along those lines so ha." He said, not enjoying the presence of the fairy. He seemed evil to Mithus. "Can we please come in?" He asked pouting. "I want to say hi to ma and pa."

Ellyra bit his lower lip and looked away. It was hard for him to find the words to say to Cyrillius, who was so used to orating and was naturally good at it anyway. He tried to avoid this man at all costs, because he always felt belittled and endangered whenever he was around him. He snake tongue was cutting and cruel most of the time, but only when he spoke to him specifically. Ellyra remained silent.

"Haha, clever, Mithus, playing on my androgyny. I assure you, I am not female." Cyrillius added a cryptic emphasis when he said Mithus' name, because he assumed the human would wonder how he knew his name. But really, no one had told him, he had just a little power to read minds. He took a single long stride toward Mithus, stopping about a foot in front of him. "It seems to me that Kianthos is not here, and I am your only legal way into this house, correct? I will give you two options, and neither is dangerous. You may choose another date on which to return, or simply wait until Kianthos comes back, so that you will not have to deal with me. Your other to grant me my simple request, and you shall be allowed to pass into the house very shortly. Which will you choose?" Some of the myths about elves were true, and it was also true that Cyrillius was half elf, but only he and his father knew that. He stood at eye level with Mithus, after all, the choices had been directed at him, and he completely ignored his little brother.

Mithus tilted his head curiously. "What would be your request?" He asked, not agreeing to it, but rather curious what could get them inside the castle so quick. He was interrupted from his musings by a rather obnoxious and silky trumpet sounding. He looked to see a line of horsemen. "What.. the.."

In the front of the line was a tall elf, willowy and with long hair that was silver and stirken with green and red. He had the most bright and frightening eyes Mithus had seen and he wondered where he had seen them before. "YOU! You're that bastard elf that lead me off the cliff!"

Faelyn looked to the human man who was cursing him. He remembered him and chuckled. "You survived, didn't you? Stop complaining." He looked to Cyrillus and Ellyra. "My princes, I have come to speak to your King and Queen. Please direct me to them, I have trading agreements in hand."

Mithis twitched. "And who are you?"

Faelyn raised an delicate white eyebrow. "I am prince Faelyn of Sunries-kal. Surely you know better and when to hold your tongue!" He eyed Cyrillus. "Young woman, would you please let me in?" He asked him.

Mithus laughed. "That's a boy..."

None of them seemed to notice the younger mortal boy watching this all from a tree near by, waiting for the right moment to pounce and attack his older brother.

Ellyra was all too confused, and had begun to cling to Mithus when Cyrillius had begun bargaining. He was afraid then. Now he was bewildered. This was that elf? What the hell was going on?

Cyrillius' eye twitched slightly at having been called a girl twice in one day, even the same hour. He breathed deeply and gritted his teeth. "Thank you, Mithus," he commented dryly. "Certainly, Prince Faelyn, someone will show you into the castle. But I must ask you one favor: please do not ever refer to me as a woman again. Surely, you, as an elf should be able to recognize effeminate men." He paused, then looked around to see if there was anyone to send the elven prince inside. His eyes found Ellyra, still standing at Mithus' side, and he smiled. "Why, Ellyra, might you be willing to escort Prince Faelyn inside? You have my permission to enter, but Mithus must stay out here. If he wishes to follow you, he still has to make a choice."

The younger fairy prince swallowed his nerves, his face having turned paler than normal. "Certainly, brother, I will show the prince inside." He had little other choice but to obey, and he had looked at the ground as he answered. As he was technically no longer a member of the royal house, though he retained his title as prince, he was subject to the rule of his older brothers. "Please, follow me, Prince Faelyn. As is protocol for our kingdom, it is requested that you leave your entourage outside." He was referring to the horsemen that had followed him in line. 

Faelyn smirked and winked at Cyrillus. "I know.. but I didn't think you would mind. Take it as a compliment." He said, looking him over suggestively before following Ellyra inside. "Is he taken?"

Mithus huffed. "Oh come the hell on! What do you want with me?" He asked the fairy prince, huffing and crossing his arms. "I wanna be near Ellyra."

In the tree Sollius watched over his brother,one wrong move from the fairy he stood near and he would pounce, using his fantastic sword skills.

Ellyra's eyes widened and his jaw almost dropped. "Honestly, I have no idea the state of my brother's love life. I concern myself very little with him." He didn't want to seem rude to the elf prince, he was only trying to be truthful about his relationship. To make him escort this prince, though, was strategic, and he assumed that Cyrillius was probably available, and probably in the market.

Before he had gone inside, Cyrillius raised an eyebrow and smirked at Faelyn in turn. What an interesting exchanged. If things didn't work out as he planned with Mithus, it was obvious that Faelyn wouldn't mind his attention. He turned to look at the human again. "I know you want to be near my little brother, but I want to be near you, and he is under my jurisdiction at the moment. Now, would you like to hear my request?" The myth about elves that was true was that they really could lure people to their beds, and the way they cast their spell was through a kiss.

Faelyn grinned. "Well if you could find out for me. I find him a bit attractive." He said, smirking. "And he wouldn't dare not be with me.. after all I am the fairest prince of the elven realm." He smiled and continued to follow the other.

Mithus twitched. "There's something off about you.. umm what's your request?" He asked, looking at the other's features sharply. He saw the slight differences. "Oh no.. not another damned elf.." He said, backing away. "You bed luring pest! No i don't want to hear what your request is because elves are known to lead humans o bed! Then impregnate and leave them! Mean elf! But youre not even full so you're probably more mischievious than a normal elf..."

"Uhh...of course. I shall find out as soon as I can. Will you be staying here this evening?" Ellyra tried not to laugh at Faelyn's vanity. He was more than happy to oblige him this request, though. Especially if it took Cyrillius' attention away from his lover. In the worst case scenario, he would have to fight his older brother, and he was fairly certain he couldn't take him.

"My my, please calm down. You're clever for a human. Yes, I am part elf. Half, if you want to be precise. But you're only the third person to know that." He smiled mischeviously. "I've never impregnated someone and left them. I don't like women. My only a kiss..." He stepped closer to Mithus, veiling his fair eyes with his long, white eyelashes. "So, will you simply wait here for Ellyra to return, or will you grant me my request so that you may pass?"

Faelyn nodded. "I will be actually, if your parents permit it." He said, shrugging. "I don't see why they wouldn't really. It's a long ride back to where I come from."

Mithus smirked. "Why so you can lead me to your bed? I know elves. They don't stop at a simple kiss." He said, grinning. "Sooo I think I will wait right here." He said, marking an X on the ground where he was standing. "Unless you just want a kiss on the cheek or something.. I don't think he'd mind that.Besides we'll be family one day!"

"Oh, I'm sure it is. Please wait here one moment." Ellyra turned his back to prince Faelyn and knocked on the door of the throne room. He had actually never introduced anyone to his mother and father before. This was an interesting privelege for him, and he knew only what he could mimic from Kianthos. When he heard a small sound that he was permitted to enter, he opened both doors. "Your Majesties, my King and Queen, may I present Prince Faelyn of Sunries-kal. He is here on trade business. Please excuse me." Ellyra backed out of the throne room after making his bow. This conference was no place for him. As he passed Faelyn, he winked at him and smiled. He was most definitely going to grant him his wish.

Cyrillius clicked his tongue and sighed. "Fine, you're too quick for me. But you know, elf or not, everyone's bed luring begins with a kiss. I'm sure that's you and Ellyra started it too. And speaking of my little brother, he is on his way back right now. You have not long to wait." He looked around at the trees and then narrowed his eyes. "Does that belong to you?" He pointed past Mithus' head, toward a tree near him.

Mithus looked to the trees. "Oh my gods.. Get your little self down here now Sollius!" He said, calling the younger sibling.

Solius gave forth a loud laugh and jumped from the tree. He looked a lot like his brother, only shorter and probably prettier in some aspects. He was deffinitely more thin and willowy rather than his soldier brother. "I followed you here. Word is all ready back in Elthinir that you're getting married. I wanted to meet your lovey."

Cyrillius stepped back and crossed his arms over his chest. How interesting, there was a smaller human, who was apparently Mithus' brother, that knew something that he didn't. "Oh? Marriage? I suppose I've been away on campaign too long. You are Ellyra are getting married? That's cute." He smirked, then turned his head to see Ellyra walking back out of the house.

Ellyra looked at the smaller human, who was still much taller than him, standing near Mithus. "Prince Faelyn has been received, brother." He talked as briefly as possible. He wasn't sure how he was going to question him about his love life, but his spirits lifted a little as he realized his tall brother was not in his best of moods. "Mithus, who is this?" He smiled at his lover, then turned his smile on the other.

"This is my brother, Sollius." He said, smiling. "Sollius, this is my fiance Ellyra." He said, kissing Ellyra on the cheek.

Sollius grinned. "Awe, you're so small.. way to get a young one.."

Mithus sighed. "He's older than me.." He said, grinning while his little brother raised an eyebrow.

Faelyn exited the palace soon enough unescorted his business was done and he had somehow persuaded the king and queen to set his rooms right across from Cyrillus' rooms. "Well, another human? I didn't know your city was accustomed to them."

Ellyra wrapped his arms around Mithus' waist, clinging to him. He smirked at being mistaken for a child. "It's very nice to meet you, Sollius. I did not know that Mithus had a brother." He stood on the tips of his toes and whispered in his lover's ear. "I have a quick errand to run. Do you mind waiting here for me?" He had not stopped at his own room when he had escorted Faelyn inside, and now he needed to go back to get his money and clothing from his room.

Cyrillius tucked a strand of hair behind his ear, turning to look slightly disdainfully at Faelyn. "Hardly. This is only the second human in probably a hundred years. This is very unusual." He was still slightly sore at having been scorned by Mithus, but he knew the human was a lost cause, so devoted to his little brother there was no way he could have tricked him into a kiss, let alone his bed. "So, Prince Faelyn, you're here on business. How long are you planning to stay?" He wanted to get his mind off of his loss, so he changed the subject to the elf prince.

Mithus smiled. "Okay darling, I will just stay near Sollius. Do hurry though.. do you need me to help with anything?"

Sollius grinned. "Wow.. you people are weird your like.. neat. and pretty.. it's like the men were bred to be prettier than the girls.."

Faelyn smiled. "Well yes, your king gave me leave to stay as long as I see fit. In fact he gave me a room in your corridor, right across from yours I believe." He said, placing a hand on his hips, smirking and winking at the other. "Perhaps I will stay more than just the night?"

"No, thank you. You stay with your little brother. If I need help carrying something, I'll call a servant." Ellyra smiled and kissed Mithus on the cheek this time. He ignored the comment from Sollius, walking away from them and back into the house.

Cyrillius watched his brother pass with cold eyes, but glanced at Faelyn in time to see his smirk and wink, to which he raised an eyebrow. "Is that so? Tell me, elf prince, is there any particular reason you wanted a room across from mine? Or perhaps you would like to retire to the house? Personally, I am tired of standing out here."

Ellyra went quickly to his room, opening his wardrobe and an empty trunk that he had slid out from underneath his bed. He began stuffing robes and sashes and slippers into it, and a small box of his jewelry that he stashed in the corner of the trunk, underneath all the clothes. Then he removed a smaller trunk from underneath his bed, this one containing his money. He checked to make sure the contents were still intact, that closed it, and closed the other trunk. Looking around his old room for perhaps the last time, he sighed, then left to find three servants to carry things for him.

Faelyn smiled. "Whatever you desire. What can I say? We should spend time together while I am here. You seem interesting enough." He said, smirking. "Besides. You're not seeing anyone."

Mithus smiled an wondered when he beloved would be back, egaging in a mock sword fight with his little brother, trying his best to match his speed. "Ohh you've gotten so much better.." He said, dodging a nearly head shot."

Sollius laughd and playfully lunged at his brother. "I know. I was going to follow you into the army, but you left soooo when I heard you were getting married I decided to get married too.. though I haven't figured out to who yet."

Cyrillius narrowed his eyes and smirked. "You have been reading my mind?" He found it amusing that the elf prince called him 'interesting enough,' when it was very clear that he was in the market for a lover. Well, that was fine with him. "Come, let us go inside. Your room or mine?" He offered his arm to escort the other into the house.

Ellyra found three willing servants. Two of them took the trunk of clothing and things, the other took the smaller money trunk. He walked behind them to make sure they didn't decide to betray him and steal his things, and they all exited the house. "Thank you, set them down here," he instructed them, and they departed, leaving him to watch Sollius and Mithus in their mock battle. He sat on his clothing trunk and crossed his legs.

Faelyn smiled. "How about yours? I am curious to see what the most effimenate half bred's room looks like." He said, giving the other another sly glance. It was obvious to him what the other was and he wondered why the other fairies there didn't seem to notice.
He slipped his arm into the others, hooking it nicely, finding they fit rather well with eachother.

Mithus grinned as his brother beat him, besting him and making Mithus pout. "Too good little brother." He ruffled the younger's hair and saw his beloved. "Hello my sweet!" He said, kissing him. "How are you?" He asked.

Sollius stood and watched them, a dreamy expression on his face, wishing he had something like they had.

"You're very sharp. This could be interesting," Cyrillius commented. It was no surprise to him that the elf could see the elvish blood in him. He had always thought it was obvious himself, and wondered the same, that none of the fairies seemed to notice. He led the other to his door, which was made of a pale white wood. He liked the color white, he often wore it. "Well, here we are. My living quarters." He opened the door to a surprisingly dark-colored room. It was decorated in dark walnut wood and blood red fabric.

Ellyra blushed just a little at having been kissed in front of the younger boy. "I'm just fine. I have my clothes and my money. Now we can get you more clothes." He smiled. Today had actually turned out well, and he was surprised.

Faelyn grinned when he entered the other's room. "Very nice. You have good taste." He said, walking around, nosily really. He smiled kindly. "So, anything in particular we should chat?"

Mithus smiled. "Do you want to take this home first? Or do you have a wagon of some sort? It'd be easier because we don't know how much we'll end up as a load."

Sollius smiled. "Well I will help if you guys need help with anything."

Cyrillius just smirked and leaned against one of his bed posts with his arms crossed. "I have no idea. Sad, since you seem to think I'm so interesting. I would say we could discuss whatever business you came here for, but really, I have no interest in politics." He moved and laid lengthwise across his bed, his head propped in his hand.

"Well, I don't want to make you carry it all." Ellyra smiled at Sollius. It was nice that he was willing to help them. "We can take them home first, if you don't mind taking an extra trip."

Faelyn smirked. "Yes, just trade routes is what I came for.." He said, shrugging. "However. Yes since I do find you so interesting.. why don't we stop hinting at one another. I happen to find you rather pretty." He said, being so bold as to lay next to the other on the bed. "You're also single. I am single. We're both of royal blood.. I don't see why we shouldn't connect in a rather nice way."

Sollius smiled and began to carry things. "Lead the way!" He said cheerfully.

Mithus grinned at his little brother and also grabbed some things to carry. "Are you okay Ellyra? You seem a little weird?" He asked, wondering if his lover was upset about the other fairy."Ohh did you know your brother is half elf?"

"I agree. Being straightforward is much better, and I should say you are also quite attractive. I've never found fairies all that interesting, but elves are...something else." Cyrillius smiled and absently tucked a strand of hair behind his ear, wondering who was going to take the initiative in this situation. They were both quite evenly matched in their personalities.

Ellyra smiled a little wider. "Actually, I'm quite good. Cyrillius put me off earlier, but there is a certain prince in the picture now to distract him. But he's half elf? I can't believe I never noticed before. Or anyone else, for that matter."

Faelyn smirked. "Yes elves are taller and more gracefull. Not to say that your kind aren't pretty though.. you've got the best of both worlds." He absently scooted closer to the other. "In fact the mix has made you even more beautiful." He said, grinning.

"Oh yeah.. he said he wanted me to kiss him or something..." Mithus said, remembering back. "But I know better and especially when I figured out he's half an elf.. soooo yeahhh tricky little thing. I wouldn't have kissed him anyways. Ans he says that only two others know that he's half elf, think tht elf knows too though.

Sollius hummed as he followed behind them . He admired his brother and his brother's fiance. They were adorable with one another. And he desperately wanted what they had, he wanted to be cuddled and loved by someone.

"I thank you for your flattery, though I think that elves of the highest rank and purity of blood, the royalty, are the most beautiful." Cyrillius also moved closer, but his effort was conscious. He gracefully extended a hand and boldly traced Faelyn's jaw with his finger. "But come now, don't you think this exchange of flattery is a tad unnecessary? We could be putting our time to much better use." His smirk matched the elf's.

Ellyra frowned. "Of course, I knew he had a reason for sending me inside when he said he would not let us pass." He sighed. "But that is all okay, now. I am happy because I don't think he will have anything else to do with you. He has someone new to play with." Now the fairy smiled, but then his face became curious. "Do you hear that? It sounds like a horse..."

Kianthos, who had been out for a ride, had heard the voices of Mithus and Ellyra as they traveled back to their home. "Ho! My little brother and soon-to-be-brother-in-law! How goes your first day out of the royal house? And who might this be? Another human?" He had only just ridden up to them and noticed the smaller human.

Faelyn chuckled and took the other's finger into his mouth, nibbling and giving it a tiny suck. "Surely you know that if you go through with this you will have no choice but to wed? My Kingdom demands that if I take someone or they take me that I am supposed to wed them. And that involves even the simplest of kisses. Can one such as you handle it? And the only reason this is put upon me is .. due to my.. how can one say? Comming of age.. I was quite thouroughly the play things of everyone, so they said the next to touch me weds me."

Mithus grinned. "Kianthos! This is my little brother, Sollius." He said, waving Sollius up closer.

Sollius smiled kindly, enjoying the image of the other, finding him much to his liking. "Pleased to meet you Kianthos." He said, bowing. He didn't want to start blushing and fought to controll it. It was something about fairies and being pretty.

Cyrillius closed his eyes, feeling little jolts of pleasure travel from his finger. "Well, then I suppose it's too late. I've already touched you, haven't I? And you are touching me right now..." He opened his eyes, fixing the elf prince with a rather intense gaze. "Would you be willing to marry me? Because I would very much like to kiss you. But I do not want you forcibly bound to me if you do not wish it..." His tone, on the surface, was gentle, but the underlying tone was hot and persuasive.

"As for formal introductions, Sollius, this is my brother, Kianthos. He is older, like Cyrillius, but he is much kinder." Ellyra smiled at his older brother, though the other fairy seemed to be hardly interested in him. He was not put off, though. He felt overly perceptive today, and he thought maybe he could feel the beginnings of something between the two.

Kianthos smiled, glancing at his little brother but keeping most of his attention on Sollius. "It is very nice to meet you, Sollius." Still sitting on his horse, he extended his hand for the human to shake it. He didn't expect to be kissed, like most royalty, and preferred hand shakes. "So, you are on your way home, I presume?" He addressed all three of them.

Faelyn smiled. "Only if you kiss me really will you have to marry me. But can you handle that? You wont ever be able to touch another... your hands will burn if you do." He said, wondering if the other would be truthful to him and would only want him. No one ever came near him because of the wager on him. But this was certainly refreshing, he just wondered if the other would in time learn to love because they wouldn't be seperated any time soon.

Mithus grinned. "Yeah, you should join us, we could use a little more help in carrying these things. We have to go back out later and get some food and those kinds of things. You should stay for supper I make some mean stews and meats. What do you say?"

Sollius shook the other's hand, enjoying the feeling of the soft but firm skin. "I make good bread..." He said, wanting the fairy to stay for supper. He didn't even know if he should be staying with his brother and Ellyra he had shown up un-announced.

Cyrillius' face grew solemn as he considered what it would really mean to kiss this prince. Could he committ? How long had he gone without any real love in his life? How long had he gone without really caring about anyone? "I will marry you. I want to." He looked away for a moment. "May I kiss you, Prince Faelyn?" He whispered, looking into the prince's eyes once again.

Kianthos considered for a moment, smirking. "Hmmmm...I suppose I could stay, as long as Sollius is staying as well." It was somewhat amusing the way the younger human seemed to be eager to convince him to stay. He figured there wouldn't be any harm in at least humoring him. Besides, he was rather cute.

Faelyn nodded, "Yes you may, Prince Cyrillius." He said softly, looking to the other. He wouldn't make the move, the other must do it on his own. He felt his heart speed up in hoping. Was the other toying with him? He didn't think so, but he didn't dare get his hopes up either.

Mithus smiled. "Of course he is! Now come, come. Maybe we can have you two watch the house while Ellyra and I get the groceries.. in fact.. Ellyra and I could go now if you and him want to carry this stuff there. The house is just in the clearing up ahead.."

Sollius smiled. "Awe, I don't even know you. We'll make good friends." He said, blshing slightly. He hadn't ever remembered anyone actually wanting to be around him so much before. He smiled. "I see the house.. you sure you don't want us to go shopping with you?"

Cyrillius sat up, folding his legs underneath him, and gently pulled Faelyn up with him, holding his delicate hand in his own. He felt the suspense and tension tugging at his heart, and he placed his soft white hand on the elf prince's cheek, caressing his smooth skin. He leaned forward, slowly and dramatically, and pressed a rather chaste kiss to Faelyn's lips. He wanted to start out slow, not let his passion run over as it seemed to be threatening to do.

Ellyra laughed. "Of course, as long as you two don't mind staying at the house, Mithus and I can go get some necessities. Make yourselves at home, please. And since you're carrying my things, just set them down in the main hall."

Kianthos smiled, thinking that Sollius' blush was cute. "Yes, brother, you and Mithus go get whatever it is that you need. Sollius and I can carry these things to your house." He slid off of his horse, still holding the reins in his hand. Now he supposed he was comically short, standing next to the human. He had probably seemed almost grand, stately, on the horse. No matter. He was a fairy, and there was little he could do for his height.

Faelyn felt his eyes slide shut at the kiss. It felt entirely too right. It felt like he stumbled across a piece of the puzzle he'd lost a long time ago. He leaned into the kiss, letting it grow just a little more. It was showing him the other was honest and loving and he finally felt he could give his all.

Mithus grinned and handed the items over to Kianthos that he had held. "You two have fun." He said, humming. "And get started on that bread, Sollius."

Sollius soluted his brother. "Yes, brother." He said, looking to the fairy that stood beside him. They weren't much height differented. The other was only about five inches shorter than him, but he found it cute and the other's presence still held a demaning power over him. He grinned. "Shall we?"

Soon, Cyrillius placed his other hand on Faelyn's cheek, though it shifted to his neck, cradling him and pulling him farther into the kiss. He deepened it gradually, gently, taking the utmost care in asking silent permission for everything in his actions. He felt dizzy and faint, probably something to do with the spell over the elf, but his heart hammered in his chest, and he drew steadily closer to the other.

Kianthos returned Mithus' grin. He was strong, and he could carry more than his short stature suggested. "Of course, let's get going," he answered Sollius, and began to lead the way down the path, his horse in tow.

Ellyra watched the two walking away from them, knowing Kianthos would probably still be able to hear him, but whispered to Mithus, "Don't they look cute together? I think Kianthos is interested in your little brother, if I know anything about my older brother."

Faelyn felt his own hands thread into the other's hair, enjoying the silky and strong texture to it. He gripped firmly, enjoying how it seemed to just form to his fingers. He groaned from the feel of them, from their kiss. From how the other felt. It all seemed so perfect. He sighed in absolute adoration, feeling his cheeks flush as he continued the kiss, not intending to break it any time soon.

Mithus chuckled. "I know, they're adorable. They'd make a very cute couple. Maybe maybe. What makes you think your brother likes mine though?" He asked, wondering if they saw the same things.

Sollius smiled and followed after, rather enjoying his view from behind, liking fairy styled gear very much as it rather nicely shaped the other's behind. "So uh, you want to help me make the bread?" He asked, eyes firmly attached.

His hands left Faelyn's upper body, and Cyrillius put one arm around the elf's waist, pulling him close, sharing their heat. It was amazing, the way they seemed to connect and pull at each other. He wanted more, and often, and he was glad to have bound himself to this creature, this beautiful elven creature. His intensity increased, and he finally pulled away from their kiss, only to attack the elf's neck with soft kisses and sighs.

"Well...Kianthos doesn't look at very many people like that. I mean, even when he talked to you, it was very...casual? I suppose he was talking to you like he talks to the warriors that he is around all the time. He saves his manners for people that are very close to him, or may become very close to him." Ellyra twined his fingers with Mithus' as they walked.

