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  "Watch out!" A boy screamed as I looked up to see a football spiraling toward my face. It knocked me off the bleachers and onto the wet grass of the football field. "Oh Shit. Are you okay?" The boy said nervously when he knelt down beside me, his buddies already continuing their game."Yeah, I'm fine." I sighed as I sat up, a bit to quickly causing my head to hurt more. "Maybe, not..." I said as I sat back down on the bleachers.

The boy reached over to pick up the bag that I dropped and handed it to me. "Are you new?" he gestured to the private high school a soccer field away. "Yeah, I'm Kiley November." "Dan Percy." he said shaking my hand with a smile. I smiled back tilting my head forward a stray piece of brown hair falling into my eyes. He reached up to brush the stand off my forehead to tuck it behind my ear. I looked into his electric green eyes, turning my torso to get a better look at him.
 "What grade will you be in?" he asked snapping me out of the daze his eyes put me in. "Oh, Tenth." "Cool, I'll be a grade above you." He smiled. "Are you going to try out for sports?" he asked sitting down next to me on the bleachers. My gaze followed him, my torso turning so I could watch him. "What are you? The man of many questions?" I giggled shaking my head. "Maybe!" He laughed."But really. What sports?" I sighed "I'm not sure, maybe soccer."

 "You could be a cheerleader.." He smirked, looking me over, then raising an eyebrow. "Cheerleader? Moi?" I laughed shaking my head surprised anyone would think that. I might have the build for it and the skill but I wasn't a cheerer. If that's what you'd call it. "Do I look like cheerleader material?" I gestured to my ripped, faded skinny jeans and blue sweater. "Well...The sweaters kinda preppy." He said making a lame attempt at answering and threw his football helmet on the ground with a shrug. He had taken it off when he jogged over, but had been holding it until now. He leaned back on the bleachers, stretching out, his hands behind his head. I found my self staring at him, openly checking him out. "See anything you like, sweetie?" He was staring into my eyes smirking.

 "Oh, Uh..." I suddenly found my cheeks getting hot and burning. I never thought a simple line like that, that every boy uses, would make my stomach flip and my cheeks turn red. Instead of losing all use of speech I looked at his helmet and shook my head laughing. "You know, I could have used that before!" I thwacked his shoulder playfully. He chuckled and shoved me lightly. He didn't mean for it to happen, but since I was on the edge on the bleachers, I fell onto the damp grass with a yelp, yet again. I was sure I was getting a unflattering wet grass stain on my butt.

 "Second time!" I yelled at him laughing even though I was sure I had a bruise. He was already up and hovering over me, "I'm so sorry!" He said gently taking my hands and pulling me to my feet, he was stronger then he looked which was pretty strong already. I didn't think he knew how strong he really was because when he pulled me to my feet I stood up to fast to get my footing and ended up stumbling into his rock hard chest. His arms wrapped around me to stabilize me.

 I looked up at him waiting for him to let me go, but he didn't immediately. Suddenly, we heard whistling and shouts of "Lovebirds!" from Dan's friends on the field. They had stopped playing their game to watch us. When he heard this Dan released me and pushed me away gently. "Uh..See you in school Kiley." He muttered as he turned to jog back to his friends, picking up his helmet on the way. I stared after him as he jogged away and sighed.

 I wished he had stayed as I picked up my bag and walked down the road to the beach. I kicked at sea shells and pebbles as I continued down to my house, which was just off the beach. When the thump of the door shutting behind me sounded, I realized I was alone, again. My parents were never home, which was common because of their jobs. My mom was a succesful artist so she was always going to art shows, and my dad was a Doctor so he was always traveling for work too.

I turned my head to look at the hall clock as I kicked off my converse leaving my rainbow socks on, only to realize I was late, oh so terribly late. "Oh, Shit!" I screamed as I skidded across the newly polished marble floor of the Foyer. As I slid past the door on my socks I grabbed the phone from the wall and started dialing the number I knew by heart since I was six. After I dialed her number I put the phone between my ear and my shoulder. I opened the fridge grabbing a coke, the fizzing sound popping as I opened it. "Girl, You were supposed to call me two minuets ago!" My best friends voice sounded from the phone. Diana, was always stealing the boys from me. She was a petite blonde wit big golden eye and pale skin, Meanwhile I had brown hair, sparkly blue eyes and freckled skin, also I had more of a sporty build. She always won, But she didn't mean it. "I know, I know. Sorry, Just checking out the school!" I explained sipping my coke and sitting down at the island.

 "More like checking out the boys!" Diana giggled. Diana is this tiny, blonde, blue eyed, tanned, cheer princess. Whereas, I'm a pale skinned, dark blue eyed brunette. Guess who got all the guys? Diana? Yes.




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