Kianthos fought his urge to laugh. He could feel Sollius' gaze affixed to him, though not precisely where. He did have a good guess, though. "Sure, Sollius. I'll help you make bread, if you want me to." They drew up on the house in the clearing quickly. " this is their house. Ellyra did one hell of a job creating it. It could rival the royal house." He tied the reins of his horse to the low branch of a tree. It would still be able to reach the ground if it wanted to graze. "You first..." He opened the door and gestured with his free hand for Sollius to enter.

Faelyn felt himself bare his neck to his half bred lover. He enjoyed every second of what was being bestowed upon him. He shuddered, feeling himself succumb to the other in every way possible and soon he got a hold on what was happening and took just a little control, untying the sash at his loved's waist.

Mithus squeezed his lover's hand sweetly. "Ohh I see. Well they would be cute together. I don't know. Maybe we sholdn't of let them be in the house alone together? We have many more surfaces to purify eventually."

Sollius pouted but only for a moment that he had to take his eyes off of the other's rear. He entered the house and laughed. "Did they build this or buy this?" He asked, putting the stuff down in the main hall where Ellyra had asked.

Cyrillius chuckled, enjoying Faelyn's initiative, and glad for it, because the high collar of his robe was beginning to get too hot. He was happy it might be off soon. He slid the elf's robe off one shoulder and caressed the skin there lightly with his lips and his tongue.

Ellyra laughed. "Well, how blessed is a house without the blessing of friends? Or in this case, family. Let us hope that if they decide to do something, they use a bedroom that we did not intend on using."

Kianthos looked around the interior, still smiling. "Well...I believe, since there was a ring of white stones around the house, and judging by the architecture, I would venture to say that Ellyra made most of the house. There would have been a little work involved in the foundation of the house...which I would assume he left to Mithus. Over all, I admire the handiwork." He shrugged, then shifted his eyes to the human standing near him. "So...what do you think of my brother and yours?"

Faelyn took only a second to enjoy the kisses bestowed on his neck and shoulder, finally working the other's robes off of him, smiling as they dropped to his waist. He began returning the kisses, shrugging his own robes off.

Mithus snorted. "Yeah.. I hope so. They shouldn't be making love this early on anyhow." He said, ignoring the well known fact that he and his Ellyra weren't even together a day and were all ready planning to be married and had all ready had relations.

Sollius smiled. "I think they're lovely together." He pondered and then stopped. "Ya know.. it's kinda hard to make bread with no ingredients in the house.. no flour.. no wheat... no nothing..." He said, looking through cupboards. "That's not good..." He said, huffing.

Cyrillius couldn't help but to chuckle again, and he wanted to comment, but he refused to do so on the grounds that it might ruin their mood, the flow of their movements and passion. He liked how quick the elf was to disrobe, anyway. Still half dressed, and he decided to keep it that way for now, he forced the other to lay on his back and he straddled his hips, ready to play.

The little fairy laughed, seeing the humor in Mithus' proclamation against his little brother's eagerness, or however it may be. He leaned his head against his arm while they walked, though it put them slightly off balance, and smiled. "Anyway, it's cute." he concluded.

Kianthos just smirked with one hand on his hip and watched Sollius' reaction. "I guess that makes sense. They were going to get groceries, after all. When a fairy makes a house, they don't make food. They can only make organic, non-perishable items. Kind of a strange rule, but they have to have some reliance on actual work, you know?" He shrugged. "So...what should we do till they get back? Want to explore the house?"

Faelyn looked up at his lover, wondering what to do with him. He wanted him, most certain. Thought he should take him? Not so certain. Did the other want to be on top or bottom? Obviously he wanted to be bottom while being on top considering he was stradling him. He kissed the other. "How are we doing this?"

Mithus grinned and placed his arm about the other's back. "It's very cute." He kissed his loved on the cheek. "It seems this must be some fairy mating season.. because if you ask me.. three couples over the course of two days.. it's odd."

Sollius smiled. "That sounds good.. I have always wondered what kind of house big brother would live in one night." He said, getting off of the counter to venture into the other rooms.

Cyrillius actually laughed genuinely. "I am really not sure...I suppose...I like sitting here. Perhaps I shall just stay in this position?" He moved off of him momentarily, shedding his robe completely since there seemed to be no more point in keeping it on. "Now...shall we continue?" He moved back to his place, straddling Faelyn's hips once more.

"I have never heard of a fairy mating season, but perhaps it is something of that sort, governed by the stars." Ellyra giggled. "But it does seem funny since all three of these couples involve fairies."

Kianthos followed silently, his hands clasped behind his back. The house was large, and he wondered if it had been blessed yet. He was not unfamiliar with human customs. Nosily opening several doors, he finally found one room where the bedclothes were rumpled and messy, and he smiled to himself. So cute, his little brother was growing up. "Having fun yet?" he called to Sollius.

Faelyn smiled. "Yes, please." He said, watching his graceful darling. He hadn't gotten the chance to pay much attention to him at first, but disrobed and atop him was a beautiful sight. He ran his hands along the other's legs. He smiled through a lusted gaze.

Mithus laughed. "Yeah I know.. and it all started with a stupid elf." He said, mumbling about elves and how stupid and tricky they were. "You know.. I have never understood why elves are so tricky.. they're obnoxious!"

Sollius gave forth a rather musical laugh. "Yes much. I found a good guest room to sleep in for the night." He said, yawning. "We should find you one too." He said, looking into the room Kianthos just came out of. He twitched. "Looks like someone made use of the bed veil..." He shook the images out of his mind as well as he could. "So what should we do?"

Cyrillius shivered a little, his mouth forming a sort of arrogant and sexy smirk. He ran his tongue over his upper lip, then leaned forward and just pressed his lips to Faelyn's, the kiss teasingly chaste. He sat up again and rolled his hips just once, making the slightest friction. He was testing his ground, testing his power, wanting to see what would make the elf react.

Ellyra thought for a moment. "Perhaps they think it great sport, to be tricky. They are sometimes very physically adept, but their specialty is the mind. They were very good at shaping their minds into beautiful things." He thought of his older brother, how splendid he was at talking, at deceiving, at almost everything. He was most assuredly part elf, there was no disputing it.

Kianthos raised an eyebrow and smirked, not having really noticed how the veil was wrinkled in some places until Sollius pointed it out. To answer the human, the fairy replied, "We should find a place for me to sleep, as you suggested." He closed the door to the used room and turned to walk down the hallway. There were many doors lining the halls of this house. He had no idea which to choose.

Faelyn gasped in pleasure and clung to the other. "Nnn!" He whimpered, matching the roll with a roll of his own hips. He was enjoying it very much, the friction was driving him insane and he only wanted it to continue.

Mithus grinned. "Yeah I guess.. it must get really boring in their kingdoms or something then." He said, smiling as they reached the city again. "Hmn, what to do."

Sollius nodded. He opened one door to see it outlined in gold and green. "It so matches your hair.." He said, finding himself somewhat comforted by the fact. The bedspead was a lovely green and gold pattern and it made him practically drag with sleep. "Yeah I think I want this one. That bed knows me."

The half-breed fought the chuckle that threatened at the ease with which he could gain a reaction from the beautiful elf. Instead, he rolled his hips once more, tracing a line from the middle of Faelyn's chest to his navel using only his fingernail. He didn't press hard. He only wanted to make him shiver, not mar his pretty, pale skin.

Ellyra shrugged. "I would guess it might get a little boring where it is peaceful..." He looked toward the city as Mithus did. "Well, I think first we should find you some clothes. The food might be perishable and we don't want it to spoil while we are carrying it." He thought it might be easiest to find a merchant that dealt in traded goods, such as clothing that had already once belonged to humans, rather than to wait until clothes were made for his tall lover.

Raising his eyebrow yet again, Kianthos snorted. "The bed knows you? Don't you think that's a little strange to say? Besides, if it matches my hair, why can't I have it?" He smiled. "Wanna fight me for it?" He only meant to play around, wrestle for it. Of course no weapons would be used. The first to be pinned was the loser, and would have to find a different room.

Faelyn shuddered still. He was becomming almost high from all of the pleasure. He clutched the other tighter, shivering as the other's nail trails along his skin. "I want this." He said softly, his voice barely a whisper.

Mithus grinned. "I agree.. this should be fun." He smiled and hummed to himself as they walked, pressing kisses to his lover's cheeks and lips whenever he saw the opportunity. He wondered where his loved one would take him, he hadn't actually explored the city before.

Sollius grinned. "Certainly, but don't pout when I win!" He said, "What are the rules?" He asked, walking around the other, sizing him up. "This should be a piece of cake."

"I know," Cyrillius answered huskily. "I want it too." He leaned forward to give Faelyn a searing kiss, then moved away and downward, keeping his eyes trained on the elf's face as he slid down his body. He stopped just above his hips, dipping his tongue into his navel and trailing it down to his length, moving deliberately and slowly.

Ellyra looked around the crowded streets, noting different shops and vendors. He actually was not used to walking around the marketplace. He didn't spend much time there, since he had been royalty. However, he was familiar with his town in general. "Let's go over there." He pointed to a stall under a tent that seemed to be selling garments that looked far too large for fairy folk.

"I don't pout. And remember that I spend time in the company of soldiers too. Don't underestimate me just because I am shorter." Kianthos smirked and took a sort of defensive stance, waiting for Sollius to make a move.

Faelyn looked at the other, feeling his face heat up. He made a soft noise of impending pleasure, wanting the other to an almost painful pint, and also wanting him to taste of him. To feel the other's mouth around him was going to be a bliss.

Mithus nodded, leading the way. "Might be what we need." He said, eyeing the materials appraisingly. They were seemingly correct for size but they weren't human made for certain, they were too fit looking and elegant to be so. "I don't know if they were meant for humans, probably more so for elves.." He said, noting the interwoven patterns.

"I spend time with soldiers too, don't underestimate me because I am human." Sollius said, smiling and forcing down a laugh as he made a lunge for the other, going for his legs.

Cyrillius continued to draw out the torture. He kissed the inside of each thigh, finally tracing the underside of Faelyn's length with the tip of his tongue, his face flushing with the intensity of the situation, feeling aroused just for causing the other pleasure.

"Would you mind that so much? They are beautiful clothes." Ellyra remarked. He touched his fingertips to the smooth material, nodding to himself. They were very nice, and he spoke quietly about the goods to the merchant in the stall. They were, in fact, of elf make. They looked as though they would fit Mithus, certainly, and if they were too large or too small, the fairy had a little skill and he could probably take the seams in or let them out if need be. "What do you think? Do you want them?"

Kianthos did laugh as Sollius moved, dancing around on the tips of his toes to avoid him. "Whoops, you'll have to be a little faster than that," he practically sang. He attempted to dart around behind the human, playfully pushing him between his shoulder blades. He had never mentioned that there were any rules, so there seemed to be none.

Faelyn gasped and groaned, contouring to the other in a way, he was very much enjoying this pleasure. "Oh gods... you're magical." He said grasping into the other's hair, very pleased that it was a good hold for him.

Mithus nodded. "They're beautifull." He stated, admiring the elven work. "Is there anywhere we can try them on?" He asked, feeling very attached to the outfit all of the sudden.

Sollius luckily pulled himself into a roll and caught the other by the waist as he came back out, the only thing was that he really always had a hard time with strength, he was better known for agility and this was posing a problem. He decided to play dirty, grabbing the back of the other's leg just under his buttocks to tickle the muscle there.

Smiling, Cyrillius began to suck almost lazily on the head, gradually sucking harder and taking in more at the same time. He enjoyed the tug on his hair with the other holding it, and he placed his hands gently on either of the elf's hips.

Thinking for a moment, Ellyra asked the merchant, who indicated he could try it on, but he would have to come inside the tent. Everywhere else was public. "I'm pretty sure they will fit you, but if you think you need to try them on, he says you can go inside..."

Kianthos yelped, sort of laughing. "That was low..." he commented, smirking. He reached behind him and wrapped an arm around Sollius' neck, flipping him over his shoulder. "Sorry, I wasn't going to be serious, but I think I win." he said, sitting on the human's chest to pin him.

Faelyn moaned, laying back and looking downward still to the other. He shuddered. Such a talented mouth! He was in both agony and bliss by it all. He was enjoying these happenins, but he wanted as well to participate.

Mithus smiled and went inside, pulling his lover with him. "Good, I wonder what I will look like in these." He said, pulling them on properly. "Mn, they are nice.. " He said, enjoying the clothing too much. It made him look gracefull and important.

Sollius pouted. "Grrrr. But but but but.." He began to pout at the other. "We could just.. share the bed because.. don't you live at the royal house?" He asked, humming as he looked up at the beauty of the other.

Cyrillius moaned in response to his own arousal and Faelyn's vocalizations. He enjoyed the elf's taste, but his desire was making him impatient. He wanted the prince inside him, could see himself riding atop him in his mind. He heartbeat quickened, and he soon released Faelyn from his mouth.

The clothing fit Mithus closely, and Ellyra ran his hands down the smooth cloth that now encased him. "It looks very nice, and it fits you well. We shall purchase them, then? And of course, more than just this one. You need more than one outfit." The clothing of magical creatures suited the human very well. Perhaps there was more to him than that of a simple human?

Kianthos rolled his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest. Smiling, he answered, "Yes, that is true." He slid off the other's chest. "Fine, we can share the bed. But this victory was mine." He offered his hand to the other to help him stand up.

Faelyn seemed to read the other and pulled him atop of his lap, "Please, I want you. May I have permission to take you?" He asked, kissing him harder and harder, running his hands along to stroke the other.

Mithus smiled. "Perfect!" He said, getting out of them and changing back to normal so he could purchase them, he also looked around and found other outfits the merchant had he enjoyed very much and that fit him too well. "Ah such nice things!"

Sollius smiled and accepted the hand of the other. "It was a good match." He said, standing up almost too fast which made him have to lean onto the other for support until he gained his footing which made him blush sligtly. "Well, What should we do?"

Cyrillius closed his eyes, relishing the words. "Yes, take me, please..." he answered, unable to stop his hips from rolling of their own accord. He was in such a heightened state of desire that he was sure he had never felt like this in his life, though he wasn't a virgin. It most surely must have been Faelyn that caused it.

Ellyra giggled and paid the merchant from the purse on his sash, and the merchant bundled the clothes with paper and twine so that they would be easier to carry. "Well, now that you have something to wear, should we look for food? Or would you rather do some other shopping first?" The fairy was actually thinking he might want a pretty silver circlet to wear for special occassions. Perhaps their wedding? He wasn't sure yet, but he felt like he wanted jewelry.

Kianthos nodded. "Did I make you dizzy?" He asked jokingly, laughing. He put his arm around Sollius' waist to help steady him. "I have no idea what we should do. I don't know what there is to do in this house. Considering the short amount of time this house has been in existence, it seems that my brother and yours have only even had time to bless it." He ran a hand through his hair and smiled.

Faelyn nodded, deciding to not wory about preping the ther. Instead he just pushed into him, careful to be slow about it, shuddering at the feeling of him clenching about his length. "Mn, tell me if I am being too rough." He said, hoping he didn't hurt the other.

Mithus smiled. "Mn, let's shop first." He said, not worried about their money. They still had quite a bit left. He carried the basket that carried his clothing. "I think I look damn good in elven attire." he said, yawning. "Oh my when we get home I might take a nap."

Sollius smiled. "Well umm... we can.. make the table all set for whatever they bring home for supper?" He suggested, noticing they were practically holding one another.

Cyrillius closed his eyes, his lips parted slightly to allow his shallow, rapid breathing, and to allow easier relaxation. Faelyn was not hurting him, there was only the slightest discomfort. Really, he liked it just a little rough, and he would let the elf know that soon enough.

"I agree, you do look damn good," Ellyra said, smiling. He saw another booth selling random shiny trinkets and decided to take a look. "I suppose it makes sense that you're tired," he remarked, browsing along the rows of rings and bracelets and metal armbands that this merchant sold. Not what he was looking for, but still fun to look at.

"Oh, um, right." Kianthos had noticed the same thing, and removed his arm from the other's waist, trying to be polite and end the awkward situation, though he was curiously reluctant to do so. He supposed that was because Sollius was, well, cute, and he hadn't seemed to be in any hurry to end their seeming embrace.

Faelyn let the other adjust to him , not daring to move until he was told to do so. "Mn!" He moaned at the other's body around him. It felt perfectly fitted to his length and he couldn't of felt warmer with anyone he had ever been with.

Mithus smiled. "What are you shopping for exactly?" He asked, realizing they didn't even have wedding bands and he felt a little bad for that. "Maybe I should get you an engagement ring while we're out.. you can help me chose."

Sollius smiled and gave the other a wink as he went about setting the table. The wink was to comment he knew about his unwanting to stop their hug and that he was being flirty. He smiled as he went about retriving plates and he found napkins.

Cyrillius lifted his own hips and then moved down once again, getting a feel for whether or not he was ready for Faelyn to move. He shuddered visibly, grabbing at the sheets on either side of them, bracing himself. "Move, please..." he whispered silkily.

Ellyra blushed a little. "I like the ring you gave me already. You don't have to give me an engagement ring. I'll run out of fingers if you get too excited." He grinned. "I was originally shopping for a circlet, you know, to wear on my head like a girl would wear a tiara? I thought I would wear it for our wedding. But you know, I think I should buy you a ring instead. And you can help me pick it out."

Kianthos acknowledged the wink by raising his eyebrows and smiling suggestively. He found the silverware and followed close behind Sollius, setting a fork and a spoon and a knife by each plate that he laid out. It was blindingly obvious that the human wanted him, but he was still formulating exactly how to give him what he wanted.

Faelyn moaned aloud as the other spoke. He found himself addicted to every little thing about him. To the sound of his voice, to his every move and gesture. The way he clitched the sheets made him practically come undone as he began to move his hips.

Mithus grinned"True.. after we pick out a tiara for you. It's be so cute!" He said, "And befitting as you are a prince." He hummed and spotted a merchant furhter up who had more shiney things. "Look up there love." He pointed to the said shopkeeper.

"So uh... got any girlfriends, boyfriends?" Sollius asked, pleased with their work on the table. He began looking around for anything else that was possible to set up or make tidy. He found nothing and leaned against the counter, wanting to make small talk with the other.

Cyrillius bit his lower lip, staring at the elf from underneath his eyelashes, his eyes glazed with ecstasy. The feeling of Faelyn moving inside him was pure bliss, and he didn't think anyone had ever suited him so perfectly. "Nnnn..." He moaned, closing his eyes again briefly and tilting his head back.

Ellyra smiled. "Oh, that looks promising. Do you think I should wear white for our wedding? I can get a circlet that has a stone in the middle, and if I am wearing white, it should be a diamond." He nodded, mostly to himself, as he thought about what he would wear. "I think you should wear blue. It would off-set your eyes very nicely."

Kianthos snorted, leaning a hand against the table and crossing one leg in front of the other while he was standing. "No, neither. And certainly not a girlfriend. I spend most of my time with other men, remember? Anyway, how about you? Is there anyone that claims your heart?"

Faelyn continue his thrusts and got the hang of the angle. He thrust more inside the other, making more effort to bury himself inside the other. He enjoyed very much having him ontop of him while he still topped him in a sense. He began to kiss the neck that was exposed as the other tilted his head back.

Mithus grinned. "Blue.. yes. Besides, virgins mainly use white and thanks to me.. you're not a virgin.. but then again.. you'd be an angel. What do you think?" He asked, thinking how beautiful the other was going to look on their day.

Sollius grinned. "Nope. I am free as a bird!" He said, excited about it all. He smirked. "I have had like.. one boyfriend. And he.. turned out to be a cheating fool. I liked him too." He said, pouting.

Cyrillius gasped, then moaned, and the sound came from deep in his chest. He let his hair fall to the side so that Faelyn could reach more of his skin, and he buried his hands in the elf's hair as he kissed him. He moved his hips now, meeting each thrust easily, causing him to be buried even deeper inside himself.

Ellyra laughed and then blushed. "All right, how about this? I shall wear white, but my jewelry shall have red stones because red is the color of passion. I think that would look nice together, and I could still look like an angel to you." He stood on the tips of his toes to kiss Mithus' cheek. "What do you think of that?" He pointed to a thin silver circlet sitting on the velvet behind the glass in the booth. It had a small red stone that hung from the middle of it.

Kianthos frowned for Sollius' pouting. "That's a shame. I was in love with a maiden once, but she was, as you said, a cheating fool also. I decided never to be with women again, and I have had no one since. That is part of the reason I have devoted all of my interest to soldiers and military activities. It is very far from the battleground of love and courtship." He smiled, looking at Sollius pointedly. " have only ever been with a boy?"

Faelyn gasped as he ravished the other's neck with kisses. He couldn't get enough of his taste, he tasted sweet and almost like a fruit of some forbidden passion. He reached between them, ignoring the slight awkwardness his hand there, to stroke the other, his fist clenched tight around his length. "Oh Cyrillius.." He moaned, thrusting in harder.

Mithus smiled and asked the merchant if they could try it. He placed the circlet on his lover's head after getting permission and he about fainted. "Oh yes.. Red and white should be most apropriate." he said, blushing and capturing his darling one in a posessive kiss. "Should we shop for wedding clothes?"

Sollius smiled. "Yes. Once I had a maiden. She was beautiful. But, it turned out she ended up actually being a princess and was married off to some prince in Gal-Ithil. They have a child and are happy as can be. I don't care much anymore really. At all." He smiled.

Cyrillius answered Faelyn's passionate call by calling the elf's name as well, almost breathlessly. His hands left the sheets, forcing Faelyn's mouth away from his neck and into a bruising, forceful kiss. He raised himself up on his knees and then back down, still moving with his thrusts, and at the same time thrusting up into the other's hand.

Ellyra smiled, paying for the circlet, which was wrapped in paper like their other purchases. "Yes, we should. That sounds like a wonderful idea. I hope we can carry all of these things, though. We still have to get food." Looking around once more, the fairy really didn't see any specifically wedding-oriented booth, but there was one that was selling fairy clothing. That one would possibly work.

"It is nice that they can be happy." Kianthos was really not sure what else there was to say in the way of small talk anymore, and he was tiring of it anyway. "Well...the table is set...I wonder how much longer they'll be gone. So, now what?"

Faelyn returned the bruising kiss, being sure to do the best he could to give the other the best kiss he could. He shuddered, finding their excersize of this sort to be most pleasureful and he knew he could hold out for only a little more. But he would push himself until the other was satisfied.

Mithus held his lover's hand. "It's so weird, one day I am walking on a path to see my King and the next I am getting married to a fairy person who I randomly fell in love with. I am so happy." He said, hugging the other close as they walked.

"Well now we,...I don't know. I guess we just sit here?" Sollius said, finding the moment to be very awkward suddenly. He didn't know what to do. He was in like with the fairy in front of him, but he didn't really know whether to voice this but then tried. "Hey, you know, we should.. go for a walk or something some day.."

Cyrillius felt a tightness in his stomach, knowing he was getting very close and would not last much longer either. He dug his fingernails into the delicate skin of Faelyn's shoulders, tilting his head back and breaking their kiss, letting out a rather loud moan.

"I'm happy too. I had never dreamed of being with a human someday, let alone marrying one." Ellyra decided to lead them both toward the booth that looked like it might sell something useful. "Look, do you think they might sell something for a wedding?" He suddenly wished he was still living in the royal house, because he could have had a most spectacular wedding garment there, and it would have been made specifically for him.

Kianthos laughed. "Someday? We have nothing to do and you say someday? Let's go for a walk right now, then, silly." He boldly grabbed Sollius' hand and pulled him toward the back door of the house. "What say we get lost in the woods? Sounds fun, no?" Truly, he knew his way around the woods here, and he couldn't get lost, but it was fun to say so.

Faelyn groaned loudly. He was very close to the impending orgasm and he thrust harder and faster as his lust surged. "Cyrillius!" He practically screamed out, finishing inside the other. "Oh gods!"

Mithus saw a peculiar expression. "Don't you.. have things that could.. make that for you?" He asked, suddenly remembering he was with a prince. Even if said prince wasn't with the kingdom, he was still the son of the king and queen and he was sure that since they were comming to their child's wedding that they would only want him to at least look his most beautiful.

Sollius blushed prettily. "Well I mean it just seemed too straight forward, but sure, let's get lost.. but we have to kind of be back when they are. We don't know how long they will be." He said, noting he hadn't let go of the other's hand.

Cyrillius finished only a few seconds later, spurred on by the other's ecstasy. He tossed his head back once more, crying to the heavens his beautiful elven lover's name. And now, since they had kissed and made love, they were bound together.

"Well..." Ellyra began. "I would...if I still lived in the royal house. But I am not sure that I am allowed to utilize the seamstresses for anything anymore, since I have sort of excommunicated myself from the rest of my family. Besides Kianthos, of course. I don't know. Perhaps I can, since I doubt my mother and father want to see me married in the clothing of 'common people.'" He managed a wry smile, though their disdain for 'commoners' had always annoyed him. "I'll talk to Kianthos about it when we get back."

Kianthos laughed, smiling widely. "You're so funny. We don't have to be back. We're guests here, yes, but we are under no obligation to return promptly, really. If I leave them a note, will it make you feel better?" He found a piece of paper and a pen, and scrawled hastily: Sollius and I went for a walk in the woods. We shall attempt to be home when you are, but forgive us if we are not. Yours truly, Kianthos. "There, does that work?" He set the paper on a little table by the door and led him outside.

Faelyn layed back fully, feeling very delighted and exhausted. He didn't even know what words to say. He felt very priveleged and very in love at the moment and it was the best he had felt in a long while. He pressed loving kiss after kiss to the other's lips and cheeks.

Mithus thought a moment. "Yeah, so.. let's get the rest of the food shopping done. I am sure your brother and mine are probably somewhat hungry." He said, feeling bad that he had forgotten the other two. "Or do you have something else in mind?"

Sollius laughed and walked alongside the other. "Do you get lost in the woods often?" He asked, knowing full well the other as a fairy who lived in the other wasn't even near lost. He did like to talk and hear his voice though so he made as much conversation as possible. Besides he was slightly teasing him.

Cyrillius lay against Faelyn's chest, returning the kisses, running his fingers through his colorful hair. He wasn't sure he had ever felt this happy in his life, or whether he had ever even truly been happy in his entire life. If this was what it was like, he knew he had been missing out. "Faelyn..." he sighed contentedly.

"We can shop for food. I didn't really have anything else in mind, no." Ellyra, leading Mithus by the hand, walked toward the part of the marketplace that sold food, though his leadership was a little unnecessary since the food market was an obvious and busy place. "What do you think we should get?"

Smiling, Kianthos answered, "Of course I do. It's actually quite fun, and very peaceful. I don't usually get lost with other people, though, so this is a little different." As they walked deeper into the woods, the fairy noticed they were near a clearing like the one his brother's house was in, only smaller. There were flowers growing everywhere. "Well, how pretty. I've never seen this place before."

Faelyn held the other close to his chest. He kissed the top of his head. " Yes love?" He asked when the other said his name. He thought it may have ben mroe apraising statement than it was question but he wanted to be sure, stroking the other's hair fondly.

Mithus thought a moment "Uhh flour, grain. I just realized that Sollius said he was going to make bread.. we don't have anything at the house to make it with. Some kind of meat, some fruit.. the essentials." Mithus said with a shrug, enjoyng this kind of thing with his beloved.

Sollius leaned down to smell the flowers. They had a smell though it was very faint. "It's beautifull." He said more to himself. "It would be nice to make a little tree fort or something out here." He said, thinking it would be neat to take a nap amongst the flowers. He felt the other's hand in his own and blushed as another thought came to him. 'It would be nice to take a nap here with him.. ugh I'm pathetic but I think I am almost in love' He thought to himself.

"Nothing, only that I love you." Cyrillius closed his eyes and chuckled. Those were strange words, foreign to his mouth, but he liked the sound of them and their weight and meaning. It was good for his soul, he had decided, that he was with Faelyn.

"Okay." Ellyra nodded, taking what was needed and paying each necessary person. He had a basket too, and it soon got very full and heavy. It would probably have worked better if Mithus traded with him, since the clothing would be lighter.

Kianthos finally let go of Sollius' hand, and he walked to the edge of the clearing, sitting down at the base of a large tree. He folded his arms behind his head and sighed. "Yeah, it is nice here. Peaceful, and it smells good." He smiled at the human and patted the space next to him. "Care to join me?"

Faelyn smiled and knew the other was being sincere. "I love you too." He said, huggng him close. "So, when should we announce this to your parents?" He asked, humming to himself and kissing the other.

Mithus noticed his lover's dilema. "Let me switch with you love." He said, kissing him on the cheek. He handed the other the clothing, taking their basket of food and such from him. "It's not right for you."

Sollius nodded, a large grin on his face as he joined the other." Thankyou, kind sir." He said, laying back against the tree. He wanted to cuddle with the other but thought better to be so forward.

Cyrillius had actually thought very little of telling his parents. "Oh my, I've only just realized the political connotations of our union. We are both princes. This means our nations will have to be allied." He smiled. "I shall speak to them as soon as possible, but I may have to sleep first."

"Ah, much better," Ellyra sighed. "Do we have all of the food we need?" Suddenly his faced looked almost surprised. "Oh gods, Mithus, I was going to buy you a ring!" He blushed, embarrassed that he had forgotten something so important.

Kianthos sighed quietly, smoothly and in a rather cliche fashion putting his arm around Sollius' shoulders. It was strange, he could read the other so easily. "You know, I'm really more soldier than prince. You don't have to worry about courtly manners or anything like that." He whispered and smirked.

Faelyn smiled. "Yes, an alliance, one my family will enjoy. Well, yes I would like a nap as well. Certain physical activities have tired me." He said, laying with the other.

Mithus blushed slightly. "Ohhh sweety, don't worry! We can either come back later orwhat do you want to do?" He wanted to be supportive of his lover, but he didn't know what to say to him. Should he ask him to get it?

Sollius swooned as the other's voice drifted to his hearing. He shivered. "Oh? Well thank you then, Soldier." He said, laying his head on the other's chest up near his shoulder. "So how should I treat you hmn?"

Cyrillius yawned silently, very comfortable in his place with the other. "Hmmm..." he hummed tiredly, laying his hands against Faelyn, very close to sleep.

Ellyra smiled. "Well, since we already have so much to carry, maybe we should just come back. Then we will have lots of time to shop around for the right one." He wanted to get Mithus the ring, no doubt about it, but they had their hands full at the moment.

"However you want to..." Kianthos' tone was somewhat suggestive, and he still wore a smirk on his face. He wanted to hear what Sollius was really thinking, though, so he had to give permission to express his thoughts. Sometimes he thought being royalty was a bit of a drag.

Faelyn added to the other's comfort, petting his hair and kissing his cheek. "Rest well darling." He said, kissing him on the lips then before shutting his own eyes. He was rather pleased with himself.

Mithus smiled. "All right darling." He said, grabbing the other's hand and beginning their journey back. "Besides, I am sure we can still find random things to decorate you with. And your parents will want you to get the best as we mentioned earlier."

Sollius smiled. "I expected someone like you , meaning a prince, to be stuck up and all rude and stuff. But you're the opposite. Completely." He smiled. "You're very pleasent to be around."

Ellyra giggled and leaned his head against Mithus' arm. "I hope so. But I don't want it to be completely random. I at least want the stones to match, all red. They seem to be a lot more compliant with others' wishes recently. My parents, I mean. They haven't always been this easy to persuade."

Laughing, Kianthos answered, "And you're quite pleasant to be around for a human. Cute too." He smiled, happy with himself for having slipped in that little comment, hoping to get a bit of a reaction out of Sollius.

Mithus nodded. "I know sweet. I just mean.. ear rings or something and a choker..." He grinned as he envisioned his beautiful spouse to be. He thought about that. Was he going to wear a dress-like garment? Was he going to be considered his husband or wife?

Sollius blushed. "Thanks. You're cute too." He said, paying real close attention to a flower. He didn't know what to say next and he was beginning to catch on that maybe the other was hopefully a little attracted to him.

"Oh, that sounds pretty." Ellyra smiled, and now he thought of what he wanted his robes to look like. They would probably be quite a bit frillier than normal, and perhaps dress-like, yes. He was certainly not going to wear pants. He wasn't sure he had ever worn pants, really.

Kianthos watched the other, thinking of a way to distract him from the flower he seemed so intent on. Since he was turned away from him, he traced a line down the side of his neck with his fingertip. "You really think I'm cute? I don't hear that often." There was laughter in his voice.

"So.. are you my husband or my wife?" Mithus asked as he was highly confused. He wouldn't mind which, but he was curious. He kissed the other. "Anyways, on our next trip into town we can finish our wedding shopping."

Sollius blushed as he felt the other's fingers, looking up. "Well.. more handsome than er.. um.. cute." He said, finding himself blushing darker as he looked into the other's eyes.

Ellyra giggled. "Well...I suppose...I look like your wife, but I am technically a husband, no?" He didn't mind being called either. The titles didn't really matter to him, as long as Mithus was his husband, he didn't care if people called him a wife.

"You didn't have to correct yourself, but I like handsome too. I still think you're cute." Kianthos smiled, thinking that as far as looks went, Sollius was also handsome, but his behavior was cute. He cupped his face with his palm, holding him in his suddenly instense gaze, and he leaned forward and kissed him very lightly.

Mithus. "I just thought calling you my spouse wasn't justifying." He said, kissing the other on the lips. They neared their home and he noticed that none ofthe lights were on or lit. "Hmn, they must have gone somewhere.."

Sollius was rather amazed that this beautiful creature was kissing him and he whimpered in surprise, feeling his eyes slide shut and his lips move to kiss the other back.

Shrugging, Ellyra opened the front door. "I suppose they must have. I wonder if they left a note?" Inevitably, he found the note by the back door. "Looks like they went out for a walk. No worries, Kianthos knows his way around. They won't be lost or anything."

Kianthos smiled into the kiss, placing his other hand on the other side of Sollius' face, pulling him closer, so that they were actually facing each other. He remembered that Sollius had volunteered to make bread for their supper that evening, but he assumed Ellyra and Mithus would wait for them to return. Kissing this young, brash human was too much fun.

Mithus smiled. "Well.. I don't really want to start dinner without them.. you want to like use your fairy powers or something and summon them?" He quested, rather wishing they were in the house so they could start on food.

Sollius was still blushing as he kissed the other, he couldn't believe it was happening in such a way. Couldn't believe that this beautiful being was even liking him in the first place.

Ellyra laughed again. "I'm not sure fairies actually have powers like that. I think if we did, we might have used them by now. I can go find them, though, if you like. I want food too." It wouldn't be that difficult to find them. He knew his way around the woods, too, though not quite as well as his brother.

Kianthos pulled Sollius onto his lap, though the human weighed more than he did. He broke the kiss for a moment, sighing and smiling. "They're probably going to be home soon, if they are not already. Should we go back, or stay here?"

Mithus smiled. "Yeah I am starved. Or I can. It doesn't matter." He said, willing to do anything for his lover. He kissed his cheek. "Sooo let's flip a coin?"

Sollius was rather content being in the other's lap. He wasn't caring about the other two being home at the moment. "I.. don't know.. I.. what does this make us. You don't just kiss people for no reason.. right?" He asked, staring hopefully at the other, he didn't want ot get attached and then have to not be attached.

"How about let's save the coin and I'll go get them. I don't want you to get lost out there. Then we would be waiting even longer for dinner." Ellyra smirked playfully and left quickly through the back door. The air was cooling with the coming of the evening, and he was glad he had yet to change out of his thicker, more formal robes.

The fairy smooth back the hair from Sollius' forhead. "Of course I don't kiss just anyone. I kissed you because I have an interest in you, a special one. So...this makes us a couple." He threaded their fingers together and held their hands up, kissing their clasped fingers and smiling.

Mithus smiled. "Well.. all right. I will start on dinner." He said, kissing his beloved. He went and grabbed his potatoes and carrots, and everything else they bought to start on a brilliant stew.

Sollius was so happy and blushed darkly. "You've made me one very happy mortal." He said, twisting his hands in the fabric of the other and pulling him atop of him , falling backwards to do so, kissing him hard and sort of clumsily.

Ellyra flitted through the woods, his arms close to him to fend off the cold. He saw movement in a clearing not too far from him, and slowed his pace. He slid behind a tree, smiling to himself and trying not to giggle as he spotted his and Mithus' brother. Decidedly, he stepped out from behind the tree and cleared his throat, announcing his presence.

Kianthos happily returned the kiss, even though he heard his little brother. He broke their kiss and smiled mischeviously. "Hello Ellyra..." he said without turning his head. He only slid his eyes toward the direction of the sound to indicate they weren't alone anymore. He was sure the poor boy would probably be more than embarrassed.

Mithus hummed to himself as he chopped vegetables, wondering when his beloved was going to return. He pouted not having him beside him. Oh my was he ever attached, perhaps much. He grinned. "It's good to be in love." He said to himself while tossing the vegetables in the pot to cook. He hummed and began to season meat.

Sollius blushed darkly. "Oh no.. hello." He said, scrambling from under the other. "Nothing's going on here!" He said, brushing himself off. He helped Kianthos up."So uhh yeah I am guessing dinner right?"

Ellyra laughed and waved his hand in the air to indicate dismissal. "No point in trying to lie to me. I saw. It's all right, don't worry about it. I think it's cute that you two like each other." He brushed a strand of hair behind his ear. "Yes, Mithus is beginning dinner as we speak, and I believe you volunteered to make bread, Sollius?"

Kianthos could not keep a wide grin from spreading across his face. He brushed a few little pieces of bark out of his hair and brushed the dirt off his knees. "Of course you can't hold it against us. You and Mithus didn't make your bed." He winked and grabbed Sollius' hand. "Let's go make food. I'll help."

Sollius laughed. "Yeah but there wasn't anything to make bread with." He said, grabbing Kianthos' hand. "And yeah, you really didn't make your bed.. that veil looked stressed." He said, laughing.

Ellyra blushed and smiled just a little. "Oh, well, that..." He walked the rest of the way silently, letting the new couple have their time while he walked in front of them. The sun was setting now, and it was getting even cooler.

Kianthos squeezed Sollius' hand and smiled. He wondered if his brother would mind that he and Mithus' brother were going to share a room now. They were guests, and he didn't think they would find it awkward or anything. "You'll have to show me how to make bread, Sollius. I've never done it before."

Mithus smiled as they entered. "Well! Hello there my lovely dears. Have a seat , except you Sollius, start making bread. Dinner wont be done for.. ohh a while. It should be done by the time the bread is baked though.." He scooped his lover to him and kissed him. "Gods I missed you."

Sollius smiled at Kianthos. "Weelll all right if you insist I will start the bread. "He smiled and pulled his loved one along, grabbing a large bowl and wheat. He found a grating rock as well. "First you grate the wheat."

"I missed you too. And we should put a lock on our bedroom door..." Ellyra added in a whisper. "Is there anything I can help with? Perhaps I could start making a dessert?" He thought maybe a pudding of some sort would be nice.

Kianthos nodded in understanding. "Okay, like this?" He took the rock and ground the wheat in a circular motion. It was a fairly easy thing to do, but he could see that it might become tiring if done all the time. So being royalty did have its perks, but then again, it might have been nice to do things for himself more often.

Mithus grinned. "What about the locks? Yes certinaly if you can think of desert." He said, his happiness shining about him. Never in his whole life had he been so happy about being with someone.

Sollius nodded. "Yes, and then put it in this bowl and I will get the sugar. You need about a half bar to put in and with the eggs and a roller we should be about through." He said, grabbing the things needed. "Just put it all together and mix it, roll it out, bunch it back up and then back it.

Ellyra giggled. "It's nothing, only that they commented to me about the stressed state of the veil around our bed." He raised his eyebrows, giving Mithus a pointed look. "Right, where's the flour? I'll start on this immediately." Mostly, he needed flour, sugar, milk, and some of the fruit they had bought. He was going to make a pie.

"Oh, I understand. Like this?" Kianthos did as was instructed, fascinated at the simplicity of cooking. It smelled sort of strange, the mixture in front of him, but he liked the smell. In an instance of orneriness, he grabbed a little flour and tossed it in Sollius' face, laughing.

Mithus smiled at the other. "Oh my. Yes we need a lock.. or I need to clean up after ravishing you." He said, grinning. He helped his lover by grabbing the ingredients they needed. He observed Kianthos and Sollius. "They make a cute couple."

Sollius snorted. "Oh come on! You're soooo lucky my eyes were closed!" He said, smirking while placing his hand in the flour, slapping the other's behind, leavng a white handprint that wasn't going to come out until washed. "Oh I can't wait to see you walk around the city with that attached to you."

"Of course they do. Didn't I say that before?" Ellyra smiled and brushed his head against Mithus' arm as he moved around him, his own arms too full to embrace him or anything. "Okay, let's see if I remember how to do this..." He began combining ingredients into a bowl to make the crust for the pie.

Kiathos laughed and attempted to brush the flour from his pants but to no avail. "Okay, okay, fine." They had all of the flour they needed for bread at moment, so he poured some flour into a bowl and unceremoniously dumped the entire bowl over Sollius' head. "I'll help clean up the kitchen, I promise." He said to Mithus and Ellyra.

Mithus gawked at the mess. "Oh my gods! You had so better!" he said, handing Sollius grain. "Put that over his head and see how he likes it.. and you two will clean up before eating!"

"Hey if it gets me naked with him in a bath I will do it any time." Sollius said, grinning at his brother as he dumped the grain onto Kiantho's hair. "Oh that's going to be really not easy to remove."

Ellyra still worked on his pie, simply watching the destruction of his kitchen, thoroughly amused. He wasn't going to take part in the revelry because he didn't want to have grain in his hair. He giggled and watched the attack on his brother.

Kianthos' jaw dropped. "Augh! You brat!" He picked up a cup of water and added it to the flour on Sollius' head. "If a bath is what you want, then a bath is what you shall receive!" He smirked. He probably could have ended it there, civilly, instead of escalating it, but this was far too much fun.

Mithus watched with a raised eyebrow. "Too much energy." He mumbled, shaking his head and staying beside his lover to watch and to help if he needed any. "I wonder what they're going to do in that bath."

Sollius gasped. "Horrible!" He said, laughing loudly. He grabbed choclate syrup next and poured it on the other's hair to join the grain. "Be lucky I don't know where there are feathers!" He laughed, wondering what the other's next move was going to be.

"I don't think there's much to wonder about. I can guess what will happen. Can't you?" Ellyra smiled and sliced fruit to go into the pie crust. He hoped they wouldn't decide to dump sugar on each other next. He needed that for his dessert.

Kianthos closed his eyes to make sure he didn't get chocolate in them. He could think of nothing else to dump on Sollius, so he whispered threateningly, "You better start running..."

Mithus laughed. "Awe they're going to bless our tub before we can." He said, huffing. He wondered if he could help his lover with making anything. "Sweety.. is there anything I can help with?"

Sollius laughed and ran from the other, running as fast as he could to where he knew the bath was. When he reached it he shut and locked the door as quick as he could, believeing himself to be safe while he started warm water and stripped from his clothing.

Ellyra picked up a piece of fruit he had just coated in a sugary mixture. "Tell me if this is sweet enough." He touched it to Mithus' lips to encourage him to eat it. "I wouldn't want our dessert to taste sour." He smiled.

When he reached the door himself, Kianthos beat on it with his fist, but that was mostly a ruse. He didn't really need to open doors conventionally. He had fairy magic on his side, however little he usually used it. "Okay Sollius, you win..." he called through the door, meanwhile thinking the simple charm that would unlock the door.

Mithus took the fruit from the other, once he tasted it he shivered delightfully, grabbing his lovers hand to then lick the sugary mix off. "My gods, it's brilliant!" He said, continuing to suck on his lover's fingers, not agreeing that the taste was gone. "Perfect."

Sollius grinned, deciding to not answer the other, sitting in. "Ahhh this water is nice! And cleansing!" He said, wondering if the other would be jealous that he got the whole bath to himself.

Ellyra shivered in turn, closing his eyes for a moment. "I'm glad..." He had to pull his fingers away eventually, though, so he could finish making the pie. What Mithus seemed to be starting could be finished while the pie was baking.

"Really? Care to share it?" Kianthos smirked, standing in the open doorway, though it was entirely too comical with all of the mess in his hair. "That worked too well. Is it 'cause you trust me?" he asked in a sing-songy voice.

Mithus smiled, waiting patiently for the other to put the pie away. "I hope there is more of that, I really want to have some.." he said, tracing his lover's cheek. "Perhaps let's candy these all ready sweet lips of yours?" He said with a kiss.

Sollius blinked." Hey! I had that door locked." He turned from playful to wide eyed as he realized just what setting they were in. He was naked in the tub. Kianthos, his lover yet to be was still dressed but was more or less going to join cruel the world was.

"Of course you can..." Ellyra smiled, sliding the pie away from them and pressing his lips to Mithus'. The playful fighting of the others had made him want his own lover, and now he could easily forget about cooking.

Kianthos chuckled, pulling off his sash, which had a little chocolate syrup on it. "Yes, you had it locked, but I'm a fairy." He began to pull his shirt off, then hesitated. "Tell me now if you really have a problem with sharing the bath with me." He flashed him an endearing smile.

Mithus smiled, drawing his little lover close to him. "Mnnn you're beautiful. My sweet sugary fairy." He said, nibbling on the other's ear. "Do you have any idea what you do to me?"

Sollius scooted over, turning off the faucet. "No I am good, it was just fun to run away.. I guess I subconciously knew you could get in." He said, thinking that the other would have been truly locked out.

Ellyra shivered once more, his body forming easily against Mithus'. "I can't imagine that I do anything less to you than you do to me." He giggled rather breathlessly.

"Good." Kianthos smiled wider, pulling his shirt off all the way. Then he stripped off his pants. Normally, he might have been dressed like his little brother, but since he had been riding, he couldn't wear a long robe. He slid into the water next to Sollius. "Oh, you were right. This water is nice."

Mihus smiled and kissed his darling breathlessly. "So, that counter looks plenty useable, what do you say?" He asked, kissing the other's neck, nibbling on it and placing a leg between his thighs.

Sollius smiled and than began laughing at the sight he knew they made. "Let me wash your hair?" He asked, feeling bad now that he saw his mess. He also just wanted to touch the other's hair for it looked lovely.

Ellyra gasped ever so quietly and tilted his head to the other's ministrations. "I say yes..." He answered, pressing his hips against Mithus and grinding a little impatiently against his leg.

"If you insist, but only if you let me wash yours after." It wasn't as though Kianthos hadn't made a horrible mess of Sollius' hair too, only the sticky, gluey mess in the human's hair resembled oversaturated dough, while he thought his own might have looked a little like chocolatey oatmeal.

Mithus shivered as his leg was ground upon. He picked up his lover, setting him on the edge of the counter, kissing him passionately as he pushed up his tunic, letting his fingers drift to his lover's length, stroking it gently.

Sollius smiled, pulling the other against him where he lowered him slightly, sloshing water into his hair and then grabbing for shampoo, inhaling the scent indulgently before applying the mess to his ..well he didn't know what to call him so he would settle for boyfriend's hair.

The small fairy groaned quietly, leaning into Mithus' touch. He hadn't thought they would end up blessing kitchen surfaces, but he didn't care that it was happening. Ellyra draped his arms around his lover's shoulders, kissing him back in much the same manner.

Kianthos sighed contentedly. Shampoo felt much better in his hair than chocolate syrup, and he liked the way Sollius' fingers felt as they worked the shampoo in as well. It was very soothing, even though it made him shiver slightly.

Mithus found he had easy access to his lover from this height and he leaned down, taking him into his mouth, sucking tightly on him. He suddenly felt like subitting to the other's every wish as he ran his hands along his stomach. He moaned around the length of the other, enjoying the feel of him as he sucked.

Sollius hummed a nameless tune as he began to rinse the other's hair, then starting on the conditioner, smiling at how soft the other's hair became. "You have very nice hair." He said while working the conditioner through. "And your hair will thankfully be back to normal." He added, leaning down to kiss the other's nose before starting the rinsing process.

Ellyra moaned in answer, tipping his head back and burying his fingers in Mithus' hair. He didn't want to control his movement, he only wanted to feel that movement more keenly. The muscles of his legs tensed, and he curled and uncurled his bare toes with each spasm of pleasure that ran along his spine.

Kianthos chuckled at Sollius' cuteness, closing his eyes so that he wouldn't get shampoo in his eyes. When his hair was rinsed, he quickly kissed the human on the cheek. "Is it my turn to wash your hair now?" he asked, sounding humorously innocent.

Mithus sucked harder at his lover's length, enjoying the feel of his hands ,in his hair, he sucked the other in completely while bringing up a hand to press into him. He wanted him to beg him for release before he would grant it to him. He groaned, thinking how nice it would be to be inside the other.

Sollius fought back a large grin that slipped onto his face. He nodded. "That would be delightful." He said, turning around so his head was in the other's lap, he couldn't wait for his hair to be washed, it was one of his favorite feelings.

Ellyra gasped and then groaned, biting his lower lip, his fingers tightening in Mithus' hair, pulling just a little. It was one of the most maddeningly wonderful things he had ever experienced, his lover's smooth tongue and the way he was sucking were enough to send him over the edge, easily. But he held out for now, already feeling an intense desire for the other to make love to him once again.

Feigning a very professional air and wearing a rather silly serious face, Kianthos reached for the same shampoo bottle Sollius had used only a few moments ago. He poured some into his hands first, then dragged his fingers over his hair and in it, working slowly and deliberately.

Mithus released the other from his mouth, kissing him. "Do you want me?" He asked, kissing his neck and pressin his length teasing to his lover's entrance. He wanted him. Wanted badly to be inside him. To make that connection of love with him again.

Sollius groaned in sheer bliss. "Ohhh yeah!You have brilliant hands." He said, cooing as the other worked his hair. He felt his eyes flutter and then close. He could have easily fallen asleep in the position.

"Badly..." Ellyra answered, moaning at the teasing contact and moving his hands to Mithus' strong shoulder. "Please, take me..." he begged in a rather seductive manner, rolling his hips just a little.

Kianthos snorted in laughter at the slightly awkward phrasing that the other had chosen, but continued to work the shampoo into a fine lather. He had never really washed someone else's hair before, but it was actually kind of fun. He used conditioner next, following the same order Sollius had. "Enjoying yourself?" he asked.

Mithus smiled and pressed himself slowly inside the other. He kissed him sweetly, enjoying the still sugary taste of the other, making him moan. "Mnnn." He muttered against the other's lips.

Sollius thought about his words, blushing. "Wow that sounded sexual. Yes I am highly enjoying myself thank you.. that feels so nice." He said, shivering and giving the other's leg a nuzzle.

Ellyra shivered and held tightly to his lover, moaning rather loudly and deeply into their kiss. Mithus was a wonderfully gentle and thorough lover, though sometimes his thoroughness was agonizing. He moved his hips just a little again, urging the other to move just a little faster.

Laughing, Kianthos commented on Sollius' nuzzling his leg. "And speaking of sexual..." He smirked, beginning to rinse the conditioner out of his hair, running his fingers through his hair as he did so.

Mithus smiled as he understood his lover's silent plea. He thrust faster and harder into him, being sure to keep his genle pace as he did so. He smiled and kissed him, moaning at how he felt beng with him. Always around the other he felt so loved and loving.

Sollius didn't pick up on the other's comment. He moaned happily as the other's hands worked out the conditioner. "Ohh yeah." He said, sitting up once it was all done. "That's a million times better." He said, grabbing a sponge. "Let me get your back?"

Ellyra sighed and moaned somewhat alternately, sort of hoping his vocalizations didn't permeate the walls so that Kianthos and Sollius would be able to hear. The surface of the counter beneath him hurt just a little, since it was flat and hard and unable to conform to his body shape. Mithus fit him perfectly, though, and he moved his hips in time with the thrusts.

"Sure." Kianthos allowed it and turned away from the other, flipping his wet hair over his shoulder so that there would be a minimal amount of soap deposited back into his hair. He didn't present any conditions this time, but hoped he could do the same for Sollius in a moment or two.

Mithus smiled and kissed the others neck, biting it gently as he did so.He loved being able to give the other pleasure and he strived to to so the best he knew how. "I love you." He whispered softly before beginning to thrust hard inside the other.

Sollius poured liquid soap onto the sponge and began to lightly rub the soap all along the other's back, anywhere he could reach. He shivered and traced his fingers as well, making small patterns in the suds.

"I love you, too." Ellyra answered breathlessly before moaning loudly as Mithus increased his force. He was in pure bliss, and the muscle tension was building slowly in his abdomen, signaling that his bliss would not last forever.

Kianthos shivered as well, closing his eyes. It felt good, though the other was just playing in the bubbles, and he couldn't wait to cause his own mischief when he washed Sollius' back in turn. He had plans that he was sure the other would not entirely object to.

Mithus noticed that his lover was soon to be close. He slipped his fingers about his length, stroking him gently as he moved faster to add onto the thrusts he made that had become harder. He shivered in pleasure.

Sollius didn't think he was allowed to touch the other so much , but he did as much as he felt he could get away with, washing the suds from his back. "There, all clean on the back!"

There was a slightly breathless sound at the end of each pleasureful sound that escaped him now, and it made him slightly quieter. His eyes were closed, and he focused only on feeling every stroke and thrust, his fingers digging into Mithus' shoulders.

Kianthos turned around and smiled. "My turn," he said, deftly grabbing the sponge from the other. He pressed at Sollius' shoulders, the properties of water making it easy for him to turn the other around. Quietly, he ran the sponge along the smooth skin of his back, though he was formulating what exactly he would do to be mischevious.

Mithus smiled as he heard his lover's moans, he could barely contain his own as he kissed him. If he wasn't afraid of alerting the other two he would have moaned as loud as he knew how with how great it felt, how much his lover pleasured him just by Mithus being inside. He kissed his neck, shuddering as he felt the other's hands dig into his shoulders.

Sollius was all ready in a pleasurefilled bliss. He shivered slightly, enjoying very much the feeling of the sponge. "Mnnnnn niiiice." He said, feeling like it was very much a good back rub.He was practically purring.

"Nnnn...ahh...Mithus...!" Ellyra couldn't contain his voice at all, and he was just on the verge of orgasm now. Only a little longer and it would be finished, but he didn't want to come without his lover, and he tried his best to hold out, whimpering and whispering his name.

Kianthos chuckled. "Oh, really...?" His voice was a whisper, mischevious, almost seductive. He leaned forward and breathed against the shell of Sollius' ear, chuckling once again, though he continued to wash his back.

Mithus groaned, shuddering in pleasure as he spilled, he could no longer hold it in. "Ellyra!" He called out loudly, rather sure that his loudness had been heard into the other room, making him blush as he shuddered in orgasm. He stroked the other still, hoping to bring him soon.

Sollius blushed. He shivered as the other's voice and breath seemed to carress his skin. He fought a moan, said moan became even harder to fight as he heard the pleasure from his brother. "Oh, sounds like they're having fun."

The extra prompting wasn't really necesary, and Ellyra reached his climax at almost the same time Mithus had, his head thrown back. He called his lover's name once again, this time louder, probably loud enough for the other two to hear him as well.

"Mhmm, indeed..." Kianthos smiled, now leaning away once more to rinse the soap from Sollius back, then leaning forward again and kissing the nape of his neck. It was too much fun to be mischevious like this, though he was entirely serious about it at the same time.

Mithus sighed in accomplishment, holding the other close. He kissed him."Mn, that's much better." He said, checking on their food."And we still have time." He lay his head on the other's chest, listening to his steady and sped up heartbeat.

Sollius gasped and gave a nervous chuckle."So uhh we're all clean now right?" He asked, feeling that they should be helping the others, but also feeling he should oh so readily submit to the other. He groaned lowly in th e back of his throat, unable to make up his mind.

Ellyra giggled. "I hope our guests still want to eat the food, even after we have blessed the countertop." He supposed blessing the dining room table could wait until they did not have guests anymore.

"Yes, we are." Kianthos answered simply. He guessed that this could be saved for later, and that they should probably have been helping the others. "Come, let us go and help them." He leaned forward once more. "We're sharing a room tonight, remember?" He whispered and smirked.

Mithus laughed."If they want to eat they won't say a word." He said, grinning."Besides, they won't be eating on it, just the table." He grinned and kissed his lover. "Mn, let's start cleaning. Do we have wine or anything?"

Sollius blushed darkly. "Oh how right you are!" He said, getting out of the tub and wraping a towel around himself. "So, we should uhhh dress and.. go eat." He handed the other a towel and decided he couldn't wait to get the other in the bed that night.

"I think we do, at least, if I remember right we do." Ellyra hopped off of the counter and began to look around in cupboards. "Ah, here we go." He pulled out a bottle with no label, and it was not the only bottle, luckily. One bottle would never have been enough for four people. "And I think the food is done now." He smiled.

Kianthos accepted the towel with another mischevious smirk, climbing out of the tub as well. He quickly dried his hair and the rest of his body without actually wrapping up in it, and dressed just as quickly. He wasn't exactly used to moving slowly, since most of his routines were meant to be done quickly. "Yes, let's go eat." He smiled and kissed Sollius on the cheek again before sauntering out the door.

Mithus smiled, helping him set the table. Upon seeing the others he grinned. "Oh there you are, start cleaning." He said, immediately ushering them to clean while he immediately grabbed napkins that had been forgottn.

Sollius grinned and wished there was an easy way to clean. "Yeah yeah we get it bro." He said, huffing. "So uhhhh sounded like you guys had fun with our meal." He said, smirking.

Ellyra blushed at Sollius' comment, and moved to set the wine bottles on the table. "Not with. Only while it was cooking." He moved back and forth between the kitchen and the dining room, carrying food. "Perhaps the cleaning could wait until after our meal? I would like everyone to eat together, and I would rather not wait while they clean this." Ellyra smiled and looked at Mithus imploringly, since he had given the order to start cleaning.

Kianthos chuckled and scrubbed at the flour that was covering everything with a wet rag. He too wished there was an easier way to clean, and there might have been, but he didn't feel like being lazy this time, and so he helped clean the kitchen manually. As he moved about the kitchen, he just about slipped in some chocolate syrup that had made it to the floor.

Mithus huffed. "I guess." He said, not liking the messy state of their kitchen. "Okay guys you can stop cleaning for now, but after dinner..." He sounded like a parent as he chided them, sitting aside his lover. "I can't wait to try that beautiful desert you made." He said, pressing a kiss to his cheek.

Sollius had all ready cleaned up most of his part as well, snorting as the other almost slipped. "I thought fairies were graceful. He said, grinning in mischiviousness. He kissed the other's cheek as his part of the mess was cleaned up, including the bit on the floor and he sat beside his brother.

Ellyra smiled. "As long as you eat food first." He too sounded like a parent, but he playfully stroked the tip of his finger along Mithus' jaw. He didn't like how messy their kitchen was either, but he was hungry, so it could wait. Plus, it was getting late. He didn't want them to eat too close to bedtime. They would all dream funny things if they did.

"Fairies are graceful, until someone dumps chocolate on them." Kianthos smiled. He really had the most to clean up, since flour seemed to travel easily, but sat next to Sollius on his other side. "I hope there's nothing weird in the food, you two." He laughed.

Mithus smiled and kissed his lover, enjoying his sweetness. "Tell me how the food is guys." He said as the other two sat down. He was very prideful of his cooking and wanted to be praised.

Sollius tasted the stew his brother made and moaned in delight. "Oh wow.. it's damn good, Mith." He said, dipping a piece of the bread he had made into the stew, feeling his whole body quiver with the deliciousness of their items. "My gods I might move in with you if this is what you'll be cooking."

Ellyra giggled, eating a little of his stew also. "Oh, it is good..." he said almost in wonder. He wasn't sure he wanted Sollius moving in though, at least not immediately. He knew it was a joke, but he and Mithus had a lot of surfaces left to bless, and he didn't want Sollius and Kianthos to get to them first.

"I think if you moved in with them, you would have to listen to their alone time a lot. Is it worth it, just for food?" Kianthos laughed. Mithus' cooking skills were quite good, but he couldn't resist pointing out how much random sex the other couple seemed to have.

Mithus grinned at that. "Yeah guys, no one is moving in here until we can completely bless this house.. even if that means going on the roof." He took a sip of his drink and sat back. "Ah I saved just enough room for that desert. You guys are slow."

Sollius twitched when he thought about it. "Yeah.. they do....have a lot of sex." He said, trying to not laugh about the ordeal. "I was just kidding anyhow. I can make my own house around here somewhere." He continued to eat his stew.

Ellyra poked Mithus in the stomach. He was eating slowly too, but ate a little faster as that was pointed out to him. If he ate too slowly, his body would trick him into thinking he had eaten more, anyway. He hadn't even blushed when Kianthos and Sollius commented on his and Mithus' personal life this time, and he was happy with himself. He was growing more accustomed.

"Ah, you could make your own house, but it would take much longer than it took to make your brother's. This is partly fairy magic, remember? You would need my help or something." Kianthos grinned and quickly finished his stew, then downed his glass of wine. He liked throwing in these little suggestions. It was fun.

Mithus grinned at his lover poking him. He inturn grabbed the boy's thigh under the table, trailing his hand up farther than was probably proper. A wicked thought flashed through his mind but he decided to try to not follow through with it until desert was served.. unless one of the other two decided to do the serving.

Sollius beamed. "Well I suppose if you could help build it I could always use some company." He said, looking Kianthos in the eyes in a most romantic way. He thought it would be nice to have company, especially the company of what seemed to be a new forming romance with him.

Ellyra jumped slightly, glancing at Mithus as covertly as possible. Was he really planning something so diabolical during their meal? He took a quick drink of his wine, probably a larger drink than necessary, and felt a little heat flash across his face. He attempted to watch the two across the table to distract himself, and their obvious chemistry was cute, but it wasn't distracting enough, even though he hadn't attempted to stop Mithus yet.

Kianthos felt a sudden urge to kiss Sollius, but stopped himself since they were at the table with their kin. It was hardly proper. "I think...everyone is finished, no? I'll go get dessert." He excused himself to retrieve the dessert Ellyra had made, sad that he had ruined that romantic moment with Sollius. He would make it up to him later, however.

Mithus smiled as luck seemed to fall in his fortune. He glanced at his lover and with a sly smirk leaned over to whisper. "Are you all right?" He asked, trailing the hand unseen up even further. He was hoping his lover wouldn't be uncomfortable with him doing such things, but he just wanted to please him in this way.

Sollius pouted as the other left. He thought maybe it would be good considering that the other was two seconds away from being kissed. And the ther two may have thought it rude. He couldn't wait for desert though, he wondered what kind of pie Ellyra had made.

To himself, Ellyra couldn't deny that he was a little uncomfortable, but only because he wondered how far Mithus would go in front of their guests. "I'm fine, but don't you think they'll notice?" He whispered back, chewing on his lower lip and trying not to blush. He wasn't exactly accomplished at keeping his voice under control yet, and this could escalate into a very awkward situation.

Kianthos sighed as he entered the kitchen, just remembering his mess of flour and that he would have to clean up after dessert. He hoped they wouldn't get stuck with dishes. He held the pie gently with both hands, treating it with care since it was his little brother's creation, and he carried it back into the dining room. "Dessert." He announced simply and set it on the table.

Mithus pouted as he saw his lover wasn't comfortable. "Mn, I'll stop tormenting you." He said, wanting to taste some of the delicious pie as well. He suddenly couldn't help himself, trailing his hand further up his lover's tunic like outfit, lightly running his fingers along the concealed length.

Sollius smiled. "Oh it looks so good! Well since Ellyra made it he gets to cut the pieces and he gets the biggest." He got the pie cutter from the kitchen drawer and handed it handle first to Ellyra. "If you want to that is.." Thinking he embarrassed the other as he noticed his blush.

Ellyra pursed his lips to keep from gasping in surprise and pleasure. "'s have Kianthos cut it give his familial and my marriage with Mithus!" He attempted a smile, though he knew it was obvious how shaky and strange his voice sounded. He held out the pie cutter to his brother.

Kianthos gave his little brother a strange look, smirking and narrowing his eyes. "Well, of course." He took the pie cutter and cut the dessert into sections. "In celebration of the marriage of our brothers." He gave Sollius a look, serving the dessert to the other three and himself last.

Mithus paled when his little brother had made that announcement and he shot Kianthos a look of thanks, continuing to stroke his lover idly while nibbling on his piece of pie. "Mnn this is delicious darling!" He said, savoring the sweetness in his mouth.

Sollius was unaware of what was going on, too busy day dreaming about Kianthos. As he tasted the pie his situation resturned to him and he smiled brightly. "Yes! Thank you for baking it Ellyra, it's wonderful!" He said, humming at the taste. "What kind of pie is it?"

"Thank you," Ellyra answered his lover, attempting to eat his slice of pie so that his situation would not be more obvious, but it backfired as he noticed his silverware shaking in his hand. "It's, uh, strawberry and peach." He answered Sollius. He ate it quickly, finding it difficult to concentrate on chewing and swallowing.

Kianthos concealed his amusement well, and he thought he was rather sure he knew what was going on. He caught on when he saw Ellyra's hand shaking, putting it together with his jerky speech and flushed face. Ah, Mithus was naughty, then. How cute. He finished as quickly as possible, waiting for Sollius to finish so he could excuse them both for the sake of his poor little brother.

Mithus chuckled. He tightened his grip on his lover's length, finding it fun to be naughty to him. He didn't know why but it excited him to know he was getting away with something. or not since Kianthos saw, but it was still pleasurfull to him to torment his lover in the presence of company. His unoccupied hand continued to put mouthfulls of pie in his mouth, enjoying every second.

Sollius stared as Kianthos finished so quick. "Why are you so fast?" He asked, huffing and taking his time. He didnt want to go back to cleaning and he was enjoying his pie wayy to much. He reached and grabbed another piece. "You should reallly make your own pie business." He said to Ellyra.

Ellyra covered his mouth to stifle a little moan, tipping his head down. Perhaps he could used the pretense of having to sneeze if anyone asked? "Um, sure, I guess I a...source of income..." He couldn't look up at Kianthos or Sollius. He would die of embarrassment if he did. He couldn't even begin to think of a way to get Mithus back for this.

"It was just so good, I couldn't help myself. But I'm full now. Sollius, why don't you bring that with you, and you can keep me company in the kitchen while I clean up my mess?" Kianthos didn't want to give away what was going on. He could see that Mithus was having fun, even at Ellyra's expense. He excused himself from the table and took his dishes with him to put them in the sink.

Mithus watched his brother carefully. "Mn. Yes, why don't you two go and.. play or something." He said, stroking his lover faster. He carressed him under the table, enjoying the feel of the other's hardened organ. He couldn't wait until their wedding dinner. The King and Queen would be present.

Sollius giggled. "Awe you just want to spend time with me." He said, getting up and placing his dishes in the sink too. "Well, call us when you finish. Okay?" He said, not knowing how odd that sounded, and not knowing how the situation was. He hopped to the sink. "After you guys are done we will get back to cleaning."

As soon as the others were out of the room, Ellyra uncovered his mouth and let out a low moan. "Gods, you're so evil..." This was his form of dirty talk. Some part of him, probably the part receiving the attention, liked what was going on, the taboo nature of these acts being made slightly public. He gripped the edge of the table, his knuckles turning white.

Kianthos couldn't resist chuckling a little at the convenient timing of Sollius' statements. He began scrubbing at the flour on the kitchen surfaces again, hoping that the couple in the dining room, or really just Ellyra, would be able to keep his voice down. He thought maybe it might be fun to tell Sollius a little later, but for now it was a funny secret.

Mithus chuckled at his lover's words. "Mn, but you like it." He insisted, continuing his pace. He leaned forward and whispered. "But it was nice no? To be doing something so horrible with company around? You liked it just a little I hope?" He kissed his ear, continuing to pleasure the other.

Sollius helped the other clean, volunteering for the dishes as well.After everything was done. He hummed. "Well, I think we should go say goodnight to Mithus and Ellyra." He said, drying the dishes and putting them in the cupboard.

Ellyra moaned in answer, covering his mouth to keep the noise from carrying into the kitchen. Yes, he did enjoy it, but he was still embarrassed. He still gripped the edge of the table, but he turned his head so that Mithus could see his expression, biting his lower lip to keep from making so much noise.

Kianthos, who had heard the noise that Ellyra made before he was able to stifle it, and he made a quick move to prevent Sollius from going back into the dining room. "No, you can't!" He grabbed his wrist. "I wouldn't go back in there if I were you."

Mithus smiled and kissed the other, doing so passionately to hide his lover's moan, stroking him tighter and a little faster. He urged his lover to come, urged him to finish for him. He wondered if they would be walked in on as he heard the noise from outside the kitchen.

Sollius looked at his lover confused. "Why not?" He asked, oblivious to anything that had been going on. He thought a moment and still couldn't see a reason he wouldn't be allowed back in the kitchen. "Is there something wrong?"

Ellyra needed very little urging, moaning into the kiss and thankful for its muffling quality. With only a few more strokes, he reached his climax, his hips arching off the chair and almost hitting the edge of the table. Now it was probably safe for anyone to walk in, since he was finished, though still panting.

"No, there's nothing wrong. It's just..." Kianthos stopped to listen, and he didn't hear anything. "'s just that your brother decided to play a game before dinner was over, and it's something that you probably don't want to see before it's finished." He looked at Sollius with wide eyes, trying to emphasize his point.

Mithus laughed as he held his lover. "Feel better?" He asked, kissing the other once more on the lips. He looked at his sperm covered hand and grabbed the paper towels. "Twice in one night.. no three times.. very nice."

Sollius didn't quite get it, "What do you mean?" He asked, thinking and thinking and being completly naieve. He giggled at the oter's urgency though. "We just left there.. I don't see why we can't go back into the room...."

"If you keep making me do that, I'll die." Ellyra pouted. He wasn't sure he would actually die, but he might die of embarrassment. "Maybe we should check and make sure the kitchen is clean now?" He hopped out of the chair and steadied himself on slightly shaky legs. He was starting to get a little lightheaded from the lack of blood to his brain, though it was quickly returning.

Kianthos sighed and let go of Sollius' wrist. How old was this kid again? It seemed silly that he didn't understand what he meant. He dragged his hand down his face. "Look, I'll tell you later, okay?" Actually, he planned to show him. "It's probably safe to go back in there now."

Mithus laughed. "I know I am sorry sweety. I shouldn't have done that all under the table and such." He felt bad suddenly as he stabled his lover while entering the other room. He held his hand, lovingly.

Sollius pouted slightly. "Ohhh.. uh ok." He felt silly not knowing what the other was talking about, causing a small huff to come from his chest. "So not fair." He mumbled. He opened the door to see them. "Hey guys! All cleaned up!"

"No, it's fine. It was actually kind of fun..." Ellyra blushed, blushing brighter as Sollius opened the door. He hoped he hadn't heard him, but he was pretty sure Kianthos had heard most of the whole thing. "Um, great you two, thank you for cleaning up. Should we all retire for the evening?"

Kianthos followed quietly, trying to hide the smile that crept up on his lips, his hand resting on Sollius' shoulder. He looked at Mithus and smirked knowingly. "I wouldn't mind that." He was actually a little eager to go to bed because he had a few things in mind for Sollius.

Mithus grinned. "Good! See you guys in the morning." He said, humming. When they were out of ear shot he smiled to his lover. "Why don't we get you a bath hmn?"He asked, resting his hand on the other's rear. He leant down and kissed his beloved's cheek, smilng happily.

Sollius huffed. "They left so quickly!" He said, pouting. "Oh well. Soo bed time it is!" He agreed, yawning and leading the other to the guest room. "Now.. what were you talking about earlier that I soooo obviously didn't get?" He asked, slipping his shirt off.

"Oh, I suppose that might be nice. I haven't had one in a while. Are you coming with me, or waiting for me to come to bed?" Ellyra stood on tiptoe to kiss Mithus back on the cheek. He accompanied him to their room anyway to shed his clothes before going to bathe. Everyone in the house was male. What did it matter if someone saw him naked?

Kianthos yawned as a reflex to the other yawning. "Like I said, your brother decided to play a game. He was being naughty. Touching Ellyra inappropriately under the dinner table." He smirked and then stripped off his own shirt, appraising Sollius' figure since he had already been in the bathtub when he saw him before.

Mithus smiled. "I will go with you." He said, feeling the after happenings of both of their sessions today still on him rather owningly. He kissed the other and stripped as well, following after. "Mn it's ging to be nice to have our first bath togther.. "

Sollius snorted. "Woah.. that explains why Ellyra was so red.." He said, laughin. "Wow.. I can't believe Mith would do that." He said, shaking his head while pulling back the bedding. "This bed looks nice." He said, admiring how soft it looked. He sat on the edge and immediately layed down, rather pleased with it.

Ellyra laughed a little. "I know we'll fit in the tub together, since our brothers did." He grinned, then added, "Wanna race to the bathroom?" It seemed silly, and it wasn't as if enough of his energy hadn't been expended already, but he felt like a game with the other.

Kianthos rolled his eyes. It was quite possible he knew his brother too well, but it was only because he had caught him alone once that he knew his facial expression. He followed Sollius to the bed and sat down next to him. "I believe we have something to finish...?"

Mithus grinned. "I'll give you a head start." He said, chuckling and slapping the other's rear. He waited for him to take off, rather certain he could win considering the other was shorter than he was, he seemed to forget the other was a fairy.

Sollius blushed brightly. "I.. sure." He said, smiling. "Where did we leave off though?" He asked, lookng at the other shyly, chewing on his lower lip while watching him. He was sure the other meant sexually.

Ellyra turned for a second, hopping on one foot, and stuck his tongue out at Mithus before speeding off down the hall. He didn't really need the head start, but being underestimated gave him an advantage and he made it to the bathroom very quickly.

"Don't tell me you forgot..." Kianthos smirked and traced Sollius' jaw with his fingertip, leaning in to breathe a kiss against his lips. "You look nervous...are you?"

Mithus blinked as the other was all ready there. "Oh come on!" He pouted, running. "Ohhh I knew I shouldn't have done that. Silly fairy." He said, huffing and kissing the other. "Fast little thing, aren't you?"

Sollius blushed and kissed the other. "No I didn't really forget.. yes I am nervous.. I have done stuff before but.. how far are we going?" He asked, not mentioning kissing and touching was the 'stuff' he had done.

"Mmhm, and I don't even like running. But you can do the honors." Ellyra gestured toward the bathtub, indicating that Mithus should get in first. The water was already hot and ready. The water was calling to him, and he wanted to get all of the dirt that had been building up on his body.

Kianthos smiled, again, knowingly. "Don't worry, we won't go farther than you are ready to." He kissed the side of his mouth and then his jaw and then his neck. "You don't have to pretend you're experienced." He whispered against his skin.

Mithus smiled and sat in the water, making a noise of approval. "Oh yeah.. it's nice hun." He said, patting the water. "Come sit with me because I miss you and you should be clean too." He said, grabbing the soap and soaping up a sponge.

Sollius blushed and kissed the other's cheek and lips. "Okayyy I haven't gone farther than kissing and touching." He said, blushing a rather dark shade of red. "Ermm.. let's take it slow?" He kissed the other involvingly.

"Surely. The water looks inviting, especially with you in it." Ellyra winked and climbed into the tub with Mithus. "Mmmm...the water is nice, you're right." He sank down into the water up to his shoulders, his legs touching his lover's.

Kianthos chuckled. "Ah, that's better. Yes, of course we can go slowly." He kissed Sollius back, enjoying his little bit of initiative. He pulled the boy close, placing his hands on his hips and keeping them there for the time being.

Mithus smiled and began to soap the other, sitting him foreward to wash his back. "I never thought I would settle down, but I am glad that stupid elf cast me down the cliff, for I have you!" He said, feeling oddly romantic being in the bath with his lover he loved with all of his heart.

Sollius couldn't help that he was very aroused by the other suddenly. His hands on his hips made him feel comfortable and secure. He kissed him deeper, wrapping his arms around his neck while he pulled the other atop of him.

"Ah, my entire life has been settling down, my parents trying to marry me off and such. My only adventure was walking along the river. You're an adventure, Mithus. It seems we have traded off." He smiled, though his lover couldn't see it since he was facing away.

Kianthos smiled into their kiss, now straddling the human and holding himself up with one arm. The hand that was not supporting him ran through Sollius' hair and down his neck and his side. He was not going to touch him yet, not more than this, and he concentrated on kissing him.

Mithus laughed. "Mn I am glad we had a good adventure as this one. I never thought though.. honestly. Hmn, so what are we doing about the wedding date?" He asked, hoping they would be married soon. "I bet the other kingdoms are going to be irritated.. " He smirked then at the thought. He had stolen the beauty that was his lover from all other possible suitors.

Sollius found himself readily submitting. "You can.. go farther." He said, noticing the other wasn't moving that hand down farther to feel him and he found himself wishing it would. He wanted to be touched, played with, owned, kissed, taken. Only if this other promised to love him.

"Oh, they probably will be. But not anymore irritated than they would have been if I had been married off to someone else. Perhaps, though, since you are a human of little social rank, they will be angry. But that is not their business. I love you, and that is what's important." Ellyra sighed. "I think maybe in a month or so would be a good time for our wedding. A month should be long enough to send word to whoever might be coming, and long enough for us to prepare, right?"

Chuckling, Kianthos answered, "I was only waiting for your permission, love." His hand did trail further, feeling Sollius' arousal through his pants, tracing along it teasingly. He had a generally gentle nature, so controlling his desire was not too difficult, though he wanted to love Sollius completely.

Mithus agreed with his lover. "A month will be brilliant time." He said, kissing him. " At least it should be.. how many will come?" He asked, wondering if the wedding would be large or small, he couldn't care either way. He was dreading though if people made a fuss about him being human.

Sollius let the feeling wash over him, making him shudder. "Maybe we can go farther than I thought." He said, finding that the other didn't frighten him at all and that he trusted him seemingly completely. "You can have me if you can tell me honestly that you love me.. " He said, unsure if the other could so soon.

"I'm not sure yet. It depends how many friends and family you might want to invite, plus my family, and however many others my mother and father decide to invite. I assume that would include nobles from other kingdoms and such." Ellyra anticipated the crowd at their wedding would be overruled by uptight and boring aristocrats. Ah, well, perhaps the humans would make up for it?

Kianthos stopped touching Sollius almost completely, only to place his hands on either side of his face and look into his eyes. "Sollius, I love you." He hoped he would be able to read the sincerity in his eyes, that he could feel his honesty. He did love this human beneath him, and he wanted to be with him, to have a relationship like their brothers did.

Mithus huffed. "I don't even know half of them!" He pouted. "Would those oh so I am sure polite, other nobles mind not coming? Or would they be offended. We don't need millions there, unless that's what you want. Just you, your family and mine is all needed really." He said, rubbing his lover's back.

Sollius blushed. "But we just met." He said, feeling odd suddenly. "I mean.. I feel strong attraction to you, but I don't love you yet.. I can't love you yet. It would be folly to just give my heart out. I don't even know you that much..." He was frustrated suddenly. It wasn't that he didn't believe the other, he just didn't know what to do.

"I do know them, and that makes me want them there even less. It was just a guess at who my parents might invite. Yes, we can just invite our families. If those nobles are offended, they'll get over it." Ellyra laughed. If the aristocracy had nothing to do but complain about not being invited to weddings, then that was their problem.

Kianthos couldn't help but to chuckle again. "All right, I understand. If you haven't decided whether you love me or not, then don't give yourself to me. This can wait until you are more comfortable." He moved off of him and kissed him on the cheek, sitting next to him.

Mithus grinned. "Good. It's not like I don't want to make them happy but.. I don't care about them. It's about us not about some stuffy weird people that get all.. judging. I would like to feel comfortable at our wedding." He stated, kissing his lovers cheek. "I am sure you would to.. it might be odd having a bunch of rude people stare at you on your wedding day."

Sollius smiled thankfully and hugged him. "I'll come around eventually." He stated matter of a fact, kissing hs cheek. "But for now we should take it slow and just date for a while. I don't mind sleeping beside you of course." He said, feeling relaxed around the other. He may have been in love with the other. But he didn't know how to tell.

Ellyra smiled. "I've had rude people stare at me my whole life. It comes with being part of royalty, one of its pitfalls. But it would nice to have only the essentials, only the people I love at the wedding." He turned. "Do I get to wash you now? Is that how this bath is going to work?"

"Take your time, Sollius. I will wait for you." Kianthos truly meant it. He had never met someone that was like Sollius, so tough and happy and cute at the same time. He laid down next to the human and draped his arm across him, holding him close.

Mithus grinned at his lover. "If you want to. I was liking my pampering of you though." He said, humming to the other. He pressed a kiss to his lips. "You're delicious." He said, grinning. "I am sorry again about dinner.. I really should be more .. thinking about such things."

Sollius smiled. "Thank you." He said, kissing his beloved. "It means a lot." He snuggled against him, closing his eyes while he decided to try and drift off to sleep. He had felt so strongly about trying to couple with this man earlier, but now he was being cautious and it just didn't suit his character.

"It's fine, really. I said it was kind of fun. I didn't mind it. The adrenaline it caused was the fun part, you know." Ellyra giggled and stole the sponge from Mithus, beginning to soap up his chest playfully. "I know you just can't resist me..." He smirked and kissed him on the cheek.

Kianthos found that he was suddenly very tired, what with all of the strange goings-on at dinner and the food fight in the kitchen before that, it had been a stressful but fun day. The bed was very comfortable, and he was comfortable sleeping with Sollius. It was easy for him to fall asleep.

Mithus smiled. "How could I ever?" He asked, kissing the other as he was soaped. "Why would I ever for that matter?" He asked, laughing. He was very proud of all he had accomplished within the last couple of days. Getting engaged, falling in love, getting a house..the world was looking up to him.

Sollius feel asleep quite as fast, sighing content as his eyes closed and he found himself not dreaming, just sleeping peacefully. He loved he could sleep so easy. He felt so protect by the other that held him, nothing was like the pleasure he felt.

Ellyra smiled genuinely, which he always seemed to do around Mithus. "Well, I feel just the same about you." He continued to cover him in soapy bubbles, now covering his shoulders and massaging with his tiny hands, which was a little difficult, considering the physique of the human soldier. "You smell good now..." he commented, giggling. He realized that it was very late, suddenly, and he thought they would probably be going to bed after their bath. The warmth of the bath made him quite aware of how stressful, but fun, the day had been.

Mithus chuckled. " Did I smell bad before?" He asked, smiling at his little lover. "I think we need to sleep by the way. We've had one exciting day." He grinned and kissed the other, stepping out of the tub and grabbing them towels. "Two towels or just one?"

"No, you didn't smell bad before. You just smell like soap now." Ellyra giggled again and followed Mithus out of the tub, taking one of the towels. "Two," he replied and smiled. "We do need to sleep. That bath made me tired." He yawned as he dried his hair.

"Yes..," He handed the other the other towel and then grinned. "Yeah bed time sounds nice. Besides I can wear that new elfen sleeping robe I acquired in town today. DOn't you think? I should be incredibly cuddley." He said, smirking.

"I'm sure it is. We'll find out." Ellyra smiled, leaving his towel on the floor to walk back to their room naked. He figured Sollius and Kianthos were asleep by now, and he didn't want to take a damp towel to their room and forget about it. It would mold. It was cooler out in the hallway, though, and he shivered at the temperature change, wrapping his arms around himself. He would be warmer once he got to their room and put on some clothes.

Mithus grinned as he did the same with the towels and walked to their room with the other. Upon entering he found his bathrobe and placed it on, humming. "Ah yes, incredibly comfortable!" He said, humming to himself. "Oh our lives are the best!" He was very pleased with his life at that moment. He looked at the other with love. "Gods I love you."

Ellyra smiled and looked at Mithus lovingly, answering, "I love you too." He slipped his own robe over his head, sighing in contentment at keeping the chill out. He patted the bed next to him. "Let's go to sleep, shall we?" With that, he climbed under the covers.

Mithus nodded and curled up next to the other. "Wow just think of it. This is our first night sleeping together in our own house. One day this house wil have little ones, we'll be parents, we'll be forever the happiest people.. I am so happy I have you." He said softly, tracing the other's cheek as he spoke.

Ellyra yawned, though not in response, and smiled a little sleepily. "That sounds wonderful." He sighed and cuddled against Mithus, easy with his own small size. He was sure he was already the happiest he had ever been, and he wasn't sure he could be happier, but he looked forward to his life with Mithus, the children they would raise, and the way they would live quietly here in the woods. He closed his eyes, ready for sleep and dreaming.


Mithus woke to the sound of his brother padding into his room. He heard a rather obnoxious whisper.

Sollius grinned. "Heyyyy Miiiithuuuussss you should totally make me breakfast!" He said, having snuck out of bed. He didn't want to waken his lover as he begged for food that his stomach demanded loudly. He clasped a hand over his stomach as though to quiet it. "Feeeeed meeeeeee."

Mithus huffed. He debated for only a mooment whether or not to actually help the other out with breakfast. "Well.. I guess." He sighed, runing a hand through Ellyra's hair affectionately, placing a kiss on his lover's cheek before he rose, tightened his robe and walked out of the room, deciding to make breakfast for everyone.

Ellyra woke when Mithus touched his hair and kissed him, though he didn't end up rolling over and getting out of bed until after he had left the room with Sollius. He stood, yawned, and stretched his arms over his head, and then decided that he would see his brother while the others worked on breakfast. Luckily, the house was new, so none of the floorboards squeaked as he made his way to one of the guest bedrooms. He knocked quietly on the door. "Kianthos...are you awake?"

Kianthos was a habitual early riser, and had already been awake for about fifteen minutes when Ellyra knocked on the door. "Come in. What did you need?" He was sitting on the edge of the bed, his shirt still off from the night before, which happened to be what he was thinking about. He invited his little brother to sit next to him.

Sollius grinned as he got his brother up and walked to the kitchen with him. "Sooo thank you for making breakfast!" He said, smiling. "I also.. had a few questions I was curious about." He said, pouting.

Mithus looked curiously at the other. "And they would be?" He asked as he retrieved the eggs, and some left over bread and pie from last nihgt, making him think about yesterday with a grin.

"How do you know you're in love?" Sollius asked, blushing slightly.

Mithus smirked. "Well you feel light and your heart flutters around the person you love. You don't fight too much and you ten to want to follow the other person around.. why?"

"Welllll I was just curious." He said, giving the other a small pout.

Ellyra sat next to Kianthos and looked at the floor for a little bit, sighing. "Well, I was only wondering...are you going to leave like I did?" He was referring to the kingdom of course, to his royal position and his right to the throne as a prince. "I was only wondering because...I don't think Cyrillius is exactly trustworthy. If we both left mother and father, and he's the rightful heir to the throne since he is the oldest, do you think something serious might happen?"

His older brother's mouth was a straight line, his brow furrowed. "This is distressing, Ellyra. What made you think this?" It wasn't exactly something Kianthos wanted to hear first thing in the morning, and he feared something had happened, that Cyrillius had somehow usurped power overnight.

"I was only thinking it because I can see that you feel something for Sollius. I only wondered if you would leave, and one thought led to another thought, and I began to worry. That's all. Nothing has happened." Ellyra tried to smile, but he knew he had ruined any pleasant disposition. "Come on, let's go get breakfast. I think Mithus is cooking." He led his brother to the kitchen after he had put on a shirt.

Mithus smiled and poked his brother in the side. "You're thinking your in love with the fairy prince hmn?" He asked, patting his brother on the head while he continued making breakfast.

Sollius grinned. "Am I that obvious? Well.. I don't really know if I super like him yet. I mean I like him.. but I don't know. " He huffed and thought about the other, a blush spreading onto his face. "Yeah I think I do."

Mithus smirked. "And.. does he know this?"

At that moment, Ellyra entered the kitchen, followed by Kianthos. "Good morning, everyone. Did you all sleep well?" He was usually rather chipper in the morning, though it could have been something of the fairy nature in him that made him that way. He felt as though he had just interrupted some important conversation, but he didn't acknowledge it, and stood behind Mithus to watch him make breakfast.

Kianthos didn't like that they had left their conversation the way they did. It was making him think unnecessarily hard for the morning, and he wanted to just sit and enjoy life and make playful passes at Sollius, however serious he really meant it to be. He thought about what his little brother had said to him, though, about leaving. Would he really leave? Cyrillius was the rightful heir anyway, unless they refused him that right because of his obviously illegitimate origins. That would leave him, and he didn't know if Sollius would ever want to live in the castle. He shook the thoughts away for the moment and smiled at his human lover.

Mithus smiled brightly as his lover entered the room. He turned and kissed him before turning back to his breakfast making. "Good morning my darling!" He nodded to Kianthos. "And good morning to you too." He hummed as he went about continuing the making os supper, getting a shake 'no' from Sollius that the other hadn't told Kianthos about his feelings. He smiled at his brother though, he knew they would eventually be together anyhow, that's just how the fates worked, especially with elves involved.. well fairies in this case.

After Sollius replied to his brother's question with a negative shake of the head he caught Kianthos' eye and blushed. "Yes, good morning. What's on the agenda?" He asked, finding the floor and everywhere outside of Kianthos to be incredibly interesting. He found if he made eye contact with the object of his affection that he would blush and feel fluttery inside. He huffed, trying to not blush from just thinking about how the other's only being in the same room affected him.

"I feel like I interrupted your conversation. Will you tell me what it was about later?" Ellyra whispered to Mithus. He was curious, and he felt a little bit of excited tension in the air. "What are you making?" He asked out loud, kissing his fiance on the side of his neck so that he wouldn't have to turn around and stop cooking.

Kianthos noticed Sollius' avoidance of him and smirked. He tried not to stare at him, but he felt a little compulsion to make the boy look at him, so his gaze followed his face. He folded his arms across his chest and leaned against the counter, still smirking.

Mithus nodded. "Certainly. It's nothing bad." He said, kissing his beloved. "Breakfast time dears." He added, putting his lovely breakfast out on the four plates after setting the table properly.

Sollius blushed more as he noticed Kianthos was teasing him. He lay his head down on his arms and was thankfull as his food was set in front of him, it provided a lovely distraction. "Thank you Mith." He said, sighing and sipping his juice.

Ellyra smiled. "This looks wonderful, Mithus. Thank you for breakfast." He didn't eat as slowly as he had before. He ate at a moderate pace, wondering what they were going to do later that day. Perhaps they could go back into the town and shop for things for their wedding?

Kianthos frowned, somewhat confused at Sollius' behavior. Had he pushed too far? "Sollius, are you okay?" This time he wasn't trying to be awkward, he had just thought maybe he'd overstepped his boundaries. He didn't want to touch his food until he had an answer.

Mithus grinned. "You're welcome my dear!" He too was wondering what they should do. He was rather pleased with his breakfast and smiled. "I love to cook." He said randomly, enjoying the taste of his food. "Maybe I am the girl in the relation..."

Sollius looked up, his blush showing. "Uhh yeah. I think so. Why?" He ased nervously, feeling his stomach flutter. He tried to look the other int he eyes, and he felt in danger that if he kept staring at him he would end up blurting out the truth. Just a little longer of a look and he would end up just confessing his feelings outright in front of everyone.

Ellyra laughed. "I don't think so, I think that's me." He took another bite of his breakfast. "You are a great cook, though." He thought for a little bit. "I think we should go back into town today. We need to get things for our wedding. And I should go to the royal house to have a wedding robe made." He turned the conversation to a private one between himself and Mithus.

"Nothing. I just thought you looked a little down. Is something bothering you?" Of course, that question was a little loaded, and Kianthos thought maybe he knew the answer. He didn't want anything too awkward to happen, though, so he looked away for at least a little bit, finally taking a bite of his breakfast.

Mithus smiled. "It sounds like a date. Do I get to watch while you get all dressed?" He asked, nibbling his bread. "I bet you're going to look incredibly beautiful. Oh I get to also bother ma and pa if we go and visit again." He said, grinning as he tried to think of ways to torment the king and queen.

Sollius' answer was to blush, rise from the table, walk to the other, grab him by the front of the shirt, drag him out of the room and then kiss him when out of sight of the others.

Again, Ellyra laughed. "Sure you can. We're going to get married, and you've already seen me naked anyway. You can watch me dress if you choose." He finished his food, drinking his juice. "You can see them when we go. We have to go. Plus, we have to tell them not to invite everyone they possibly can."

Kianthos was pleasantly suprised at Sollius' outburst, kissing him back before breaking the kiss to comment. "I see, this is what was on your mind. Does that mean you've come to a decision?" He smiled, kissing him again, but gently, chastely, on the lips.

Mithus smiled happily. "Oh I am imagining you right now and the image is the most lovely thing I have ever seen!" He said, grinning while kissing his lover. "Yes we don't need a million evil people there." He said, smirking and kissing his beloved. "Yes, I'll do the dishes later hun." He took their plates and placed them in the wash basin.

Sollius froze. "Well I.. I don't know. Keep kissing me and I might come to one quicker than later." He said, looking up at the other with bright eyes , breathless as he stared at him. "I'm so nervous.."

Smiling, Ellyra followed Mithus into the kitchen. "You know what? Kianthos and Sollius disappeared. Where do you suppose they went?" He hadn't really acknowledged that they had left before, but now he smiled almost knowingly, glancing toward a hallway that led off from the dining room.

Kianthos searched Sollius' eyes, then crushed his lips to his. Suddenly he was breathless too, and he wrapped his arms around the human's waist. "What are you nervous about?" He asked, momentarily breaking their kiss. They were standing in a hallway, so nothing could happen there.

Mithus blinked. "Wow.. they are gone. "I.. don't know.. maybe they went outside a second or something?" He asked, confused. But then.. he remembered the talk he had had with his brother. "Or.. he could be making a lovely confession about now. That's what the conversation was about earlier. He didn't know how he felt and I kind of helped him realize he's a bit in deep like with your brother.."

"I don't know. I just.. I'm happy and scared and.. it's new." Sollius replied, feeling very virganized. "I mean. I. I was talking with Mithus earlier because I wasn't entirely sure I liked you.. and I do. I like you a lot.. but but. I guess I am just nervous because I don't want to get sexual until I love you. And sometimes I think I am falling in love with you but I don't know how. How do you feel love? I know like and attraction, but love .. shouldn't that be even more obnoxious of an nsettling in my stomach? My stomach flutters and churns about when you're near, and then when we kiss I feel so light and warm. I am addicted officially to your kissing.. and the Gods know you're beautiful I blush every time I just think of something that even remotely reminds me of you. What is this feeling?" He asked, surprising himself with his continued outburst of affection and confession.

"Ah hah, well that makes sense. I know Kianthos feels for your brother. I had a talk somewhat like that with him this morning." Ellyra hoped something beautiful would develop between them. He felt that his brother needed a companion other than soldiers and plain friends once in a while. A lover might do him some good.

Kianthos smiled patiently, clasping one of Sollius' hands in both of his and holding it to his chest. "Love is the most difficult thing in the world to explain. It's hard to express how I feel it. It is everything that you have already described, but it is also feeling as though you never want to be apart from someone, and that you can be happy as long as the one you love is happy. Love is sharing happiness, and passion, and bearing sadness together, and working through problems. That, I think, is what love is." He had never tried to explain it before, and it had just flowed.

Mithus smiled. "Yeah they'd be cute together." He said, kissing Ellyra. "Hmn, should we wait for their heart to heart to get over or should we go and interrupt them and carry them along with us?" He asked, not entirely wanting to ruin the moment, but they probably needed all to be returning back to the castle.

Sollius smiled softly, his face still flushed as the other's words were spoken. He accepted the words and tried to analyze his feelings. He was pretty sure that what the other said described himself pretty well. He certainly had passion for the other, and certainly never wanted him to be sad. He wanted to share sadness if there ever was any. He blushed. "Yes.. I think then.. I might just be in love with you too." He said, looking into the other's eyes when he said this and then down at his chest where his hand was being held.

"Well, I hate to ruin whatever moment they might be having, but they probably want Kianthos back at the castle for something or other. I suppose we'll interrupt them..." Ellyra sighed and then smiled, grabbing Mithus' hand and walking toward the direction the other two had left.

Kianthos smiled. "I am very happy to hear that." He brought the hand in his to his lips and kissed it, then pulled Sollius forward and kissed him on the lips. It was a slow and passionate kiss, meant to convey everything he felt, how much he did love this human and how much he wanted to be with him.

Mithus agreed and hummed, which seemed to be a habit of his, while he follwed his lover. Just some nameless tune. He smiled and thought of his brother then, how happy the other must have been to have someone he could finally trust in and love and be loved by properly.

Sollius couldn't help but practically melt into the other's arms, enjoying the feeling of his lips on his. He moaned just a soft noise of approval, practically breathing into the other. He shivered and held tight to him, resting his hands on his chest.

Ellyra walked as quietly as possible, stopping short as he came up Sollius and Kianthos. He gestured to Mithus to stop moving, pointing to the two and trying not to giggle. He chose, instead to clear his throat and announce their presence.

Kianthos had heard Ellyra and Mithus approaching, but had ignored it for a little bit. He continued to kiss Sollius until Ellyra cleared his throat, then he pulled away slowly and smiled. "Well, it looks like we've been caught," he whispered to his lover.

Mithus smirked at his brother's blushing face. "Nice guys, you're practically having sex with your mouths, glad you finally realized you want each other." He said, claping his brother on the shoulder. "Anywho, we're going into town and you two should probably come with us."

Sollius blushed and then galred at his brother for the comment made." Heeyyy we weren't having sex with our mouths!!!!!" He said in poor defenses of himself and his beloved. He clung to Kianthos. "Sides, you're just jealous."

Ellyra smirked. He hardly thought Mithus had anything to be jealous about with their relationship. It made him happy to know that Sollius and Kianthos had discovered what they wanted, though. "You can continue this when we get back, if you want." They would always have a place at the house if they wanted to stay with them.

Kianthos grinned. "I wouldn't mind going into town." His arm was around Sollius' waist, and he didn't want to let him go, even though he had agreed to leave. They could always lag behind on the way into town, hide behind a tree once or twice, sneak a few kisses. "What do you say, Sollius?"

Mithus smiled. "Come on you love birds." He said, leaving the house with his lover in tow. "I can't wait to see what your wedding robes look like on you. you might not make it to the first night of our wedding though.. I might just want you to wear them later." He said, thinking aloud more than actually speaking.

Sollius nodded. "Sure!" He said, kissing Kianthos on the lips, beginning to follow after. "Mn, only if you don't plan to let go of me. I like your arms around me." He said, leaning into the other.

Laughing and blushing a little, Ellyra replied, "You better wait. I can always wear something else for you, but I think nothing is best, don't you?" He hoped whatever wedding robes he ended up with would last forever, since they would have so much meaning attached to them.

"Good. I don't ever want to let go." Kianthos felt his heart swell with tenderness toward the other. He thought it would be probably be possible to walk while embracing each other, but pretty awkward. They'd have to let go of each other, just to walk. "Let's go." He pulled him along a little ways, following Mithus and Ellyra.

Mithus grinned. "I know, and I will wait, but I couldn't stop the thought. That's the bad thing about my race, we're really sexual sometimes." He said, feeling slightly sheepish at the moment.

Sollius blushed and took to hooking arms with the other, which brought them at least somewhat close while they had to separate due to the possible awkwardness. He sighed and kissed his beloved's cheek. "So what are we going to town for exactly?"

Ellyra laughed. "Don't limit that to your race. It's not like my race can't be sexual too. The individuals in your race just don't last as long as mine, so you have to think about sex more often to keep it going." He leaned his head against Mithus' upper arm, smiling fondly, and thinking of what he might like his wedding robes to look like.

"I'm not entirely sure." Kianthos answered. "But I think maybe it has something to do with Mithus and Ellyra's wedding. Maybe they are going to find Ellyra something to wear?" Even though he wasn't one for feminine things, Kianthos loved weddings. He loved how happy people always seemed to be when they attended them, and he loved seeing the happy couple together. He wondered if his relationship with Sollius would ever progress that far.

"Oh yeah? And how long do your kind last on average because you didn't exactly last that long earlier." He shot back in playful teasing. He grinned as he asked the question, drawing the other into a playful hug in which he began to tickle his sides.

Sollius smiled. "Maybe. They're adorable and they seem so natural, you'd think they'd been together forevr." He said, thining very similar thoughts to what kianthos was thinking, but he wouldn't ever actually admit it, not yet.

Ellyra laughed again. "I didn't mean last like that. I meant life expectancy." He didn't really feel like discussing that, though. It was depressing because he was very likely to outlive his human fiance. "But in general, I can't say my kind last longer than your kind. We seem to give it up pretty easily, no?" He smiled.

Kianthos kissed Sollius on the cheek. "Yes, I agree. I admire their relationship. I can't wait for their wedding." He knew it would be beautiful. He thought about arranging to set up their wedding for them. He could do basically the same magic Ellyra could, and he figured he could come up with something pretty.

Mithus grinned. "Yeah.. well maybe I'm just talented." He said, but suddenly something about Ellyra's words seemed dark. He knew the other would live long after he did. "So umm.. one day I am going to be gross and wrinkly.. will you love me the same?"

Sollius smiled. "I admire them too.. I wonder if maybe I will ever be that happy. I mean, I am happy because I have you and I think I am in love with you, I am just referring to the future and all."

Ellyra's expression sank, and he felt almost as though he would cry. He didn't want to think about it, but now he had to. "Yes...yes, I think I will still love you just the same." He decided after some consideration. "I think our love is far better than a superficial one, and it will stand the test of time..."

Kianthos chuckled a little. "I know what you mean. I'm happy with you too, but they look like they have such a genuine and perfect relationship, don't they? I think ours could grow into something like that someday, but it's just beginning. I am sure theirs was like ours when they first met."

Mithus saw his lover's expression and stopped rather abruptly in the walkway, pulling hs lover to him and kissing him with all the love and passion he could. After a couple of minutes he pulled away. "I will find some way to make myself live just as long as you." He said, whispering the words into Ellyra's ear.

Sollius snorted. "They've only been together for like.. what three days? You speak like they've been together forever." He said, stopping as he almost ran into the kissing pair. "Aweeeee they're cute!" He said, backing off a little to give the involved couple some space.

Ellyra felt a single tear slide down his cheek, but he brushed it away very quickly and smiled. "Thank you, Mithus. You've made me feel better. And we will both find a way to make you live as long as me." The fairy didn't care if it took making himself mortal to live equally with his lover.

"Really? Only three days? But it seems like so much longer. Well, maybe we'll have that in three days, then." Kianthos laughed, and ducked out of sight for a second, pulling Sollius with him. "While they are having their own little moment, we can have ours, no?" He pressed a quick but fierce kiss to his lips and then smiled.

Mithus smiled and kissed him. "Then let's not let it bother us, let's live jovially. Let's ask around, surely there is some way that wont damn us to be together eternally as you live." He said, kissing the other.

Sollius blushed. "Yes that would be nice to have in three days." He didn't honestly think he would have it, but agreed to the idea. He blushed as he was pulled aside, agreeing to the moment ,returning the other's kiss just as fierce. "Mnn if you keep kissing me.." He said, feeling like he would faint.

"I wonder if the star readers at the palace would know anything about that..." Ellyra was suddenly struck with new hope in their distant predicament. Mithus was still young, after all, so they had plenty of time to figure something out. "Okay, let's not think about it for now. Let's just have a good day of shopping for wedding things."

Kianthos chuckled. "If I keep kissing you, what? What will you do?" He grinned mischeviously and kissed and nipped along Sollius' jaw, then kissed his neck. "You won't melt, will you? We should probably get back to Mithus and Ellyra. I'm sure they aren't stopping for very long."

Mithus was restored to his happiness as he heard his lover's words and agreed to them all to quick. "Most definately!" He grinned. "Ohhh you're going to be so beautiful. What am I wearing again?" He asked, not remembering in the slightest.

Sollius blushed and nodded. "Yes. I will melt. And fall in love with you. And try to make you ravish me on the forest floor." He said, smiling and kissing the other on the lips. He looked and saw his brother and Ellyra were begining to walk again and huffed, moving to keep up slightly, pulling the other with him.

Ellyra was happy to find that he could laugh at the moment. Mithus' question made him giggle. "You can wear whatever you want. We could have it tailored for you, like mine. You just can't go through the wedding naked." He smiled. He had said he could wear whatever he wanted, but he thought he should clarify a little.

"You wouldn't exactly have to force me to ravish you on the forest floor, but a bed would be so much more comfortable, don't you think?" Kianthos whispered to Sollius as they followed Ellyra and Mithus. He was feeling playful and mischevious today, and he hoped it wouldn't make his lover too uncomfortable.

Mithus grinned. "That'd be incredibly nature loving though." He said, kissing the other. "But you're right." He smield and held the other's hand as they reached town. "You know.. this little town.. isn't that bad." He said, finding the townspeople to be light and cheery.

Sollius blushed. "You're a teasing and silly person, and yes a bed would probably suit us better." He said, huffing and walking in stride with the other. "But.. you should do that one day. Let's just go for a walk and then make sweet love.. when we're completely together in love anyhow."

"Hah, nature loving. I'm around nature all the time, and I don't run around naked. Unless I'm swimming..." Ellyra remarked. Then he added, "I'm glad you like the town, though. We'll be in it a lot, since we live close to it. It's necessary." He also found the townspeople to be relatively cheerful. Once they got wind that there was going to be a wedding, they would be even more lively and cheery, even if they weren't invited.

Kianthos laughed lightly. "Is that a promise then? I'll hold you to that." He was talking as though he wasn't serious, but he would remember this, and probably explore the forest for the perfect spot for that day in the future. "So, what would you like to look for in town, since we're being dragged along too?"

Mithus smiled. "You should run around naked." He said as thought it was the most well known fact. "Well. I don't need everyone staring at you, you are my loved one. But I mean if you ever get the impulse at home.."

Sollius wasn't entirely certina. "Well I don't really have anything to buy or whatevr. I'll just follow you around." He said, insisting to stay incredibly near the other at all times.

Ellyra giggled. "Didn't I just do that last night when we were going to the bath? I suppose it doesn't count since we were going to the bath, though, does it?" He tried to keep his voice low since they were walking through the town now. "Fine, if I get the impulse, I'll walk around the house naked."

Kianthos shrugged. "Well, suit yourself then. I might look for some small weapons, knives or daggers. You don't mind, do you?" He was fairly certain Sollius could appreciate fine weaponry, even if they were just browsing. He wasn't really in the market for anything, he just wanted to see if anything struck his fancy.

Mithus grinned. "Ohh there's your lovely castle." He ran up to the door, forgeting protocol for a moment before he stopped. "Whooo I almost did something stupid." He said, smiling sheepishly.

Sollius shook his head. "No, I don't mind at all, I love the things." He said, wondering if it would be all right to hold the other's hand in public. The thought was almost childish but he wanted to.

"That's okay. Kianthos can get us inside without much hassle. We'll just have him show us in." Ellyra thought sometimes that protocol was kind a silly thing to have in certain social situation where all parties were familiar with each other, but he couldn't ignore it anyway. He looked at his older brother and gesture that he should come help them.

Kianthos noticed his brother and nodded to him. "Good." He answered Sollius before taking his hand. "Ellyra and Mithus need me for something, it seems, and you're coming too." He smiled at him and led him toward the doors of the palace. "I suppose you need inside. Let's go." He addressed his little brother and brother-in-law at the same time. He simply opened the door and let them inside, holding Sollius' hand the whole time.

Mithus smiled. ""MOOOOM DAAAAD!" He yelled for a moment, wondering if the King and Queen would appear to him by this calling. He grinned as he thought of how neat it would be. But he didn't expect anything, he just loved to be annoying.

Sollius smiled. He was feeling very loved at the moment. He kissed his lover's cheek then stopped ot stare at his brother. "What the hell is wrong with you?" He asked, hearing the elder's voice echo off of the walls.

Ellyra didn't really mind Mithus' yelling anymore, since he knew his parents didn't really care anymore either. He knew, of course, they wouldn't answer him or anything, and looked back at Sollius, giggling a bit at how appalled he seemed to be.

Kianthos laid his hand on Sollius' shoulder and kissed him on the cheek too. "Honestly, I thought the same thing the first time he did something like that, but the King and Queen seem to be fine with his, uh, antics, so it's okay."

It was not so far away that a one elfen prince, Faelyn heard the noise. "Oh my my, no manners at all, normal for a human." The lythe elf said who had gotten out of bed to stand cockily at the wall, leaning against it almost arogantly.

Mithus smirked. "Awe, what's wrong, your ears get tugged the wrong way or something?" He asked, poking fun at the elf. "So.. I want to go run around unti I find mom and dad.. what do you say Ellyra?"

Sollius smiled. "He always finds way into some peoples hearts, usually the most cruel. My brother is a freak that way." He said, shrugging.

Cyrillius woke soon after the elf left the bed, sitting up and yawning silently. He heard the voices in the hallway and moved gracefully to stand in the doorway. "Dear Mithus, I would thank you kindly not to speak to him that way." He intoned, smirking.

Ellyra eyes his eldest brother for a moment, then turned to his fiance. "Go ahead. They are most likely in the throne room. They almost always are. Have fun running around to get there." He smiled as he dismissed him, kissing him on the cheek. He had the thought that he might be able to ask Cyrillius about his wedding apparel, since the elf-fairy was quite knowledgable in the area of fashion.

"That's a wonderful talent, though, to be able to get to the heart of even cruel people. It's no mean feat, that's for sure." Kianthos smiled. "Good day Cyrillius, Prince Faelyn. I shall be taking my leave of you now. I'm going to show Sollius, here, around the castle." He hadn't asked if that was what Sollius wanted to do, but he thought a tour might be nice.

Mithus rolled his eyes at Cyrillus. "Oh look, the woman finally had his virginity taken, and here I thought she was going to remain an untouched virgin rude thing forever." He retorted to Cyrillius before practically skipping to the throne room. He smiled as he saw the king and queen. "Mom! Dad! Hello!"

Faelyn snorted. "He's.. rude." He said, not sure what to say to the comment that had been made. He grinned though and slapped his lover's behind. "Well.. he may be wrong about the girl part but.. you know." He said in his beloved's ear.

Sollius waved and followed after Kianthos. "That sounds like fun!" He was really interested in what the palace held in it.

Cyrillius made an obscene gesture at Mithus before he was able to run off to find the King and Queen. It wasn't really worth his time to exchange so many words with him. He agreed with Faelyn that he was rude, smirking at what was whispered to him, chuckling a little.

The King smiled and raised his hand in greeting to Mithus as he entered the throne room, and the Queen rose to embrace him. They had both agreed, in the absence of their son and his fiance, that they really liked the strange human, and thus greeted him warmly. "Good day, Mithus. How have you been?" The Queen asked him before taking her seat again.

Ellyra watched everyone leave him, so that he was alone with Cyrillius and Faelyn. He cleared his throat and clasped his hands behind his back. "Brother, I have a question for you and your lover. As you know, I am to be married to Mithus soon. I need a very special garment for this occasion. I can arrange that something be tailored for myself, but clothing for Mithus might be harder to come by. Would it be possible to arrange something Elfish for my fiance?"

"What sort of things would you like to see first?" There were bedrooms and servants quarters, which would probably be inaccessible to them, but there were also the kitchens, the throne room, his own room, Ellyra's room, towers, the most interesting tunnels beneath the castle, the courtyard, and the garden. Kianthos listed all of these things for Sollius to choose from.

Mithus grinned and hugged the queen, picking her up and spinning her about and then hugged the king. "I have been well! I was wondering how the two of you were! We're comming to make wedding garments and all." He said, explaining his presence there. He took a seat on a random pillar.

Faelyn thought a moment. "I could easily arrange something I think. If you don't mind handing him over to Cyrillius and I for the afternoon, it might take some time. I am an expert in such things as clothing though. And I will need about two hundred straight pins, the chosen material and whatever else is to go into it."

"How about all of the rooms, like yours, Ellyras... I just want to see what kind of people you guys are normally." He said, grinning to himself. He wondered if his Kianthos' room was messy or neat. He wouldn't have been surprised either way.

The Queen laughed. She enjoyed Mithus' casual nature, even when in the presence of royalty. This time it was the King that spoke. "When is this wedding going to happen? We may need time to invite the important guests, and of course, you two will need time to arrange everything..." He leaned his head against his fist, his elbow on the arm of the throne. He stared at Mithus while he waited for him to answer, smiling.

Cyrillius chuckled. "Oh, this should be fun. Shall I go retrieve him?" He retreated into his room for a moment to make sure his (usually) perfectly straight hair didn't give away what he had done the night before. It would hardly be proper to present himself before his mother and father in such a state. Then he was back out in the hall, and he nodded to Faelyn before disappearing to find Mithus.

Ellyra nodded to Faelyn as well, only in agreement at the proposal. "That sounds marvelous. I had no idea you were so accomplished in things like that. I am sure there are several servants about that could get you the materials you need. Only, please be patient with Mithus, and the comments he will most likely make about elves." He laughed. His lover's courtly manners were in short supply, but that was part of what made him charming.

Laughing, Kianthos continued to lead Sollius through hallways. "Well, let's start with Ellyra's room, I suppose. It's closest." No sooner had they turned down a hallway and there was his little brother's bedroom door. "I have no idea what kind of state it is in, since the last time he was here I believe Mithus was too..." Chuckling, he pushed the door open and stepped inside.

Mithus huffed. "Dad, I know it's important and all but I was kinda hopin to not make it super fancy you know. Because.. well.. I mean you guys and his brothers are welcome, my little brother will be there, but I am by no means royalty and forgive me, but I don't want a bunch pf prissy, snobby rude people there to look down their noses at me. Sooooo about that, could you maybe not invite a bunch of people?" He asked, pouting.

Faelyn raised an eyebrow. "Oh? He has a problem with elves? oh yes , I did lead him off a cliff so not doubt he would. Ah well, he will have to learn to hold his tongue, I will have several pins in my hand, he may become the material. You are aware he may just have to be naked while I fit it to him. Well.. almost he, can keep his undergarments. " He nodded to his lover as Cyrilius went to find Mithus.

Sollius blinked as he looked at the bed. "Well.. it's a mess just like the room at the house..well the bed part is anyhow." He said, finding a discarded towel and what may have been underwear on the floor. "Not asking. Let's see your room now."

The King's brows drew together as he considered the human's words, and the Queen raised her eyebrows. "Well...I suppose I've never heard it put that way before," the Queen said. After a few more moments of what seemed to be tense silence, the King answered, "And so it shall be, Mithus. We will not invite those guests. It will be only the closest family."

"Please excuse my intrusion, Mother and Father." Cyrillius bowed as he entered the throne room. "If you're not too terribly busy, may I have Mithus for a little while? It is on request from Ellyra." He added the last part in case Mithus would be suspicious about his intentions.

The King nodded. "If you have no more to discuss with us at the moment, Mithus, you may go with Cyrillius." He smiled. "You are welcome back here anytime, most welcome. We enjoy your company," the Queen said.

Ellyra laughed a little at Faelyn's threat to poke Mithus with pins. He didn't really care that he would have to be mostly naked. He trusted that Mithus would be more worried about it than he could be, and found the thought slightly comical. "So...will you and Cyrillius be marrying?" He was making idle conversation until his older brother returned with Mithus.

Kianthos just laughed and answered, "Okay," before leading Sollius out of the room again. His own room was down the hall just a little way, and it was far less lived-in than his little brother's seemed to be, but most of his time was spent away from his room, so it made sense. "Here it is, my boring old bedroom."

Mithus grinned and hugged the King and Queen, kissing their cheeks. "Thank you! And not quite at the moment! I'll see you after whatever this weird girl wants." He said, following Cyrilius. "Didn't I all ready tell you I wasn't interested?" He asked, poking the other in the side. "What are you wanting?"

Faelyn grinned. "Most certainly. He bedded me. My country had a bit of a rule, whoever dared touch me had to marry me. He touched me all right, and yes, there will be. You're more than welcome." The elf said, smiling genuinely. "Now about those materials.. where can I find them?"

Sollius smiled. "Wow.. it's neat. I was expecting it to be at least a little messy." He said, hopping on the other's bed. "It's pretty in here. And it makes me want to sleep." He loved the feeling he got from his lover's room, he inhaled the scent on the bed and truly felt tired. "Maybe I could take a nap?"

Cyrillius gave him a flat look at being called a girl once again, but answered, "Didn't I say on Ellyra's request? This has very little to do with me, and I'll have you know I have a fiance now. I am no longer interested in you." He smirked. "You are going to have your wedding clothes made, and so you are being kidnapped by Faelyn and I."

Ellyra blushed slightly. He hadn't needed quite that much information about the situation, but nodded in understanding anyway. "I see. I'm glad to hear that. Congratulations, and thank you for the invitation. You are most certainly welcome to my wedding, but bring only yourself and my brother. Mithus would rather there were not too many aristocrats around. Excuse me for a moment, and I will find you a servant that can show you where to go." He darted down a hall and brought a quiet maid back with him. "She works under the royal seamstress. She will show you where to find everything you need."

"Most certainly, Sollius. Sleep as long as you like." He sat on the edge of the bed and looked around his almost alien room. He wanted to lie down next to his lover, but he was afraid someone would call him away to some duty if he did. Sighing, he laid down anyway, folding his arms behind his head and crossing one leg over the other, as he often did when he was sleeping outside under the stars.

Mithus grinned. "Sorry. And okay... well that would make sense, girlish faeries and elves certainly know how to make things. So, make me up." He said, grinning and following him nonchalantly. He wanted his lover near him so he could kiss him once more before going to his certain doom though.

"We'll be there." Faelyn said, thanking him for the maid. "Perfect. "I am guessing the both of you will be wearing white?" He asked Ellyra, the girl had brought out many fabrics to chose from and he was already chosing many satin, silks and some of it was stiffer and more coarse than either material, but lovely none the less. As well as a large box of pins.

Sollius could sense something plagued his lover. "What's wrong?" He asked, resting his head on the other's chest, also running his fingers along him. "Is everything all right?"

Rolling his eyes, Cyrillius brought them both back to join their respective lovers. "How would you like me to help, love?" He asked Faelyn, trying not to hover, lest he get in the way. He wasn't the most knowledgeable in exactly how a piece was put together, but he was fashion-conscious, so he hoped he could be helpful in that way.

"I'm sorry, Mithus. I feel like I'm handing you over to the wolves." Ellyra laughed. "Faelyn has promised to make a splendid thing for you to wear for our wedding." He whispered all that to his fiance. Turning back to Faelyn, he answered, "Do you think we should wear white? I'm not exactly virginal anymore, but it would probably please my parents to think that I was."

Kianthos smiled. "Yes, everything is fine. I was only thinking about what my life as royalty demands of me. I was thinking of the conversation that I had with Ellyra this morning. He asked if I would be leaving the palace, to live like he is living, free and in the forest, and it is something that I would like to consider, but I am in a difficult position." He sighed. "I am the only truly legitimate heir to the throne of this kingdom. My brother, Cyrillius, is not the son of my mother and father, but he is my father's son. It is...hard to explain. But it is nothing that I want to worry about now. Let's just take a nap."

Faelyn throught a moment. "Strip the victim." He said softly, smiling as he brought about white and green materials. "I will make this truly elven for certain." He said, grinning as he grabbed the pins. He also grabbed a bag of leaves and runes. "And these will help me put it all together.Yes, white you shall wear, and green with it too. I might just do yours too so you can match. No one can match my style."

Mithus huffed. "I am fine Elyra. I will sacrifice myself for the better!" He said, grinning. He couldn't wait to see what the elf had in store for him. "And elf, don't try any of your funny business. I still don't trust you."

Sollius frowned. "No please.. let's talk?" He asked, sititng up. "What could this mean for us?" He asked, placing his hand on the other's leg consoling.

Ellyra only raised his eyebrows and stood aside, nodding in acknowledgement of what Faelyn told him. He didn't mind that he would probably be stripped and then draped in cloth. Actually, he had no problems at all in matching. He trusted the elf would make beautiful garments.

Chuckling almost evilly, Cyrillius was happy to oblige in taking off Mithus' clothes. He didn't really have all that much interest in him now that he was with Faelyn, but he couldn't deny to himself that it would be fun to strip the human, helpless in this situation. He made quick work of it, and Mithus was left standing mostly naked.

"Okay, we can talk about it. I don't really want to let it go anyway. I shouldn't have any affect on us at all. I intend to be with you. I don't really care that Cyrillius would be the heir. I don't think there is really anything wrong with that, other than the legitimacy factor." He sighed again. "I want to live freely in the forest, with you, but if that is not possible for some reason, would you live in this castle with me?"

Faelyn smiled and waited for his beloved to be finished with the stripping. When he saw he was he began placing materials in the right spots according to the colors he wanted, pinning many places here and there. "You've got a strong figure, human." He said, trimming cloth here and there as well.

Mithus smiled. "Of course I do I am in the miliatry. Well.. was." He shot Ellyra a wink and stood absolutely still. "And elf, don't try anything funny." He added, not one hundred precent trusting elves yet.

Sollius smiled. "Well yeah, of course. If you needed me to. I would go where you went." He said, kissing the other's cheek. "Is that what's got you all quiet and sad looking?" He asked, placing his hand on the other's.

Cyrillius rolled his eyes. "He's not going to try anything. He's mine. You can trust him, we're very closely bound now." He smiled for his beloved, crossing his arms over his chest and leaning against the wall again. He waited for any indication that he needed to help Faelyn, though he seemed fairly sure that the elf would need very little help.

Ellyra smiled to himself, thinking it kind of funny that he and his older brother were acting so similarly at the moment. He stood aside silently, waiting to take his turn as Faelyn's victim.

"Yes, that's exactly it." Kianthos answered, kissing Sollius' cheek too. He was more than happy to hear that he would follow him where he needed, though he hoped he would be able to leave the castle and live freely. He didn't want to make Sollius a part of the constricted life of the royal court.

Mithus grinned. "I know.. but he could be mean to me. This is the same elf that kicked me off the cliff you know." He said, holding still as one of the pins poked him. "Owwww.. be careful."

Faelyn smirked. "That'll teach you to talk bad bout my race." He said, looking up sharply at the human. He finished with his pinning of the other and then tied a sash about his waist. "All right, close your eyes, it will be bright." He placed some elfen runes around the other and began an incantation and then the garment began to slowly form together.

Sollius smiled and layed his head on the other's chest. "Don't worry darling. We will be happy wherever we go." He said, closing his eyes.

Cyrillius smiled at the little exchange, then looked on in more than a little amazement at the magic that Faelyn used. He had had no idea that elf magic was so similar to fairy magic. Maybe it wasn't, and it only looked like it, but it was still quite interesting to watch. He was proud of his lover's abilities. Actually, though he had hidden it quite well, he was magically sterile due to his mixed heritage. He had never told anyone, but he was rather sure his parents knew.

Ellyra's eyes widened. This would take much less time than he had anticipated. The garment seemed to be as easy to make as his and Mithus' house had been, and he waited for the almost blinding light to subside so that he could see the final product on his fiance.

Kianthos sighed in contentment and a little relief. "I know, I know. I will try not to worry. Let's just sleep for now." Sleep seemed a welcome escape at the moment, and he copied Sollius, closing his eyes.

Mithus felt the light subside and looked at himself as well as he could without a mirror. He was in an white robe, one that didn't extend completely, but lifted to sho white pants tucked away into white boots that helf green lace. Thr front of his robe also held the same, long white sleeves belled to his arms, coming to a point , cuffed at the wrists and upper arms. A high collar framed his face and over it all was a long white jacket sort, buttons of green that could be buttoned if needed. And to tie the under part all together was a dark green sash. "wow.." It was deffitely elfen.

Faelyn smirked. "Looks lovely. What do you think?" He asked his lover and Ellyra. "And it's in the fixing stage so I can command it in elvish and it will be fixed. Any suggestions?"

Sollius was all ready asleep in his lover's arms, happy to be there with him. No one else had ever captured him so readily and completely.

Cyrillius had no comments to make, except slightly personal ones. He leaned close to Faelyn and whispered, "I should let you make clothes for me sometime. That's a beautiful garment." The robes he wore now resembled the clothes on Mithus, though he had no pants.

Ellyra gasped. "I have no suggestions. That's wonderful. I am so excited to see what you might make for me." He giggled, coming away from the wall and walking a full circle around Mithus to see the whole outfit. He wanted to touch it, but decided to hold off until it was completely finished.

Faelyn grinned in his success. He tailored up the garment here and there, whispering in elvish. When he was completely finished he motioned Ellyra forward. "Now, it's your turn." He said, keeping Mithus in the clothing to use it as a model. He smiled while stripping the smaller fairy. "Of course I will make you some Cyrilius." He picked up his stones, replacing them in a bag and also ordered all the pins in Mithus' outfit to magic themselves out and form in a pile. 

Mithus grinned. "Anyone have like a full-length mirror?" He asked, feeling very royal at the sudden. He hoped he looked well and he could kind of tell he did by the way his loved one was looking at him. He smiled and eyed his lover's stripped body and gave him a wink.

Ellyra giggled in response to Mithus' wink, but otherwise held still while Faelyn prepared to make his garment. He fancied it would look a little dress like, since he really didn't wear pants, which would sort of make him the wife, wouldn't it? The denominations didn't really matter, and he turned his attention to his excitement over what this would look like when finished.

At the request for a mirror, Cyrillius motioned for Mithus to follow him. "I'm sorry Faelyn. I'm borrowing your model for just a moment." There was a mirror in his room, which was closest to their current position, and he would let Mithus view his outfit, then return him so Faelyn could make the two lovers match.

Faelyn nodded, having an okay look at the other before he began making places for the cloths to go here and there. He smiled and pinned the cloth in respective places. Oh yes, this one would be much more feminine. He would give the other more of a dress appearance, long robes that matched his lover's. Long tunic as well, all tied together in the end with a matching sash. They would be truly beautiful.

Mithus grinned as he eyed himself. "I like it. You're lover has one hell of a good skill there." He said, trying to look at the back. "Well, I suppose I should return to them so they can see." He walked back out to the two, remembering the way and playing model again.

The little fairy still held still, closing his eyes so he wouldn't be distracted by anything that might be near them. Beside that, having his eyes closed allowed him to relax and be still, rather than to tense up. He thought about making a little light conversation, but thought better of that soon enough, remembering how Faelyn done some sort of incantation to make Mithus' clothes, and not wanting to interrupt his concentration.

Cyrillius chuckled at Mithus having complimented Faelyn. He thought it was sort of funny that he had complimented the elf, and wondered if he had really thought about what he was saying when he said it. He followed out of his room more slowly, gracefully taking his place by the wall again, folding his arms in front of his chest. He enjoyed watching his lover do something that he was skilled at. It was a little exciting.

Faelyn huffed in concentration, being ncredibly careful to not hurt the fairy that he worked on. And whispering incantations as to not hurt him. He had to get on his knees to work at the inside of the other's dressing, the lace had to be magically sewn here for certain, it must have looked perverted. He was finally done and he stood fully, dropping the runes in their respective places, whispering an incantation that was different than the other he had used. "There we are, keep your eyes close. " And after the flash disappered he smiled, "Beautiful." He said to himself.

Mithus smiled and watched his lover being created. He couldn't wait to see the finished product. And couldn't wait to ravish said finish product and he wished he could let his lover know this by the look in his eyes, by alas his lover's eyes were closed!

Ellyra finally opened his eyes and couldn't supress a surprised gasp at how beautiful the garment really was. It was amazing. He hoped it was okay to move, and he turned in a circle, watching the skirt flair out a little as he twirled. "I love it Faelyn, thank you so much." He almost wanted to hug the tall elf, but stayed where he was in case anything else needed to be done before he moved. He looked at Mithus and smiled.

Cyrillius made an impressed "Oooo..." noise. He dressed much the same as his little brother, and was a little jealous of the pretty new clothes he had. They were truly a work of art, and he was proud of Faelyn's abilities. "Very, very nice. I believe this is the most beautiful thing anyone will have worn for their wedding."

Faelyn smiled. "Don't worry darling, I will do what I can to make you equaly as beautiful." He said, kissing his beloved. "But yes I feel as though I have done a splendid job. Wouldn't you think?" He asked, kissing him again.

Mithus closed his mouth which had dropped open at the sight of the other. "You have to be kidding!" He said. "Gods, Ellyra you're gorgeous." He said, looking his lover over hungrily, every inch he found intoxicating. "Absolutely beautiful."

Cyrillius chuckled and kissed his lover back, answering, "Well, of course I think so. And you make me feel beautiful anyway, with or without clothes." His eyes seemed to emphasize the 'without' part, and he hooked his arm around the slim elf's waist. Without turning to look at him, he asked his brother, "Have the required services been fulfilled? I think I would like to retire to my room now."

Absentmindedly, Ellyra answered, "Sure, of course." He was too busy staring into Mithus' eyes. He had been thinking the same of Mithus in his elf-ish attire, and he thought he might enjoy acting upon some of the desire that was being created. He moved closer to him and whispered, "But let's not ruin these wonderful things that Faelyn has created for us, hm?" He only meant that they should take them off before anything happened to them.

Faelyn let out a small chuckle as he heard his lover's words. He kissed his beloved's ear, nibbling as though to show he was impatient if anything. But he moved away and began to clean up his mess of fabrics.

Mithus grinned. "Yes, let's go do that." He said, gathering their old clothing. "You know love, I think I am begining to not mind elves so much." He said, thinking Faelyn was highly respectable, which was entirely odd for him to think. But then his mind wondered right back to his Ellyra and he bagn kissing him.

Cyrillius simply took up his post by the wall again, crossing his arms and trying not to look put out. He waited for Faelyn to clean up the mess, and he wondered if his pretty lover was moving with deliberate slowness. Of course, what could he show if not self-control? With that in mind, he resolved to be more patient at the moment, watching Faelyn move about the room.

Ellyra only laughed at Mithus' musings, attempting to pull him toward his room while they kissed. In his own mind, he had never really thought of elves much, so he didn't really have any opinion on them, but he thought Faelyn a respectable elf as well, which was probably because he was raised to be that way, what with being royalty. When they reached his room, he opened the door and then shut them in quickly.

Faelyn finished cleaning and then walked saucily up to his lover, kissing him on the lips. "Well, now that I have everything cleaned up. Shall we go to your rooms?" He asked seductively, trailing a long fingernail down the other's cheek, to his lip.

Mithus smiled in their kiss, pulling his lover atop of him as he lay back on the bed. "Oh this brings back memories." He said, kissing him again, this time with more passion. "We should remove these clothes. Faelyn will be angry we might ruin his beautiful craftsmanship."

In answer, Cyrillius' tongue darted out between his lips to touch the tip of Faelyn's finger, and then he smiled. He grasped the elf's wrist, and looked directly into his eyes, his own half-lidded, and sucked his finger into his mouth. Since they weren't yet in his rooms, this probably was not an appropriate place for such things, and he stopped his teasing for the moment.

"Well, it would be a shame to do anything to them before the wedding night. On our wedding night, I'm sure he would understand." Ellyra slid off of Mithus for a moment, taking a little bit to figure out how to get this new garment off, then freeing himself of it. Instead of leaving it on the floor, like he might have any other robe, he folded it and laid it on a chair, then climbed back onto the bed.

Faelyn blushed soft and bit back a moan. "Yes, let us go then." He said, kissing the other gently but still with all the passion he posessed. He lead him to Cyrillius' room where he sat on the bed. "Perhaps you care to show me just how much that pretty mouth of yours can do."

Mithus also removed his garment, placing it as well on the chair before joining the other again on the bed. "Well. It seems you had a point. Gods if only you could see what I did with you in that set." He whispered into the other's ear, nibbling and sliding his hand up the other's leg.

Cyrillius quirked a perfect eyebrow, leaning over Faelyn for a second while he sat, kissing him slowly and involvedly, then kneeled down in front of him. He looked up at his lover through his eyelashes, smirking, then looked down for a moment to move clothing out of the way. He looked up once more, running his tongue slowly and deliberately across his lip, then took Faelyn's length in his hand and kissed the head before lightly flicking his tongue over the slit. Oh yes, he would show him what his pretty mouth could do.

Ellyra giggled in response, but the giggled faded into a little groan. He closed his eyes, just feeling, and wrapped his arms around Mithus' neck. It was as if he had been feeling sexual tension all day, as relieved as he was to be back in his fiance's arms. "How are we going to make it through an entire wedding ceremony in those outfits?" The sentence was sort of breathless, but it was an interesting question, considering the way they reacted to each other in said garments.

Faelyn moaned quietly, his immaculate hands trailing into his lover's hair, his eyes flashed in desire while his cheeks ganed a small splash of red to them. He was very much enjoying his lover's mouth at the moment, that pretty face and those long eyelashes and thos beautiful lips. It was all very exotic and arousing.

Mithus shrugged, "I don't know, and I don't care becuase I will take you in front of them all. Oh, I got your father to agree only close family to be allowed to the wedding." He said between biting the ohter on the neck and stroking his length.

Cyrillius glanced up at Faelyn, shivering slightly at the beauty of his face, before beginning to suck lightly and teasingly on the velvety head of his length. The taste was salty and sweet and altogether arousing, and he thought it was probably something unique to elves. He couldn't help but to close his eyes and moan around the thing in his mouth, taking in a little more as he did so.

Shivering at the promise of something so scandalous and thrilling, Ellyra answered, "Nnn...good..." His voice was light and airy. He was too distracted now to carry on any coherent conversation, and he tilted his head to the side and moaned quietly. Mithus was a wonderful lover, and he would probably have let him take him in front of everyone if he thought anyone else could see the beauty of what they did.

Faelyn was now practically panting, his breath was coming in as short gasps, his hands were running down the other's back and threading up into his hair, tugging gently as he felt only pleasure by the actions. "Oh my." He whispered in enjoyment.

Mithus smiled at the neck that was bared to him. He kissed it and licked it gently, trying to drive his lover wild with just those motions. He also let his hand tighten around the other's length. He enjoyed pleasing him, enjoyed making him feel as good as he could.

Cyrillius wanted to smile at the little victory he felt in causing such pleasure, but that action was a little difficult at the moment. Instead, he sucked a little harder, moaning low in his throat to cause small vibrations that he knew would please his lover. He was actually a little surprised at his own seeming ability, because he really had no experience in this activity.

It wasn't difficult to drive Ellyra wild, it seemed, and he made little breathless moans at the teasing and touching. It was all so delicious, the spasms and shocks of pleasure that met from either end, meeting and pooling in his stomach. He curled and uncurled his fingers in the bed sheets.

Faelyn inhaled sharply at the vibrations that were sent through his length. He arched slightly, trying to hold still though to not thrust into the other's mouth. "Oh Cyrilius.. so very nice." He said huskily. His eyes were hardly opened, the brightness of them had intensified and he didn't dare deny himself the curiosity of what this all looked like so he looked downward at the other.

"Should I take you now?" Mithus asked, trailing a hand down, pressing a finger into his lover's entrance. "Or should I tease you more?" He asked, nibbling the lower lip of the one he cared so much for. He pressed the finger in farther, wanting him to be ready.

Cyrillius looked up at the same time, meeting his gaze with his own intense, aroused one. Again, if he could have smirked, he would have. He was undeniably aroused, though, and at seeing Faelyn's beautiful expression, he felt a new wave of heat and pleasure.

Ellyra moaned quite loudly as his initial response, then answered, "Please, take me..." He crushed their lips together, instinctively and because of their already close proximity. He nudged against Mithus' finger, more than ready, though perhaps not physically.

Faelyn gasped, his breath ragged. "Oh I can't take it, I'm close. Either take me or finish me." He begged, wanting to move his hips forward, and also wanting to clutch tight to the other while finished as he was so very dangerously close to doing.

Mithus smiled. "Almost." He whispered hotly, stroking the other still while he added another finger to join the first, moving them in and out. He refused to cause any form of pain to his lover and as he removed his fingers he felt the other was ready and pushed into him gently.

Cyrillius decided that he would probably finish him for now, perhaps take him later. Since he didn't want to release Faelyn from his mouth, he had no way of telling him that it would be okay to thrust if he needed to. He wasn't going to gag, or anything. He raised his hands and gripped his hips, his only way to let him know.

Ellyra bit his lower lip, holding his breath and holding back any noises until Mithus was all the way in. His fingers were gripping the sheets tightly. He wasn't in pain, he was only tense and trying to relax so as not to cause himself undue pain.

Faelyn groaned and as he felt the other's hands on his hips he began to thrust slowly. "Cyrilius!" He called the other's name out in exstacy. He shivered and moved a little faster, seeing the other wasn't having trouble taking him in.

Mithus waited for the tightness that was his lover to relax and then began a slow pace inside him. And slowly, but passionate. He wanted to make love to the other, moving slowly so he could feel every bit of him.

Almost automatically, Cyrillius relaxed his throat, and the feeling of accommodation was a little awkward, but not uncomfortable. He just wasn't quite used to it. He moaned in response to hearing Faelyn say his name, the sound significantly muffled.

Ellyra moaned huskily, throwing his head back. The slow pace was almost agonizing, but he could feel how deliberate and loving each motion was. He didn't request for Mithus to speed up yet. He met his thrusts fairly easily, causing him to move deeper and a little harder, but still just as slowly.

Faelyn was just at the edge, almost over it in fact and he moaned, loudly calling out to the other while trying to keep his mind straight. He was very close to his finish and didn't know how to warn the other.

Mithus shddered. "You feel so good around me." He said huskily, kissing the other's throat and stroking his cheek and kissing his lips. "I love you." He whispered softly, managing to keep his slow but deep pace.

Cyrillius really didn't care if he warned him or not. It wasn't like he was going to let him pull out first. He planned to swallow every bit, and he looked up at Faelyn with his icy gaze, willing him to come for him, for his apparent skill.

"Nnn...I love you too..." Ellyra kissed him back, laying his hands on Mithus' shoulders and digging his fingernails in slightly. He felt every move intensely, keenly, more than he had ever felt before. It was amazing. "Oh Mithus...." he called.

Faelyn gave a shudder and then it all came out, he felt his seed shoot out into his lover's throat and tighter he clutched to him, unsure how to voice his pleasure, but he was doing so, almost loudly as he voiced his orgasm. "Cyrilius!"

Mithus smiled against the other's neck while kissing it, he was feeling better than sexually usual himself. He began to pick up pace only in a slight change, moving a little, and hard. He loved the other. And he would be determined to show it through this.

Cyrillius closed his eyes, feeling a little awkward pressure against his throat, and he sucked hard, until Faelyn was completely finished. Then he released him from his mouth and swallowed thickly, smiling up at his elf. By this time, he was outrageously hard himself, but he hadn't really noticed until now, and he glanced down momentarily.

It was surprisingly easy to keep from climaxing too early with this relatively slow pace. Ellyra found that there was enough time between each spasm of pleasure to feel each one fully, pause in between, and feel a new one. It was a curious sensation, and he moaned with almost every thrust.

Faelyn smiled as he caught his breath. As he looked at his lover he noticed the hardened length and decided to do what he could to help relieve his lover's pleasure as well, pushing him back on the bed and taking him into his mouth swiftly after removing anything that might obstruct him.

Mithus was also having quite the moaning fest. It all felt so good, each time he pushed in and pulled out he felt his lover's walls clench tightly around him and at the slower pace it was absolutely delicious. He couldn't remember a time, outside their first, where this had been so enjoyable.

Cyrillius was unable to suppress a surprised gasp and a little groan at the abruptness of Faelyn's actions, and he fought to keep his hips from bucking into the wet warmth of the elf's mouth. It was wonderful, and he wouldn't last long. He had already been aching for release.

Ellyra wrapped his arms around Mithus' neck and kissed him deeply, muffling the noises they were both making. His thoughts agreed with his lover's, that this was the best they had ever had, besides the first. He wished that it could be like this everytime, but they probably would not always have the free time for such. That just made it all the more delicious, and he relished each movement.

Faelyn sucked hard and fast on the other, sometimes stopping to go slower to let the other feel more than he was giving. He smiled inwardly, very happy to give this pleasure to the other, running his hands along the other's thighs and up his chest, toying with nipples and such while he did.

Mithus was starting to lose the slow pace, his body was driving him forward to claim the other, the added pleasure of taking things easy was starting to get to him. He found himself subconciously picking his pace up but gradually so, moving faster in the other.

One of Cyrillius' hands wound gently into Faelyn's hair, another way to feel his motions, and the other wound into the bed sheets above his head. His head was tilted back against the bed, but he looked down at the elf momentarily, and that was all it took. "Faelyn...!" He called, unable to give him anymore warning than that before he climaxed.

Ellyra noticed the change in pace and braced himself against the bed before crying, "Harder..." He was much closer to orgasm now, and he thought it better that it come sooner, before his need for release became painful. The tension was growing in his stomach.

Faelyn did his best to take care of his lover's seed, swallowing while ignoring the slight bitterness the taste brought with it, He made sure he had gotten it all before he released the other from his mouth, kissing him soundly.

Mithus couldn't help but give into his lover's cry. He thrust harder into him, sure to give him as he asked for and he moaned loudly, shuddering and kissing him harder. "Oh Ellyra!" He shouted the other's name, holding tight to the other as he thrust. He couldn't seem to let go, his hips moved of their own volition, and he was just on that edge.

" taste like me." Cyrillius commented dryly, smirking. He much prefered Faelyn's naturally sweet elvish taste. He grabbed his wrist and pulled gently, indicating that he should lay with him. "We should pick more opportune times to do these things. At this rate, we'll be sleeping the day away all the time." He chuckled.

Ellyra was over the edge a little before Mithus, and he climaxed, throwing his head back and calling his lover's name, coating both of their stomachs with his seed. His muscles spasmed and tensed while he rode out his orgasm.

Faelyn laughed with the other, laying beside him and running his fingers down the other's chest. "And what's wrong with your taste hmn?" He asked, snuggling him. "Yes we should probably do these things before bed."

Mithus thrust in and out of the other while he accompanied his own finishing, shuddering and calling out in pleasure. "Ellyra!" He hissed out, kissing his lover over and over and then giving his own spasm of uncontrol before resting his head on the other's chest, trying to catch his breath. It was beautiful and so very pleasureful when he came.

Cyrillius laughed as well. "Nothing much wrong with it, I just like yours better." He ran his fingers through Faelyn's hair. He liked how smooth it was. He didn't feel as tired now as he usually did after they had sex, and he thought it was because the activity was a little less strenuous. "Perhaps we could get dressed again, and talk to my mother and father? They might need to know we are getting married."

"I love you, Mithus." Ellyra professed again, a little out of breath. He closed his eyes and sighed contentedly. "You know, we have what we came for. Should we be returning home soon? Or did you need to speak to mother and father again?" He said this only after a little delay - he wanted to enjoy what they had just had before he spoke at length.

Faelyn hadn't thought about this and he blinked several times before giving an agreeing nod. "You have a point there." He said, smiling. "Well, should we get cleaned up and tell them then?" He asked, pressing a kiss to his lover's cheek.

"No I talked to them all I need and all." Mithus said, smiling. "Did you need anything form here? Maybe we should get going though, perhaps we should get some grocery shopping done, we'll need meat and bread."

"Yes, I think let's." Cyrillius smiled and sat up. He ran his fingers through his hair to straighten it out, then stood up and collected his shed clothing. He pulled everything back on and sighed. He was a little nervous about breaking this news to his parents. He was sure he could word it in a way so that they would understand his reasons, but he was worried that they would only think of the political implications that this type of marriage would bring.

Ellyra nodded. "I think we should try to head back before it gets dark, too. Not that the forest is particularly dangerous at night or anything, but most forests are better traveled in the light." He smiled. "I don't think I need anything from here. I have the robes that I needed for the wedding, and I already took my money. Let's go grocery shopping."

Faleyn saw his lover's troubled expression and ran his fingers through his hair. "What's wrong?" He asked, pressing a caring kiss to the other's lips. He wanted his lover to be happy.

"Alll right then. Where can we get the best fruits and vegetables? " Mithus asked, wishing they had another basket to carry the said items in as well as whatever else they decided that they might need to buy for their home. And again Mithus found himself smiling.

Cyrillius shook his head. "It's only that...I am worried my parents will not approve of the marriage. There isn't much they can do about it, even if they don't approve, considering the situation. But I am afraid they will not like their eldest son marrying off without their permission." He sighed. "The life at court is so annoying, no room for love or feelings, only political connections and finances." He sighed again. "It doesn't matter. All that matters is that I love you, and we are getting married." He kissed Faelyn's lips with finality.

"I don't know, that depends on how the harvest was this year, and which farmer we buy it from. If we wanted the absolute best, it would probably have to be stolen from the royal kitchens." Ellyra laughed. "Since we probably shouldn't do that, we'll just have to scout out the best stall in the marketplace."

Faelyn smiled. "Why wouldn't they accept me or us rather. I am as quallified as you can get." He said, smiling and kissing the other. "They should be more than happy to marry you off to me." He said, trying to reassure his lover, giving him a kiss. "Worry not. And if they wont like it we can run away to my kingdom."

Mithus nodded and looked ahead. "Oh, they're selling pomegranets.." He mumbled, smiling and leading the way, one hand firmly wrapped around his lover's wrist. "What other fruits do we need?"

Again, Cyrillius shook his head. "It's not that they wouldn't accept you. I am sure they will have no problem to you. It is the political connections that this will establish. By marrying you, I am essentially breaking my power in half with you. I am supposed to be the heir to my kingdom, as the eldest brother in my family. I don't know if they will like the fact that I have decided to share power with another kingdom."

"I think we may need more strawberries. I used most of them on our dessert yesterday. Perhaps some cherries and peaches would be good too?" Ellyra didn't really know what Mithus liked, he just suggested whatever came to mind.

Faelyn smiled. "Well.. they didn't expect you to stay single forever, and believe me, you can rule over as much of your city as you want to. Besides, your kingdom and my kingdom combined.. that's a terribly nice and large place of living." He smiled and kissed him. "Shall we speak to them then?"

Mithus grinned. "I love strawberries and I love peaches. So yes, let us get some of those too. Cherries... only if you put them in a pie or something." He said, while he enjoyed them, he didn't enjoy the little seeds inside them.

Nodding, Cyrillius grasped Faelyn's hand and smiled. "Yes, let's go talk to them. Whether they disapprove or not, there's nothing they can do about it." His smile turned somewhat defiant with this affirmation. What Faelyn said was true, he would have had to marry at some point anyway, and he wouldn't necessarily have to submit any power to anyone.

"Okay," Ellyra agreed. If he didn't feel like putting them in a pie, he could always eat them himself. He didn't mind the pits. "What else do we need, besides fruit? What kind of vegetables do you like?"

Faelyn smiled at his lover and let himself be led to the King and Queen, he was certain he could charm his way into their hearts anyhow. I mean, he was beautiful, graceful, elegant, and if they accepted that overbering buffoon human, Mithus, then they would surely accept him too.

"Carrots. Potatoes.... tomatos... peppers..." He said begining a variety. "Broccoli." He smiled. "We should start writing grocery lists. Or make a garden." He said, kissing his lover on the cheek. "How about this stand?" He asked, pointing to one that was overnbearing with fruit and vegetables, it all looked good anyhow.

Cyrillius entered the throne room and bowed rather quickly to his mother and father. "My King and Queen, Mother and Father...I have very important news for you." He stood with his head high, and his expression was very composed. He didn't want to look at Faelyn, to foreshadow his news in anyway, but he could feel him at his side. "I have decided to marry."

The Queen raised her hand to cover her mouth, unsure what to say. This was certainly important news. The King was also surprised, but he was not so deprived of speech as his wife. "This is...wonderful news, my son. And who are you to be married to?" He glanced at the elf standing next to the eldest prince, wondering if he was indeed Cryillius' fiance.

"That one looks very nice." Ellyra answered. "I am looking forward to all of the things that we can cook with these foods. These will all be good meals." He was glad that Mithus could cook. It was an interesting quality for a soldier to possess, and he thought he was very lucky to have the soldier that he did. He was proud of his fiance. "You know, we have to plan a wedding, eventually." He remarked as they approached the stand.

Faelyn smiled and bowed graciously at the King and Queen. "Why, your majesties, he is to be married to me. Or I to him, however you wish to see it. We.. shared a kiss or two and my kingdom has it rather law that whoever was next to kiss me had to marry me, were they of royalty of course." He said, smiling. "Of course I enjoyed it, I want very much to be with Cyrillius, much love at first." He said, being completely genuine in his words.

Mithus smiled "Well we can do that after we eat supper tonight if you wnt, or at least start on it. We need a cook and if it's only your mother, father, brothers and my brother then how bad could it be? Of course I will make extras in case you have aunts, uncles etc." He said, picking out a few peppers and putting them in a bag.

Cyrillius smiled, proud of his lover's abilities with words. He looked at his mother and father, trying to gauge their expressions, to see if he was winning them over. Of course, they were very unlikely to violate the laws of another kingdom, and he was very glad Faelyn had mentioned that it was law.

At taking in the implications of what Faelyn had said, the Queen blushed a bit, but smiled and uncovered her mouth. "I think this news is wonderful as well." She turned toward the King and they exchanged a look. "You certainly have my blessing for this marriage." The King nodded at her words. "Yes, you have blessings from both of us. Proceed with your marriage. We have no wish to violate law, and we have no wish to disrupt the hearts of two beautiful lovers." He smiled, and it was a rather sage-like smile.

Ellyra nodded. "I have lots of relatives, but I don't think they will probably be invited. That is okay, since I don't associate with them much." He laughed. "We can put all of this on paper later. It doesn't need to be done tonight, but as soon as possible would be best." He picked out a few potatoes, and likewise put them in a bag.

Faelyn grinned at the others. "Thank you, my lord and lady." He said, giving them a bow. "We will begin preparations immediately, might I ask for his leave? I believed my own parents would be more then in need to meet the man that has taken my heart."

Mithus smiled. "Well of course, I just thought it would be cute to sit after dinner, after our bath and curl up on the sitting furniture for a while. And talk about our future and our plans." He said, grabbing more fruits and random vegetables into the basket.

"Of course," The King and Queen answered in unison, waving Cyrillius and Faelyn off, giving them leave to go and spread the word to Faelyn's parents.

Cyrillius clasped hands with Faelyn. "Thank you Mother, Father. I am so happy to have your blessing, and we will announce the date of our wedding as soon as possible. It will, of course, be at a later date than Mithus and Ellyra's, but soon enough." With that, he bowed and exited the throne room with Faelyn.

Ellyra smiled. "That sounds lovely. I would like nothing more than that." He looked around, not really seeing anything else that they needed. "Do you suppose we are done shopping for now?"

Faelyn smiled and nodded. "Well. I suppose you will have to get some travelling items ready. The road isn't so far, but it can be horrible to travel through, spiders and such." He said, humming. "But they shouldn't be able to get into the carriage if we ward it and such, if we take it. "

Mithus shook his head. "I still need bread and meat." He sad, smiling as he looked for a proper tent after paying for his food items. It cost less than he would have thought with the amount he had bought.

Cyrillius nodded and smirked, gliding about his room and stuffing things into an elaborately embroidered traveling pack. It had been a gift from some neighboring nation, and he couldn't remember who from, but it was very useful. He packed an extra robe, and few things he knew would bring him luck, and several other mysterious items and objects. Altogether, he was packing light, though.

Ellyra followed after him, carrying the bag of fruit that he had bought. He looked more like Mithus' child than his lover, with his short stature and the way he was following. "Oh, there's a tent that I think might be suitable." He pointed ahead of them a few meters.

Mithus smiled and helped his lover with some of his load, taking some of it and putting it in his basket. He looked ahead at a bread and meat stand. "How convenient." He said, then he thought they might need to invest in some horses or something or at least a wagon to carry their things in. He looked around and decided to buy the freshest cut of meat and the freshest of the bread, buying about three loaves (Mithus liked his bread) and around 20 pounds of meat to be simmered, made into touch jerky stuff and stews, and all of it would be cooked, he refused to waste, and most would be for later meals too.

Ellyra was glad to have some relief from the load, but was a little concerned that Mithus would be carrying so much, as they had no horse or wagon to carry their things. "Are you sure I can't carry more? You're carrying an awful lot, and I feel bad that I'm not carrying more."

Mithus shrugged. "I got it, my love. It is easil managed." He grinned as he lead the way back to their home. "Well, I wonder what Kianthos and Sollius will do. They seem like a cute enough couple, would they ever be married like we are going to be?"

Making a small noise of thought, Ellyra paused, then answered, "I'm not sure. I think that that will all be up to Sollius. It will depend on whether or not he wants to marry. I think Kianthos already has something like that in his head, and he's willing to wait for however long, but he won't even ask unless he thinks Sollius wants to."

Mithus frowned. "My brother is a tiny bit lax when he wants to do something.." He said, biting his lower lip in thought. "Well, we'll have to wait and see, wont we?" He asked, smiling. So, what exactly are we making for supper?" He asked, enjoying the simple day they were having, the color and rays of the sun, the feel of them softly glowing on his face. He was more than happy while he looked to his lover to see them shining into his honey brown eyes. He grinned at him, blushing slight as the yellow of the rays seemed to color his white and blue streaked hair and made his pale-ish skin contain a soft glow. He was so undoubtedly in love with the creature that walked aside him. Nothing could ever tell him otherwise.

"It will be okay. Kianthos has patience. I think they make a great couple." Ellyra smiled up at Mithus and then looked forward. He had no idea what to make for supper, but they had had a stew before, so he didn't want that again. Looking back at his lover, he smiled at the way the sun accentuated and shadowed the angles and features of his face, lightening his brown hair to a rich gold. "I can't think of anything I actually want to eat. I'm just not thinking about food. I'll make dessert again, though, if you want to make supper." He grinned back.

Mithus blushed as he nodded to the other. "Yes, I would love to. I could make another fantastic stew... no! I got it, I will smoke some of this meat, you make some bread and pie." He said, all ready becoming hungry. "Oh I can feel my stomach beg for it." He said, grinning when they reached the house. He set their stuff down on the table and began putting things away and then extracted the meat he would need and wondered what kind of wood to smoke the meat with. "Hey, what kind of trees are these?"

Ellyra smiled, and set aside his required ingredients too. "There are several different kinds of trees around here. What kind are you looking for?" He found a bowl and a spoon, and a few other utensils. "And what kind of pie do you want this time?" The idea for supper that Mithus had come up with had made the fairy hungry too, even though he hadn't been hungry a moment ago.

"Mnn a peaches and cream pie." He said, humming in delight at the thought. "And anything that would taste good with meat.." He said, referring now to the trees he would like to use. "Hokiry or anything like that about?"

The fairy ran to a window, squinting as he assessed the trees outside. "Over there, in that direction. Those are the trees you want." He smiled. "I'll start the bread, then I'll start on the pie." He began measuring ingredients and putting them together in the bowl that he had gotten out earlier.

Mithus grinned at his lover and kissed his cheek before starting off to the trees. He of course only took logs, there was no use harming alive trees. The woods would slap him in the face if he had. He smiled, feeling happy that he was finally having the life he'd always wanted. He hoisted up a few logs, making a couple of trips back and forth before building a fire in the yard. He let it get hot and then smolder to smoking ashes before he went in and prepared the meat, cutting it into thin pieces with his sword since he realized they were a tiny missing on cuttlery. He found it worked just fine. He trimmed off the edges of fat and then laid the meat on a makeshift spit he had made, grinning as he thought of how good it would taste as he heard the meat sizzling when the fire seemed to come right back to life at being greeted with it. He left it alone to see if his beloved needed help in the kitchen. "Do you need help with anything?"

"Only if you want to cut fruit," Ellyra answered, chuckling. He had a small pile of peaches on the table, ready and waiting to be cut while he was still working on the bread. He pulled the bread dough out of the bowl and laid the roundish blob on a flat baking stone, pushing the stone onto a shelf over a manageable cooking fire in a recessed kitchen fireplace. He moved on to mixing the ingredients for the pie crust. He would have to cook the crust without the fruit in it in order to make it a peaches and cream pie. It would be impossible to bake cream.

Mithus smiled and decided to help, using his small hunting knife to cut the peaches as was required. He ate some of the slices, delighting at how delicious they were, smiling all the while as he did. "These are good." He said, stopping to kiss his lover sweetly.He held peach slice in his mouth, one end extending in case his lover wished to take a bite.

Ellyra caught the hint, taking the end of the peach in his teeth, kissing Mithus' lips as he bit off the piece of fruit. "Now you taste like peaches." He smiled, turning away momentarily to roll out the pie crust he had mixed together, than laying it in a pie pan. He wondered to himself why he had made all of these things to go in their house, yet he had forgotten cutlery. How silly. The pie crust would have to wait to bake until the bread was done. "I just want to eat peaches now..." He pouted, but took another slice.

Mithus smiled. "I know. They're very good peaches."He said, kissing him. He had enjoyed their little food exchange. "Mn, they're even better when they taste like you as well." He said, winking while he planted a kiss on the other's lips. "Are Kianthos and my brother comin home tonight?" He asked, wondering how much meat to make.

"I really don't know. They might be home late, and they might not be home at all tonight. Since the meat is smoked, though, it should keep long enough." Ellyra shrugged, licking his lower lip and tasting peaches again. He walked to the ice box and found cream that he would have to whip by hand to put in the pie. "We should eat some of this too..." He commented quietly.

Mithus looked at the cream and felt himself flush slightly, knowing that the spark of lust at the sight of all the possible ways to eat the cream could be done. "Yes we should." He said, his eyes wondering over his lover. "We should really make another trip tomorrow for cutlery..."

Ellyra nodded, blushing slightly and setting the container of cream on the table. "Yes, we should make that trip tomorrow. So, are all the peaches cut up?" He was attempting to change the subject momentarily to distract from the tension he knew he had caused. He knew it wouldn't work, but he tried anyway. He found another bowl and a new spoon, and put the cream into the bowl, stirring it vigorously for a few moments.

Mithus felt a small pout come to his lips. "Love, did I offend you?" He asked, misunderstanding the other. He wrapped his arms about him from behind, resting his head on the other's shoulder, pressing a kiss to his neck.

Raising his eyebrows and leaning into Mithus' touch, Ellyra responded, "No! Of course not! I was just trying to finish cooking before distracted..." He set everything down on the tabletop carefully so as not to drop anything, then turned his full attention to his lover.

Mithus smiled, kissing his beloved softly on the lips. "Mn, I suppose I can behave until you're finished cooking... maybe." He gave the other a wink before kissing him again and uncircling his arms from him, trying to not become addicted to their kiss.

"Okay," he answered, smiling a little excitedly. Really, since he was waiting for the bread to be done, he was finished cooking for the moment. He pushed everything to the side, and sat on the edge of the table. "Mithus...I don't really have anything to cook right now..." He could see the bread from where he was sitting, and it looked only about half done.

Mithus grinned and walked up to his lover, pressing a kiss to his lips. "Is that so?" He questioned the other, placing his hands on his lover's knees, leaning in to kiss him gently. "Well, watching you cook has certainly preheated me, if you catch my drift." He said, blushing at his own sillyness with the line.

Ellyra giggled at the silly line, and kissed Mithus on the cheek, then on the lips. He draped his arms over his shoulders, deepening their kiss, and smiling at the same time. He thought it would be a little amusing if Sollius and Kianthos decided to come home while they were still in the kitchen. It would be embarrassing, but still a little funny.

Mithus was happy to indulge in the kissing. He did so with all the lust and love he could summon, wrapping his arms about his lover's thin waist and dragging his kiss from his lips to his neck where he began to nibble and lightly suck whilst letting his hands slide to his beloved's clothing, gripping onto it as his lust surged.

The fairy's breathing began to get heavier, and he tilted his head back. He threaded his fingers into Mithus' hair, wrapping his legs around his waist, pulling him closer. He flexed his fingers a few times, pulling gently to cause sensation but not pain.

Mithus moaned softly while he continued to kiss on the other. His skin tasted sweet and intoxicating, the feel of the other's fingers in his hair was oddly delicious and he couldn't help but shudder at the touch. He removed the other's clothing piece by piece, until he was completely nude on their kitchen table and then he began to undress himself.

Ellyra absently licked the tip of his own finger while he watched Mithus undress, keeping his gaze fixed on him. His face was flushed, but goosebumps had raised on his body because of the change in temperature when his clothes were removed. That wouldn't matter soon, though.

Mithus found his lover's licking of his finger to be rather enticing while he watched him. As soon as his clothing was off he went back to kissing the other, instead of his neck he now kissed down his chest, nibbling and paying attention to all parts he felt were sensitive.

Whenever Mithus' lips touched somewhere particularly sensitive, Ellyra would gasp and he grabbed ahold of his hair again. He was breathing steadily and heavily now. He wondered if the table would be particularly comfortable for their inevitable act, and he wondered if they could accomplish it before the bread was finished baking.

Mithus smiled as his lover gasped, the small breath of arousal made him just that much mroe excited while he continued to kiss the other, paying special attention to the spots where the other reacted the most. He kissed further down, pushing his lover back on the table as he went, laying him back gently, kissing his lower stomach now.

Ellyra complied gladly, hoping he wasn't laying in any flour, but distracted by Mithus' delicious teasing. His muscles twitched where he was kissed, and he was anxious now that his lover was so close to the most sensitive of places. He was panting now, and his fingers tightened in his hair.

Mithus decided to be evil, pressing kisses, and giving small licks to his lover's length, all to tease and make the other demand him to take him. He smiled softly at the thought while he let his fingers slide generously up the other's chest, lightly toying with a nipple, tracing over his lover's face, lips, tracing back down his neck while he kissed his length sweetly.

Ellyra could hardly find his voice to announce his pleasure, he could only breathe hard and sigh, and make little whimpers. The teasing was torture, but it was wonderful, and he wanted more at the same time that he wanted it to end. He closed his eyes for a moment, then opened them again, looking down at Mithus. He groaned and then bit his lip at the absolutely arousing site.

Mithus smiled and continued to flick his tongue over the other's length, delighting in the sweet sort of musky scent it gave and how it felt on his tongue. He dropped to full licks this time and shuddered in pleasure at the feel of the flesh against his tongue. "Mnnn." He mumbled, just barely sucking the tip of his beloved into his mouth.

The fairy tried his best not to buck his hips at the teasing sensation of wet heat around his head, wanting more. He removed his hands from Mithus' hair, gripping the edge of the table instead. He hadn't wanted to hurt him, nor had he wanted to prompt him to be anything other than an agonizing tease. He loved it, probably too much, but he would soon need more.

Mithus smiled and kissed him sweetly. "Have you had enough teasing my dear?" He asked silkily, letting his fingers trail along the thighs of his lover. "Or would you like something else?" He asked while teasingly slipping his fingers to the entrance of his lover, prodding gently.

Ellyra gasped and then moaned rather loudly. With prompting like that, he was now absolutely sure that he wanted the teasing to end. "Enough teasing...please...take me..." A shiver traveled all the way up his spine, and he bit his lower lip again.

Mithus chuckled at his lover's response, no, not just his lover, his fiance's. He kissed him deliciously, pressing his fingers into him, one by one until he had nearly three, pulling them out and pushing them back in in a sensual manner. He kissed him harder while he did this, wishing his length was in the place of his fingers.

The fairy shivered once more, arching and pushing against Mithus' fingers, urging him with little cries of pleasure. He was being impatient, and he was sure he probably wouldn't last long once his fiance was actually inside him. He begged him, "Please, Mithus...I'm ready..."

Mithus succumbed to his lover's wishes removing his fingers and placing his length in their place. He shivered and kissed him hard. "Mnnn you feel so good." He practically hissed in pleasure.

Groaning, Ellyra leaned up and kissed Mithus somewhat roughly on the mouth. He couldn't express any other way how good it felt to have him inside, filling him completely, their physical union. He whimpered quietly, rolling his hips once, signalling Mithus to begin moving.

Mithus shivered at the feeling of being inside the other. He shuddered in ecstacy. Mithus began to move at his lover's seemingly eager signal. He moaned and kissed him hard, begining an all ready fast pace, unable to truly stop himself from the other.

Ellyra smiled a bit, satisfied a little that Mithus was moving now. He felt tension already, knowing that he really wouldn't last much longer. That was probably lucky because they were still supposed to be cooking, and their food would burn if they didn't pay attention. But he didn't care. He rolled his hips to meet Mithus' thrusts, wrapping his legs around him a little.

Mithus shuddered and picked the pace up for his lover, all ready feeling his lover's behind tighten about him just slightly. He gasped while kissing his neck and his lips, and anywhere else he could reach, slipping his fingers around the other's length to stroke him.

Moaning rather loudly, he bucked up against his hand, but continued moving with Mithus' thrusts. The strokes were bringing him ever closer to his completion, and he begged his fiance for harder, and faster.

Mithus gave him his begging wishes, thrusting hard and fast and erratically inside the other, he could hardly keep a decent rythm and he was certain the other wasn't enjoying trying to keep up with him, or was he? He tried to find a new rythm to better get his lover on track as well and bring them both closer. "Oh close darling.."

Ellyra only moaned in response, reaching his climax only a few moments after Mithus had announced being close. The muscles in his stomach tensed, and the muscles around Mithus contracted, and he arched off of the table, knowing that he was bringing his fiance with him in his completion.

Mithus shuddered with an almost harsh cry while he came inside the other. It was the finished of his beloved that finally gave him that spcial shove over the edge, it made him feel accomplished and very sexual. He kissed his lover after giving a loud moan of pleasure, sighing in release while resting atop of him.

Regaining his breath, Ellyra giggled and said, "I think our bread is done cooking now..." but he didn't make any move to get it out of the oven. He still didn't quite care. He was oddly comfortable on the tabletop, even though it was hard and flat.

Mithus grinned and removed himself from his lover, peeking at the bread in the oven. "Ohh just enough time to clean up and then it will be done." He said, grabbing a cloth to clean his lover's seed from their chests and then he grabbed their clothing from its strewn placement.

Ellyra smiled and took his clothing from Mithus, then slid off the table and turned to look at it. "We should probably clean that off before we cook on it again. Not that I mind, but if we have guests..." He giggled a little.

Mithus smiled. "Yeah, it would be a little bit awkward. It's going to be awkward enough as it is. Forgive me, my human hormones wont ever let me be decent about love making." He said, grinning sheepishly while he pulled the bread from the stove with a towel in hand to not burn himself. He then wiped the table down incredibly cleanly.

Ellyra enjoyed a good laugh about that. "Decent about love making? Should I expect you to do it somewhere proper everytime? Or perhaps without so much bodily fluid involved? That would be silly. I like our love making." He realized they still had a pie to bake as well, and so he placed that in the oven.

Mithus laughed. "Yes, you have a point. So, speaking of said people, do you know whether or not we are having the company of my and your brother?" He asked, unsure what had happened to the other two.

Ellyra laughed again, realizing that he apparently had the giggles. "I really have no idea. They were at the castle, right? Perhaps that is where they are still." He looked out the window, noticing that the sun was going down. "Were they planning on returning here tonight?"

"I don't know." Mithus said, shrugging. "Well, they can find their way I suppose, if they show up, they show up, if not, then oh well."He smiled and kissed him. "Perhaps they're out doing what we wrere doing not so long ago." He teased.

"Do you think so? I guess that's actually pretty likely. I sort of feel like we should go get them, or send a message or something." Ellyra almost felt bad that they were making food without them too. He wanted to invite their brothers to dinner with them, but didn't want to interrupt them or anything. "Well, I suppose we can just wait and see if they show up."

"Yes, but what if they don't? I am kinda of hungry." He said, pouting and rubbing his stomach that growled at hm for food. "Ugh! I have got to eat at least something." He nibbled on some bread."Do you have a way to contact them?" he asked, wondering if faeries had other ways of contacting.

Ellyra thougt about it for a moment, and then shrugged. "Not really. I suppose let's just go ahead and eat. If they show up too late, they may have already eaten anyway." He smiled. "And you made yourself hungry. You used up energy." He giggled.

Mithus nodded in thanks. "All right then." He said, kissing the other.He smiled and brought out plates for the four of them, even though the other two weren't there he decided to at least get their plates out for them in case they came back. "Well, this should be good." He went out to check the meat, finding it done and looking delicious he brought it back in, setting the large pieces on the countertop, cutting them accordingly. Some was for storage and some for eating.

"Mmmm...that smells good," Ellyra commented, standing behind his fiance. He was getting hungry too, and the wonderful smell of food was making him more aware of his hunger. He thought that they made a pretty good team for making food. It fit together perfectly. Mithus was good at making entrees, and Ellyra was good at making desserts. It sort of fit each of their personalities.

Mithus smiled and tasted the meat and moaned in delight. "Oh heaves! It's so good!" He said in ecstasy of the mouth. He ate a few more pieces."Taste this!" He demanded of his lover, his eyes sparkling for the love of food. He hummed and began to set their plates with it.

Ellyra laughed lightly at Mithus' reaction, but then his eyes widened in a similar reaction when he tasted a little of it too. "It's delicious! You've done a wonderful job." He smiled, thinking it was unfortunate that their brothers were missing something so good, but secretly a little happy they would have it all to themselves. The meal, the house.

Mithus grinned at his lover and sat with him at the table. Before doing so he made up a picher of home-made fruit juice from the village's weird fruit. He'd never seen fruit, but he assumed it was good. "I guess this fruit's some weird thing of your village.. good though." He said, sipping the liquid. "Mnn It's nice to be settled down like this."

"Yes, it's nice," Ellyra agreed. Then he added, "And that is a fruit unique to this village. It was cultivated some hundreds of years ago, and it is kept painstakingly pure by the farmers and gardeners of the village. They do an excellant job, and it tastes wonderful. It's...well, it's sort of like a modified orange." He took some juice for himself and sipped it. He paused in thought for a moment, resting his chin against his fingers and staring at nothing. "You know, I think living with you, sharing our lives with each other, is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I don't want to speak for you as well, but I feel that you are very happy, too."

Mithus grinned. "You feel I am happy? Darling, I have never been this happy in my life. You're the best thing to happen to me as well. I can't believe it. I am starting to actually trust tricky elves because of this. Next time an elf leads me to my possible death I might thank them, for it seems to be good luck. I mean, even your royal parents like me." He said, leaning over to kiss his lover. "And not to be perverted, but being with you intimately is like nothing I have ever experienced before. I have never felt such a connecting one-ness."

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